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Plots, Premises, and Picture Prompts
Everything here is up for negotiation. Feel free to suggest plots and pairings that aren't listed here, or make changes to my ideas, such as reversing genders/roles, different setting, etc. Fandoms are sorted by their setting and are tagged in purple. Check out my picture prompt blog for a little eye candy and story inspiration!

Contact me by PMs and provide a writing sample, if possible. Check out my samples below or an old RP of mine: Into the Arms of Death - with Zephyr
Sample #1 - Reply for an original Medieval Fantasy setting
Yvert's words irritated her somewhat, and the slight flicker in her gaze may have hinted at that. Her brow furrowed for but a moment as he mentioned her worth to him and it took quite a lot of fortitude to not reach out and burn the man's face. Handsome as it was.

"I have much value to those who worship the rightful Queen of the gods," the half-elf snapped back, not taking kindly to her position being ground down in such a basic manner. Yes, she had talent, especially with magic, but she was so much more. Woedica had given her many gifts for serving her dutifully.

Try as she might in her irritation of Yvert, she could not break away from his gaze without a strong push of willpower. He was weathered and aged but so ruggedly wonderful... Satharia batted her lashes a few times and averted the Breaker of Swords for a heartbeat, trying to calm the rush of sudden emotion that flooded her body like a cool spring rushing over parched summer banks. She never had stirrings of any sort around a man before, and not even an inkling around women despite being surrounded by some of the most beautiful specimens in Clought and further recesses of the land. When he spoke her title, indirectly said that she was precious, all of those things sounded sweet like honey to her ears.

But flattery had never gotten a man out of being hanged before in her court, nor would this barbarian be any different. Having sufficiently pushed away her previous invading thoughts, Satharia leaned back over the crate that made up their table. She nudged the wicker bound bottle away from them to clear a space between herself and Yvert. The half-elf lay her elbow upon the makeshift table and reached across the table. Her cool lithe fingers touched his jawline, feeling the grain of stubble beneath her fingertips. She moved her deft digits upward to his cheek and then back down in a gentle sweeping motion to cup his chin.

"For one who so boldly claims Woedica's cult heretical, you certainly sound like her," Satharia observed with a half-smirk upon her rosy lips. Fear and order worked to Woedica's advantage and she would put herself in a position to rule by any means necessary. Much like Yvert's thirst to keep the islands in line beneath his fist.

"You are a difficult man to read, Maker of Orphans," Satharia commented as she slipped her hand back. Everything she saw in his future and past was fiery and bloody. His hold on the islands would be a tumultuous one. Harsh and constantly tested like the lives of the islanders themselves. But perhaps that was how he liked it. Nothing Yvert did ever seemed to be done the easy way, and often came at a cost.
Sample #2 - Reply for an Avatar AU
As soon as she latched onto the waterbender and they began to walk away, Rei thought everything was going to be all right... until he opened his mouth. There must have been something off about him, or perhaps he just didn't understand what it meant to be tactful and witty. She supposed whatever backwoods tribe he came from wasn't exactly used to the cut throat politics her people thrived in, and with a sigh and shrug of her shoulders she looked behind them. "Yeah, that is what's going on," she replied a little more firmly to drive home the point that they just had to keep walking away casually. Well, now she was nervous and thoroughly embarrassed all within the span of about thirty seconds.

She felt her cheeks redden a little when he referred to her as gorgeous and Rei had to avert her glance to keep from blushing too strongly. With their attention wandering away slightly she hoped it would stay that way. The dribble of his waterskin opening and trickling onto the street however must have not evaded their attention, as one of the mercenaries turned around and pointed at Rei's back. "Hey!" he shouted fiercely in a rumbling voice. His partner spun around to see what the commotion was about and the pair gave chase.

"In here!" hissed Rei. Grabbing hold of the waterbender's arm, she yanked him to the left into a nearby alleyway. She planned to use it for some quiet fighting - after all, there was no way for her to know if Lord Yoshido had paid them off. Once they were down the wide alley and faced the opening to the street, Rei took a stance. One hand was tucked toward her body and the other shot out palm forward as a gout of flame danced at her fingertips, waiting to be used if the mercenaries didn't know what was good for them.
Sample #3 - Reply for a Star Wars AU
She would have been perfectly content to keep on drinking until she saw not only the bottom of her glass, but the bottom of the bottle as well. Corellian Blue wasn't something one wasted of course - but given the dire circumstances and her burning need to sell off the damn crystal, Velkira wasn't exactly in a celebratory mood. Instead she merely wanted to melt down under the table and sleep the rest of the day away until she could come up with a plan that would get a Hutt to cave in and take her deal. Since when did those fat bastards ever decline something so shiny and rare?

Her face screwed up slightly at the bitter thought as she swirled her drink around the cup, still latching one hand around her satchel as if to protect the crystal from pick pockets. Nothing on Nal Hutta was ever safe, and no deal was ever above being haggled.

