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  1. Hey,

    I was thinking about this roleplay where we would be "heroes" in a fantasy setting, or at least aspiring heroes. But we'd all have a really weird/sarcastic/dry sense of humor and go on all kinds of silly quests, much like in MMORPGs, that have little to do with telling a heroic tale.

    For example:

    We all start off being handpicked by a looney wizard from a relatively small castlecity and are forced to embark upon a great journey throughout the country in order to ... get an apple or whatever. Anyway, we are forced to go on this totally epic quest and on our way we encounter all kinds of weird, absurd situations and other "quests".

    Our characters wouldn't start off all-powerful, hell, they would barely start off powerful enough to beat an elderly, sleeping, hobo....with a stick even.

    You can make a wizard, rogue, healer, warrior, etc. etc. but keep in mind that this would mostly be a humoristic roleplay so try to be creative in your "class" and powers.

    For example (Yes, another one!):

    A huge, hulking bunker of a guy trying to be a rogue and constantly failing at every sneak attempt.

    Or a person who can cast spells but can only cast the most useless spells ever...


    Anyway, this is what I had in mind, I'm open for any and all input and please let me know through this thread if you'd be interested in joining.
  2. I'm interested- can I join?
  3. You're more than welcome to :)

    Once we have 3 to 4+ people ready to roll, I'll start the rp and send everyone a PM with the link.
  4. Meow, this sounds like silly fun :3 The Mew is in whenever it starts.
  5. Okay- I'll created a character..... save a spot for this crazy character!
  6. Oh my....this would be a nice breath of fresh air... full of snorts and cackles...

    If I still have time on my hands, I might throw in a silly, busty young rogue/healer who constantly misreads tracks, leading the group in the wrong direction or into danger; and can handle healing small wounds, but would kill a dying animal three times over before actually 'healing' them of anything - if they were actually dying of their wounds or from her meddling.

    Question though, in the mist of the questing, once they realize how serious the need for their success is vital to the overall future of all that inhabits this world; will they finally get the idea and begin to work towards honing in their skills, or run into a vat of toxic sewer water that instantly alters their puny skills for the better? Or, will their dim-witted abilities actually work to their advantage against their enemy and they wind up saving the world after all?
  7. I wanna playyy!!
  8. Would you mind if I created my own character sheet? And also- if I can post my character here? Or there is another planning thread?
  9. I'll create the character sheet-skeleton, but you're free to add things to it if you like, I'll just create the "essential" stuff. As for posting the Character Sheet, just post them here.

    Now for the Character Sheet:

    Appearance (Pictures or description)
    ( Short or Eloquent ) History/Biography
    Class (Examples: Healer, Monk, Sorceress, Wizard, ...)

    ... As I said, you're free to add stuff to it if you want.

    List of players:

    - Talhar
    - Malakyee
    - Freudhersch
    - Fullmetal Mew
    - Phi Chisym ( ? )

    PS: I reserve the right to kill off your character in the most absurd way I can think of, if you hold up the story by not posting. I won't easily apply this rule but if needed, I will. Only will be done in order to keep the rp moving...'cause you know ..... The kids need their shoes! Alright?! THEY NEED THEIR SHOOOOEESSS !!!

    Feel free to start posting your characters. :)
  10. [​IMG]

    Name: Clarinna Ospry (Clary)
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female

    History/Biography: Was once a very sought after tracker, working with a well known group who were paid to seek out hidden fortunes or missing people, anything to gain a buck. On her last venture across the sea, she suffered from a rough illness throughout the journey. Being in this state made her a victim to a tragic event.

    A few members of the crew considered her group as a band of spies working against their captain for the few merchant companies they hauled cargo for. In fear of being caught, they slaughtered the tracker group. But, since Clary's natural allurement was far too strong for the men on board to beat, instead of killing her they just beat her over the side of the head a couple of times and kept her as their official mascot.

    She suffered a horrible concussion and lost a lot of her memory. When they docked to their next city, Clary was recognized by the person she was suppose to meet, and he rescued her from the - soon to be - lifelong task of keeping a ship-load of pirates content. This person helped her heal and slowly recall most of her memory, but all of it is not exactly back; and the bit that has returned are not - exactly - in the right places. Some would say she's a bit - loopy, but that's better than nothing, right?

    Class: Rogue/Tracker/Healer

    Power/Powers: Uses a bit of elemental know-how to heal, has a sense of beast mastery to deal with the animals of nature she runs across on her journeys, chatting with creatures like birds, chipmunks, and foxes. (Mostly, the ones she hears in her head.)

    Quirks: Fair warning, she may be pretty on the eyes, but that doesn't get you nowhere if you don’t survive being in her presence. Clary has a slight malfunction with her innate sense of direction. Probably due to that small event with the pirates several years back. But, we’re not going to put too much weight into that theory. Normally a natural in direction and reading tracks, but sometimes, often more than some, she tends to mislead herself (and anyone dumb enough to follow her) down the wrong path.

    Oh, and it would be very wise to hide any injuries or ill fatal wounds from her. She has a slight quirk in her healing skills too.

    Misc: Carries a small willow bark wand, two kamas, her grandfather’s tracking knife, and several throwing daggers.

