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Yaoi, modern/fantasy, fantasy, horror, romance and so on.
Name: Luer (Lu-air) Lastez

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, though he usually leans more towards men than women.

Species: Human-manakete hybrid

World and Universe they are from: Fire Emblem: Fates

Appearance: Luer has deep blue hair, most assume his hair is black in the dark. His hair is short, above the shoulders. The left side of his bangs are swept back while the rest of his hair is styled straight. Luer's eyes are a piercing aqua blue in contrast to his hair's darker color. Luer's face is between a long and rounded one, with eyes that are medium in size, giving him a "younger" or more "innocent" look when he's happy and smiling (opposite someone like Kain who has thinner eyes and would look more "handsome" or "manly"), with a small nose and medium lips (which can look bigger with lipstick and give him a more feminine appearance). Basically he's a bishie. His most notable feature is the reverse star looking scar above his right eye, partially covered by his bangs. Luer is 5'7" tall and pretty pale to most people. He's a decent 134lbs. He's fit, but not ripped or overly defined.

Luer is currently wearing a dark blue, the same color as his hair, t-shirt that's cut off just above his stomach, black shorts that stop just above his mid-thighs. His right boot is above the knee, just below the mid-thigh, while the left is just above his ankle -both black. He wears black fingerless gloves, and silver metal wrist cuffs (the cuffs act as an arm guard for his bow). Wrapped around the right and left boot, his left thigh, his neck, and each glove are a number of small belts (all of which are purely fashion statements). Finishing off his outfit is a black long coat with sleeves that stop just above the elbow. All of this is flame resistant. This outfit was put on him by some girls in Britannia, and Luer honestly has come to like it.




(this link is better)

Dragon Luer (this is not yet known to him so it's more for future reference and can be looked over for the time being until I get him a dragonstone):

Using a Fire Dragonstone, Luer is a darker red, and the skin lightens as it goes down to his stomach to a more orange-ish red. There are small horns on the top of his head that almost look like the spikes of a flame. As a dragon Luer stands about 10 feet tall, is 14 feet long with wings of blazing flame that come out to a wingspan of roughly 20 feet.

Picture ref, but darker and smaller in size.

Personality: Luer used to be carefree and cheerful at the castle. Most everyone loved him for it. After the raid though things changed drastically. Luer is quiet. Often times he only speaks when he is spoken to. While this aspect of him came from being taught to do that when his king was with another, it has become Luer's main personality. He will speak up if he feels he needs to, or he has a question about something he doesn't understand. He will speak up if he feels his friends are being insulted or a plan may end in death. He speaks up if he feels a death is meaningless.

He hesitates to get close to people, out of the fear he will lose another love. He only goes so far as good friends. He does this to try and protect himself from pain. This has since changed, if to a certain degree.

Luer will refer to Lastez as if it were another person. This is because Lastez was his name before he was taken in, and having been taught the way he was he chose to keep the life he lived as Lastez separate from his life as Luer. So he has multiple identities, in a way. Rarely, if not ever will he let Lastez have control back. Because Lastez is less level headed and much more of a flirt.

History/Bio: On February 8th, Lastez was born to Herta and Thyra. His parents worked at an orphanage in a small town just outside of the kingdom of Retora, where they met and fell in love. They both died shortly after their son was born (a month or so) though not without having entrusted him to their friends, the other caretakers of the orphanage. Both were very ill at the time Lastez was born and it caught up to them quickly.

He grew up in the orphanage, and was the eldest child there after turning 6 through the rest of his stay. He hated seeing so many kids sad and lonely as often as he did. He did his very best to become their friend and make them happy for as long as he could. Most of the time it was up until they were adopted. Lastez himself never was chosen to be adopted though. Around the time he turned 10 the caretakers were to give Lastez a family heirloom; a well cared for metal arm cuff. The arm cuff is engraved with what would be the chants he uses to heal. This power set him apart from the other kids though many of them loved the ability (The power is inherited from his ancestor, Verrow.). Although at the time the cuff was much too big for the small Lastez to wear, he merely kept it safe when he was not studying it at night.

