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    Bread and Salt

    Hello. I’m Thyme and I’m rather new to this site, but please don’t let my post count scare you away. I’ve actually been roleplaying for approximately five years now so I’m not exactly new to the whole experience. I am, however, returning from a somewhat long hiatus so I apologize in advanced if my writing seems a bit rusty at first. I’ll do my very best to improve on this, but I’m going to need some roleplay partners to do so first. Do you think you can help me out with that?

    Although I stick to characters of a female gender, I’m fairly diverse in terms of the genres I like to roleplay. My favourites are fantasy, historical (most any period, including time-travel), cyber/steampunk, dystopic, supernatural and science fiction (more Blade Runner, less Star Trek in that sense). My favourite themes to include in a roleplay are action, adventure, mystery and dark fantasy such as the kind featured in Lovecraftian horror. Though I’m not completely averse to modern, non-fiction roleplays, I would rather have a little more “spice” added to the plot.

    My posting level settles somewhere around Adept but I tend to play the mirror game and post as much as my partner does. In terms of spelling and grammar, I don’t expect perfection, but I would like you to be more than fluent with minimal errors in the majority of your posts. I can write, on average, several meaty, healthy, descriptive paragraphs in past-tense, third-person and I expect my partner to do the same. To clarify what I mean by descriptive, I insinuate that you are able to successfully, and hopefully artistically, communicate your character's actions, internal dialogue and other happenings within the scene. Honestly, the best way to ascertain whether I’m the right partner for you would be to peruse through the Roleplay Resume on my profile and if you like what you see, by all means, keep reading.

    I'm in a lot of fandoms, but the below are the ones I’m interested in roleplaying. Feel free to ask me if I’m familiar with a fandom not listed here if you have a plot for it but note that I may choose to reject it. No matter the case, I'll almost always be roleplaying original/non-canon characters although I don’t mind if you roleplay canons.

    When you see an asterisk next to a fandom, it means one of two things, (1) I have yet to finish the series/I’m in the midst of completing it or (2) I finished the series some time ago so my memory of it might be a bit foggy. Either way, I’ll probably still be able to roleplay it pretty well as long as you’re not looking for someone with intimate knowledge of the story.

    TV Shows & Films
    *Doctor Who || *Welcome to Night Vale || Game of Thrones ||*Supernatural || BBC Sherlock || *Lost Girl || Marvel (X-Men, Avengers, Daredevil) || DC || *Merlin || The Matrix || Lord of the Rings || Pan’s Labyrinth || The Sorcerer's Apprentice || Labyrinth || Jumper || Dragonheart || Eragon || Blade Runner || Push || The Fifth Element || Sleepy Hollow (film) || Ripper Street || In Time || Avatar: The Last Airbender || Minority Report || Watchmen

    *Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices || Wondrous Strange || Harry Potter || Discworld || Alice in Wonderland (any variation) || *Shiver || *Inkheart || Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica || Narnia || Spiderwick Chronicles || Dragon Codex || *Cirque du Freak || Hidden Talents || *Sandman || Neverwhere || Where Dragons Lie || Dreamdark || *The Fallen || *The Iron Fey

    Anime & Manga
    *Studio Ghilbi || Reimei no Arcana || Blood+ || Deadman Wonderland || Hakushaku to Yousei || Psyren || *Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan || Fruits Basket || Kamisama Hajimemashita || Black Butler || Puella Magi Madoka Magica || *Kyousou Giga || Wolf’s Rain || The Girl Who Leapt Through Time || Inu x Boku SS || Jiujiu || *Vampire Knight || Psycho-Pass || Chobits || K || Nagi no Asukara || Noragami || Attack on Titan || Blue Exorcist || Fullmetal Alchemist || Black Bird

    The below are short prompts that I would be interested in roleplaying with a partner who’s willing to flesh out the particulars of the story as a team. These kernels are very fluid and flexible ideas, so if you have a plot that seems similar to the below, please feel free to divulge the details.

