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  1. Hey there, stranger. Thank you for taking the time to look over my thread. I'm seeking FxM RPs over the forum. Message me instead of posting here if you're interested/have questions, and provide a writing sample if possible.

    I love and expect steamy scenes but collaborative plot and character development drive my RPs.

    Ideally, you can write a minimum of 2-3 detailed, coherent paragraphs. It's a nice combination of quality and quantity.

    Being friendly improves the story, so please communicate your suggestions and desires - I'll happily adjust our story or start a new one! Long-term is preferred but I also enjoy trying multiple ideas. Finally, try to reply twice a week and let me know of lengthy absences. A little courtesy goes a long way. :)​

    Check out my ONs and OFFs to see if we're compatible! (open)
    YES PLEASE: Various things I enjoy in a story, character, and partner.
    - Creativity: You need to contribute to plot/character development. Don't leave everything up to me!
    - Plot first: Sex is great and will happen, but I write for the story
    - Multiple stories with the same RPer at the same time (schedules permitting)
    - Tasteful sex: Oral, anal and vaginal. Vanilla to passionate to rough/angry sex is fine
    - Scenarios: kidnapping, hurt/comfort, blackmail, arranged marriage and more
    - Sex outside of the bedroom. On the floor, on a table, against a wall, etc
    - We can play multiple characters for diverse POVs, or have one main character each and juggle the NPCs.
    - All characters are 19+ and have realistic proportions
    - My OC can be a feisty submissive, switch, or domme.
    - A little apprehension or denial is fun sometimes! (this may tie into pseudo-rape)
    - Virgins or sexually experienced characters
    - Light blood play if it involves a vampire
    - Emotional connections and romance
    - Tattoos, scars, and piercings
    - Light voyeurism and exhibitionism
    - Role reversal, power play
    - Well written violence
    - Substance addiction
    - Grey morals
    - Some character types I like include: ugged/manly men, Anti-hero, "bad guy", smart ass, charming rogue, stoic - etc.
    - Athletic, tall, or muscular men. Stubble, light beards and body hair is also nice
    - Secret affection and unrequited love (or even a cliché love triangle)
    - Class taboo in historical settings
    - Race taboo in fantasy settings
    - Teasing and denial
    - Foreplay! Licking, kissing, scratching, biting, massaging, a little dirty talk
    - Light bondage such as tied wrists or blindfolds
    - Non-sexual master/slave relationships that may become sexual
    - Stockings, corsets, etc. Period clothing in general
    - Sentient monsters and supernatural creatures
    - Abuse and humiliation are no problem so long as it's nothing too heavy

    MAYBE: Possible under certain circumstances.
    - If you play a submissive character please have a backbone
    - Pseudo-incest between adopted siblings or step siblings.
    - Non-consensual sex
    - A partner who wants to GM our game is fine. I prefer not to be a GM though.
    - FxF
    - Pregnancy
    - Corruption as long as it's not the 'innocent virgin becoming a slut' cliché
    - Adultery or multiple partners. I have very few exceptions, ask for details

    NO THANKS: This doesn't tickle my fancy, please don't ask.
    - I don't do degrading smutty stories, zombie apocalypses, Anime, or "slice of life" romance.
    - Aliens, furries, MxM, Futa, or evil characters
    - Anime character pictures. I prefer realistic art styles
    - I do not RP over E=mail or IM
    - Poor grammar, short posts, god-modding
    - Finally, extreme fetishes: BDSM, harems, bestiality, vore, death, bathroom play, transformation, mind control... ETC.

    Here are my pairings/plots. Feel free to make changes to my ideas or offer your own.
    Key = Craving or Taken. Don't feel restricted to my cravings. Your preference comes first![/B]​
    Original ideas. Fantasy can be added to any scenario. (open)
    Antiquity: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6]
    Antiquity Pairings (open)
    - Deity x Priestess
    - Roman General x Slave
    - Gladiator x Slave
    - Gladiator x Noblewoman
    - Barbarian x Noblewoman
    - Roman General x Barbarian princess
    - Centurion x Nymph/Dryad
    - Spartan x Trojan

    Roman General x Barbarian princess: A General heads north through contested Roman territory to hold off invading hordes. He meets the daughter of a local chief as she leads an attack on his men (or another situation, I have several in mind). The General becomes intrigued by her. a woman not like the fickle, wanton ladies of Rome. Does he steal her away for her tactical knowledge and to sate his growing affection? Will he betray the Empire to aid her people?

    Roman General x Slave: A simple pairing of a Roman and the fiery barbarian woman he encounters (Celt, Gaul, etc), who ends up becoming his slave. Despite the gilded cage he gives her, she has plans of her own to exact revenge.... depending on how things go.

