Original RP Prompts & Pairings | Master Thread (4/4 OPEN)

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Original RP Prompts | Master Thread
Last Updated: 12/9/18
I'm back and I'm ready for some roleplays!
Don't forget to check my rules, I've added some updates.

MERAKI (A.) | Greek
The soul, creativity or love put into something; The essence of yourself that is put into your work.

Hello, Starshine My lovely friends, I hope you all are doing well. My name is Hannah, but most people online call me Hanns. I am an English Major who currently works at an IT Company in Colorado Springs. Oh, and I did I mention that I love to roleplay? I’ve been roleplaying for about 8 years, but I’ve honestly been writing stories and creating characters for as long as I could remember. All of the ideas and pairings in this thread is for original stories, as original material is what I love to write about the most. But I might set up a fandom document if I feel so inspired.

Honestly, I’ve had a pretty tough run this year. So have many people, speaking with friends and acquaintances alike. But I like to think that is one of the wonderful things about roleplaying - it is a chance to escape from reality, even if it is through words on a page.

I don’t want to waste anyone’s time as I’m sure you’re here to roleplay! Thus, I’ll try to make this document’s rules and guidelines brief. I’ve got a table of contents set up below, for easy access and clean assortment. Let me know if I can answer any questions for you!


I do consider myself to be a pretty lax writing when it comes to writing with other people involved, However I do have a few general rules that I like to follow when it comes to roleplaying.

  • Be nice and be Invested - The most important rule for me when it comes to roleplaying with someone is having fun and if you or I aren’t excited about the roleplay, then it’s going to be a real downer. So all I ask is for a partner who is friendly, invested and contributes to the story. If I feel like I have to step on eggshells around you or if I feel like I am having to do all the work, then you're not the person I am looking for.
  • Quality over Quantity - My writing style is novella, meaning that I will write on average anywhere from four to eight paragraphs at a time. At the same time, I know some roleplayers write shorter responses and can still produce quality content. Thus, I don’t want you to stress out over your length. As long as you are trying your best, that’s all I can really ask for. I welcome all types of writers/roleplayers. But I feel like I should set up some sort of limit, so all I ask for as a bare minimun is one full paragraph.
  • Respect my Rules Regarding Mature Content - I'm looking for all types of relationships - romantic, platonic, family, friends, enemies, and everything in between! That being said, I don't mind smut as long as its tastefully done and and fits within the plot. It should evolve naturally and it has to be consensual - rape can be mentioned or used in a backstory but I will never act it out. Both parties have to be conscenting adults and I will never do incest or underage sex. Overall, our stories must be story based, not smut based.
  • Good Grammar is a Plus - I am by no means a grammar nazi. I make plenty of spelling mistakes, so you don’t have to worry about me correcting you! All I ask is that you roleplay in third person and that you are trying your best when it comes to grammar.
  • Character Sheets and World Building - Not really something mandatory, but I figured I add this just to tell everyone my own preferences/opinions. I personally prefer character sheets and character mood boards, but I'm definitely not going to make you do one! But I would like to world build a bit first before we hop in. Honestly, I could talk about characters or world building all day so if that isn't really your thing I don't think we'd get along as partners.
  • Multiple Characters - Now, I can't really force this one. I understand that some people prefer roleplay one or two characters and that's totally fine! But for me, I really enjoy when multiple personalities, backstories and motivations come together to shape the plot into something interesting. Don't get me wrong, I get the importance of main protagonists. But think of your favorite books, movies and games - many of them don't have just one character, right? So while this one is more of a preference than a rule, I'd really like to have a partner who can write several characters appropriately.

Writing Samples

Below, I have provided some writing samples that I think best exemplify my writing style. If you are able to send a writing sample, you'd be my best friend! I always ask just because it really helps me gage your writing. Honestly, anything that lets me know what your length preference is as well as your writing style. It’s not mandatory, but it will help me a lot!

Fantasy // Slice of Life // Quest
The door opened without a sound. As if the maiden's invitation were already expected. And already welcomed. But the Wolf did not follow her inside - his paws rested at the threshold of the forest clearing, where the shadows' edge met the sunlight. He need not go any further. He need not burn within the light of the sun.