So lost in her thoughts was the scoundrel that she didn't hear the man's voice at first. It was like a nagging buzz in the back of her mind that called on her to turn her head ever so slightly. When she did she could see Iden, see his lips moving and hear a slow paced slew of words. Then like a rubber band everything snapped into place so suddenly that she widened her eyes and leaned away in her chair to give him a once-over before inviting the man to sit down. She wasn't afraid or on alert, but Vel certainly wasn't a fool no matter how much fine liqueur was in her system.

"Suit yourself," Velkira said as she extended a hand to the chair opposite her. People didn't really go to cantinas to make idle chatter and she instantly thought this must have something to do with the crystal in her possession. After all, it was the only thing worth talking about if one saw her and knew enough to realize she was the much talked about scoundrel down on her luck with finding a buyer. Everyone was too afraid of the Sith to make a bold move, and if they were, the reward was lacking.

Tilting her head caused her auburn waves to fall to one side of her face and down her shoulder. Then a smirk tugged on the corners of her rosy lips.

"I've heard plenty of offers lately. I hope for your sake you've got something great in mind," the scoundrel responded as her grin widened a bit. A mix of playfulness and mischief crossed her features as she stared at the odd blue eyed man. She nudged her empty cup over to him in an offer to take a drink if he so wished.

Currently Craving: A Roman/Spartacus themed RP

Historical + Fantasy
Any historical era on earth or an original world with optional fantasy elements.
Fandoms: Guild Wars, The Witcher, Assassin's Creed, Spartacus, Vikings, Penny Dreadful, Dragon Age, Skyrim, World of Warcraft, Game of Thrones
- Roman x Slave
- Deity x Priest/ess
- Viking x Captive
- Knight x Lady
- Native x Colonist
- Thief x Lady
- Monster x Human
- Knight x Lady
- Servant x Noble
- Aristocrat x Outlaw
- Assassin x Noble
- Assassin x Templar
- Alchemist x Demon Hunter
- Hawke x OC or Companion
- Inquisitior x OC or Companion
- Dragonborn x Housecarl
- OC Lannister x OC Baratheon
- Wildling x Ranger
- Blood elf x Night elf
- and more...
  • Sacramentum Gladiatorum - Gladiator x Domina
    The new addition to a Roman's collection of gladiators has evaded death in the arena against near impossible odds. He's strong willed but appears loyal. The domina sees him as a blunt instrument, an assassin to kill her enemies and possibly even her overbearing husband. He sees her as a way to gain freedom. Their arrangement goes awry when the city falls to rebelling slaves and the domina learns what it means to lose her position of power.

    Delicate Things - Gladiator x Slave
    (Can be combined with Sacramentum Gladiatorum)
    A woman born into slavery naively believes the possessive love of her master is true. She experiences his affection for years until his wife becomes suspicious of their tryst, or perhaps she was aware of it all along? Despite not loving her husband, his wife is a jealous and manipulative woman. In revenge, she coyly suggests during a party that he give his slave lover to one of the gladiators who has recently proven himself a ferocious champion in the arena. The gladiator in questions is rumored among the household to be frightening and violent, even towards the pleasure slaves.

    Unusual Tribute - Warlord x Reluctant Bride
    A warlord attacks the borders of an empire mercilessly in revenge for the sacking of his beloved village many years ago. Fearful that things will escalate, an ambassador contacts him to meet at a border town and work out an agreement to prevent further violence. The warlord demands tribute and upon his arrival, he is presented with the finest silks, furs, jewels and gold, but he has plenty of that already. Instead, he spies the fiery daughter of the ambassador and decides negotiations are in order after all.

    Northern Heart - Roman x Nymph
    A famous Centurion goes north to hold off invading hordes at Hadrian's Wall. He meets a barbarian woman as she leads an attack on his men. The Roman is intrigued by the barbarian woman who's so unlike the fickle, wanton ladies of Rome. He kidnaps her for tactical knowledge but comes to realize Rome is not where his loyalties lie. Her capture causes tension with a neighboring clan whose leader was her intended. The chief, however, has been richly rewarded for secretly working alongside Rome and killing his own people to tip the war in the Republic's favor. Little does the Centurion know his own General plans to betray him to claim the victory for himself.

    Spoils of War - Raider x Priestess - TAKEN
    The Oathbinder is both a renowned priestess and government official in the coastal city of Valaas. A raider and his army invade the city with hopes of stealing the treasures rumored to lay within the temple. He and his men are met with the Executioners, a group of warriors who protect the priestesses and dispense justice. When the raider eventually gets into the temple, he finds a disappointing lack of treasure - and the Oathbinder herself who is known to possess powerful magic.

