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Hello! I'm posting this from my phone so I'm not going to bother with fancy design. If you're in a rush, just read the bold.

I'm looking to do a completely original roleplay in the Fire Emblem universe. What I would like, is for us to flesh out the environment, lay of the land, and the overall setting together. We would both play our own cast of original characters, preferably with even genders. We can discuss this. There will be romance, and offspring, following the trend of the most recent titles in the series. What would be really cool is if the pairings happen naturally and with minimal planning, just like how in the games anyone can end up with anyone.

As for the plot, I'd rather we work together to figure something out. It would be good if it was lore friendly but also somewhat different. So, we can brainstorm something and I'm open to new concepts and ideas. This would be a big effort, but I want it to be fun for the both of us. It will involve a lot of world-building.


Please message me if you're interested. I'm really craving this and you would be my favorite person if you took a chance and tried it with me. <3


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Im all for this please pm me!!! >//<
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