Original Characters Wanted For Personal Story

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  1. Exactly what the title says! I am in need of original characters for my personal story that I am writing and that I'd like to get published. I'm posting this as well in the writing and art museum so a few others can see it. But anywho here is a short synopsis of the story:

    The Disaster That Shook The World

    That was what the headings on the newspapers had said. Oh, how we didn't imagine the pain and suffering that disaster would cause. In one slip of luck, in one simple miscommunication, the world was plummeted into WWV. We had four previous World Wars before this one, but it wasn't as big. Wasn't as destructive. Everyone wanted the money, the greed in which it sparked inside the politicians and every day persons was growing, and soon, the whole world would be left to be nothing but a wasting mass, causing humans and non humans alike to struggle for survival, but of course, two years after the WWV started, eight military leaders came to power.

    They believed in the long forgotten ways of Elemental Magick. Incorporating the eight elements of the olden days they created powerful weapons and divided what was left of Earth into eight quarters. Some say that they overcame a long journey to realize that they were the chosen leaders. Each Leader had an animal claimed to there name, Fire was Dragons and all Reptiles, Water was Aquatic and Amphibious creatures alike, Air was the Birds and the Horses that ran like the wind across the plains, while Earth was the Large Land Mammals. While some of you may think the elements stop there, they don't, in fact, in moth eaten books, and on dust covered pages there it is told of four extra elements that were lost to time. Light, Shadow, Life, and Death.

    Interested? PM me if you'd like to take part in the makings of something big! <3 Or comment!