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    Hello there! My name is Dip, but you can call me Mærius. I have been an experienced roleplayer for many years, working with adept players and even successfully publishing a short story in my home town. I am relatively busy, but I am always able to get through and vocalize my schedule with my partners.

    My characters, in terms of 'libreteen' are relatively male, and they don't tend to follow the 'dominant and submissive' role. I try to avoid any clichés such as that, but as far as plot goes, I'm all for corny romance. My favorite genres to play as are usually historical fantasy, fantasy, science fiction, fiction and even steampunk! As for themes, I enjoy action, romance, hurt/comfort and even dome dark fantasy.

    My posting level settles somewhere around Adept but I tend to play the mirror game and post as much as my partner does. In terms of spelling and grammar, I don’t expect perfection, but I would like you to be more than fluent with minimal errors in the majority of your posts. I can write, on average, several meaty, healthy, descriptive paragraphs in past-tense, third-person and I expect my partner to do the same. To clarify what I mean by descriptive, I insinuate that you are able to successfully, and hopefully artistically, communicate your character's actions, internal dialogue and other happenings within the scene.



    When you see an asterisk next to a fandom, it means one of two things, (1) I have yet to finish the series/I’m in the midst of completing it or (2) I finished the series some time ago so my memory of it might be a bit foggy. Either way, I’ll probably still be able to roleplay it pretty well as long as you’re not looking for someone with intimate knowledge of the story.
    тv ѕнowѕ, ғιlмs and vιdeo gaмes
    Rick and Morty || *Welcome to Night Vale || The Hobbit || Welcome to Hell || Over the Garden Wall || *Marble Hornets || Les Miserables || Giselle || Ed, Edd n' Eddy || Pokemon || Invader Zim || *Special Victim's Unit || Superjail! || *House MD || Portal 1/2 || FLCL || Eden of the East || Fiddler on the Roof || *Avenue Q || Phantom of the Opera || Heathers || Hairspray || Rocky Horror Picture Show || The Huntchback of Notre Dame

    *Homestuck || The Leviathan Trilogy || The Power of Five || *Discworld || Alice in Wonderland (any variation) || *Percy Jackson and the Olympians || *Creepypasta || Good Omens || The Fault in our Stars || Looking for Alaska || *Lovecraft (The author) || The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy



    Below are just some plots-- some things that I think might help to progress a RP, or to possibly be used as a center outline.
    A band of misfits journey across the land in order to find what they are all in search for || A Hitchhiker asking for a ride || Our characters met by accidentally taking each other’s bags || Our characters started out as rival camp counselors || A Magician working at an antiques shop || Our characters called the wrong number while they were drunk || Found your/their dog || Crashed the/their car || Yoga class || Public demonstration || Lost in the woods || "I accidentally broke into your house/apartment because my friend lives next door to you and I was in the area, drunk, and I thought I was climbing into the right window and falling asleep on the right couch (and I did wonder when my friend got two cats but I didn’t question it) so now I’m hungover and shirtless in your living room so um hi howya doin'?"

    These are well-furnished ideas, but they are still very open for debate among my partners and writers. Some plots will be a little more sexual than others, while others would be more focused around friendship and developing relationships. I am also open to hearing other ideas from my partners, if these don't suit your taste.

    I'm only looking for roleplayers who can meet with me to plot, work with and around my tight schedule, follow my pace, keep up with my posting and have adequate writesmanship, if you would. If you feel that you fill all the requirements, do not hesitate when writing me a personal message, with a little example of how you write, or what you were thinking about as a plot. Thank you!

    тнe ѕιx мonтн ιтcн
    { Modern Fantasy || Mer-Creature/Human || FxF/MxM }
    My character happens to be a very successful scientist/marine biologist. It is their job to go to sea and investigate a series of sinking ships and mysterious deaths. They were given a simple mission from their leading scientists, and that was to investigate the sinkings for three months. When six months pass and no scientists come, they feel that something may have gone wrong.
    With food running low, as well as morale, they fear the worst is yet to come. As they were logging information, as always, they happen upon the culprits of the mysterious disappearances: a pod of highly intelligent humans, with marine like features-- Mermaids and Mermen.

    { Science Fiction || Religion || MxM/FxF/MxF }
    The United States of America is thrown into a 'Big Brother' state after a new Cult Religion threatens the inhabitants. The fighting between these two groups result in a small genocide of the culture, which causes the people of the new religion to hide out and sleep out the war.
    While the religion slept, they were slowly eradicated one by one, until there were no followers left. Well, as far as they thought. There was one left, that had been ignored and almost protected for years, before they re-awoke and resurfaced.

    cυlт classιcs
    { Religious Fiction || Slice of Life || MxM }
    The year is unimportant, and so is the job that one of the characters is sent to do. Which is, in the least bit, ironic, because their job is to protect and defend. It would be an okay job, if it wasn't assigned to a Demonic Entity.
    What's worse is that they have to protect and defend humanity, but that isn't even the kicker. The kicker is that the demon has to defent and protect humanity from a rogue angel, dead set on ruining humanity. God, the Almighty and Powerful, hasn't been able to strike them down yet, and the Devil doesn't care.

    { Slice of Life || Hurt/Comfort || MxM }
    A small town with a small Mainstreet seems to have a small problem. On an Avenue that most people refer to as 'Good Hands Ave.', there seems to be some bad company battles. On the Avenue, there is one combined store, surrounded by small handy-stores.
    The combined store is a little less than a store, so to say. One side is owned by a humble Furiture craftsman and salesman, while the other is owned by a bombastic Funeral Director, who's greed gets him a little off. When the poor Craftsman's father dies, and the Funeral Director hears of this, he tries to cash in as much cash as possible.

    { Science Fiction || Dice/Mafia Roleplay || Group }
    Aboard a small ship carries a grew of intelligent scientists of varying degrees, insisting of workers and even test subjects. When a breach in their system occurs, a strange creature takes over a host on the ship.
    It takes a while before the crew begins to notice that their partners are slowly growing victim to this virus, more and more dying each day without a clear stop.

    More to be added!
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  2. I like a lot of things on here.
    Pm me and we can chit chat!
  3. Hiya! If you want, go ahead and PM me with any of the ideas that you might really want to do and we can figure something out! (I'll tell you now that I prefer MxM if you don't mind ^_^)
  4. I'm still looking for partners. This thread will be updated.
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