    Valley of the Wolf Queen - Berserker x Druid
    Generations ago a Jarl coerced his shaman to create a spell that would grant his warriors unmatched ferocity on the battlefield. The spell workedl but it wasn't enough. Mad with power, the Jarl offered up his soul to Skadi, goddess of the hunt, and seeing his greed she cursed his men with a nearly uncontrollable bestial form. Now, the strongest and most cunning warrior plans to overthrow the wicked Jarl with the help of a druid recently captured during a raid. The Jarl plans to use her to replace his less powerful shaman. Will the druid choose to harness the warrior's power for the Jarl, or help them control it?

    Eye of Horus - Concubine x Assassin
    A concubine and assassin embark on a journey to uncover relics that the Templars have been searching for in nearby lands. A terrible sandstorm reveals a previously hidden set of ancient ruins, and inside they find an undead Templar priest. Entombed by assassins over a century ago with an artifact in his possession - the Eye of Horus - which kept him alive all these years. He promises to exchange the artifact upon his release, but the snake tongued priest tricks them and escapes with a dark ritual, separating his body and soul. The dark ritual forces the priests' soul into the assassin's body but the concubine saves him. The incomplete spell melds their souls in one body and the assassin is able to hear the priest's thoughts, and at times, the the Templar priest tries to take over his body. While struggling with the entity inside of him, the assassin and concubine embark on a new quest to untie the souls before the priest overtakes his host.

    Temptation - Warrior x Lady
    A talented warrior has lived his entire life in his elder brother's shadow and longs for a way to prove himself. The warrior meets his ambitious equal in an alluring noblewoman. She enraptures him and nurtures his talents, causing him to be torn between the life already carved out for him or the allure of what he could become if he's bold enough. Her mystique is part of what draws him to her, but he wants to learn more. His curiosity is sated and his morals shaken when he discovers she's been using his brother to work her way up the court to the King, whom she plans to murder. Either of us can take on the role of the older brother. We can also add a fantasy twist and make the noblewoman a sorceress.

    Hello Again, Sassenach - Assassin x Noble
    During the height of the English Civil War, a prominent English nobleman visits Scotland with his young daughter. He hopes to persuade the clansmen to support Cromwell, but they refuse. Tempted by an offer of power and wealth, one of the clansmen betrays his family and almost everyone is slaughtered overnight in a surprise attack. One of the survivors escapes and joins the rebellion, becoming a well-known assassin. He never forgets the girl he met that night - especially when she is captured ten years later, claiming to be a spy for the men who killed his family long ago.

    Blackmoor - Physician x ??
    Katrina Adler is an aspiring physician of English and Prussian descent. While studying abroad she receives a vague letter about her father's untimely death and returns to her family's ancestral estate to settle affairs. However, upon returning to her family home she notices that the town is much changed. Due to the outbreak of a strange plague, few people walk the dim foggy streets and the once fairytale-esque town is overgrown. Rumors say the old gods inhabiting the Moor are unhappy. Katrina, being a creature of logic, dismisses these claims. With the help of a local who seems unaffected by the plague she tries to find the source and cure of the mysterious illness before it claims more lives.

    The Night-Walkers - Servant x Nobleman
    A peculiar woman interested in the occult is hired as a servant by a reclusive Lord. Around the same time, a spree of grisly murders occur in the countryside that seem to have been caused by an unknown creature - for what man could be so savage? A stranger comes to visit shortly thereafter who seems to think that the gentleman caused the deaths. The servant discovers that her master is a monster, and that the man who visited has been hunting him for many years. But as the two men come to a head, the murders are still occurring despite the Lord claiming that he is not the cause. That begs the question: who's the real monster?

    Chasing the Sun - Hunter x Vampire
    For many years a hunter has been tracking the creature he/she believes killed their loved ones. This assumption turns out to be incorrect. In fact, the vampire has actually been trying to keep the hunter safe in service of their family, as part of a debt that has yet to be repaid. One night while trying to track their supposed vampire nemesis, the hunter actually stumbles upon them (entirely by the vampire's choice, of course) and the truth is revealed. The vampire knows who really killed the hunter's family and intends to bring them down.

    The Witch of Saske - Witch x Human or Demon - TAKEN
    During the Inquisition a witch seeks help from a demon, who promises to keep her safe and grant her longevity if she agrees to a favour. She is tasked with acquiring souls for the demon. For a hundred years she lives in the forest outside of a small village and takes the unwilling souls whenever she can, so long as it can be done inconspicuously. Her demon master begins to grow impatient and curses the village so it is plagued by terrible monsters. One young man in the village seeks out the witch who all view with distrust and asks for her aid, not knowing that her pact with the demon caused the creatures to appear. She grows fond of the man and agrees to help while trying to keep her secret in the dark, as each passing night when more poor souls are taken she is slowly transformed into a demon as well.