Having been given the arm cuff and learning of his power to heal, Lastez also grew more curious about his parents. It wasn't something he had thought much about before this happened, and now he wanted to know more about where he came from. Late one night after the other kids were put to bed for the night, Lastez took the opportunity to talk to one of the caretakers about his parents. Did they have this power too? How did they die? He had not even realized before this that he did not even know what their names were. He needed answers and he hoped his caretaker would give them to him. He was given the answers, too. Lastez was told that if his parents did have this power, the caretakers had never known of it. He was told they were sick, and died after he was born, as well as their names and what would have been his full name, Lastez Amari (this was dropped to Lastez when his parents died). It seemed to satisfy him, even if he still had questions it became apparent that the caretakers couldn't answer them.

He spent 13 years in total at the orphanage before he was too old to stay and had to leave, the arm cuff going with him.

With nowhere to go Lastez was left alone in the cold. It was late that night and he had not even gotten the chance to eat. He was cold, he was hungry, he was tired, and he was alone. He had curled up in an alley between two buildings to try and stay warm and maybe even sleep. He was too tired to even try finding food at that point. It was here he was discovered by a couple of women. The two women had gotten him something warm to wrap up in and even fed him. They were not about to let him mooch off of them though. After the first day for him to rest up they set about training Lastez as a dancer. This, although a chance to earn a living, came to the young boy who was not even physically mature, as quite the life changing experience. Although it was overwhelming to him after his first time, Lastez took a day to come to terms with it and continue on to be a better dancer than he really needed to. Lastez had gone from an innocent orphaned child to a far too young male prostitute, and one that would experience nearly all of the sexual "firsts" any one person possibly could in their lifetime before he was even 15 (nearly, since he is from a world without toys lol).

Lastez lived this life for six years, until one night after a drunken man had finished with him and refused to pay him. Lastez had gotten into a fight with the man, and thanks to his inebriated condition, chased him off. Although he was rather angry that he had not only done his job, he did not get paid for it. His fight did catch the attention of a man clad in armor, who then proceeded to fight him too. Lastez was relieved when the armored man called the fight off shortly after, as he was thoroughly exhausted. Lastez was completely thrown off though when this man in armor asked that he come with him and train as a knight on the condition that he change his name. He was understandably hesitant, but after an urge from the two girls that had found him years ago, he agreed. From that night, he was known as Luer by everyone else.

He left his life of nowhere to live with the knight Kain in the small kingdom north of Hoshido, Retora. Admittedly getting used to the new name was difficult, and breaking his habits as a dancer was no easy task either. Often he found himself scolded for either flirting, making an inappropriate comment, or changing clothes/stripping out in the open. He had no sense of personal space, and he had no modesty. It took one year, however, of training with soldiers from the army in Retora, living with Kain and his wife, to change drastically. Luer had grown accustomed to his new name, and his new life. He had become mild mannered, not speaking up unless spoken to and to some timid, but he never changed his childish want to see everyone smile. This, along with what was believed to be an impressive performance as a soldier over the next two years, was what earned Luer his new position: he was now a royal guard for his king.

It wasn't long before Luer was friends with just about everyone in this little kingdom, even his own king liked him. Luer had come to, although never having out loud said so, cherish Kain and his wife as adoptive parents. He even had some hope that their late son would have accepted him as a brother, as he felt the dead man was one to him. He felt truly loved, a feeling he had not ever known before now. He loved his position too, standing at his king's side everyday. He found peace here, this was where he belonged and he couldn't be happier.

Luer's now seemingly perfect life only lasted a few short months after promoting to royal guard. One night, an entire army swarmed the kingdom. Luer had not seen anything like it before. Given the order to escort his king out of the kingdom whilst Kain and the other soldiers held off the raiders he reluctantly obeyed. He had no choice. Even then though, with both himself and his king injured, things did not look well. He failed to do the job he so loved to when his king was struck down while he tried to heal him. Before being shot with the fatal arrow, his king had insisted Luer do one thing if he did not survive: run. As much as Luer's heart ached at the idea, he obeyed that too, running and hiding away until the raiders had left.