    • Anything to do with fey creatures or elves, preferably in a high fantasy setting. The classic Shakespearean Unseelie/Seelie courts could be used here.
    • After years of being marked an outcast and run out of town, a sorcerer is surprised to find a young woman half-frozen outside his door in the midst of a winter storm. Cynical but not without mercy, he shelters her only to discover that she's traveled all this way in the hopes that he will create a potion to save her sister from illness. It soon becomes evident, based on her desperate circumstance and stubborn nature, that she's willing to go to any lengths to attain his assistance.
    • A cyberpunk story featuring a cyborg and a human.
    • A plot focusing on angels, nephilim, souls and mediums. Not the modern supernatural, wings-and-a-halo kind of celestial beings, but more the biblical, elemental beings of chaos and creation.
    • A high-ranking knight in the king's court commits a heinous crime against the crown. Desperate to escape quickly, he tries to steal the king's daughter and hold her for ransom, planning to exchange her for safe passage away from the city. Unfortunately, he ends up smuggling the princesses' handmaiden instead and things just get even more complicated from then on...
    • A story centered around two characters: one who is cursed, and one who is a magic-user attempting to help solve the mystery of the curse and reverse it.
    • A dark supernatural plot set in Victorian England or a steampunk universe. Perhaps surrounding a gruesome mystery or involving ghosts.
    • A dark fantasy/Lovecraftian version of Alice in Wonderland.
    • Two character getting lost or trapped in a dream universe where death is permanent and their fates are doomed unless they return to the waking world.
    • A plot similar to horror adventure games such as Ib, The Witch's House, Misao, or Mad Father.

    These plots are fleshed-out and ready to go but always open to discussion and alterations so don’t hesitate to ask. Once again, plot merging is very welcome; if you haven’t yet realised it, I’m a very flexible individual. Many apologies for the corniness of the below, I’m rather awful at putting down my ideas on paper but I can promise you that I’m better at putting them into action through writing.

    There are several plots here in which I don’t mind which role I play, so both are up for grabs. In most cases I’ve oh-so-cleverly dubbed the two possible roles Alpha and Beta or simply left the roles genderless with ambiguous pronouns. Respectively, “Welcome to the Show”, “Garden of Ghosts”, “The Winter Principle”, “Dream-Eater”, and “City of Spyglass”. In addition to this, for some of these plots I’d like to know that the story can develop into something more mature; these are marked with an asterisk just as a heads up. So with all that in mind, feel free to put your feet up, grab some biscuits and tea and get reading.

    [ Werewolf/Human | Action | Supernatural | Crime ]*

    Evelyn Sorrel is a journalist working for the New York Times; her newest assignment is to write a column on the mysterious underground nightclub named “The Bloodstone”. This nightclub seems to have been around for an eternity and requires extreme VIP passage. Not only that, but rumours and crime gossip grow around it like a bad case of garden weeds. Evelyn gets in and is interviewing the off-duty bartender when the night takes a devastatingly wrong turn. She’s rough-handled and tossed into the backroom along with another man and made to sit in front of a very intimidating bouncer with teeth far too sharp and skin far too pale.

    The confusion increases when there’s suddenly talk of vampires, werewolves, spies, stocks, and wars thrown around the room like some sort of crummy pulp fiction novel. Except, this isn’t fiction at all. The Bloodstone is actually the headquarters of New York’s Vampire Clan which is currently accusing the very bewildered journalist of spying on them in order to gain information for the opposing Werewolf Tribe. In truth, it’s all a big misunderstanding; the true culprit is the man sitting next to her, an expertly trained Werewolf spy who’s also locked in the backroom with her and playing innocent while hiding a USB filled with important files the Vampires would hate to have in Werewolf possession.

    His lies and her honesty really don’t work out too well because soon enough Vampires are lunging for the girl’s throat and both of them have to attempt a scrambling escape to freedom. Now every New York Vampire is trying to hound down Evelyn and the Werewolf spy who was unfortunately forced into dragging her along for the ride, lest she become an unwilling blood donor. They somehow manage to reach the Werewolf headquarters and pass over the information but it’s not over yet because the Vampires are dead-set on revenge. Perhaps there was something more in that USB than the spy originally thought? While he and his Tribe attempt to figure the encrypted file, Evelyn’s life is pretty much over and done with as Vampires prowl all her usual haunts thinking she's in cahoots with their enemy. Well, perhaps being stuck living with a Werewolf spy could be a lot worse, right? Probably not as bad as having a human practically glued to your side at all times. Yeesh!

    The Ivory Stag
    [ Medieval | High Fantasy | Adventure | Quest ]

    As all good fairy-tales go, there was once a prince living in a faraway land set to be next in line for the throne of a thriving kingdom. However, something rather unpleasant occurs when he goes hunting and shoots down a pure white stag. When he returns home with his majestic kill, he discovers that a woman (who can only be described as unbelievably beautiful) has taken over his castle. The Ivory Witch—for that is her true identity—goes on to explain that the prince slaughtered her most prized familiar and therefore she has claimed his kingdom in revenge, as well as the lives of those closest to him.

    The prince pleads forgiveness and mercy for his loved ones which seems to bring out a small sense of pity from the witch. Or rather, an opportunity to entertain herself. She declares that shell watch over the kingdom as queen while the prince does his penance for murdering her stag. To return things to normal, the prince must travel the lands beyond the kingdom and accomplish a series of complex tasks that will allow the witch to bring her familiar back to life—or so she claims, at least.