    Avatar - Spirits in the Steam Age - Firebender x Waterbender
    Avatar Aang nears the end of his life as Republic City grows more corrupt. A young man down on his luck encounters a firebending woman who convinces him to protect her. She's on the run from mercenaries sent to collect her for an arranged marriage into a family of Ozai loyalists who have started an underground rebellion against the Avatar. He helps her evade capture (for now) and asks that she returns the favor by aiding him on a quest.

    Dragon Age - Seal the Breach - OC x OC
    While the Inquisitor is concerned with maintaining the Inquisiton's image, agents who work for Leliana and Cullen carry out important tasks to move toward sealing the Breach. They play the Game in Orlais acting as ambassadors to collect information and investigate corruption, they gather artifacts, carry out assassinations, and command the taking of Keeps. I imagine them as non-canon companions of the Inquisitor who can directly interact with canon characters and alter storyline events as we see fit.

    Dragon Age - Veins of Blood and Lyrium - Templar x Mage - TAKEN
    A young mage in the Kirkwall Circle has lived there for several years now, practising magic and keeping out of trouble, for the most part. She befriends a Templar who is kind to her and plans to escape from the Circle with him when the time is right. However, a sudden attack on the Chantry and the chaos that ensues knocks their plans off track. As she's hiding and trying to keep out of sight while searching for her friend, she sees him aiding his fellow Templars with the dreaded Right of Annulment - the killing of every mage in the Circle. She's forced to flee or die, without her companion, and manages to hide away on a ship. A year later the two cross paths at the Conclave, unaware that the other survived the rebellion.

    Dragon Age - What Pride Wrought - Dalish elf x Dread Wolf
    The trickster god Dread Wolf is blamed by the elves for sealing away the Creators so that he could be the only one to walk among mortals. While he is a mischievous, cunning god, he has committed no such act. Unable to prove his innocence, the elven people grow to hate him, and he resents them in turn. After years of wandering the earth alone he discovers a means of redemption but in his weakened state he requires help. Seeking a companion, he disguises himself and tricks a Dalish woman into helping him.

    Dragon Age - Proving Honour - Qunari x OC/Hawke
    Hawke rescues a qunari from bondage and helps him to uncover his hidden talents. If he's a mage, my character offers him guidance since the Qun fears its magic and thus does not teach saarebas to hone their skills. I'm also open to playing this with a non-mage qunari, Tal Vasoth, the Arishok, or both of us as OCs.

    Dragon Age - The Champion's Wolf - Fenris x Hawke
    A pretty obvious concept involving Fenris and Hawke as a mage. I certainly don't mind if you want to portray him differently from the game version, too. Maybe Hawke tries to win Fenris over by playing the nice card? Or maybe things simply explode into a rough, passionate scene that causes even more tension later?

    Skyrim - A Shot in the Dark - Assassin x Thief - TAKEN
    A stoic assassin runs into a thief while they're both out on assignments in the same area. They help one another in what he believes is a one-time occurrence, yet the pair keep running into each other during missions and end up going on adventures together. Her charisma wears through his reclusive and wary personality, and the assassin finds some happiness. This leads him to question his contract with the Dark Brotherhood. As for the thief - well, she already sold her soul to Nocturnal. Daedra don't take kindly to breaking pacts.

    Skyrim - Eyes Like the Silver Moon - Adventurer x Shield-maiden
    An adventurer decides to find a follower to aid in his quests. A lone shield-maiden catches his eye when he visits Solitude, and the pair quickly forge a friendship through shared battles and tribulations. She swears to protect him and if need be, give her life for his. However, after an otherwise normal encounter with the Silver Hand, she wonders if their partnership (or more) will remain strong when her secret comes to light: she's cursed by Hircine for past misdeeds and is far more than she appears to be.

    Skyrim - Return to Rule - Dragonborn x High Queen - TAKEN
    The Civil War still rages and Skyrim is feeling pressure from both the Empire and Aldmeri Dominion. The Dragonborn is asked to step up to represent his people in their time of need, and to placate the Empire he must heed a specific request: that he takes the next High Queen, an Imperial woman, to be his consort. The Dragonborn tries to navigate the web of political intrigue with the help of his new companion. However, the woman has aspirations of her own for how to govern Skyrim and the two need to find a harmonious balance in order to keep Skyrim from tipping into war.

    Game of Thrones - The Serpent King - Sand Snake x OC
    The Lord of a lesser house is given a Dornish bride who is placed in court as a spy, and possibly an assassin. He is suspicious at first and eventually he catches her in the midst of theft or assassination, but her beauty and charm enchant him into believing she is trustworthy. The pair reveal thoughts of revenge and aspirations of power. She vows to use her poisonous tongue and quick wit to help him by any means necessary - as long as he upholds his end of their bargain.

    Game of Thrones - With Fire and Blood - Targaryen x OC
    The last Targaryen heir seeks the one companion who will be able to help her reach Valyria, and bring life to the dragon eggs in her possession. But who is this mysterious man she must meet, and where will she find him? If he chooses to help her will he demand the Iron Throne as payment, or does he have a different price?