Among the scent of the old willow wood, the most curious of smells were enclosed within the small willow hovel - their scents finally freed by the opening of the large door. Sweet, soft jasmine petals mingled with the firm, crimson essence of elderberry wine. Cinnamon, hot and seasoned, prickled with tart lemon and mingled slowly with slow dew of fresh honey. And all around these wonder auras, the glow of dancing candle light within tiny lanterns were scattered all over the tiny, single bungalow.

Crystal vials and rose glass bottles were lined up as far as the eye could see - made up of all sorts of wonderful colors and hues, that glowed and twinkled at the candle's glow. Their caps were tied in silk ribbons or tiny hemp cords, with labels written in a beautiful black ink. Between these marvelous creations, opalescent crystals and the tiniest of gems scattered about the wooden shelves, keeping company with the delicately tied bundles of wild flowers. All about was clutter - but it was a witch's clutter. Up upon the window's bannister, a sandy coon cat was cleaning her paws against her sharp, white whiskers. On a nearby shelf, a cat as white as a winter's frost reclined between two large bottles of a clear, sparkling potion - his tail twitching this way and that as yellow eyes lazily turned to gaze upon the hovel's latest visitor.

'O' willow waly' by the tree that weeps with me.
'O' willow waly' till my lover return to me."

A voice came from the hearth, where the fireplace crackled and popped - the cauldron's skillet bubbling with a delicious smell of fresh buttered cornbread and a sizzling stew. Someone was bent over the cauldron, stirring the pot softly with a wooden ladle. A dog, with a wiry snout and scruffy ears, laid at her bare feet - raising its head to stare with beady, inquisitive eyes at the maiden.

"We lay my love and I beneath the Weeping Willow.
But now alone I lie and weep beside the tree."
Singing O' willow waly' by the tree that weeps with me.
Singing O' willow waly' till my lover returns to me."

Her hair was as red as a rising fire - redder than the crimson leaves of the fall forest. Loose curls, tied up in a messy bun that looked as if it were ready to unfurl itself. Her cheeks were rosy and her lips were soft and thin and blushed in a tulip pink. She tapped the ladle before cleaning her hands with the end of her ivory apron.The dog's tail thudded against the wooden floor as his realized that the maiden in the doorway was, indeed, a guest. He rose from the feet of his master, brushing the ends of her skirts as the beast trotted over to greet the strange traveler. A cold wet nose nudged against her hand, his ears floppy about as the dog requested a pat on the head - his stubbed tail wriggling about.

"Oh! Another visitor. Welcome, welcome to my apothecary." The lady with the red curls had turned to face her now - the glow of the fire's hearth dancing about her ivory skin and rosy cheeks. "And what is it you need, traveler? A healing ointment? Perhaps some peppermint to freshen up?" She tucked a few strands of wild fire strands behind her ear as she surveyed her newest visitor. It would appear, based on the maiden's appearance, she was a peasant from the village. Perhaps a beggar, looking for a single ounce of kindness to last through the night. The poor child.

"Oh my. You must have come a long way to get here, haven't you." Her voice was kind. Yet, buoyant. Full of spirit. Her face and her voice were youthful, but her eyes were old. An elder's - blue and clear perhaps, but ancient. Perhaps, even wise. And they were not swayed by the maiden's haggard appearance. "Well, you are just in time for supper. Come, sit, sit!”

Historical Fiction // Action // Noire
When Milo found his way back to Chartier, he found Ivan sitting by himself. The blonde man had his head propped against his hand, elbow resting on the small, round cafe table that contained nothing else but a half-finished drink. Milo took the seat in front of him, expression unchanging even when the other man made his irritation plain.

“You're blocking the view, brother.” Ivan had been making eyes at a middle-aged woman a few tables away. She had a lovely pearl necklace, and a set of matching earrings. He could think of more than one way to take them off of her.

“I have a job for you.”

“You know, it's really only a job if I get paid.” He rolled his eyes.

“You will. Handsomely. My employer will see to it himself.”

Ivan scoffed at the remark, but Milo had succeeded in getting his attention. “I have no use for riches.” The man waved his hand in dismissal. At a thought, the bored look on his face became undone. Instead, an impish smile took over. “You know, I will do anything for a title. Duke Marchand has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?”

Milo shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose as he tried to contain his frustration. “Do me a favor before I discuss the details with you.”

“Anything for my dear brother.”

