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  1. Name: Jaylin West
    Age: 22
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female

    Tactic/Style: Battle suit she designed herself. She was a head technician for human cybernetics and mech-wear, but she took her work home with her, developing a tech suit that would be integrated directly with the wearers nervous system, instead of being a replacement of a limb. The suit increases her speed and strength, though not by unbelievable amounts. She has the ability to hover (for scouting), though it drains her power very quickly and she needs to stop to rest often. Jaylin is a grappling character- not being equip with many external weapons. The suit was designed for mobility over destruction. The suit is equip with two wrist guns and an electric support system to help her in the most dire of situation. She is still developing more technologies to help improve her suit, but she has not updated the suit thus far. she is a superior engineer and can be helpful in more ways than just combat.

    Motivation: Jaylin is looking to improve her suits capabilities, and the only way to do that- is to get into the thick of it.
    In suit: View attachment 16373

    Out of suit:
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  2. Name: Jonas 'North Star' Luckner
    Age: 24
    Race: Human with Cybernetic Augmentations.
    Gender: Male.

    Tactic/Style: Straight up swordsman with an HF blade. The high-frequency blade is a sword that resonates at high frequencies, raising its temperature, thereby increasing its cutting ability. Striking, cutting, and thrusting attacks are performed with the blade, with the sharpened edge and point used for lethal attacks, and the blunt edge used as a clubbing weapon. He uses this intense weapon in conjunction with his cybernetics to out-maneuver opponents in combat while striking at them with precise blows.

    Motivation: Once upon a time he wanted the adventure that came with fighting in far off places only to realize in a short amount of time that mercenary work attracted some of the seediest characters in the galaxy. Eventually he took a job with traitors who decided they did not want to pay him. Instead they tried to kill him with an explosion. He lost most of his arms and legs but still managed to survive by crawling on his bloody stumps into an escape pod after being left for dead. Months later he emerged from a combination of plastic surgeons and cybernetic surgeons as a new man with a new face. Not to mention totally broke.

    Now looking like a new man, literally, he is taking up Mercenary jobs that he feel will lead him to those traitors so he can have revenge.

  3. Jaylin landed the repair shuttle easy enough, though the cargo she carried pulled on it's restraints and mad her nervous. Command hadn't said a word to her, so she had no idea what to do after landing. The head honcho was the first to set foot onto the battle terrain, followed shortly by the rest of the paid help she was there to help. She stayed back, setting the shuttle into dormancy and preparing herself to join the rest. Jaylin smiled to herself as she twisted both of her titanium bracelets, illuminating the bands with a dark blue and purple mixture of light. She swiveled her chair to where there was a storage closet, to the right of where she sat.

    The door opened with a slight tug, exposing Jaylin's prized possession. The fruit of all her labor over the entirety of her career as a bio engineer. A similar purplish light sought out the matching bracelet, a identifying buzz letting Jaylin know she was ready for the equipment stage. She held out her long slender arms, watching as the suit reached out to her, latching to her body and working it's way up. It attached to the markers she had created out of her own body- small tracking beacons within her skin that triggered the transformation.

    "GO GO GO!!!" She heard the Commander yelling, laser shots echoing over the radio as she heard the missionaries in simulation training outside.

    "Great... they're already getting their asses kicked" Jaylin complained to herself Her suit had reached her neck, covering the rest of her body completely. From the back of the neck, a small connector wire suddenly lodged itself into a personal port that she had inserted into her own spine- with the help of the AI assistance at her lab. The shock of the connection never got any less painful, though as the suit connected to her body, she began to feel more at ease. She reached out to the shelf of the small storage closet, grabbing her helmet and slipping it over her head. All systems were go.

    Jaylin exited her ship, opening up the hangar door and looking out at the training simulation field. There were soldiers of all experience levels, all trying to get their clearance for their next mission or battle. She stood there, looking out over them, until walking back inside to get her repair tools.
  4. Out in the field a peculiar newbie walked out into the simulator wearing what looked for all the world like a minimalist power-suit. Well, compared to those walking refrigerators that fought on the frontlines of intergalactic wars at least. Chrome-like material laced with lines that glowed sky blue with enigmatic power adorned his torso, shoulders, and forearms from the elbow down. Aerodynamic designs that suggested major maneuverability with minor actual protection beyond parrying capabilities. Gyroscopic servos whirred inside his legs with every step he took forward. Yet those noises were muffled by the noise dampening fabric designed with black ops stealth applications in mind. The very same fabric that every inch of cloth on him was made from. Even the boots had a stealth feature installed in them.