    Game of Thrones - Intimidating Beginnings - Dothraki x OC
    A Westeros noblewoman is captured and enslaved in Essos, only to escape and find herself taken in by a Dothraki without a khalassar. A reverse scenario could involve a Dothraki who is captured and taken to Westeros as a mercenary, where he's employed by a noble of a lesser house.

    World of Warcraft - Rejuvenate Me, Invigorate Me - NE Druid x OC
    A night elf druid makes an unexpected friend during her time away from Darnassus. She and her companion become close friends, whether or not they are from different factions. He comes along with her when she's sent to the Outlands to quell the demonic threat. However, one of them falls victim to the taint of fel magic. I'm also open to more cliché scenarios: hurt/rescue, captured in battle, opposing ambassadors, etc.

    World of Warcraft - Cure for What Ails You - Worgen x BE Warlock
    In the wake of the Lich King's defeat and the sundering of Gilneas, a worgen cannot find his place. To some, it's a blessing. To others, it's a curse. He's never truly come to terms with what happened in Gilneas that dark, dreary night when the worgen attacked, infecting him in the process. Despite acceptance from the Alliance he constantly seeks a cure. The worgen heads to Dalaran, the only place he believes he can find a magical cure. Once there he hears about a powerful warlock living in the underbelly of the city. Rumor has it she can help him for a price. They embark on an adventure to gather reagents and get into all sorts of trouble, while the cost the of the warlock's soul looms above her head.

    World of Warcraft - Grave Whispers - Death Knight x ??
    With the Lich King defeated, former Death Knights are integrating into society while suspicion and dislike follow them everywhere. Yet another obstacle has arisen: a dark mage/druid (or Lady Sylvanus?) seeks to put a leash on the undead once again. Death Knights are being corrupted all across Azeroth while others try to painfully resist the call deep within their minds.
Modern + Science Fiction + Fantasy
Alternate present day earth or futuristic worlds with fantasy, steampunk, cyberpunk, space western or post apocalyptic themes.
Fandoms: Supernatural, The Originals, Constantine, True Blood, Mad Max, Borderlands, Defiance, Chronicles of Riddick, Marvel, Star Wars, Mass Effect
- Assassin x Employer
- Cyborg x Agent
- Hitman x Witness
- Monster x Detective
- Werewolf x Human
- Vampire x Human
- Witch x Vampire
- Villain x Hero
- Experiment x Scientist
- Angel x Demon
- Alien x Human
- Shepard x OC or Companion
- Cerberus experiment x OC
- Padawan x Jedi
- Trooper x OC
- Wastelander x Concubine
- Vault Hunter x OC
- and more...
  • Something Wicked - Hunter x Demon
    A desperate hunter summons a demon and makes a deal. Nothing excessive, only what he/she needs to carry out their personal vendetta. The hunter plans to kill the demon before the deal is up in order to save their soul, although the demon is hatching a similar plan. When the ritual to solidify their contract is carried out, something goes wrong. A mispronounced word here, a little too much of that herb, whatever. The demon and hunter are instead bound together, unable to harm the other for fear of killing them both, and no closer to figuring out how to undo the witchcraft gone wrong.

    Catharsis - Hunter x Angel
    Angels have fallen for a second time. Not long after, a hunter hears about grisly murders and rituals in a sleepy little town and comes to investigate. She certainly didn't expect what she found, either - an angel. Could he be murdering fellow angels in their human vessels to steal their angelic grace and replenish his power? Or is he being framed while also looking for the source of these disturbing attacks?

    Through the Looking Glass - Detective x Monster
    The government has a secret branch dedicated to the Other - a supernatural world within our own that is shielded from human eyes, running things from behind closed doors in competition with human organizations. A human detective stumbles upon this secret world by accident. Rather than have their memory wiped, the detective is transferred to a this government branch and partnered up with a supernatural companion to solve crimes in both worlds.

    Blood of My Blood - Witch x Vampire
    A talented witch with a rather insidious addiction to vampire blood is found out by her Coven. The Coven threatens to strip her of her power unless she pays back what she owes to the vampires and severs her ties with the blood trade. Promising to be on the mend, she informs them she's hired some personal help to curb her habit and keep her safe from the people she owes until she can provide a sufficient tribute to the vampire leader. Conveniently, she doesn't mention that her hired help is a vampire, and she keeps him in the dark about the reason she's offering employment.

    Bad Moon Rising - Witch x Vampire - TAKEN
    A modern city is the hub of all things magical and mundane. It's ruled by a vampire who founded it several hundred years ago with the help of his lover, shortly before they parted ways. In the present day, werewolves are encroaching upon his territory, the local witches are becoming rowdy, and his estranged brother is a nuisance. When his lover unexpectedly returns as well, he approaches her with a request.