    The prince accepts, and the witch decides to sweeten the deal out of respect for his cooperative attitude. She brings out another one of her familiars who can transform back and forth from an ebony owl to a human woman. The familiars competence for magic, knowledge of the lands beyond, and connection with the witch make her a valuable companion for the princes quest. The witch then sends the both of them off on their first mission, teleporting them far from the princes kingdom and into the middle of an unfamiliar forest. The prince will have to succeed in his mission or his kingdom and family will be forever claimed by the black-hearted queen currently sitting on his throne.

    Run Faster
    *[ Vampires & Hunters | Supernatural | Action | Chase ]

    Vampires: beings of the night that rely on human blood to survive are practically born with evil running through their veins. Powers: Enhanced speed, strength, agility and senses along with accelerated healing and ‘immortality’. Weaknesses: Fire, silver, sunlight, decapitation, starvation, live wood through the heart and the most feared “Hunters Society” which is pretty much everything else rolled into one. It is this group of Vampire Hunters that make it their business to destroy both Alpha and Omega Vampires. Alphas are “Purebloods” that are born as Vampires; they grow younger and older at will and possess sharp intelligence, unearthly beauty and a supernatural charm called ‘Compulsion’ which they use to sit at the very heights of human society in secret. Whenever an Alpha fails to completely drain a human of blood, that human turns into an Omega Vampire; these creatures do not age from the moment they are bitten, but unlike the Alphas, they are slaves to their thirst and lurk the streets at night looking for prey unless serving an Alpha under Compulsion.

    The Hunters themselves serve under a self-preserving Code with three main laws; the first being to kill all Vampires, no matter what; the second, being a continuation of the first is an order to kill oneself if Turned into an Omega; and the third to never hunt alone. Thus, all Hunters are assigned partners or teams. A talented Hunter recently lost his partner in the worst way after having to kill them when they turned into an Omega; thus, he was assigned a new partner. But the combination doesn’t start off too well because he has little patience for the rookie out of training he was sent to hunt with and she’s not too fond of his attitude either. The partnership doesn’t quite get a chance to redeem itself because on their very first hunt together, they are kidnapped. As it turns out, a very powerful Alpha has been kidnapping Hunters and taking them to an abandoned hospital in order to experiment with a Daywalking serum; since he has realized that Vampires will never walk in the sun, he figures that he’s better off creating half-Omega humans instead.

    This time he succeeds, and the two kidnapped Hunters become the world’s very first ‘Dhampyrs’; or half-humans, half-vampires. But, the Alpha’s triumph is rather short-lived because the two escape; managing to completely burn down the hospital and the Daywalking serum with it. When the two finally run far enough for cover in a hotel, they realize what they have become: Omegas that retain their humanity (as long as they feed on blood) with no weakness to silver and sunlight. However, the Hunter Society has become privy to the events of the hospital and is now set on murdering the two Dhampyrs which they fear threaten the most important protection they have against Vampires: the sun. On the other hand, the powerful Alpha is amassing his forces, hell-bent on getting the two Hunters back in his possession so that he can duplicate the Daywalking serum. With everyone wanting them captured or dead, will the two Dhampyrs be able to survive?

    Ribbon and Sword
    [ Feudal Japan | Fantasy | Spirits | Adventure ]

    In feudal Japan, spirits and demons roam freely through the land; some guarding rivers while others terrorize homes. An able nomad stumbles upon one such haunted forest, the area pulsing with a dark miasma that is slowly but surely killing him as he desperately attempts to find his way out. Weak and exhausted, he comes upon a three-tailed white fox who explains that the forest is the territory of an unpleasant and powerful youkai who means to kill anyone who dares to trespass on his land. The fox offers the man her guidance in order to escape the forest, but only if he removes the black ribbon around her neck and takes her with him.

    Though rather uncertain about trusting the supernatural, the nomad does as he is told, removing the ribbon and revealing the fox to be a female kitsune spirit. The kitsune keeps to her end of the bargain and leads the man out of the forest. However, the youkai soon discovers the betrayal and is utterly furious to find his most prized possession is missing. The two characters must attempt to flee the youkai and his underlings, or else face death at his hands.