    Medieval - Renaissance - Age of Exploration/Piracy - ETC: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10], [11], [12]

    Medieval (open)
    - Black knight x Noblewoman
    - Viking x Huntress
    - Viking x Slave
    - Viking x Druid
    - Noble x Assassin
    - Nobleman x Noblewoman
    - Assassin x Templar
    - Samurai/ Ronin x Noblewoman
    - Witch x Demon
    - and more...

    Witch x Demon: A witch consorts with the Devil or a demon companion for some means to an end. Maybe she needs protection while the Spanish Inquisition or a similar group travels through her land. We can also tie this to the Crusades or another alternate earth setting.

    Nobleman x Noblewoman: (based on The Borgias) Two warring city states come to a rocky truce when a noblewoman is married to their prince. While she seems happy at first, she also has designs for status and power. You OC, someone close to her like a personal guard, or adopted brother, decides to help with her ambitious plans. However, he plots behind her back to get rid of her new husband so that he can take part of the wealth and title, and have her to himself. Perhaps they were once lovers, or had mutual attraction and knew they weren't related since they were young (if we go with the brother), or maybe the romance blossomed quickly from some other catalyst. It will be a game of vengeance, politics, forbidden romances, and lots of plot twists.

    Noble x Assassin: (The Borgias, Assassin's Creed) A noblewoman is married off to a wealthy, power hungry Florentine merchant (a Templar, if we do an AC spin off) who's quite homicidal in his ambitions. He kills his rival and blames his wife, exiling her to her old family estate. Her maid smuggles out supportive letters, one of which crosses an assassin (or mercenary) who helps... for a price. He brings her back to Florence with a new identity, and they plot revenge.

    Steampunk - Victorian - Wild West: [1], [2], [3], [4]

    Steampunk (open)
    - Bounty Hunter x Gunslinger
    - Lady x Gunslinger
    - Vampire x Werewolf
    - Servant x Nobleman
    - Archaeologist x Guide
    - Native x Colonist
    - Pirate x Captive
    - Scientist x Wild Man

    Bounty Hunter x Mercenary: A virus outbreak in a Western/Steampunk setting creates a new feral breed of vampire. A bounty hunter, of human and pure-blood vampire descent, has been running through towns collecting information and large rewards for her deeds eradicating the local vampire threats. She befriends another gunslinger like herself who's out to get his cut in this lucrative and deadly field.

    Werewolf x Human: A woman becomes the object of affection for a werewolf, like a gritty twist on Beauty and the Beast or Red Riding Hood. Perhaps he's a noble Lord living in isolation with his 'affliction' and she's one of his few staff members, or she stumbles upon him some other way?

    Modern/Fiction: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10]

    Modern (open)
    - Assassin x Employer
    - Cyborg x Agent
    - Monster x Agent
    - Death x Human
    - Shape shifter x Human
    - Vampire x Human
    - Demon x Witch
    - Hybrid x Witch
    - Vampire x Witch
    - Vampire x Hunter
    - Demon x Hunter
    - Angel x Hunter
    - Villain x Hero
    - Mob daughter x Bodyguard
    - and more...

    Death/Demon x Human: A supposedly mortal woman draws the attention of a powerful dark being. Maybe Death takes a holiday in order to blend in with the human crowd for a bit, as it's the only way to contact her? If we go with a demon, perhaps the woman ends up having angelic lineage of some sort and the pair are hurtled into the usual cliche struggle between Heaven and Hell.

    Vampire x Human: A woman inherits a family heirloom: a vampire. While I'm not into pet play, it'd be neat to explore the relationship the two may have. Is he a willing servant of her family, are they partners on equal terms, or is there something much more sinister going on? We can also think of a completely different idea involving a vampire and human, as I'll play either role.

    Agent x Cyborg: (Almost Human) Early during the Cold War era the government tried to create superior humans. An agent is paired with one of their AI models to work together as detectives, etc. Maybe over time The Program becomes corrupt and they go rogue.

    Agent x Monster: (Constantine, Almost Human) The government has a secret branch dedicated to the Supernatural, which not only houses supernatural creatures as their agents but also funds a eugenics program that has "created" more. Maybe a human agent stumbles upon this secret world by accident, or they join this branch and are partnered up with a vampire, werewolf, etc, to solve crimes in both worlds.

    Witch x Vampire: (True Blood) A witch has been in trouble lately with the supernatural Council due to a particular addiction - to vampire blood. Promising to be on the mend, she informs them she's hired some personal help to curb her habit and keep her safe from the people she owes. However, the Council doesn't need to know that the person she hired is a vampire. I expect the pair to go on adventures of intrigue together as they get to the source of the blood dealer while she battles her addiction.

