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Hey guys, I have some plots already fleshed out! I'm looking for at least 2-3 partners at the moment, so if you're interested let me know by replying here or PMing me, thanks!!!​


Idea 1:
(Psychological Thriller, Paranormal, Romance)
Thirty-four year-old Natalie Evans (MC) is a best-selling author best known for her chilling psychological thriller series: "Left Behind". One day, she receives a letter (along with a cast iron key inside) sent by an anonymous person, stating that she has inherited an old family estate called the Delacroix Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana. Thinking it was sent by mistake, she ignores it, until a strange email pops up her inbox just a couple of weeks later by the same unknown sender. It insists on Natalie to move into the abandoned antebellum home immediately; no questions asked.

Still not convinced with the idea of her now owning the run-down Delacroix estate, Natalie decides to do some digging on the internet and finds she has discovered a familiar black and white photo of her maternal great-great grandmother as a young girl standing at the entrance gate in front of the house, with two elderly servants beside her; circa 1926.

Excited and beyond curious, Natalie quickly heads down to Louisiana from her home state of California to check out the old plantation, where she will meet up with a local historian and a mysteriously handsome handyman (YC) who out of nowhere helps out with the repairs.

Once settled in, she will soon uncover the plantation's darkest secrets and its restless ghostly inhabitants.

Idea 2:
(Historical Romance, Time-Travel, Western)
Guinevere Breenan (MC) is a multimedia New York Times journalist. Her job is to travel around the Midwest to try to capture some of the most hauntingly, beautiful, ghost towns that once graced the American West back in the mid 1800's. While traveling, she comes across an old Comanche Indian Reservation in Texas and meets with the local medicine man named Yellow Bear. He kindly allows Breenan to interview him to learn more about his peoples' history when suddenly she passes out.

Upon awakening, she finds herself transported back in time, in the town of Austin, Texas, 1868. And soon finds herself falling for a certain Texas Ranger (YC). During her time in Austin, she comes to learn that the ranger is none other than Yellow Bear's 'half-breed' son who is framed and wanted for murder. And so, she embarks on a mission to try to clear the dangerously handsome ranger's name, while she pieces together his dark, gruesome past as to why many of the townspeople fear him so.

Idea 3:
(Historical Romance, Roaring Twenties, Paranormal)
Lucy Bello (MC) loves the night life but her excuse of a husband won't let her enjoy the many pleasures of being a free-spirited woman, until she meets a rather dashing older gentleman who knows how to please any willing young lady. He entices the lovely young Lucy with the promise of sweet carnal pleasure when in reality his only intentions were to drain the life-force from her virgin body.

In a matter of seconds from death, Lucy is miraculously saved by an unknown man (YC) who claims he's a vampire hunter. The man takes upon himself to protect and teach Lucy the ways of being a hunter even if she acts way too naive for him at times.

But in time, he learns to fall in love with her and comes to realize he can't live without her. She is his beacon of hope.

Idea 4:
(Historical, Civil War, Forbidden Romance)
Nineteen year-old Mattie McCoy (MC); a southern belle from Griffin, Georgia, is devastated when she learns that her sixteen year-old brother Thomas has enlisted to join the 50th Georgia Volunteer Infantry. Against her uncle's wishes (the infantry's doctor), she decides to masquerade herself as a soldier to keep close watch on her younger brother.

Of course, Mattie tries desperately to act as a soldier should but finds the life to be more difficult when she falls head-over-heels in love with her commanding officer (YC).


Idea 5:
(Star Trek, Action/Adventure, Romance) - I can double as Kirk, Spock, Scotty, or Chekov.
It's been a week since the recapturing of Khan and the Enterprise is once again enlisting new graduated cadets to fill its roster before heading back into space. Ensign Rosalie Pike (MC) (daughter of deceased Captain Christopher Pike) has been assigned as a military weapons specialist, but was unfortunately bumped down as a medical nurse under the command of Chief Medical Officer Dr. McCoy (YC), due to the position already been filled by Carol Marcus.

Unfortunately, she doesn't make it easy for Bones as she always argues and bickers with him, but he does have to admit--she is one damn good nurse; quick on her feet, very compassionate towards his patients, level-headed, and isn't afraid to stand up to him like most of the other nurses are. And not to mention, she's the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes on despite her stubbornness and sharp tongue, but it does make his job more interesting to say the least.

But that will soon change when the Enterprise somehow finds themselves in the mirror universe of the Terran Empire. There, the crew will have to battle their alto egos before they are permanently trapped in the violent universe forever and be enslaved, and most likely be executed.

Idea 6:
(Lord of the Rings, Action/Adventure, Romance) - I can double as Aragorn, Legolas, or Faramir.
Middle-Earth is in danger once again. There are rumors spreading around like wild fire that a new Necromancer has arisen from Mordor and is making a brand new army of orcs to search for a hidden magical amulet. The news reaches Lord Elrond as he quickly rides to Gondor to speak with Aragorn of the possible threat. With no further delay, Aragorn sends word to anyone who's willing to fight alongside him, and to meet him in Rivendell.

Ethelwyn (MC); former lady-in-waiting and now a Shieldmaiden, discovers that her old childhood friend Eomer (YC) has been called upon to aid the new Gondorian king once more. She decides to follow her king (whether he likes it or not) to the secret meeting in Rivendell, where they'll learn of a new cursed object and the identity of its owner.

Idea 7:
(Priest, Action/Adventure, Romance) - I won't be able to double for this one, sorry.
Now that the return of the Queen's vampires are true, the Church (despite Monsignor Orelas's refusal) has ordered more Priests and Priestesses to be trained. Twenty-three year-old Nina Pace (MC) immediately jumps at the chance to join the priesthood in order to avenge her father and step-mother's deaths. She is soon partnered up with her uncle; the very man who confronted Black Hat (YC) and survived the gruesome ordeal, has been tasked to patrol the city of Augustine.

Once they reach the outskirts of the wasteland city, they are soon surrounded by a large horde of vampires and Black Hat himself. Being the naive girl that she is, Nina blindly charges after the powerful human/vampire-hybrid and finds herself hilariously captured.

Now that he has a prisoner to keep him entertained, Black Hat will have to make the ultimate choice to either make Nina his familiar and serve him, or have her become his mate.

Idea 8:
(Smallville, Action/Adventure, Romance) - I won't be able to double for this one, sorry.
Phoebe Prince (MC) is not your average eighteen year-old high school senior. She is none other than the daughter of the Amazonian princess herself; Wonder Woman (but doesn't know it yet until later). Like Clark Kent (YC), she is learning on how to control her amazonian powers and finding out her true heritage with the help of Clark and his two best friends. But when the evil sorceress Circe learns about Phoebe's presence, the witch takes immediate action: She will lure the young girl in doing her bidding by bringing Wonder Woman out of hiding, and finally be able to destroy Diana once and for all.

But Circe is not the only problem the two young heroes will have to face.

Someone has infected Smallville's water supply and is turning the peaceful townspeople into zombie-like creatures; except for Clark and Phoebe, making them the only ones immune. They will have up to 72 hours to try and stop whoever is responsible for the contamination of the water and to find an antidote before their time runs out.

- M/F pairings only
- Canon/OC pairings only
- 1+ solid paragraphs
(I'm willing to be more flexible from now on when it comes to the number of paragraphs)
- Threads or PM's
- Have a good grasp on your spelling and grammar
- No CS w/pictures
- No one/two-liners
- No god-modding/power-play​
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