In reluctance or in contemplation, Milo took a deep breath before he found the will to respond. His head turned towards the stage, dark eyes transfixed by the woman with the sultry voice. “Get me a private meeting with Tanja Marković.”

At this, the younger man burst into tiny fits of laughter. “I haven't had too much to drink, have I?” Ivan lifted his drink, swirling the contents. “So your parts are functional, after all. I just lost three different wagers.” Ivan raised his hand to beckon a waiter over. “Would you be a dear, and give the lovely lady over there a glass of your Chardonnay Icewine?” He gestured towards Tanja. 'Tell her Ivan misses her. You can put it on my friend's tab.”

Milo said nothing, only threatened Ivan with a sharp glower.

“Actually, if you could bring the rest of the bottle here for us to drink, that would be lovely.” Ivan handed the waiter his half-empty glass. “I've had enough of this cheap swill.”

Slice of Life // Adventure
It was as if the door was an opening to another world – the color and the warmth of the sum washed away the dreary motel room the pair stepped outside, Mr. Frost locking the door behind them. The explosion of colors and sounds was overwhelming.

On either side of the street stood tall, old, beautiful buildings – apartments and motels as far as the eye could see, decorated with blue canopies and in green plants that lay nestled upon the high balconies. Tall street lamps guarded the paved cobblestone paths, their soft glow still welcoming within the soft morning hours. The streets were quiet, except for the birds hopping about the high tree tops and the sound of a distance and a motorcycle roaring to life in the far distance.

With Layla in hand, Mr. Frost lead her down the sidewalk and onto the large cobblestone pathway. It was still early in the morning. Not many people were out yet. Good. The last thing he needed were too many prying eyes.

This way, dear.” He turned a sharp corner, down a narrow ally way before descending a cobblestone stairway that took them between the buildings and towards another cobblestone pathway. Several pigeons hooted at them, taking flight into the treetops as they passed.

On one side of the street, the pair was welcomed to a large and lush park. Short stone walls wrapped around lush green grass, with trimmed bushes and flowers so colorful and pristine. Deep within the center of the small park was a pond, where several small ducks flittered about in the crystal waters that reflected amber from the rising sun. Several trees line the pond in unison, however one oak tree at the end of the line seemed to tower over the rest – its acorns were huge and its leaves even bigger. Sweet was its smell, its sap speckled about its trunk in small, crystal specks. On the other side of the street were shops as far as the eyes could see. Their wordings were writing strangely, in a language other than English. But their letters in golden and white cursive were beautiful upon the multi colored canopies.

Oh, but the smell! Fresh croissants pastries and strong, dark coffee swelled together with the milk chocolate éclairs and lemon scented cakes. In one bakery window, a short, stubby man in a white vest was setting out fresh French bread in baskets in the window display. Another small shop down the street had lined up powered treats and jammed pastries upon their window display. Against the wall of the small shop, a fluffy dog with cropped ears slept only raising its head to stare at the pair as they walked by.

Mr. Frost lead Layla to one of the small shop, with a green canopy with gold letters, at the end of the line at the corner – The little cafe was surrounded by a black fence where several small tables and chairs sat under a emerald green canopy. A small blackboard was written upon with white cursive right in front of the glass doorway.

“Where would you like to sit, Layla?” Mr. Frost asked, “Would you like to sit inside or sit outside?”

Table of Contents (Roleplay Prompts)

You're going to find out that I put a lot of description, love and care within the stories I make. These prompts are very close to my heart so I’d love to find someone who can enjoy them too! I firmly believe that stories can have multiple genres and most of my prompts do as well. There is the central genre that shapes the story the largest, which eventually opens the door to other genres as well. I hope this helps with some of the confusion! Some prompts may be closed due to it already having a partner or even to the fact that it’s something I’m not craving at the moment. Note that these are just prompts. They can be re-written to fit our own needs. So if you have an idea or a craving, don’t hesitate to ask me! I may say no but I may be able to work something out. You never know until you ask!

(✓) The Last Goddess | OPEN

Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Adventure/Quest,
Ideal Pairing(s): goddess-x-demon (preferably MxF, but can be written for FxF or MxM)
Keywords: (end times) (reincarnated goddess) (lost) (fallen)

Brief Author Notes: I'm looking for someone to play the goddess role. You are also welcome to play a single character or multiple characters, whatever is most comfortable to you! I will probably use multiple characters myself. Just for some clarification, I wrote this for the perspective of a female protagonist (a goddess) but it can be written for a male protagonist (a god) easily! Let me know if that's what you'd prefer.

