Orion's Reckoning

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    Introductory Passage (open)

    "I've never really believed in the 'eye for an eye' philosophy. Do you know why?"
    "No, I don't. Quite frankly, I've never had a major in the subject."

    The sound of metal scraping against metal had become more than familiar for the two figures standing on the empty observation deck of the tower overlooking the rest of the city, and it originated from the silver-haired young man who occupied himself by rubbing the edges of his metal talons against one another as though to sharpen them. Meanwhile, the other male with black hair leaned against the railing of the deck on his back while blankly staring straight ahead of him, retaining an almost painfully bored expression on his face as he awaited an answer to his partner's own question. There was so much time on their hands, yet so little to do; they just kept on waiting and waiting and waiting as per his instructions. He always insisted that they wait, planning things out more than was necessary and doing that habitual thing of his with his claws.

    He wanted to kill something already. Not stand around and talk about philosophy.

    "Because it never truly talks about equality. What it really talks about is man's inevitable thirst for an endless amount of power. It doesn't stop at 'an eye for an eye'; what follows afterward is 'a tooth for a tooth', 'a hand for a hand', 'a foot for a foot', and so forth and so forth. It will never stop in the end, because one or the other will desire for something more to take. And then, at the end of it all, neither side is balanced out because there is nothing left for them to steal, and so they are forced to be content with that nothingness until they find something more they are able to claim. Equality is a falsity; an illusion made to put people's minds at rest."

    "Ugh, can you just cut to the damn chase already? What's your point?"

    Silence filled the air for a little while as the grinding of the razors came to a sudden halt, the silver-haired person seeming to enter a brief state of thought as though to search for an actual answer. However, the reality of it was that he did in fact have an answer; he was just contemplating once more about how best to go about doing this. War would be coming soon, and he did not intend to have it drag out. More than a setback or difficulty, that would just be needless trouble that he wanted to avoid. The element of surprise was of the essence at this point in time.

    "My point is that we can't allow for this kind of scenario to play out when we make our first move. Our first move has to be our only move. If we enable them to even out the scales, then there will be no swift end to this conflict. They're the only thing standing between us and our objective, so there shouldn't be any need for us to waste precious time."

    "And yet we've been waiting for days to attack."

    "So that we don't need to worry about unnecessary complications. We are here on a mission, not here to have playtime with them."

    "Aw. But I like playtime. Playtime makes things interesting before I get to finish someone off." It was at that moment that a random bystander- a middle-aged man- stepped outside onto the deck and froze when he saw the two others present there, causing a wicked smile to draw at the corners of the black-haired male's lips while he reached for two sheathed daggers and slowly pulled them out of their resting places.

    "Avoid making a mess, Katsuo."
    "Whatever you say, Orion."

    In the seconds that followed, there was then a loud scream that pierced the air while the sound of grinding steel made itself known once more.

    Uh, hi! Um... This is mildly nerve-wracking since this is the first time I'm doing something like this, despite having roleplayed for quite a long time now XD

    Anyways, welcome to the 'Interest Check' thread for "ORION'S RECKONING"! The focus of this roleplay is meant to be around several superpowered people or mutants (as you prefer) who are seen by the story's antagonists as being some of the most advanced of their kind and an obstacle in the way of their goal of exterminating the human race. However, this select group of people- meant to be the characters of you guys- don't know this pair of mysterious people, so they don't yet know that their intentions are malicious when they hang close to them to observe how they operate. At least, until they finally decide to make their move.

    Ultimately, however, it doesn't boil down to this big epic battle between you and them.

    It boils down to which side you choose when it all goes down.

    While school and real-life do tend to keep me quite busy during most times, I wanted to try and see how I'd do as a GM for a group roleplay, and thus this interest check has been created to see how many of you would be interested in taking part of this! Reply below if you are, and I hope to start this up at some point if I can! ^_^

  2. I'd like to express interest in this
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  3. So... let me get this straight. The player characters are the most powerful of the super powered people? If so, count me in! It's been a while since I've been able to excersize my imagination's skill at coming up with destructive and simultaneously creative skills.
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  4. Sounds great; just make sure your character isn't too OP once/if we get started. That would just make things unenjoyable XD
  5. Don't worry. It will be fantastically OP, and will be balanced out with a crippling weakness. I don't approve of making balanced powers when I have permission to go overboard :D
  6. Hehe. Well, I'll still be sure to review the character and let you know if I feel that there is anything that needs to be revised
  7. Alright I've come up with an ability that should be plenty interesting.
  8. Still looking for interested people!
  9. Still searching for interest!
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