    Welcome to the Show
    [ Dark Circus | Action | Adventure | Supernatural ]

    There’s a mysterious circus that travels around in the thick of the night, rumored to be the best show you’ll ever set eyes on. The “Wanderlust Circus” has been around for centuries—or so the stories claim—and it’s never failed to please and terrify the multitude of towns and cities in Europe. Yet, rumors of witchcraft, kidnappings, and bloody murder follow it wherever it goes and many have been warned against it. [Character Alpha] hears rumors of the circus coming to their town, and although warned against the inconspicuously creepy place, they can’t help but feel drawn to it. So they sneak in, and join the other dozens of people in watching the amazing three-ring show.

    The rumors weren’t far from the truth at all. There are all sorts of wicked and wondrous things to see among the booths and tents that simply defy imagination, especially at the main show. [Alpha] is lucky enough to be selected from the crowd of faces to participate in the main show; invited personally by the rather intimidating circus Ringmaster. The act is simple, a little mumbo-jumbo and “poof!” [Alpha] will disappear from the eyes of the stage. Well, that’s certainly what happens, except, [Alpha] doesn’t reappear safely under the stage as expected, and gets knocked out cold instead.

    All that magic and wonder? All those impossible feats? All those bizarre monsters? All those unnatural-looking humans? Well, it turns out they weren’t tricks at all. Wanderlust Circus is as absolutely real as it gets; an amalgamation of supernatural beings, everything from pyrokinetics to shape-shifters to shadow wraiths. As the malicious Ringmaster explains how the circus works, he offers [Alpha] a simple choice: join or die. The Ringmaster himself is a powerful demon and has a quota of soul fragments he must collect every ten years or else he loses his powers. Whenever a soul fragment is taken from a human, a supernatural power originating from the very depths of the human soul is released. Voilà, a circus compiled of supernatural beings; some of them simply born that way and working of their own will, others indebted to the Ringmaster, and other once-mortals like [Alpha] with nowhere else to turn to.

    Valuing their life and too far from home to run, [Alpha] joins and is split from a part of their soul, gaining a “Trump” (supernatural power/morph) and carted into the circus. That’s when they are handed over to [Character Beta]. Though [Beta] protests at having to take care of a newbie like [Alpha] who doesn’t even know how to control their powers yet, they are forced to obey the Ringmaster. [Beta] has been with the circus for a much longer period of time, and is a performer in the main show along with being in the loop with the circus’ main members and a rather bizarre connection to the Ringmaster himself. Unsurprisingly, they don’t reveal much to [Alpha] in the first place which only causes more tension between the two characters since [Alpha] doesn’t even know if [Beta] was a mortal who got their soul stolen, a born supernatural or simply indebted to the Ringmaster. The show must go on, of course, but neither of them really wants to stay locked up in a place like this forever…

    Blood on Steel
    [ Medieval | High Fantasy | Adventure | Demons ]

    Set in a medieval fantasy landscape, our story begins with a man infamous for his innate talent of finding things and restoring objects to their—ehm—‘rightful’ owners. Any requests for thieving, scavenging the wilderness for rare ingredients, and even searching for supernatural artifacts are accepted without a second thought as long as the price is right; said price usually being a bit steep considering his success rate. Unfortunately for him, his lifestyle is about to be jostled in a rather undesirable direction when he gets a request to retrieve a mysterious dagger located in an underground cave. As usual, he gets to the elegantly-crafted knife without a hitch but when he accidentally cuts himself on the blade, something horribly unexpected occurs. All of a sudden, there's a woman standing before him that's obviously not really a woman at all—the additional hints including curving horns, pointed ears, and an arrow-point tail.

    The female demon thanks the man for freeing her, having been trapped in the dagger for some very many years now. Due to the nature of the curse that sealed her, she must remain loyal to whoever frees her from the dagger, in this case, the man who tried to steal her. She chooses to remain as a companion to him instead of waiting for him to call upon her aid, and promises to accompany him on his future quests until she becomes accustomed this strangely unfamiliar kingdom—whether he likes it or not. However, the people who commissioned him to steal the dagger are not too happy to find he released the one thing inside the weapon that they truly wanted. Not only that, but since magic is considered a forbidden art and supernatural creatures are hunted down, this whole situation seems more like one giant curse than anything else. Especially when rare demons like the one he stumbled upon have a knack for attracting other unpleasant magic users.

    Garden of Ghosts
    [ Supernatural | Psychics | Ghosts | Mystery | Modern ]*

    Movies and books have always glorified psychics and mediums, labeling their abilities as divine gifts and grand feats of spiritual magic. However, for a young psychic being born heterochromatic due to their powers, the ability has only brought them misfortune and unkind jeers from those around them. As if a strange appearance wasn’t bad enough, [Character Alpha] has spent their whole life struggling to tell the real people apart from the ghosts. The spirits themselves seem to be only half-conscious of their true form, sometimes talking to [Alpha] normally, or only to themselves, or not at all. Oftentimes they appear as real as humans, other times they’re nothing but a vague apparition. They simply wander like the lost souls they are, making the young medium’s life miserable in the meantime, seeing as they just can’t stop appearing close by. Now in their adult years, [Alpha] still struggles with their abilities and the distrustful looks constantly aimed at them due to their odd behaviour.