Everyone thinks that gods are immortal. But just because mortal man can't kill them doesn't mean that they live forever. The religious speak the fall of the immortals. The legend goes that the cosmos were once in chaos and a war raged out high in the heavens between sun god and the moon goddess. All of the celestial deities of law, life and nature came together and choose a side. It was either side of their sun king or the side the queen of the night. Then, they fought for nearly a millennium. It’s said that heaven groaned and bent under their hatred for one another and in the thousandth year when the moon eclipsed the sun, the heavens split in two and devoured the immortals. The universe was on its own and race its wobbly course through time, buying time before its inevitable demise.

Many say this is where it ends, that the gods are dead and that is why the land is slowly dying. Why the heavens were once beautiful, but are nothing more than stars wandering in their own separate orbits. But a legend has it that not all the gods have fallen. It is said that there is one (Your OC), the only daughter of the sun and moon, whose soul was casted out of heaven. Her soul now lies buried in the bones of a mortal that she may have a chance to restore what their kind has destroyed. Only, she does not know it yet.

She doesn't know that the sun is going to die unless an immortal mends it. She doesn't know that the elements are withering away and the stars will wander from their orbits unless an immortal keeps the balance. doesn't know know that the moon is slowly pulling further away and the seasons are growing colder. She is the child of the gods, the daughter of the divines who was sent here to save humanity from the same fate that took her ancestors.

(✓) The Last Pale Light in the West | OPEN

Genres: Apocalypse, Adventure/Quest, Horror/Psychological
Optional Pairing(s): survivor-x-survivor (Any paring works!- MxF, MxM, FxF)
Keywords: (outbreak) (end of days) (radio) (code) (mysterious voice) (apocalyptic) (cure) (hope) (zombies)

Brief Author Notes: You are also welcome to play a single character or multiple characters, whatever is most comfortable to you! I will probably use multiple characters myself.

These are the end of days. Pocket of humanity is scattered across of a unforgiving wasteland, where a virus from the radioactive fallout has created mutated creatures and ravenous undead who pray on the living. The virus is transmitted through contact with the infected and it appears that it can spread through the air, making it impossible for humans to remain within the open air for too long least they mutate into the monsters they hide from.

Your OC (male or female of any age), awakens in an old barn with a gunshot wound in the shoulder and an old backpack that contains a small handheld radio. It's been confiscated by a group of survivors who found them and nursed your OC back to health. Miraculously, they survived their wounds but the radio is causing a greater stir among the group than this impossible recovery. Why? Because the radio is transferring a signal from a supposed safe zone on the west coast, where a cure is being heavily researched - the radio plays only one song over and over again, but the song is secretly telling listeners coordinates to the safe zone. The map is hidden in the song.

Whether your OC knows of this secret code or not, they are in debt to these survivors and the promise of a safe heaven being played through a simple song through a handheld radio, there is no other choice than to brave the dead lands. Who knows. There might be hope after all.

(✓) The Swing King & The Cabaret Queen | OPEN

Genres: Slice of Life, Romance, Historical Fiction (?)
Ideal Pairing(s): mafia boss-x-starlet (preferred MxF, but might consider FxF)
Keywords: (historical fiction) (crime family) (noire) (childhood sweethearts)

Brief Author Notes: I put Historical Fiction (?) because it is inspired by 1920s-1930s America, however we don't have to exactly follow those time periods if that makes sense. We can discuss it! As always, you are also welcome to play a single character or multiple characters, whatever is most comfortable to you! I will probably use multiple characters myself.

Your OC (female) grew up the New York City slums near the early 20th century, having not much in regards to luxuries or the finer things in life. However, one thing she did have was a friend My OC (male), is the son of an Italian immigrant family with who the pair shared similar ambitions. She wanted to pursue stardom on the silver screen. He wanted to run his own business monopoly. The both of them wanted to do it together.

However, her family moved to the west in search of better job opportunities and the two childhood sweethearts of drifted apart. Years later, as a struggling actress, Your OC finds herself back within the bustling lights of New York City for employment and finds her old friend now running his father's now successful nightclub. The two are reunited and after learning of her mission, he offers her a job as one of the show's acts until she can get on her feet.