He was luckily not found, and spared. He waited for silence before deciding to brave returning to the kingdom in hopes some of the others survived. He wasn't prepared to find the carnage that he did. The river ran red, bloodstained as he followed it to the castle. It was here he found one person still alive; Kain. Thoroughly beaten and bleeding, Kain was alive, but he was poisoned. Luer tried, and found his healing was incapable of curing poison. There was no time to find an antidote. With no way to save him Kain gave Luer one last request and order. Kill him, and leave the ruined kingdom. Much to his heartbreak, Luer obeyed. He didn't leave right away though, he was desperate to find survivors. Through most of the kingdom (as much as he explored anyway), he found no one alive. He spent a good few days doing this before finally giving up and leaving.

Luer found himself homeless and alone once more, only this time it hurt much more than the last. Everyone he grew to love as a family were gone, the home he grew to love was gone… He didn't give up though. He sought out the only ally he could that was close by, the kingdom of Eclir. The kingdom was Retora's main traders, and had been there before on errands for his king with Kain. But Luer was further tossed into hopelessness when he arrived to find Eclir had also been destroyed. He spent a day or so walking around here before coming to the conclusion that this had been done even before the attack on Retora. This came with another realization though. He had nowhere to go now…

Luer traveled aimlessly for a while, again hungry and without company. Many times coming to question if he even should keep going. He eventually found himself in the kingdom of Hoshido, where he used what money he did have left on him to get a room at an inn. He cleaned up here, ate and rested. He spent as much time as the money he had bought him here to try figuring out what to do. He was alone, he had no family or friends, and he had no home. He was out of money and he would not be able to stay here long. He again had questioned if it was worth it to keep going, if he should be done with this sudden darkness he was in. As he sat staring at the only thing he had left, his bow, he eventually came to a decision.

Taking the only things he knew how to do, guard and help people, he made a new life as a guard for hire. He began putting more focus to his healing powers as well. On top of his ability to heal, he noted (albeit the hard way) he could take a harder hit than most people and still survive.

Although Luer has no knowledge yet of it, he is the grandson to the last ruling king of Retora, the same king he served under, making Luer the prince of Retora. Luer has no knowledge of his manakete ancestor either, which is why it will come as a shock to him to learn he is a dragon.

The full history of Retora, if needed/wanted:


  • Luer can take a more severe wound, one a normal person couldn't, and survive.
    • Although he hasn't tested it himself, there is a limit to how bad an injury can be to be considered as survivable to him.

  • Luer can heal.
    • He has to use a separate chant to heal himself, different from the one he uses to heal others.
    • If he's hurt too badly, he physically is incapable of healing himself or others (this probably goes without saying though).
    • He cannot heal something like poison or illness.

  • ANNA
    • Gives him real time status updates and in combat suggestions/analysis.
    • Can form armor to protect him.
    • Can boost his arrows and grant him an energy blade.
    • Also has the ability to talk to Ryan telepathically, in a manner of speaking.

  • Undead
    • Although he hates it, he is cursed as an undead (Dark Souls) and cannot technically die.
    • He does lose more of himself each time he dies and if it happens enough times he will eventually become a hollow zombie.

Powers when transformed (for future reference, he doesn't have these yet):

  • He can fly
    • Of course he can only fly for so long before he gets tired.

  • Increased Physical Abilities:
    • He gains a lot of physical muscle, and his scales are much sturdier than his human flesh. While he is actually moving faster than he was as a human, his larger size means he has to move greater distances for physical attacks, thus making him effectively slower.

  • Breath Weapon
    • Each Dragonstone gives him a different breath weapon.
    • The Fire Dragonstone he was given allows him to breath fire. This fire is magical in nature, and ignores all defenses save resistance to the fire element.