    Despite his lack of reputation, he had come very well equipped for the job.

    Carrying the standard plasma rifle in his hands, he walked up to the red line none were meant to cross. Unless they wanted to walk right out in front of lethal rounds on the firing range. All the while a large sword remained slung over his shoulder in a nano-harness. One made from high-grade materials such as smart cloth that included built in nanomachines which responded to the movements of the wearer. As a result all that person had to do was put the weapon against their back or pull it away with enough force for the nanomachines to respond. Essential attire for those who enjoyed making the fight up close and personal in environments with all sorts of varying gravity.

    "GO GO GO!!!"

    Voice booming with all the force of a megaphone placed in front of another megaphone, the Commander's words reached his ears. He looked over his shoulder only to catch a glimpse of Jaylin in his eyes. Just after that, both of the golden iris' rotated while the pupils expanded and contracted with mechanical precision in a fashion similar to old-fashioned cameras. Recognition brought a confident smirk to his lips. The woman he had waited three hours for had finally arrived. Which meant it was time to capture her attention without fail once she walked back out. If he managed to catch the eye of anyone else that was their problem for not having anything better to do during training exercises.

    Now the moment to shine had come.

    In one fluid motion he then tossed the gun skyward before slicing it in two with an earthbound slash that might have cut the very heavens if aimed their way. Hesitation held no sway on his chosen path as he rushed out onto the firing range at inhuman velocity to attack the test dummies. Flashes of light streaked out to bisect each of the three dozen holograms at a myriad of awe-inspiring angles. Strides that appeared to glide across the ground itself led to the destruction of each one while bullets whizzed straight through what were revealed as after-images of this melee monster.

    Planted inside the man's very feet were small anti-gravity generators which allowed for enhanced mobility. Meanwhile the boots he wore came with the standard artificial gravity function that so many space-fairing travelers required.

    At the end of it all he leaped through the air and landed on the safe side of the red line.

    Now his golden gaze fell upon the young woman once more tinged with recognition. Earlier in the day he had snooped through the files using a hacking tool located in the ring finger of his right hand. Without getting overwhelmed with mystery, he managed to deduce that this girl who was only two years his junior had set herself off heading down the same path that had ended in betrayal. If he joined a mission alongside her it would surely end up granting him an audience with those who had betrayed him in the past. Only this time he would be ready and have the drop on them. Just enough of an edge to kill most if not every last one of them. Perhaps then he could finally find peace.
  5. Jaylin watched the trials as the failures came to her with broken parts and bruised egos. She buzzed around the field like a bee pollinating flowers; if only it were that easy. Jalin retrieved broken gear and repairable bots from the area, bringing them back to her station for repair.
    She had noticed the new wave of challenges starting, and focused on the blue glowing soldier. He had an interesting style, not that Jaylin could really differentiate; she wasn't much of a fighter.

    As she worked at mindlessly repairing a cadets arm cannon, she watched him, taking down the obsticals with ease. She rolled her eyes, even getting a cocky sense of self absorbtion from the guy. She'd seen him before, and she knew he was dependant on his gear, having lost the crutial parts of his arms and legs. The engineer shrugged as she thought to herself, wondering what posistion he was trying to get. With a preformance like that, she was sure he would get it.
  6. Confident in his stride he walked right up to the Commander who might as well of had steam coming out of his ears if his thoughts could be made visible. But on his face the grizzled CO only wore an expression that could bore right into the core of any rookie here. A lone taunting gesture came from the silver-haired soldier meant for the show-boater. Little chance existed for the young man to beat he who had seen more than the combined experiences of all present on the field including Jonas. Cybernetics did not give him the wisdom that came from surviving countless battles.

    But was inhuman quickness enough to counter that?

    Punches came from the Commander at an unexpected speed only to meet air as Jonas dodged to the side. No one really had the chance to see when he had placed the sword back into the nano-harness but there it was resting on his back again. Both hands were empty now. A fair fight if one put aside the brute strength residing in those cybernetic fists. Each one could crush a titanium pipe at maximum output if given half the chance. Light humming of machinery sounded as he took on a CQC pose similar to that of the Commander whose bandanna had just stopped flowing in the brief breeze generated by their intense skirmish.