It seems that not even the separation could damage their love for one another, which is only seeming to grow the more they are together. He seems so much like the sweet and gentle dark haired boy she remembers from her childhood and the two of them are finally able to continue their a blooming romance - yet little do she know he's the ruthless, cold-blooded and cunning mob boss of one of the most dangerous mafia families in the Northern US. The mob family's dirty dealings range from money laundering, illegal gambling, gun running, extortion, and even contract killing.

She is going to find that perhaps, marrying into 'this' family truly is serious business.

(✓) The Windsor Awakening | OPEN

Genres: Adventure/Quest, Dystopia, Historical Fiction(?)
Pairing(s): Optional (Something we can discuss, I'm flexible!)
Keywords: (vintage-esque) (suicide squad) (dictatorship) (original) (drama) (multiple OCs) (supernatural)

Author Notes: I put Historical Fiction (?) because it is inspired by 1930s-1940s Europe, however we don't have to exactly follow those time periods if that makes sense. We can discuss it! I'm definitely looking for someone who is ok with playing/managing multiple characters. I will probably use multiple characters myself.

The small country of Ghanivia has just closed a bloody chapter in their history - a civil war between their centuries old monarchy and a fledging multiple party union. With the throws of war over, the winning monarchy sought to rebuild this small republic back to it’s former glory. But that was before a radical fascist party known as The Black Mamba seized control when Ghanivia was at it’s weakest point and still recovering from war.

Their leader Josef Windsor is cruel and ruthless and, after overseeing the assassination the the royal family, initiates the construction of a new nation state where their fascism can fester. Medical institutes are established to 'rehabilitate' those who cannot conform. Prison camps are on the rise and fascist tabloids spin rumors to blind the public to the true sinister nature of the Black Mamba. Those who still support the monarchy are executed. Those who cannot conform are condemned as criminals. On this war path, Ghanivia will become a totalitarian state.

But two years after the Black Mamba rose to power, rumors have begun to spread of a child from a backwater mountain town who is said to possess the the fire of life and is believed to have the power to bring the dead back to the land of the living. And now, she's been captured by the Black Mamba, who is trying to bring the assassinated Josef Windsor back to life so that the fascist that solidify their hold permanently.

The country's sole surviving monarch, who now runs a successful underground gambling ring to fund an uprising against the dictatorship, assembles a team of outcasts (mercenaries, criminals, spies, ex-military, supporters, etc.) and will pay them by whatever means to find the girl. The task is simple. Smuggle the girl out of the country and in the process, ensure that one of the century's most bloodthirsty dictators stays six feet under.

Table of Contents (Romantic Roleplay Pairings & Settings)
Honestly, this area is just for random pairings I've thought of but don't have any significant plots to (yet) - but I ultimately think they'd be lots of fun to do! Maybe these are something we could brainstorm with if that's something you'd like to do. I'd put a star rating system. Straight forward explanation: the number of stars there are, the more interested I currently am within this pairing. I also plan to update this daily with any new RP prompts I come up with! I've organized them by genre for easy access. Some of them I have tiny ideas with them and some I don't. I'd love to hear your input either way!