    Silver Tongue - Sheriff or other x Hunter
    A rural town is shocked by a series of murders every full moon. The local Sheriff dismisses conspiracy theorists who think something supernatural is behind this. He's convinced it's a maniac who's good at cleaning up his trail. The Sheriff is about to give up and call in some aid from the next town over when a mysterious woman passes through. She offers to help and seems to know a lot more than she's letting on.

    House Dracul - Apprentice x Businessman
    Davina Knight is a stubborn and rebellious young woman. Despite her extensive education and socialite upbringing she has no desire to help run her father's company. Her wealthy parents convince her spend some time with distant relatives in a small town called Estwich. The rural town is dominated by a large factory that provides almost all of its income and is owned by Mr. Vess, a reclusive entrepreneur. Hoping to evoke a little attitude adjustment through hard work and hands-on experience, her relatives sign her up for a position at Mr. Vess's lakeside estate where he conducts most of his business. Much to everyone's surprise Mr. Vess personally accepts her application. I imagine a twisted Beauty and the Beast or Dracula theme, where Mr. Vess has ulterior motives for hiring Davina. She could be his muse, confidant, prisoner, lover or something else entirely...

    Memento Mori - Bounty Hunter x Gunslinger
    The industrial era hit hard in the Wild West and created a vicious strain of vampirism. These creatures are the bane of humans and the pure-blood vampires who try to live among them. A bounty hunter roams cities collecting rewards for eradicating these "vermin", and on one of her trips befriends a gunslinger who offers to join with her to get a portion of the reward and fame. However, one of them is bitten by a feral vampire and falls victim to the awful strain. The quest for a cure begins.

    Welcome to Necropolis - M ?? x F ??
    Metal and magic are harmoniously blended together. Steam power is the lifeblood of earth, built up into large urban cities that still retain old-world charm. One particular city however is built on the bones and ruins of an old city, left to stagnate after the Great War. There, lost souls were never able to find peace and this coaxed a new type magic into being: necromancy. The New World Council quickly declared necromancy and all related dark magic illegal. The aptly named city Necropolis has thus become the underbelly of the world, home to alchemists, demon hunters, and other people who are keen to learn about this forbidden knowledge and unlock its secrets.

    Stranger in My Skin - Agent x Cyborg
    During the Cold War era the government began funding a eugenics program to create superior humans. In the present, government agents are now paired with a cyborg companion. In the near future, an agent is given a first generation model that was part of the original human trials. The agent and their cyborg companion eventually uncover corruption in The Program. Just how far have these experiments gone, and what's planned for the new line of agents?

    A Killer Affair - F/M "Handler" x F/M Assassin - TAKEN
    Being a "handler" at an Assassin's Guild is a stressful job. There are dozens of applicants every year who are either genetically modified or have innate talents the Guild wishes to harness. She has to oversee physical examinations, conduct quarterly psychological testing, distribute missions and track the contract killers, among many other jobs. Seeking a night of distraction from her occupation is a rare treat but she's determined to take someone home. The next day when a new hitman enters her office she's taken aback to see her lover. Can they put aside their little tryst and function professionally, or will growing feelings create tension with the Guild's strict policy of no attachment as her competitor senses something between them?

    Awakening - Superhero x ??
    For the last fifty years or so there have been cases of people developing powers. Some use their abilities for good, others use it to do evil. An ordinary woman recovers from a coma after a serious car accident and begins experiencing strange headaches and visions. Eventually she manifests powers but has no idea how to control them, and looks for someone to give her guidance. Her mentor tells her that gods and goddesses have reincarnated into human vessels. But why are they doing this now? Is humanity being prepared for something it can't yet comprehend?

    The Soul Splicers - Scientist x Experiment
    Agron Inc. is a defense contractor based out of upstate New York. They recently developed an experimental drug based off the wolf genome to enhance the strength and senses of soldiers and spies for the United States government. But while the drug, serum 4171, was still in its testing phase something went wrong. Five of the six test subjects died agonizing deaths. And the sixth escaped. On the run from the company's security forces, the sixth test subject, with the strange serum still coursing through his veins, breaks into a young woman's house. Coincidentally, she was one of the medical interns who helps synthesize serum 4171. After effectively making her a prisoner in her own home, the pair develop a shaky relationship based on mutual trust and the realization that he's a dead man without her. Will she turn him in once he lets loose her leash? Or will she help him tame the beast that rages inside his veins?

    In the Land of Spice and Dust - Alien x ??
    When their home galaxy was destroyed by the Xyrek, aliens came to colonize earth, bringing new tech and terra formers. The frightened human race fought back until they realized the Xyrek were still following the colonist aliens, so they banded together against their new common enemy and repelled the invasion. 300 years later human and alien culture has melted together. A few suffocating urban centres and temperate agricultural biomes dot the landscape, but the majority consists of deserts and salt flats. Classism and racism are commonplace in rural areas, especially toward mutants and interspecies beings. My character is the heir of an elitist alien family that runs one such town through its ties to the criminal underground.