Skills (D-Slightly Above Average, C-Above Average, B-Excellent, A-Master, S-Above Master, SS-Grandmaster):

  • Archery - A
  • Hand to hand combat - D
  • Swordsmanship - C
  • Healing (provided he doesn't lose his mind) - S
  • ANNA - C

Class Skills: Retora Noble class

  • Notice Me: Buffs the hit rate of enemies by 25, and increases the chance enemies will target him, whilst inflicting a stat penalty of 5 to each stat (a serious debuff for a human). Stat penalties are to recover by 1 each turn (10 seconds in rp).

  • Uncrowned Martial Arts: Arms competency that was not recognized by others due to unimpressive presence. Causes an enemy to automatically register his skill level as that of a beginner with his weapon and respond accordingly to that.

  • Shove: Allows to push an ally away (possibly out of harm's way).

Personal skill:

  • Incantation healing: Healing cast through the use of incantations via inheritance from priest ancestor. There's no limit to how many times it can be used, but there is a recasting period of 1-30 minutes (depending on how long he spent casting) between each use.

Weapon(s)/ Equipment:
  • Kain: Steel bow with a silver bow string, making it much more durable, a little heavier and more shiny than an average bow. The bow brands the Retora kingdom's crest on the grip, but this is usually hidden by his hand when Luer uses it.
    • Retora's Crest:
  • Arm cuff: Inherited from his great great grandfather Verrow. The silver metal arm cuff is engraved with the chants Luer uses to heal.
  • ANNA: The pendant he wears, made of crystallized blood from Ryan let's him use this.
  • Ryan's Pendant: A valentines gift of crystallized blood from Ryan. Is warm to the touch.

Strengths: Archery and denial

Weakness/ Fears: Luer's biggest weakness is his fighting skills. While he is decent in hand to hand combat, most of the time people fight with a weapon. An up close fight against a swordsman would not end well for Luer, even if his bow could deter a couple strikes of a sword. His fears are death and getting too close to people.

Other: Although mentioned in the history briefly and in his powers, I'll add it here too. Luer isn't aware that his ability to heal comes from his bloodline, being descendant of a priest and manakete, nor that he is the heir to the throne of Retora.

He was a prostitute, you know he has more than fighting skillz~ ;). He has taken a self oath of not having sex again; it has been four years since he last has. This is subject to change though.

He will run his hand through the left side of his hair thus displacing it from its pulled back style. This is his sign he's taking a break as a knight (letting Lastez out if you prefer to call it that) or he has lost himself, no longer feels he knows who he is. He does this unconsciously, he's not aware of the tell.

He's left handed, but as his right eye is dominant he uses a right handed bow.

Luer picked up Kain's speech pattern as he lived with him, even though he doesn't cuss as much, he does speak without contractions (I.e. do not instead of don't). If he uses contractions he should be considered more or less emotionally unstable, or something is bothering him. He's not aware of this tell either.

Luer is extremely motion sick. Cars, boats, planes, elevators, carriages- almost anything will make him dizzy.


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the Crazy
Name: Chika Kobayashi

Age: 43

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: AroAce

Species: Human

World and Universe they are from: For Honor

Appearance: Strangely tall for a Japanese woman, she stands at 5’ 11” in height with a muscular build born of both training and battle. Her clothes do little for defense, as the ceremonial garb of the Hitokiri is made of cotton, linen, and leather. Such garbs cover the upper body, then separates into strips on the lower body for mobility. These garbs are dyed grey and faded light blue. The only actual armor pieces are iron plates located on the shoulders, forearms, and shins. She wears an Uwa-obi that’s decorated with puppet heads to represent several of her slain foes of the past. She wears a strange fox-themed mask. Underneath her mask, Chika’s face has several scars from previous battles, and her hair is tied back.