    The clairvoyant’s only solace is found in a rather large and spacious botanical garden park where they can avoid the cruel gazes and, for the most part, ignore any ghosts who choose to follow them in. As [Alpha]’s miserable luck would have it, the city decides to host a First of Spring Celebration at the gardens which the psychic tries to dodge by hiding under the cover of a gazebo. The foul fortune only escalates from there when it starts to rain and many people rush for shelter—one of those said people being an ex-classmate of [Alpha]’s with a penchant for making their life miserable. As the grown-bully starts to poke fun at the psychic once more, he’s interrupted by a large umbrella smacking right down on the crown of his head. [Character Beta], having overheard the conversation and born with a natural instinct for justice, decides to step in and does a good job of chasing the asshole off before things intensify. [Beta] then insists on walking [Alpha] home since the latter is without an umbrella, at which point it’s made apparent that they live quite close to each other on different floors of the same apartment building. The next morning, [Alpha] is utterly annoyed to find that [Beta] is now insisting on taking them out for lunch.

    Being forced to share sandwiches at the botanical park in the gazebo where they first met, [Alpha] realizes that [Beta] has been sketching a carbon copy of the ghost who has been wandering around the park. [Alpha] immediately calls [Beta] out on the fact, accusing them of being a medium and withholding their true identity, which would explain why anyone would want to be friends with a heterochromatic weirdo in the first place. But [Beta] honestly denies the fact, stating that the person in their sketch has simply been a re-occurring figure in their mind that they can only fully visualize when drawing. Fascinated by the [Alpha]’s accusation, [Beta] continues to explain that they’ve been like this their whole life; drawing convoluted sketches with people that they can’t actually picture unless they put them on paper, often focusing on one person for a long period of time. The drawings also seem to be—on the whole—depicting the person’s life, hobbies, fears or emotions. As [Beta] shares this collection of very elaborate illustrations with the same ghost that has been haunting [Alpha] and this park, the medium realizes that the peculiar artist isn’t a psychic, but has psychic-tendencies. Meaning that they can see into the minds of ghosts but aren’t conscious of the fact, being able to only draw the visions but not see or communicate with the dead. Hearing the psychic’s suspicions, [Beta] gets the most curious idea. They suggests that the two of them team up and attempt to solve the reason why this particular ghost has been left here on earth by using their drawings and [Alpha]’s ability to see and communicate with the ghosts in the first place. It’s a crazy idea, of course, but it would certainly help get rid of the spirit constantly haunting [Alpha]…

    No Surprises
    [ Reality | Action | Crime | Chase ]*

    A skilled hit-man is sent on a mission to assassinate a wealthy crime boss who owes a loan-shark overdue money. However, during the job things don’t go quite as planned and he is gravely injured. Barely escaping the scene, he calls up an old friend to help him out; not having much of choice given his predicament and the fact that assassins don’t tend to have all that many friends in the first place. When said friend, an old university pal who is now a nurse, takes him back to her apartment in order to patch him up again, they both fail to realise that the crime boss he just tried to murder sent his own hit-man to track him. Now both of them are on the run from the tycoon’s triggermen; despite not having even seen each other for years. How can they possibly survive when one of them is a nurse barely out of training caught way too deep into something she knows nothing about, and the other still injured and horribly outnumbered?

    [ Medieval | High Fantasy | Adventure | Quest ]

    Drendaric and Ereveth have always been two medieval kingdoms with a bone to pick with one another. However, the silent animosity between them is about to get quite loud exceptionally fast. With the death of the previous King of Ereveth, the young prince next in line has risen to the throne with ambitious motives. He plans to claim Drendaric for his own and has already set the perfect plan in motion to do it. First the great talisman of Drendaric that stands for prosperity in both religious and political matters shall be stolen by the Silent Knighthood; a group of knights close to the crown that carry out major assassinations and thefts. That same talisman will then be carried off to the faraway kingdom of Bryrien through a secret passage as a symbol of Ereveth's power and imminent success over Drendaric so that the two kingdoms may join forces as allies against the latter.