    Mass Effect - Cerberus' Collar - Biotic x Cerberus Agent
    A biotic trained by Cerberus goes MIA. After many months/years of searching to no avail, Cerberus sends her old friend and colleague to her last known whereabouts: Omega. He is tasked with bringing her back 'home' but this mission becomes very complicated when he arrives on Omega. The biotic took on a new identity and became the leader of a prominent gang known as Hyperion, one of Aria T'Loak's top competitors.

    Mass Effect - Homecoming (WIP) - Shepard x ??
    Shepard copes with their resurrection in the wake of the Reaper onslaught. Working with Cerberus was never something Shepard wanted to do, but the gang is left with little choice as they finds themselves short on time and alliances while the Reapers continue their attack. A friend from Shepard's past reaches out with some interesting information, albeit difficult to believe, which may turn the tide in the war.

    Star Wars - A Necessary Bond - Apprentice x Rival
    A powerful and renowned Sith has taken on two apprentices at once, one of which is a captured Nightsister from Dathomir. As per the cruel games Sith often love to play, the two apprentices are pitted against one another in hopes of fostering their hatred so that one may rise the victor and claim their rightful spot under their master. Countless experiences of misuse and near death result from their master's orders - more a taskmaster than teacher. Having bonded through anger, fear, and pain, the apprentices decide they may need one another after all. A plot to overthrow their master and shake the core of the Sith hierarchy begins to unfold.

    Star Wars - My Partner, My Lover, My Enemy - Bounty Hunter x Imperial Agent
    Two agents are set up during an important mission on Hutta, and the male agent nobly takes the fall. The female agent often visits him secretly in his cell as the two try to figure out who's behind the setup. Unfortunately, an Imperial Officer catches them one day and puts the female agent under surveillance so they can no longer meet. When he's eventually leaves prison, still blackmailed by the Empire, he takes on a new identity as a bounty hunter with a particular grudge against the Sith and Imperial Intelligence. The ex-partners cross pass again during what they believe is a simple reconnaissance mission on a backwater planet, but all is not what it seems.

    Star Wars - Heirs of Revan - Sith x Bodyguard - TAKEN
    A Sith Lady is given a bodyguard by her master upon completion of her trials; a slave/prisoner who proved too talented for acolytes to kill. Her master senses the untapped potential of the Force in this new bodyguard and the stirrings of something far greater. Due to his arrogance and paranoia, the Sith's master wants to use the bodyguard as a final test for his former apprentice, hoping to gauge just how formidable she will become. However, the master has an ulterior motive for the bodyguard which is connected to his fascination with ancient datacrons, artifacts, and rituals. It doesn't take long for the newly minted Sith and her companion to become very aware of this twisted plan.

    Star Wars - Peace is a Lie, Passion Shall Free Me - Sith x Apprentice - TAKEN
    A Sith kills a Jedi Master and takes his padawan to turn her into his dark apprentice. Despite the tumultuous and intimidating start to their relationship, in time the Sith becomes more lenient with his protege as she grows in power. However, she has her own agenda and may be using him as a means to an end in order to take revenge upon the Sith who killed her family. When he makes contact and taunts the pair, the young apprentice turns to her master for guidance and a lesson in other manifestations of the Dark Side.

    Star Wars - Light in the Darkness - Jedi x Sith Assassin
    A Jedi knight is send to guard an ambassador on Alderaan, and a Sith assassin has been sent to kill them. In order to collect information, the assassin disguises herself as an Alderaan noble and attempts to seduce and distract the Jedi. Her plan works, but surprisingly, when it comes time to kill the ambassador she finds she has a hard time disposing of his Jedi protector, especially when her identity is revealed in the struggle. Unknown to them both, the assassin was once a padawan who was mentored alongside the knight but has no recollection of it. Years ago, she was kidnapped by her talented Jedi Master who turned to the dark side when her lover, another Master, rejected her in favour of the Jedi teachings. Thus the padawan's mind was ripped apart and put back together by dark magic until she became the perfect fighting tool. In an act revenge, her Sith mistress patiently waited to pit her assassin against her former lover's protege, the knight.

    Star Wars - The Wrong Jedi - Jedi x Jedi
    Two padawans who grew up together on Tython were inseparable, harmonious. During their more youthful days of training the pair engaged in a forbidden love affair which even their astute masters were not aware of. She became a Consular. He became a Knight. They worked together on various missions until their vocations called them apart. Now, years later they are brought together again for a matter of great importance - treachery among their order., and rumors of Jedi Hunters encroaching on Republic-aligned planets. As the pair reunite however, it becomes clear that one of them has changed. Soon the truth is revealed that their torrid romance changed one of the Jedi from within, causing doubt in the Code.
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The Yay's and Nay's of Andronica
Ask for clarification if you missed/didn't see something particular. The worst I can do is say no!