    Witch x Hybrid: (The Originals) A vampire/werewolf hybrid seeks the help of a renowned witch to try and hone the positive aspects of his dual nature so he can become more powerful, maybe even invincible. His rival, a vampire, werewolf or an immortal hunter, seeks her out too. This can be combined with the above idea.

    Hunter x Vampire: A huntress, proficient in witchcraft, bites off more than she can chew (no pun intended) when she tries to kill an elder vampire, so she decides to use a spell to weaken him from a distance... at a cost. Rather than killing the vampire, the huntress binds them together and the pair are reluctantly protecting each others backs. That may not be such a bad thing though, since a larger threat surfaces.

    Hunter x Angel: (Supernatural) A hunter encounters an angel during the course of her investigation. He could be a fallen angel who's finally decided to dabble in the affairs of mortals and feel something beyond the obedience of Heaven; or perhaps he's seeking rituals to stop his transition into a human as he gradually loses power. I prefer the role of the hunter for this idea.

    Hunter x Demon: (Supernatural) hunter crosses paths with a demon, who may be dropping by to collect on a deal they made ages ago. The angels are starting to become troublesome for the demons, more so than usual, and maybe they find a common enemy that requires teamwork to track and eradicate? I can play either the hunter or demon in this idea. Either of my characters would dabble in witchcraft..

    Fandom-specific ideas. (open)
    Note: I prefer original characters in an alternate version of a pre-existing universe, where canon characters are NPCs or excluded completely. The only canons I will play as main characters are Hawke and Shepard.
    Fandoms I'm familiar with. We can base our ideas in these settings (open)
    - Almost Human
    - Angel the Series
    - Assassin’s Creed
    - Being Human US
    - Beowulf
    - The Borgias
    - Chronicles of Riddick
    - Conan the Barbarian
    - Constantine
    - Deadwood
    - Disney movies/ Fairytales
    - Dracula
    - Dragon Age series
    - The Elder Scrolls
    - Game of Thrones
    - Gladiator
    - Guild Wars series
    - Interview with the Vampire
    - King Arthur
    - Lord of the Rings
    - Marvel universe (Thor, Avengers, etc)
    - Mass Effect series
    - The Mummy
    - The Originals
    - Prince of Persia
    - Spartacus
    - Suits
    - Supernatural
    - True Blood
    - Vikings
    - Wildstar
    - The Wolf Among Us
    - World of Warcraft

    Dragon Age: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6]

    Dragon Age pairings (open)
    - Mage x Templar
    - Dalish elf x Human
    - Qunari x Human
    - F!Hawke x Fenris
    - F!Hawke x Anders
    - F!Hawke x Arishok

    Qunari or Templar x OC: AU where the Viscount's daughter makes a friend in a qunari, the Arishok, or with a Templar. As a mage, albeit a well hidden one, this relationship defies several taboos in both lifestyles. Perhaps they meet in Kirkwall before the Templar and Chantry conflict, or after events of DA2 while she's on the run?

    Qunari x Fem!Hawke: Fem!Hawke pursues the mercenary Qunari who arrives at the Hanged Man after the defeat of the Arishok, or perhaps we can pair her with the Arishok himself and see a very different outcome to the events of chapter 2.

    Fem!Hawke x Fenris (AU): This is an AU so feel free to adjust Fenris' history and personality if you want. You don't need extensive knowledge of the Dragon Age universe, but some is good. I love the power struggle between Fenris and mage Hawke. Considering Fenris' past as a slave under a very twisted Magister, this relationship would be great to try out.

    Fairy Tales (darker contemporary/historical versions) [1]

    Fairy Tale pairings (open)
    - Red x The Wolf
    - Beauty x Beast
    - Snow x Huntsman

    Game of Thrones/ ASoIaF [1]

    Game of Thrones pairings (open)
    - OC Targaryen x OC
    - Wildling x Ranger
    - Dothraki x Lady
    - Sand Snake x OC

    Dothraki x Lady: I have two scenarios in mind for this. A lesser lady whose younger brother tries to seize control of their ailing father's legacy strips her of her title. In retaliation, she begins to collect allies for a battle against him. One of which includes a disgraced dothraki who became a sellsword in Westeros.

