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  1. Orange and purples painted across the sky, mixing together in a deep red. A shadow flew across the horizon, slowly taking form into a person. A girl, her dark hair tangled and wild around her face, her hazel eyes sunken and defeated, as if she had just been through hell and back. Her body was decorated with dirt and wounds, some still bleeding. Her name was Penelope Di Vito.

    She descended to the ground, falling first on a branch, before finally hitting ground. Ignoring the pain in her limbs, Penelope, using the tree for support, struggled onto her feet. She looked ahead of her. It was a road, a long, winding road, over hills and valley. She could see no end. She took one step, then another, and another, starting her journey down the endless road. Soon her feet were scratched and red raw from the walking, but she didn’t care. A cold wind blew past, the thin shift not even providing an ounce of warmth. She wrapped her arms around her, small sparks bursting from her fingertips.

    Please wait for me.

    Night finally settled in and the air got colder, a waning moon providing the only light. She still walked, looking for something, anything, a sign that somebody lived on this nowhere.

    She took one more step and then found herself lying on the ground, too exhausted to even try anymore. This was it. She was going to die. She had failed.

    “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she sobbed. How pitiful. She hadn’t even found any hope and here she was, lying on the ground like the weak burden she was. She couldn’t even stand up. Her thoughts drifted back to him, still there waiting for her, like he said he would. Only now, she wouldn’t come. The tears kept coming, even as she closed her eyes to the welcome embrace of darkness.
  2. Jason Lee, also known as the Night Watcher, was stuck I a bit of a jam. He found himself getting a road rash. He was on his back on the high way, leg tied up to the back of a moving armoured car, almost a tank.

    The Night Watcher groaned as he saw he was leaving the city, and headed to country area. He was tied down with a chain shot right through his leg, bit he didn't feel the pain from it. He thought to himself 'alright, enough joy riding'.

    He grasped hold of the chain and pulled it out of his leg. He felt his will become strong, and he jumped up, feet planted firmly into the ground. They made small careers. He took hold of the chain and carefully, powerfully threw the armored car over a body on the road and into a group of trees.

    He limped over to the wreck, but noticed a battle beaten body. He checked her pulse. Barely alive.
    "You're going to be safe, I'll get you out of here." He said calmly. With that, he ignored the armored car and lifted the girl off the ground and began to walk towards the city.
  3. When she opened her eyes again, she found herself no longer lying on the road. Instead the road was moving, or she was moving. She was still weak, her body sore and her eyelids heavy. Something warm was pressed against her body, a man. He was carrying her, the warmth of this person radiating off him and being absorbed into her. Who was he? Where was he taking her too?

    She could hear faint sounds of cars moving and hollow winds in the air. A city. If this man had been carrying her all this time, then the city was close. So close to where she had just fallen. If she had just been able to hang on a little longer, she would have made it to the city. If only she had been stronger . . . .

    Barely managing to utter words, she asked the man, "Who are you?"
  4. The Night Watcher felt movement in his arms. Not a lot of movement, but enough to tell him that she was alive. He looked down at her with a small smile. "You don't need to worry about that right now." He said. "I need to get you to a hospital."
  5. She watched the man smile at her, his eyes telling her that she needs to get medical help. "N-no, we-we have to go back." She was crying again. "Please he's still there. He's waiting for me." She coughed, tiny sparks bursting from her fingers. "Please help me."
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