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My name is Equinox and I'm looking for some new rps! A couple I had just started ended and I'm bored, so I'm going to try for some new partners.

My rules are:
  1. No one-liners. I tend to post anywhere from a paragraph to 10+, but I won't do one-liners.
  2. I don't mind if you don't really talk to me OOC. But I would appreciate it if you talked to me about your plans for the rp, anything you'd like to see in it, etc.
  3. I mostly do mxm rps. To be honest, there's only one or two pairings that I'd want to do outside of mxm.
  4. I don't really do fandom x OC, but if you double up with me, I suppose I could do it.
  5. AUs aren't typically my thing, but if you've got a good enough one, I might consider it.
  6. I like headcanons, but I'd like it if you talked about it with me before it's in an rp. I'll give you the same treatment.
  7. I'm not a huge stickler about grammar, I know mine isn't perfect. As long as I can tell what you mean, it's not a problem.

The character I want to play will be bolded, if neither is bolded then I'm fine playing either character. If a pairing is italicized, that means I have an idea for it. If a pairing is underlined, that means I really really want to do it.
Dragon Age
  1. Dragon Age: Origins
    1. Zevran x Warden
    2. Alistair x Warden
  2. Dragon Age II
    1. Anders x Hawke
    2. Fenris x Hawke (I love the Fenris is trans headcanon, and if you want to rp this, that is probably what I'd do.)
    3. Fenris x Hawke x Anders (I might want to look into a polyamorous relationship, or even just drama between the three would be fine.)
    4. Maybe something with Fenris in between leaving Tevinter and heading to Kirkwall.
    5. I might be convinced to do a Fenris x Danarius rp, but it wouldn't be loving or anything. It'd be really violent and heartbreaking and awful. But I'd be interested.
  3. Dragon Age Inquisition
    1. Solas x Inquisitor
    2. Iron Bull x Inquisitor
    3. Iron Bull x Dorian
    4. Something like Hawke and his LI from DAII during DAI.
    5. Cullen x Inquisitor
    6. OC x OC (I like to play mages, if that gives you any ideas.)
    7. Krem x Inquisitor
    8. Krem x Iron Bull
Assassin's Creed
  1. Assassin's Creed II/Brotherhood
    1. Ezio x Leonardo
  2. Assassin's Creed III/Rogue
    1. I'd really like something between Shay and Connor, like a lot (Even if it's not canon).
Harry Potter
  1. Harry x Draco
Game of Thrones/ASOIAF
  1. Renly Baratheon x Loras Tyrell
  2. Maybe something with Oberyn Martell
Guild Wars/Guild Wars II
  1. Literally Anything.
The Powder Mage Trilogy
  1. Again, literally anything.
Steven Universe
  1. Lapis Lazuli x Jasper
  2. Lapis Lazuli x Peridot

If a fandom you like isn't here, suggest it to me. I may or may not have heard of it, and if I'm into it, then we can do something with it.
Original Ideas
Thief x Royal
Brother x Brother (or twins, even)
I'll add more tomorrow hopefully.
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I enjoy Fantasy, Scifi, Romance, Magical, Modern and much more. I probably can't list them all! If there is something you want to try and it isn't listed here, just ask. I rarely say no!
*breaths heavily while looking at the KremxInquisitor pairing*

Oh my gosh, It's like you're inside of my head, seriously~ I have played DA: Inquisition almost to the end (Work has not given me an opportunity to finished it just yet, but I know the ending cause I can't avoid spoilers on tumbler >.> ) so I know most of that story line compared to the other DA games. If you're still looking, I'd totally play the inquisitor to your Krem! 8D However, all the other pairings sound just as fun, so if there is one you have more of a taste for, or plot for, I'd love to hear it to! Anyway, pardon the ramblings, I'm just so excited someone' finally willing to play Krem!

*squeals the classical fan girl squeal*


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Awesome! :D I've never played Krem before, but I'd really really love to do an rp with him xD PM me and we can discuss plot ^-^
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