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  1. Hello people! I'm currently looking for long-term RP partners who are capable of posting multiple times a week. I prefer quality over quantity so I won't expect you to give me a load of paragraphs, but I'd certainly appreciate 2-4 paragraphs as a reply. Of course I'll try to match the length of the reply's I'm given.

    Do's (open)

    - Mature characters, I prefer characters in their early-mid twenties
    - Dark, realistic and gritty plots with mature themes
    - Philosophical elements in your plot
    - Detailed smut. It could be passionate lovemaking or unbridled fucking, but let's try to create quality with the few smut scenes you get
    - Healthy balance between plot and smut.
    - Fantasy plots
    - Modern fantasy plots
    - Sci-Fi plots
    - Original characters and worlds

    Here are some plots of my own. All of them are 1x1, MxF in which I prefer to play the male. They can contain romance and smut and feature my more jaded and cynical male characters.

    No More Fatalism (open)

    The year is 2035. An age where cybernetic enhancements and nano-tech run rampant, having revolutionized the worlds and the everyday human life. From holographic interfaces to technologically advanced means of diagnosing, treating and curing diseases - it almost seems like a technological utopia.

    However the revolutionization of information technology carries a dark side. Wars have become far more destructive despite them being easier to end. Mutually assured destruction is a given as opposed to a mere risk. Criminals have become far more confident, far more ruthless and far more violent. It's as if humanity, health and sanity were sacrificed in favor of advancement.

    The discovery of time travel has merely furthered the god-complex of the world's most prolific scientists, permitting them to let their megalomania reach to the past in an attempt to arrange events as they see fit. Heavily detained criminals are the first to undergo the experiment of time travel, being sent on Suicide Missions to the past where they are tasked with using their abilities in order to prevent disastrous or catastrophic events from happening.

    Leon Goodman is one of these criminals - a former war veteran diagnosed with PTSD that has rendered him a threat to society and human life - now sent back in time to use his prowress as a soldier to act as a deterrent to the terrible events of the past. However the time travelling machine malfunctions and he finds himself stuck in the past, on the exact same day that he is discharged from the military. In an attempt to set right what went wrong he kills his past self and takes his place, ensuring his freedom.

    A young detective eventually finds out that Leon Goodman is still alive but quickly points out that something is off. She sets out to find the dark and tragic truth between the man who was killed but still walks among the living.

    The Huntsman (open)

    Maegi. Humans who have been touched, graced or blessed by a mystical force that enables them to perform feats far beyond the reach of a human's normal capabilities. They are practicioners of their own arts, these Maegi.

    Maegi are the world's best kept secret, banding together in a secret society solely dedicated to advancing their art and giving their gift a place in the dynamic and hectic world. Unfortunately the mystical force does not discriminate and magic often is granted to those who are impure of heart and intent.

    The Cortex, the supreme organization of the world's most knowledgable and respected Maegi attempted to reason with those who used their gifts to cause harm and soothe their craving for destruction. This, until they saw themselves with no choice but to deal swiftly with the uprising of megalomaniacal Maegi that sought to use their power for malicious purposes.

    The Cortex began to employ The Hands, guardians of order - though nothing more than hitmen were employed to enforce the Cortex' rule of secrecy and purity. Trained and refined by the Cortex, these hands are essentially Maegi Hunters.

    Alexander Dawson alias Silver is one of these hands. A former police officer who disappeared into service of an Intelligence Agency, only to disappear again now finds himself tasked with the objective of hunting down a Maegus at a university campus. Posing as a teacher, Silver attempts to find out who it is that has been killing students for their dark rituals, finding help in his students and his co-worker who seems to know more than she's letting on.

    Feel free to PM me with whatever plots you have!
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