    The mission goes a bit awry, however, and the knighthood is discovered by Drendarian guards. Elis, a knight from Ereveth with an odd (and closely guarded) gender for her profession, is left behind with her father to buy more time for the rest of the knights who escape with the talisman. However, when her father is injured gravely and she refuses to leave him, they are both taken in for questioning before the Drendarian King. Using her father as leverage, they force her to show them the path past the mountain towards Bryrien so that they may retrieve the talisman and avoid a war. A young Drendarian knight of upstanding background and skill is assigned with the heavy duty of partnering up with Elis so that she may lead him through the treacherous mountain pass and he may retrieve the talisman—since sending a group of men is out of the question at this point, with all the ground they have to cover at such a daunting speed. With Bryrien soldiers guarding the passage, the Silent Knighthood kilometers ahead and the road itself filled with dangerous men and monsters, is there really any hope of avoiding this war after all?

    The Storm’s Hour
    [ Supernatural | Spirits | Demons | Modern | Action ]

    For the longest time, children born to ancient and prestigious families of Exorcists were raised harshly but with pride and admiration from everyone around them. Communities were always grateful to the humans who destroyed evil spirits and demons for a living, while preserving the pure Spirits and protecting them so that they in turn could nurture the land with their powers. However, it’s now the 21st century and everyone knows all those ghost stories are just dumb legends; including one such child from an Exorcist background. Yet, he still gets bugged about the stigma his whole life because his deceased father—who died when his son was quite young—claimed to be one of these retired Exorcists even up to his mysterious disappearance.

    Years later, when the bullied boy is an independent man, he receives notice of a family mansion that has been left to him by his father through a more discreet will and testament. Desiring a fresh start away from the constant humiliation of his family’s name, he decides to move in. The place is massive and a little secluded considering it’s surrounded by a forest, but it works out relatively well for him being only a short drive from the closest town. He’s even managed to put away every possible piece of Exorcist paraphernalia his father had scattered across the house. In fact, everything is going perfectly well until almost half a year later when a violent storm tears through the area. There’s a knock on the door—which is odd enough, considering the weather—and the young man finds a very peculiar-looking female standing outside the manor with a suitcase. She waltzes in with barely a care for his protests and claims that this is her house, promised to her by the man’s father a long time ago.

    Soon enough, it’s revealed that the girl herself is a Spirit who was taken in by his father out of mercy when she was very young. Now an Exorcist herself, the girl has returned from her questionable travels to the only home she knows. But, it’s not quite as innocent a story as it sounds because she hasn’t just returned out of nostalgia. Quite the opposite, it seems this particular Spirit has ticked off quite the powerhouse of Demons and is seeking solace in the safest most Spirit-secure place around—her mentor’s mansion. Now the both of them have to deal with Spirits attacking them left right and center while attempting to live under the same roof. Will the young man be forced back into his family’s ancient traditions after all, despite having thought it nothing but a myth produced by his insane father? If so, he'll be learning from absolute scratch and—worst of all—from his father's old apprentice.

    The Winter Principle
    [ Cyberpunk | Science Fiction | Mutations | Action | Chase ]

    In a futuristic world, humans have discovered ways to impose supernatural powers on the youths of the world, ranging from pyrokinesis to teleportation and everything in between, dubbed the “Chiral Generation”. Though most of these powers ranged within the physical or external, there were a select few far more dangerous which allowed for mental interactions with others, such as mind-reading or other psychic abilities, called “Novembers” in honour of the November Revolution in physics. However, due to a horrid incident that occurred in the midst of these studies which resulted in the nuclear obliteration of several southern states in the US, these experiments were banned internationally. Yet, this hardly succeeded in putting them to an end. Several large corporations still produced these Chirals, greedy to push the limits of science further and use them to their own advantage. However, many of these experiments used unwilling participants and were preformed by doctors and scientists owned by organised crime. Eventually, whenever a new Chiral was discovered by the government, they were forced into the military and trained as soldiers. This took a huge toll on the mental health of many of these young people, some of who ended up in heavily-guarded psychiatric research institutions.

    This wave of Chirals also leaked into the black market; people finding risky methods to transfer over these powers to others who would pay a very high price to receive them. Yet, in their new hosts the powers often became uncontrollable or maddening and almost always meant the death of the donating Chiral. [Character Alpha] is a retired military Chiral, removed from the force due to their borderline unstable nature—though they were lucky enough not to test high enough on the insanity scale to have to be forced into a mental care facility. Living a low-profile life to avoid those who would want them dead, including prejudiced police forces, Chirals often struggle to make a living even with their powers. This is why [Alpha] has turned to the riskier market of capturing stray Chirals in order to extract their powers and sell them in the black market to wealthy individuals with a thirst for power.

