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  1. Rules
    1. I only write male/male relationships
    2. I'm a bottom during sex, but outside of that my characters aren't usually very submissive
    3. I want fairly literate partners, meaning good grammar and punctuation
    4. I usually write 3+ paragraphs, depending on what I have to go off of
    5. I don't do bathroom play, vore, furries, futa, mpreg, or tickling/feet fetishes
    s we can really get into. Other than that, anything is up for grabs! We can add all the drama, angst, and plot twists you want~

    1. The families that look perfect on the outside aren't always so perfect, Brennan Everett (MC) knows that for a fact. He and his family live in a high class neighborhood and he and his sister go to a well-known preparatory school. His father is a lawyer that's never lost a case and is friends with anyone and everyone he's ever met. With a loyal trophy wife at his side, it completed a perfect image. What could possibly be wrong?

    Brennan's father is actually a raging alcoholic who loves to sleep around with any woman that he can. His wife knows about it and secretly pops diet pills to try to be thinner for her cheating husband. Their lovely daughter does nothing but party and do drugs. Brennan is the closest to perfect with good looks, good grades, lots of extra curriculars, and plenty of "friends". But when his house doors are closed his father physically, emotionally, verbally, and sexually abuses him constantly. His mother ignores it and his sister is hardly home.

    Everyone turns a blind eye to it until a new boy moves to town. A senior like Brennan, he's in many of the same classes and starts to develop a crush on the cute brunette. Unfortunately, he also starts to suspect what happens behind closed doors.

    I'm looking for DOUBLING CHARACTERS, so if you don't like that you won't like this plot. I need someone to play both the father and the new kid, I'll play Brennan and everyone else.

    - Angst, violence, non-con stuff

    2.Hello, guys! I've been really wanting to start an RP based in the army, whether they're stationed somewhere or just at a base. The plot would basically be about MC, a medic, and YC somehow becoming intimately involved and the hardships that come along with it. It could be consensual or non consensual, take a long time or a short time, basically everything is up for plotting. I'd like it to have some story line to it as well as smut, though.

    3. My idea for the modeling agency one was mainly based around my character. He'd be young, late teens or early twenties, and already very famous in the modeling world. He's sort of androgynous/gender fluid so he can play off both a boy and girl which makes him very popular amongst agencies. His part of the plot would involve a lot of things related to various forms of self harm, addiction, and his fairly severe anorexia issue as we'll as rape ad molestation. All the nice and dark stuff.

    Your character could be basically anyone. The head of an agency, a fashion designer, photographer, makeup artist, hairdresser, another model, or even just someone random he meets while out and about. You can give him any kind of crazy back story and personality you want. XD

    Here's some pics of my guy, (:

    4. Anything crime related.

    5. Anything Disney/fairytale related!

    6. Superheroes!

    7. So, this is less of a classic master/slave idea and more modern. It could be placed in either high school or college, but obviously will span more places than that. Basically, your guy has bullied my guy ever since elementary school but it didn't really get too bad until high school where YC started to harrass mine more. One day, YC deciders he's bored with the typical bullying and wants to step it up a notch, while also getting out some of his homosexual urges. He kidnaps MC (maybe drugs him) and takes him back to his house where he does whatever he wants with him and films it as blackmail. After that he holds the film overMC to get him to become his personal slave boy. We could also throw in a third guy, if you don't mind doubling, that my guy starts liking which would make his master angry.

    My guy is named Cyprus, his age will vary depending on the setting, he's only 4'11'' but is professionally trained in MMA and kick boxing and is incredibly strong, fast, and agile. He's a Greek/Hispanic mix, very aloof and sarcastic and untrusting. His mother died of cancer when he was ten and his father is a famous MMA fighter.

    Cyprus: http://i1357.photobucket.com/albums/q741...9c4336.jpg

    If you're interested jus at PM me or reply here!
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  2. Hello! Pardon me if I am misinterpreting this, but a roleplay where you plan to have sex scenes should be posted in the libertine forums. Would you like me to move this?
  3. Yes, please. (:
  4. There you go!

    Keep this in mind for the future. That way, you won't have to be pestered by staff members and volunteers. :D
  5. Still searching~
  6. Still searching! (;
  7. Still searching! (;
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  10. Still searching, new plots!
  11. Hello! I was browsing by and decided to stop by and check this thread out, I need some more MxM in my life. Reading through them I have a deep interest in your idea #1. I can double play as different characters as that is needed without a problem.

    PM me if this idea is still open.

    Thanks :)
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