    Yet it did not stay still for long, as the two were in motion again moments later layering counter upon counter to one another's moves. Elbows parried punches while side-steps worked to dodge almost every kick. Fists clenched to kill found themselves by an open palm that caught it and then twisted the attached arm. Not a single dirty move during the whole thing. In the end it came down to who could catch the other mid-movement and create a reversal strong enough to lead into a grapple.

    Finally the young rookie found himself flipped on his back after one of his fists got caught in mid punch just before the commander knocked him down with a stellar sweeping kick. But whle Jonas lid there flat on his back no animosity lingered over the loss. He did none of it for his own ego. Although it would be a lie to say he did not take pleasure in having overcome the disability that a few centuries ago would have left combat out of the question. Older times would have required him to become some sort of master schemer working behind the scenes and within the shadows to gain his revenge. Something that would have taken a lifetime to achieve. Jonas had no such patience.

    The Commander helped him up off the ground while wearing a small grin on his grim face. Deep down the old man knew this young upstart had enough integrity and honor to not cheat through using inhuman strength. But there was more to it than all that. On the inside he was a little upset at the fact Jonas had taken on the shooting range with a melee weapon while several other trainees had still been firing. Rules were not all meant to be broken in his eyes. Yet everyone could tell the Swordsman had no regrets. That had been the point. Proving he could evade all of those bullets without fail. Cybernetic augmentations were not enough after all. One had to have the talent, skill, and training to use them to their full potential. Otherwise it was like letting a drunk man drive some super powered hover-car. He would be endangering himself and everyone around him. losing control was guaranteed.

    But Jonas would not give up.

    Grueling isolation in a lab on a moon three lightyears from here had given him the time and opportunity to gain high expertise with his cybernetic augmentations until it was like he had lost nothing at all. Such a man was the sort who then saluted his superior before talking to him in hushed tones away from the rest. Just what were they negotiating? His punishment perhaps? Soon enough the truth was revealed when he walked with the same confidence from earlier up to Jaylin.

    "Whatever mission you get sent out on next. . . I'm going with you. They think I need someone to keep an eye on me I guess. Can you handle looking at me that much? Pretty sure I won't have a problem looking back at you."
  7. Jaylin had been behind a curtain of sparks, repairing yet another grunt who lost his temper after failing his trials. She had been busy, but still managed to keep one eye on Jonas, curious about the ass kicking he recieved. It seemed almost unfair how cocky he was. Apparently the Commander was not so fond of his behavior either, getting him on his back to teach him his true place.

    The battle was entertaining enough, but as Jonas started walking towards her, she knew her solidute was over. Everytime she was around, Jonas would tend to find her, no matter where on the grounds she was stationed.

    "Don't flatter yourself Jonas, that's not even your real face, is it?" She sneered at him, almost as if they were squabbling school children. "It's not your decision to come along with me, besides, I don't need a body guard." She scoffed at him, putting the welding tool back to the grunts armor.
  8. He stood there with both chrome arms folded across his chest to block her sneering words. What could they really do after all he had lost already? None of them could rip away his limbs or make his new body rust. Rather the words fell on deaf ears, rolled down his back, and landed unceremoniously on the floor. Left there to get trampled in the days to come by those who would never see them. Jonas stepped on those words himself while heading toward Jaylin with an assured stride. Without fail he would get her to take him with her no matter how she felt about his face or any other part of him.

    "You're absolutely right. It's not my decision. It's the commander's order. So you have to follow it whether you like it or loathe it."

    Now standing behind her, the cybernetic soldier picked up one of her smaller tools that he had seen her use dozens of times. Laser scalpels meant for precision cutting of nearly any alloy made them efficient tools and a holder of great potential as an improvised weapon. Accidents where engineers lost digits in school were not uncommon. They also gave other students the opportunity to graft cybernetic fingers of their fellow classmates.

    Jonas was twirling it in his fingers like a fountain pen.
  9. Jaylin tightened her jaw as he began flipping her tool between his fingers, causing a twinge of irritation in her forehead. Despire having told him to essentially screw off, Jonas stayed there simply to annoy her, or so it seemed.

    "I never got those orders, and put that down. If you break it, you pay for a new one. The mission couldn't afford to buy me new tools this year so i'm working with last years worn bunch." She sighed, rolling her eyes inside her helmet as she again, looked over Jonas.

    "Listen, If you really want to work with me, get the clearance and we can go scavenging. Commander needs money and I need new tools. Might as well bring you along for some muscle."
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