    Meanwhile, the Cross Corporation—an electric utility industry which has replaced most oil and gas companies—has been experimenting with the creation of Novembers, realising that the smartest way to control the world is not through war and power, but through mental manipulation. They have only succeeded in making three Novembers so far, one of which is [Character Beta], the most powerful of the three but also the most undisciplined and unstable. This power and instability led to [Beta]’s eventual escape from the research center; though it didn’t go as smoothly as planned after the alarms went off which sent a team of soldiers and policemen chasing after them. Not knowing anything about the outside world, they find themselves quite lost and desperate until they run into [Alpha] by accident. Thinking that [Beta] is just another Chiral escaped from a mental facility, [Alpha] offers sanctuary seeing the potential for another power to steal. Arriving at [Alpha]’s home, the two of them barely have enough time to exchange a short conversation before soldiers from Cross burst into the house and try to arrest them both. Managing to escape thanks to [Alpha]'s training, they find their faces plastered all over the city as wanted criminals. It seems that [Alpha] has been dragged into one hell of a mess and although [Beta]’s powers are extremely strong, it doesn’t look like they’ll be able to easily put them to use any time soon.

    City of Spyglass
    [ Steampunk | Supernatural | Action | Magic | Ethereal ]

    Within a steampunk universe, our story centers on a modern metropolis. In this particular world, there are special individuals who practice magic in the form of horology. They create clockwork devices and bring them to life with powers from another realm traditionally separated into ethereal (from Heaven) and infernal (from Hell) which serve different purposes for different people and their intentions. These devises can range from means of transport all the way to objects that bless their owner with supernatural powers. This society is led by a Clockwork Court of four horologist kings traditionally named Steel and Iron who specialise in the infernal and Copper and Bronze who specialise in the ethereal. Together, they keep the order within the city and neighbouring towns as well as making sure that no horologists abuse their powers in their respective divisions.

    The heir to the Copper King’s throne is a skilled horologist who, after searching through their father’s more confidential belongings, finds an interestingly foreign spell. They attempt it, adding their own twist to the formula, but something goes horribly wrong. Instead of a common creation, they end up summoning an actual being from the ethereal realm. The event causes a huge uproar seeing as (A) no one was actually certain about the legitimacy of Heaven and Hell as separate realms before now and (B) this creature’s powers could do horrible and wondrous things in the appropriate hands. Before a decision is made officially by the Court, assassins break into the Copper King’s abode and kill him, aiming to do the same to his child and to steal the so-called ‘angel’ in the process; miraculously, the creature and the heir make it out alive. Now the both of them must try to survive in the outside world while the heir attempts to discover who was at the bottom of the assassination and how to get back into the Clockwork Court. Meanwhile, the angel cannot return to the ethereal realm in which it belongs and their powers are greatly muddled and unpracticed in this new environment; not to mention their non-existent understanding of the foreign Earth and its customs.

    [ Supernatural | Psychics | Action | Modern ]*

    Psychics—people born with abilities beyond human comprehension are split into two factions: Lumos and Nocte. While Lumos steal energy slowly and more efficiently from humans by giving them pleasant dreams, Nocte psychics reap energy through the faster though shorter-lived method of nightmares. While the Lumos have great endurance and control, the Nocte can release larger bursts of chaotic power. Often nicknamed suc/inccubae and baku, these dream-eaters have huddled around the fringes of mythology since the beginning of time.

    However, an exception is born in [Character Alpha]—a human with immense psychic ability as well as psychic energy which is simply unheard of since psychics cannot feed on their own species, and equally, humans cannot perform psychic acts. This unique dual power is awakened when [Character Beta], a Nocte psychic, reaps [Alpha]s energy with a nightmare and unlocks what feels like a lighthouse beacon of power. When [Alpha] wakes up from the shock of the initiation, it’s safe to say that the random psychic in their room that is standing over their bed has a lot of explaining to do. Seeing this as an opportunity to rise through the ranks of their kind by using the strange human as a psychic battery, [Beta] lies to them, explaining that they will protect them from the less-pleasant psychics who will want to kill [Alpha] for their powers. This risk that [Beta] embarks upon also involves breaking off ties with their own Nocte leader who won’t be very happy to find that one of his best scouts and fighters has turned on him. Meanwhile, [Beta] keeps watch on the exceptional human-psychic and tries to teach [Alpha] how to use their powers on their own while attempting to keep them a secret from the psychic community. But of course, no one can hide forever…

    Black Guns, Red Ink
    [ 1920s Historical | Crime | Action | Mystery ]

    It’s the mid-1920’s in Chicago and Prohibition, as well as the turbulent age of crime that came along with it, is at its peak. Jackson Blakeney was sent to jail for the violent murder of another man, believed to be part of the mafia himself. However, his sister thinks otherwise and is determined to set the record straight and find out the truth behind the matter, as well as get the real criminal behind bars so that she may be reunited with her sibling. The police outright refuse to listen to her, so she must resort to alternative means and the pulling of a couple strings along the way.