OOC Preferences
- Plot-driven RPs over threads.
- Write a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs that sufficiently describe the scene and move it forward.
- One reply a week, at least. PM me if you lose interest and we'll decide where to go from there. Don't leave me hanging!
- Description, coherent grammar, and characterization are huge turn ons for me. If you don't write well I'll have a hard time staying interested.
- Contribute to the plot. Tell me what you like and dislike, add new characters and twists - whatever makes it fun for you!
- I play female characters in M/F or Futa/F pairings, as well as multiple side characters/NPCs.

The Deal-Breakers
-Smut-based RPs and one shots. If you want me to play an obedient maid or vampire sex slave, you better have a compelling plot to back it up.
- Heavy BDSM. Extreme degradation, humiliation, pet play, fem dom, sissification, pegging, sexual pain, etc.
- Off-site roleplay.
- Short reactionary posts, lack of detail, incoherent grammar.
- Hardcore kinks like snuff, vore, orgies, bathroom play, fisting, bestiality, and underage.
- Passive or unfriendly RPers.
- Characters with "doormat" personalities.
- Death or mutilation of main characters must have a compelling reason, or be reversible.
- God-modding my character's speech or actions. Minor movements are okay.
- Modern "slice of life" realism.
- Abandoning a story without notice.
- MxM pairings.
- Anime character pictures.

Convince Me?
- Non-consensual sex with side characters or as a plot device.
- Cuckolding or adultery in specific circumstances. MC is in a loveless relationship that she can't leave, she charms/teases people to get what she wants, etc.
- I'm uncomfortable with multiple partners and open relationships. However, I'll do MMF, FutaFF, and MFFuta threesomes occasionally.

Turn Ons and Interests
- Detail! I don't want or expect a page of filler, but I do appreciate when your post sufficiently describes the scene and moves it forward.
- Characterization! Write passionately and make your character realistic! Give me sensory detail, flashbacks, thoughts and emotions, etc.
- Realistic Anatomy. "Normal" or unique humanoid appearances are welcome. Exotic eye, hair and skin colours, non-human features, and tails.
- Besides humans, I will play with/as most supernatural, science fiction, fantasy, and original races.
- Monsters. I prefer non-traditional sex between a monster and humanoid (tail sex, licking, heavy petting), or monsters with humanoid forms.
- Intricate stories with drama, action, intrigue, violence, and sensuality. Think Game of Thrones or Spartacus.
- Characters with flaws and vices.
- Non-sexual gore, violence, and abuse are fine if it fits the story. Harming/killing someone for sexual gratification is a no-no.
- We can take it slow with lots of plot/character development before sex scenes, or have an early hookup if it better suits the RP.
- Contextual D/s and slavery. My characters are not strictly "dom" or "sub". Their personalities will adjust to situations in and out of the bedroom.
- Light bondage. Blindfolds, restraints, masks, pleasure control, roughhousing, role reversal, power play, etc.
- I RP in fandom universes as OCs or certain canon characters. I'm also happy to use a fandom as inspiration for other stories, too.
- Gender-bending canon characters. Male Jack from Mass Effect. Female Mad Max. You get the idea.
- Consensual sex that ranges from vanilla, rough and passionate, half clothed in a lustful frenzy, to dark and possessive.
- Teasing and seduction
- Transformation. A werewolf who loses control and changes during sex, or a woman cursed to slowly transform into a succubus.
- Foreplay. Biting, massaging, scratching, licking, kissing, mutual masturbation.
- Face-sitting
- Fingers in mouth
- Giving/receiving oral
- Receiving vaginal and anal
- Virginity or chastity
- Sexual tension
- Sexually experienced characters.
- Dubious consent involving genuine struggle, coercion or uncertainty. A character may not want sex but ends up liking it, or regretting it.
- Pseudo rape in the form of playful resistance. Both characters want sex.
- Pregnancy and pregnant sex are fine by me (no breeding or birthing). Children must timeskip to adulthood or stay out of the main storyline.
- Scars, tattoos, and piercings.
- Sex on a bed, or less traditional places like up against a wall, on the floor, on a table, outside.
- Period clothing, lingerie, stockings.
- Voyeurism and exhibitionism
- Romance is great as long as it’s not all flowers and rainbows.
- Corruption. Not the 'virgin to slut' cliché.
- Incest between siblings or cousins in a historical/fantasy setting. It may or may not be taboo.
- Light bloodplay.
- Arranged marriage.
- Kidnapping and Stockholm syndrome.
- Hurt/comfort.
- Class or race taboo.
- Love/hate relationships.
- Risk of pregnancy.
- Magical or medicinal mind control.
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I kind of like the "Blood of my Blood" Idea! Just to be sure, I would be playing the Male Vampire if we decided to go with it?!


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FANTASY! I need strong plot points to strive. I need open world sand box. I need things that keep me challenged and indulge me as a writer.
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