Personality: Chika is one of the few Hitokiri that attempt to keep some semblance of calmness. The spirits constantly whisper to her in silence. Their pain and sorrow burrow into her own soul, influencing it into something dark. When not in combat, she is often found meditating or performing breathing exercises. She has to constantly maintain her sanity, lest she lose herself to madness and search only for people to kill. In battle, she weaponizes that frenzy and fury to fight with overwhelming force. The downside of this is that it also has her obsess over executing notable foes. Casual interactions with her are difficult, and she tends to speak either briefly or artistically. That is to say, she either speaks in short terms, or poetic ramblings. Both are ways of keeping herself calm. The first gets the point across fast so she can return to her focus. The latter helps her ignore the voices while attempting to communicate.

History/Bio: Once upon a time, Chika was a disciplined and humble soldier. She was loyal and entirely willing to die for her emperor and the country her ancestors had created after being stranded in the land of Heathmore so long ago. Things would change when the Vikings raided the Capital. She was just a foot soldier at the time, but she still did her part to drive them back out. Alas, it would prove to be a fruitless endeavor, for even after warding away one threat, another charged in. The Blackstone Legion followed up the Raid by taking the palace and killing the emperor.

From then on, she would join the efforts to avenge the fallen lord. When the day came for the Samurai to strike down the Blackstone Legion, she was as steeled for the battle as anyone else. She fully intended to do her part to end the lives of the killers and end the war their leader had wished to start. Unfortunately, Apollyon’s plan was completed, and a new war between the Knights, Vikings, and Samurai began. The only positive thing to come out of that chaotic mess of a battle was a promotion from foot soldier to Executioner.

The first people she was made to execute were captured Blackstones. Even outnumbered with no hope of escape or survival, they did not yield. They fought with murderous intent and feverish devotion to their fallen leader even when bound. They were practically demons. Even in the moment she beheaded them, they smiled as if they would get up and attack even after death. As the years went on, the war not only continued, but grew. New warriors from beyond Heathmore began to appear, mercenaries joined the fray for coin and glory, and a fourth army even joined for a reason that only they know. The amount of war criminals and prisoners Chika would kill only grew with time.

One day, something strange began to happen. With the inclusion of the Wu Lin to the war, the supernatural began to influence their reality. At first, it was subtle, a rumored instance of miracles here, a story of curses there, but it wouldn’t be until the greatest of the executioners slaughtered a village that these rumors and stories would prove true. A thick mist would cover several villages, and all that were available were called to investigate. When Chika visited one such village, she was shocked. Spirits faded in and out of sight as shadows in the mist, the soldiers that she was with even went to far as to attempt fighting them. It was a fruitless endeavor. Some were cut down, others were possessed and levitated before being dropped from a height, and no matter how many shades she attacked, they would simply reform. She and other survivors were forced to flee, but even as she ran, the spirits that haunted her were emboldened.

Their voices grew into loud whispers. The guilty, the unrepentant, the murderous, and the insane. All her victims ate away at her sanity. She wasn’t the only one. Other executioners suffered the same, and all of them suffered the same fate. They but needed to give in for one moment, and when next they came to their senses, their weapons were bloodied, and they were surrounded by people who looked at them in horror. In Chika’s case, she had killed some children that were sent from her friends to check on her. She ran until she had reached a cave where she screamed and shouted to drown out the whispers. That might her voice would be shot, and the souls of the dead would corrupt her.

She and other Executioners would be labeled “Hitokiri”, and they would charge into the war with newfound bloodlust.

Chika was one of the few to attempt to save her humanity. Even with the new power, and a darker outlook, the souls of the children she slew whispered to her to stay strong. She felt a need to lay their souls to rest, and a way to redeem herself to their loved ones before offering her life. To do this, she must first help end the ceaseless conflicts that continue to plague Heathmore. So on she wanders, from one battle to the next.

As a Hitokiri from Heathmore, Chika has been corrupted by a dark power like others of her kind. After years of executions, the souls of the dead haunted them until they were changed. The shadowed hearts of their victims became a part of them, and the spirits became theirs to control. Many victims that are felled by Chika’s hand have their souls taken by her, which grants temporary benefits upon success. Increased stamina, spirit-bolstered defenses, empowered strikes, and even regeneration are momentarily gained from the deaths or executions of notable warriors.