    Her deceased father used to work for the Chicago Tribune, and fortunately for her, one of the supervisors owes him a pretty big favour. Unfortunately for her, the man her father’s supervisor decides would be perfect for the job is a stubborn albeit very talented journalist working in the crime division who really does believe her brother is guilty. Nevertheless, he is forced into the investigation against his will by his superior and unfortunately for him, a Miss Alice Blakeney is insisting on tagging along despite his protests. Though they’ve barely even begun scratching the surface, the real murderers zero in on the duo and begin hunting them down in an attempt to silence them both and bring the investigation to an end. Will they be able to find the true culprits before they themselves end up in the journal’s obituaries?

    Draconian Crossroads
    *[ High Fantasy | Medieval | Quest | Dragons | Adventure ]

    In this high fantasy universe, the many diverse lands of the world are being taken over by the Kestrel Empire; a ruling class of magic-wielding and weapon-savvy humans who believe themselves to be the only way of order in the chaotic world of Aelmoor. Rapidly encroaching upon foreign lands who cannot keep up with their technology and sheer numbers, they arrive at the small but powerful kingdom of Loche. This hidden land is ruled by wild, raw magic and humans who guard their city with the fiercest creatures of all: dragons. Knowing that a head-on battle could mean a great sacrifice and even failure, a powerful and high-ranking strategist of the Kestrels comes up with a way around the most obvious line of defense.

    The reason that the dragons respond to the people of Loche is due to an ancient gem hidden within a labyrinth that can only be accessed by the dragons themselves and those whom the dragons trust most. Therefore, the Kestrel Sargent concocts a plan to kidnap and blackmail the head priestess and summoner of Loche and force her to open the gate to the labyrinth so that they may steal the gem and place the dragons under their control; avoiding a war and gaining powerful allies in the process. The mission succeeds and although the priestess is unwilling to cooperate until death, she is swayed when the Kestrels threaten to burn down her temple and slaughter those within. To the Sargent, it seems to be a done deal but the priestess had another plan up her sleeve. What she failed to mention to the Kestrels was that gaining the dragon’s trust and claiming the gem can only be achieved by one individual; so when the portal to the labyrinth opens, it shuts once again after the one taking up the quest (in this case, the Sergeant) and his guide (the priestess) walk through.

    Enraged at her deceit, the Kestrel tries to kill her on the spot before she warns him that she is certain that he’ll never make it out alive (least of all with the gem) without her valuable assistance. The labyrinth is in fact a different dimension of sorts, where everything resembles large abandoned cities, catacombs, forests and other bizarre landscapes where dragons roam in the darkness. The only way to escape the labyrinth now is to find the gem (which she calls the Drake’s Iris) and be transported back to the true world or die in the labyrinth. Suspecting that the woman will kill him or fool him given the slightest opportunity, the Sergeant places a spell on her which forces her to stay at his side at all times. Question is, will they ever be able to survive this chaotic landscape?

    Interested in forging a partnership? Send me a personal message so that we can discuss the plot and our characters further.
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  2. I'm interest in the cyberpunk android plot.
  3. I'd be up to do a Marvel or DC fic RP if you want. :3
  4. There's so many interests we share! Unfortunately, it's a bit hard to view your roleplay resume because of the beta group testing. Perhaps you could take a look at my own roleplay resume and see if we might be compatible? It shows up on my profile.
  5. I can't view yours either, so if you want I can PM you my RP resume?
  6. I'm so sorry! I was on my phone when I read that and thought it was directed at me earlier because it didn't tell me the username.<3 I feel stupid now. I really apologize!
  7. I really want to try Black Guns, Red Ink or No Surprises..

    Which to pick is hard...
  8. I'm really quite interested in your plots, "Howl," and "The Ivory Stag!"
  9. Pm me any time I would love to Rp with u
  10. I'm interested but I can't look over the plots ATM as I'm not on the computer.
  11. No surprises, howl and the ivory stag all sound fun. What are your time frame expectations? Once a week? More often?
  12. Ribbon and Sword looks interesting as well as the Draconian Crossroads
  13. For fandoms, I'd be happy to Doctor Who or Harry Potter.
  14. I would not Mind trying the Alice in wonderland one. If you still taking Request?
  15. Welcome to the Show sounds amazing. It would be great if we could try it out for a spin or if you can't, I'd like to ask permission if I can host my own one times one using the plot? @Thyme
  16. do you double?
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