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  1. I have some original ideas I'd like to do.
    Here's some information about me, in case you need to know;

    I play females mainly, but I'm willing to double if my partners are.
    I'm usually online every day, but sometimes I forget to reply, so if I haven't replied in a week, please remind me.

    Before applying, please provide me with a sample of your writing, and please read my rules.

    (1) Please use proper grammar and punctuation.

    (2) Be able to spell correctly- even if you have to use spell check.

    (3) Know the difference between "Your" & "You're", "There", "Their" & "They're", "Our" & "Are".

    (4) Please use third person only. If you switch from third to first or first to third, I will most likely quit the role play.

    (5) Be honest, and communicate with me. If you're going to be busy, or if you'd like to quit, maybe even if you'd like to take the role play in a different direction, please PM me! I don't enjoy being left behind without a word.

    (6) I'd appreciate someone who can reply at least once a day, or once every other day.

    Now that all the boring stuff is out of the way, here are my plots:

    1; Ghost/Human
    (I would like to play the human. This is m/f)

    My oc has just moved into a new home with her parents, because their landlord had to sell to make some money in the shitty economy.
    The house is old, but was a great deal, so they took it.
    My oc is creeped out by the house, but no one wants to listen to her, and she has no choice but to live with them.
    Once moved in, she meets your oc, who's a ghost, and they fall for each other, and he protects her from the evil ghosts inside.


    2; Medieval Royal Brother/Sister
    (I'd like to play the sister)

    A brother and sister have been in a romantic relationship since the brother saved the sister when she was 13 and he was 15.
    Since then, they've continued their relationship in secret, and they honestly do love each other.
    But now their parents have engaged them both off to someone from a different kingdom so that their own kingdom will have good ties with others.
    While they struggle to stay together and keep their relationship a secret, they also have to struggle with jealousy and their new relationships.. And if one of them actually starts falling for their fiance..


    3; Sick boy/New girl
    (I'd like to play the new girl)

    Your character is sixteen, and has been sick his whole life.
    The doctors are expecting him to die within the next few months.
    He's been an outcast since he was little, due to his illness, and being unable to play like other kids.
    He's tall, pale, skinny, and bookish.
    His only friends are online, and he's never had a girlfriend.
    But then my character moves in next door.
    She's cute, a girl who would be popular, but instead of joining the popular crowd, she decides to join you.
    She likes a lot of the same things you like, and she's actually very quiet and shy- nice, too.
    As you get to know her, you both begin to fall for each other.
    And then you get worse, and you're put in the hospital.

    4; Best Friends

    My oc has been through a lot of bad relationships and says she's done with boys.
    She's been best friends with your oc since elementary school, and decides she'll just focus on school and friendship.
    Your oc is a lesbian who hasn't come out yet, and has had a crush on my oc for a long time.
    So when my oc swears off boys, yours thinks "why not girls?"
  2. Your very first idea sounds like something I would LOVE to write with you!
  3. Awesome! Can you PM me please?
  4. Your best friends plot has my interest, I've had a very similar game previously. Except mine involved werewolves as well lol.
  5. Lol cool! If you're up to role playing it, could you PM me please?
  6. Your Medieval siblings plot intrigues me.
    I would most definitely be interested in
    doing that with you <33 C:
  7. @Severusx I'd love to try your third idea.
  8. Cool! Can you pm me please?

    Awesome! Could you pm me please?
  9. Hi there I was interested in your fourth idea.
    I'd love to rp it with you c:
  10. I like your 1st idea of a lot! If you're still looking for partners, I'd be more than willing.
  11. Alright then! Can you please PM me?

    Sure am! Pm me please?
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