    Mass Effect [1]

    Mass Effect pairings (open)
    - Spectre x OC
    - Biotic x OC
    - Justicar x OC
    - Mercenary x OC
    - Fem Shep x OC
    - Male Shep x OC

    Skyrim: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6]

    Skyrim pairings (open)
    - Dragonborn x Housecarl
    - Thief x Assassin
    - Companion x Silverhand
    - Imperial x Nord
    - Altmer x Dunmer

    Dragonborn/Thane x Housecarl: Pretty self explanatory, we can just stick our OCs into the fray with some overarching quest/antagonist to deal with. Everything else along the way can be decided as we go.

    Dunmer x Altmer: This will be a gritty dark adventure between my altmer and your dunmer (my only hard requirement about your OC). My OC was or is a member of the Companions so Hircine and the Silver Hand can be antagonists in one sphere of the story. As for your dunmer, I have a soft spot for jaded anti-heroes with dark pasts, conflict - that sort of thing. The rest is entirely up to us!

    OC x OC: I'm open to any combination of race/class/faction but Argonian. I play Mer or human races and I don't mind what you play so long as it's not Khajiit or Argonian. We could use Dragonborn or ignore that entire storyline. Our characters could be from the Mages Guild, Companions, Dark Brotherhood, Silver Hand, Thieve's Guild, or simple wandering adventurers. They might encounter Daedric princes, Dwarven ruins - you get where I'm going with this. Let's enjoy the sandbox environment of Skyrim!

    Imperial x Nord: A noble woman from Cyrodiil is sent to Skyrim to help smooth out some issues for her merchant father, and in turn is handed over in marriage to some prominent Nord. We could also include the Dragonborn in this idea or go in an entirely different direction.

    Star Wars: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9]

    Star Wars pairings (open)
    - Sith Lady x Bodyguard
    - Sith Lord x Apprentice
    - Jedi x Sith Assassin
    - Apprentice x Rival Apprentice
    - Bounty hunter x Imperial Agent
    - Nightsister x OC
    - Revanite x OC

    Nightsister x OC: A Nightsister (female force-user who belongs to a clan of 'witches') selects a zabrak or zabrak/human hybrid for a mate as per custom, but her true intention is to craft him into her apprentice for revenge against a Sith or Jedi. This third party never came to the aid of her particular clan during a battle and as a result most were killed off. Perhaps as your OC's power and potential grows he actually does become her mate?
    Revanite x OC: This could work with either a Jedi or Sith, as the Revanite would be fairly neutral. Will embellish this later.

    Bounty Hunter x Imperial Agent: They began as Imperial agents, training together on Hutta with a shaky alliance. Things only began to change as their initiation grew closer, as they did too. However, years later your agent is set up and mine, unable to know the truth or get to him, is told to sit quietly or be terminated. Thus, she takes her orders and goes on with life, finding that she ascends quickly in the ranks. Your character, having been freed on the terms of his blackmail, goes on to become a famed bounty hunter with a very large grudge for Sith and Agent authorities, despite still working for the Empire. During what she believes will be a simple reconnaissance mission, they cross paths again.

    Sith Lady x Bodyguard: A human rises to the rank of Sith Lord, and she's given a present by her master upon completing her trials: a second bodyguard. Maybe a slave who proved too talented for acolytes to kill, a Jedi in disguise, or a number of other options (cyborg, human, zabrak, nagai, etc). Her master is aware that the bodyguard is force sensitive and these abilities manifest eventually. He reluctantly joins her service and they experience a series of tumultuous events. He may become an apprentice or remain as a bodyguard. Seeing the power struggle unfold around them could beg the question of who the real master is.

    Sith Lord x Apprentice: A Sith (pureblood, nagai, zabrak, cyborg/human etc) detects a powerful padawan and hopes to guide her under proper tutelage. Her current master is an old Jedi long past his glory days - so he kills him and claims her as his apprentice. They have a difficult relationship from the beginning, although over time the Sith becomes lenient. Maybe she gets under his skin, or perhaps the padawan has her own agenda for when they arrive on Dromund Kaas.

    World of Warcraft [1]. [2], [3]

    World of Warcraft Pairings (open)
    - Night elf x Blood elf
    - Worgen x OC
    - Death knight x OC
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  2. So many things to choose from O.O

    Well, I should start with the Fandoms.

    I love anything about Dragon Age, so whatever one you want to do is fine with me.

    I love Mass Effect, once more. Anything is fine.

    Game of Thrones I also love.

    Now Original.

    Steampunk <3

    Romans <3

    That is it for now. I'm willing to do anything that involves these 5 things.
  3. I guess to be more specific.

    On Dragon Age I really want to do the MagexTemplar.

    Game Of Thrones I would want to do OC Targaryen x OC

    Roman General x Barbarian Princess.

    Lady x Gunslinger.

    Hope that helps some.

    EDIT: Also Sith Lady x Bodyguard
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