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My name is Wren, but feel free to call me Horror if you prefer. I'm fairly literate and usually write 4+ paragraphs easily, more depending on what I have to go off. Most of the time I mirror what I'm given. I don't do bathroom play, scat, vore, furries, futa, mpreg, or tickling/feet fetishes. Other than that, anything is up for grabs! We can add all the drama, angst, and plot twists you want~ I do only sub, but that rarely reflects in my characters' personalities unless the plot calls for it. Actually, I tend to consider my characters "dominate subs", if that makes any sense? Just because they're oftentimes more assertive than just lying around like a dead fish.



-Road trip! (I have a plot in mind)

- Abusive relationship (angst, non-con, doubling characters, probable alcohol/drug abuse)


1. (Craving!) YC has bullied MC ever since elementary school, but it didn't really escalate until high school. This carried on into college, when they both enrolled at the local university. One day, YC decides he's bored with the typical bullying and wants to step it up a notch, while also getting out some of his homosexual urges. At a crowded house party, YC drugs MC and has his way with him, filming it all as blackmail. After that, he holds the film over MC to get him to become his personal slave/fuck toy.

My guy's name is Cyprus, he's 20 and only 4'11'', but is professionally trained in MMA and kick boxing and is incredibly strong, fast, and agile. He's a Greek/Hispanic mix and is very aloof, sarcastic, and untrusting. His mother died of cancer when he was ten and his father is a famous MMA fighter.

We could also add in a third guy, if you don't mind doubling characters, that Cyprus befriends and eventually starts to like. Why not add more drama, right?

2. Untitled

Lo is a musician that sings soul-type music (think Amy Winehouse, Hozier, Adele, Jess Glynne, etc). He does street performances for a living, but sometimes sleeps with people for extra money. Though he's an extremely talented musician, he has a heavy drug and alcohol problem that interferes with many aspects of his life.

A recent video of one of his street performances has started to go viral and he gets picked up by an agency in LA. YC is a fellow musician from the same agency who has gained international popularity over the last year. The sudden appearance of MC may challenge YC's rightfully earned place in the spotlight, leading him to take a quick disliking for MC.

3. A human (YC) either commits suicide or dies in an accident, but either way he kind of regrets it/wishes it didn't happen. So, a demon (MC) comes to him and makes him a deal. He'll overlook his death and give him another chance at life if he helps the demon with a ritual so he can acquire a fully human form.

It's sort of a dark comedy type idea? There's a deeper reason behind why MC wants a human form, though he also does just want to fuck shit up in the human world. Once he has his human form, my demon starts to "haunt" your guy; he basically just stays at his house and bums off him. Of course, lots of humor will come from my demon trying to understand the human world and being "human" himself, especially since he still has his demonic abilities.

4. Being a Model is Tough

Brilie Lane is in his early twenties, and already very famous in the modeling world. He's sort of androgynous/gender fluid so he can play off both a boy and girl which makes him very popular amongst agencies. Lunar is one of those agencies; they book Brilie asoften as possible and he's become a bit of a poster child for them. Though it isn't ideal, Lunar is still an extremely popular and well known agency that many a successful model could be linked back to.

YC is an intern/lackey at Lunar, an aspiring model himself. Unfortunately, he didn't start off as lucky as Brilie, nor with as much success. Still, he follows the fashion and modeling world tirelessly, Brilie included. So when he runs into the model before a shoot, he's a little starstruck. But after being sucked into being his personal assistant for the day, he realizes Brilie is not as sweet as the glossy magazine covers make him out to be. And being a model is a lot harder--and more dangerous--thgan it looks.

( Trigger Warning: This RP/Brilie has a lot of things relating to various forms of self harm, addiction, and his fairly severe anorexia issue.)

Here's some pics of Brilie (The short bob haircut is more typical of him):Model by colormehorror1

5. 1. I'm completely out of ideas! Why don't you pitch me some of yours? I'd love to do something new and get out of my comfort zone a bit.


Interested? PM or reply here!
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I would be very interested in the second plot. Also I do share your craving for some abusive relationships, though I do not have a plot for that right now. Maybe we can work something out together? Please PM me when you are still looking!

Side note; I do look for a long term partner and don't mind doing several plots


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I'm intrigued by your first plot suggestion!
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