  • [] Duchess -x- Pirate Captain (FxF or MxF) ✧✧
    • 1- One idea is that the pirate captain is a fierce lady and queen of the sea (think of a Ching Shih type persona - deadly woman who owns 300+ ships and holds dealings with shady people and the royals are mad because they can't find any way to take her down). The duchess is the daughter of a nobleman, whose a close cousin to the crown. The pirate captain either charms or forces the duke into a deal that at first seems shaky, but eventually works out in the end when an enemy country declares war. To protect the duchess, the pirate captain allows her safe passage aboard her ship - adventure, sword fights and moonlight romance over the sea ensues.
    • 2 - Right, so the pirate captain is a disgraced prince. Maybe he's the youngest son of a king with whom he's always felt distant with or maybe he is in hiding from nefarious circumstances or maybe he just wants to escape palace life. Either way, he's rebellious and cunning and makes a point to be a thorn in his father's side. The duchess is still the daughter of one of the cousin's of the crown and she's been betrothed to a wealthy sea-faring merchant or the officer within the king's royal navy. Thus, she's heard much about this fearsome pirate captain. Perhaps she's even seen him.
  • [] Princess -x- Prince (Any Pairing, but prefers MxF) ✧✧✧
    • 1- Ok, ok, I know this one is cliche but could be lots of fun! First idea, arranged marriage: The princess' kingdom is a great dealer of exotic exports while the prince's kingdom is a military giant. The two start shaky but eventually warm up to each other - perhaps the princess teaches the prince to loosen up and have fun while the prince teaches the princess some self defense and how to use a sword. Little do either one know that there's a plot to assassinate/kidnap one of the royals and to cause a war oooooo
    • 2 - Another idea is a childhood sweethearts idea - a tale of two cities: one kingdom holds magic users, while the other does not. However both seek to make peace. Thus, the prince and the princess were arranged to be married since birth but in this case, they both love each other already. However, the prince is pulled away - the two treaties between the two countries just didn't work out. But time passes and eventually the prince's kingdom takes over the princess' kingdom. But where all the nobles are executed, he allows the princess to live (cause even though he's changed, some part of him loves the girl he remembers). Definitely has some hades/persephone vibes going on and I kinda love it.
  • [] Warrior!Princess -x- Castle Gardener (MxF, MxM, or FxF)
    • 1 - A simple twist on a pairing - this time, the princess is the heir of a military empire and is trained in the arts of war. She is being prepared to take over as the fierce matriarch, a warrior queen. However, she's smitten with the soft, quiet boy who prunes the white roses in the castle grounds.
Slice of Life/Modern
  • [] High School - Bad!Kid -x- Good!Kid (Any pairing)
    • 1 - Another cliche I'm sure you're kinda tired of seeing in request threads, but just because something is cliche doesn't mean that its not fun! But I've got some ideas so just hear me out on this one: The bad kid has some home issues - in foster care, an abusive parent, mental health issues, drug addiction, anything. The last place they want to be is at home but they don't want anyone at school to know. The good kid doesn't exactly come from the perfect home either - maybe they have rich parents where expectations are set too high, ignored by their family, sick from a terminal illness, anything. The kicker is that the goodie-two-shoes and the bad-seed connect with the fact the school is their only safe zone and they are the only two who seem to truly understand what that means.
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Genders You Prefer Playing
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Favorite Genres
Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Quest, Dystopian, Apocalypse, Modern, Sci-Fi, Steampunk
Bump! (My text got cut off so had to make a quick fix)


is a lover and a fighter
Roleplay Invitations
One on One Roleplays, Chat Roleplays, Private Convo Roleplays
Posting Speed
A Few Posts A Day, One Post a Day
Writing Levels
Adept, Advanced, Adaptable
Genders You Prefer Playing
Male, Female, Transgender, No Preferences
Favorite Genres
Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Quest, Dystopian, Apocalypse, Modern, Sci-Fi, Steampunk
( - Closed the Last Pale Light in the West prompt)
( + Added some more pairing ideas~!)
Hello there, so I'm still a fledgling writer and I love to roleplay, though I'm mainly getting the rust off my roleplaying skills. I saw your post and I was interested, when it comes to replies they normally fluctuate between lengths depending on what's happening in the story or how I'm feeling, so sorry if my replies are too short or anything like that, I will try my best to make them as long as I can. I will also reply as frequently as I can, I'm only dealing with school at the moment and I have yet to find a job so I have a pretty free schedule.

When it comes to pairings I'm fine with any kind, though I tend to lean towards gay relationships so I play male characters often, I do have female characters as well though. I normally have my characters interconnect in certain ways, and my main characters tend to have another character or two that's a close companion to them. I also love creating fantasy storylines with dashes of reality mixed in with them, and messing around with cosmic god monster things that normally screw with everyone in some way or are affectionate towards them.

I think that's all I have to say, I might mention some things later down the line if I feel like I forgot something. But I have this plotline that came into my mind and I was wondering if you want to try it? I have a quick little summary on it:

A massive aquatic-like creature washes up on the shores of the city you call home, and it is unlike anything that your world has ever seen before. It rivaled the biggest whale in length and it had some kind of humanoid shape to the upper half of its dark grey body. No one knows what this thing is, and it is one of the most biggest finds in all of history, so naturally (once its discovered that the thing still lives) its taken to a facility to be further studied out of curiosity and want for answers. Unknowingly to you and the rest of the world its appearance signifies drastic change to reality as it's known, and nothing is ever the same again.