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    A Human Frontier RPG Based around Space Exploration

    "This isn't Star Wars, or Star Trek, this is real. We are the first humans to ever make it to the reaches of the galaxy and back. Let the galaxy remember our travels!"
    - Admiral Yates

    So this is an original Science Fiction roleplay taking place on the fringes of the "New World" a planet called "Orion". The year is 2037 and after humanity discovered a ship on a cache in the depths of the Mariana's Trench, they were amazed at the technology. It was older than the human race, and yet had more intelligence put into it than human kind had ever known.

    Rebuilding the ship was not easy, and they had to use many of the salvaged parts to renew it. However know this ship, humanity's newest achievement. Orion was discovered in 2031 two years after the ship was fully rebuilt. This ship had the power to alter light years and create an effect that could transport or "warp" the ship into a lightyear speed.

    Scientists and researchers have called the paradise-like world of Orion their home, but some are itching for more. That is why the ship now known as "Orion's Point" is being sent even further. To discover new worlds, new races, and make alliances and enemies alike.

    The time of humanity walking alone in this world has ended...


    1) Please fill out a standard roleplaying sheet. I will not supply you with one, though make sure that it includes what field they're in, and some hints to their personality/history.
    2) Wait for acceptance. Until I give you the clear you should wait. This roleplay will not close, and will always be accepting, so you need not ask about that.

    3) Understand that humans are the only species to be roleplayed (THUS FAR) this will change when we meet a new race. Which will be the start of something "bigger".

    So think you're up for the challenge? Ready to explore in the name of science and curosity?

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.