    Weapon Pics:


  11. This sounds interesting! Would there be magic? What about combat, is it like a D&D system with dice rolls and all, or does it just work play-by-post? And would there be a map and a route or would players just make it up as they go along?
  12. Name: Meilin (Mei)

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Show Spoiler

    History/Background: Meilin was raised in a little musically-inclined town where most everyone believed legends and fairy tales, and as a result she essentially had her head in the clouds when she left there on her "journey of self-discovery". It didn't take long for her to realize that she would have to be able to fight and fend for herself outside of her town, and she stopped at one of the big cities to learn the basics of a martial arts form from an attractive but shady teacher who became through pure coincidence the first man to shatter her girlish dreams. She has wandered since, in search of a "destiny" to follow; in reality, she's not entirely sure what she's searching for any more.

    Class: Though she’s been classified as a Bard Meilin also indulges in a form of dubiously-titled martial arts if she’s called upon to fight.

    Power/Skills: Mei’s music acts as a buff for the people around her, but until such time as she is knowledgeable enough to write her own magical music the buffs are unpredictable and may range from exceedingly helpful to oh-god-what-did-you-do?! She’s also skilled in her own form of “martial arts”, essentially fancy fist-fighting that involves metal knuckles and a lot of punching and kicking.

    Quirks: Mei can’t make up her mind whether she wants to be a heroine or a damsel in distress. She’s a hopeless romantic; her fighting style and ability belies her personality. She’s the one you’d expect to cry first, giggle the longest and smile the brightest.

    Misc.: Assorted musical instruments are strapped across various areas of her body – a flute attached to her thigh inside her pants, a string instrument slung across her shoulders, an ocarina stuffed into a pocket. A few different knuckle dusters are concealed in her pockets for use if necessary.

    I had no idea what I was doing with the backstory section; I always royally suck at them. Please let me know if that works. >.>;
  13. LOL- you said comical right? Here you go :D

    Name: King Henry von Pimpolous

    Age: 30

    Gender: Male


    History: Third heir to town of Pimpolous, Henry was crowned king after his father died in a young age. Henry is your everyday lady-killer who is always surrounded by women- LITERALLY. Henry takes pride in his lady charming skills and is often rash when insulted but he is fairly kind and forgiving for his companions. After his crowning- Henry embarked on a journey to find his inner self, resulting in him winding up in a spectacular journey with his new friends....

    Class: Medieval Pimp

    Powers: Charming women, planning attacks and strategies, an extremely effective pimp slap.

    Quirks: No matter what age- or gender, Henry will always promote his most sultry women to help you- IN THE MOST SEXIEST WAY.

    Weapons: Henry is always covered in women, but he is always accompanied by his lieutenants- who do the attacks for him- IN THE MOST SEXIEST WAY.

    1st Lieutenant: Lola (the one with a small top hat)
    2nd Lieutenant: Lila (the one with the animal print coat)

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  14. @ Quill: It would be a play-by-post roleplay, so without rolling any dices and stuff. There would also be no map drawn, unless this roleplay goes on for quite a while and someone will make one.

    @ Everyone: Approved! And kudos to everyone's fun characters, it'll be alot of fun roleplaying with you guys, I can tell! I'll make my character soon, and after Malakyee and Quill ( if she wants to join ) make their characters aswell, I'll start the roleplay.

    @ Everyone else: Sign Ups are closed for the time being!
  15. Name: Don Carlos De Rrrrrrrr
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Badass Nunchuck Wizard Pose (open)

    He hit his head as a child...'nuff said.

    Nunchuck-wielding Wizard

    Don Carlos uses transformation spells. The only bad thing about that is that he has no control whatsoever about what he transforms objects, people or other things into...Not to mention he has the worst luck...Once, just once, he transformed his pet hamster. Just for giggles you know, and oh how he giggled...He giggled while he cried tears of blood as he got stomped on by an angry, 30 feet tall, Hydra-Hamster...After that he felt like he needed to have a way to defend himself from transformations that turn sour.

    So, what's the most badass thing you can use to defend yourself with against Hydra-Hamsters and other things...AND that you can use to smack babies with?...'Cause you know, that's important!

    NUNCHUUUUCCKKSSSS! ... Too bad they're crazy hard to use and Don Carlos is as clumsy as sin. But ah well, he'll look good having them by his side at least!

    Besides the obvious quirks, he also loves to Rrrrrrrrr alot when he goes into battle! He thinks he looks intimidating while doing so. Too bad he's the onle one who thinks so...Oh, oh, oh ... He also loves to come up with his own theme songs for battles and such.

    : He wears a blue bathrobe as wizard robe, and only a blue bathrobe. With all the side-effects that come with it...Oh, and he has NUNCHUUKKKKKKSSS! Rrrrrrr!
  16. Ah- a nun chuck wielding wizard ;) Don't worry- Henry's lieutenants will help you fight- in the most crude and procrastinating way, such as wielding a sword whilst jutting out their behind! XD
  17. ^^ Looking forward to rp'ing as this weirdo, aswell as rp'ing with all you guys' fun characters. :)

    After Malakyee posts her character, I'll start the rp. :)
  18. Oh, I hope this hadn't fallen to the wayside before we could get our feet dirty!

  19. I'm interested if your willing to have another guy, maybe now or later. Don't care.