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  1. EDIT: We now have an OOC thread! This is actually a thing that's gonna happen!

    I know someone else is doing one, but eh, I had this idea a couple of days ago and still want to share it and see if anyone wants in.

    You have modern day Earth. Totally normal, average Earth, nothing remotely special or weird going on. Right up until the alien ship showed up. No one knows exactly where it came from or why, but it was on a direct collision course with Earth, apparently heavily damaged well before it even entered Earth's atmosphere. Aware that it was going to crash into a densely populated city, the American government tried to blow it out of the sky. They succeeded in saving millions of lives, while the debris rained all across the region.

    A couple of months later, the first people began manifesting mutations and powers. A new age for humanity has begun.

    This isn't gonna be like X-Men where suddenly someone starts out shooting ultra-powerful lasers from their eyes. Everyone starts out at "level 1"--with weak powers, best used carefully, strategically. People will be allowed to "level up" and get power boosts based on participation. This applies to physical mutations as well; changes to a character's body will happen slowly and gradually over the RP. This is actually a plot point, because in the story, no one knows exactly how much each individual may change, or how strong a person's power may get, adding to the fear and confusion of the general public.

    We would be playing just a handful of individuals out of the thousands in the city who have been affected. The majority of people are presumably just trying to lead normal lives, so not every character has to be striving to be a superhero or taking advantage of their new abilities to go on a crime spree. Your character can be one of those who was located and swept away for government study or something, and thus gets drawn into the budding new world of superheroes and supervillains less willingly. Or you can play someone without powers at all--a police officer or detective trying to stop some new criminal with powers, for example.

    Overall, it's supposed to be something that isn't too over-the-top, starts with a level playing field and allows new players to join in while still rewarding old players who keep posting regularly. Anyone interested?
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  2. You've got my interest once again.
  3. Haha, awesome to know, that's one person in~
  4. Now it's just a matter of which of my ideas I pick.
  5. Since we've already spoken about this, you should know my answer, but just so everyone else knows:

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  6. [​IMG]
    (biggest one I could find)
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  7. I'm definitely interested! I've been looking for a role play that isn't just based off of Marvel or DC comics. :D
  8. I'm interested!
  9. Oh, yeah!
  10. I'm definitely interested! I already have some really great ideas for my would-be character at certain points :D
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  11. I'm up for something like this.
  12. Sounds like something I could enjoy immensely.
  13. I always love your ideas, dear. Popping in here again to say this also looks fun. And because I adore him and couldn't resist...

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  14. Pffft, well it looks like this is a thing that is definitely happening then! Sorry for slow response, emails didn't tell me about all these replies.

    I'll have the official OOC set up on Monday, along with the overview of what the first plot will be. Thanks to everyone who showed interest!
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  15. I'm also in~!
  16. I could work some side characters into dis~ I had a character or two for a RP I tried to start up (( nobody was interested in it)) so I can route them here!

    EDIT: If the post demand isn't too high, that is/
  17. I'd love to join!
  18. I'll be keeping an eye on this, see where this goes and maybe join if it still has my attention later on :)
  19. Interested.

    I want to play the supervillain.

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