The souls she has taken in the past form a shield around Chika and a victim that she has chosen to perform a unique execution on.

-Tainted Gift
Chika sends one of the souls she’s taken to haunt and track an individual. The spirit is visible as a face with an agonized expression, and it lets out pained whispers as it follows the target. Should the target be executed, the spirit takes some of their fading life energy to slightly heal Chika, and those that she is fighting alongside.

-Spirit Shroud
After a unique execution, the soul of the victim forms around Chika in the form of mist. This mist acts as extra armor, hardening just enough to soften incoming attacks.

The accumulated souls of her past victims gather to her for a devastating cleave. They form a shield that allows her to act unimpeded, and empower her Masakari to allow it to overwhelm armor and barriers.

Power limitations:
-Soul Stealing. The most obvious weakness in taking the souls of victims is that there must first be a soul to take. Most robots, golems, and other such non-living beings would not provide a soul, and this would not grant any of the benefits from soul-stealing. Not only that, but if the soul being taken is strong enough, or even has help from others, then the attempt to take it may fail. This does not revive the victim, but it allows the spirit to pass on or longer as it wishes.

The shield the souls form is not invincible. It can be broken or dispelled with enough force or effort, allowing Chika to be vulnerable and staggered out of performing the execution. Also, the shield only lasts from when the execution starts to the moment the victim dies. Any moment before or after are moments to prevent the shield from forming.

-Tainted Gift
The Soul cannot stay with its target forever, and must return to Chika if the target does not die some time after being haunted. Putting into consideration the fact that soul manipulation exists in other universes as well, there is the possibility (or rather “certainty”) that soul-manipulating individuals can take the haunting spirit for themselves or send it away.

-Spirit Shroud
Though it acts as another layer of armor, it’s not invincible, and will eventually fade even in the midst of battle. In that case, another execution must be done to gain it again.

Strangely enough, this attack can still be parried or dodged if timed correctly. Parrying the attack does nothing other than momentarily stop it, but dodging it forces the spirits to disperse for a time. The attack can also be survived if the target is strong enough.

-Intimidation (B)
-Soul Manipulation (B)
-Two-handed Axe-wielding (A)
-Meditation (B)
-Speaking clearly (F)
-Speaking with a hoarse voice and/or creepy whisper (SS)

Weapon(s)/ Equipment:
-Hebi no Ikari
Originally a large axe meant to cut trees, the samurai residing in Heathmore have adapted axes like this to become the tools for Executioners, making the blade somewhat larger and adding a second side to the blade head. Even former Executioners that have become Hitokiri continue to wield the Masakari as their weapon of choice. Chika’s Masakari is the Hebi no Ikari. It was not hers, originally. Rather it belonged to a fallen Hitokiri. She took it to replace the one that had been broken in the same battle the original owner had died in. It’s an intricately-designed axe with a serpent-themed design slithering down the shaft and onto the flat of the blade. Despite its unique appearance, it has no powers of its own.

Strengths: Living in Heathmore, she is not only familiar with war, it has practically become a way of life for her. She has fought many warriors with different weapons and different styles. She has found similarities in all of them, and has a knack for figuring out ways to predict how the attacks will go.

Weakness/Fears: She fears the spirits will one day overwhelm her. She fears that she will lose herself like so many other executioners.

Other: She speaks in whispers and creepy hoarseness. This is a trait shared by all Hitokiri.

The Wanderer

Mysterious Stranger
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https://twitter.com/HybridStarfall Userpage of StarfallHybrid -- Fur Affinity [dot] net [Credit to the artist that I commissioned for art of my boi]
Nolan "Nomad" Madison

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual [Little bit in the closet.]

Species: Human

World and Universe they are from: An Earth turned into a post apocalyptic world besieged by magic and old world tech.

Appearance: Nolan stands at about 5'8, weighing in at 135 Ibs and of a slim build with curly brown hair and equally colored eyes. Wearing a tattered dark brown hoodie with tape or bandages holding together the outfit around the arms, the gray cargo pants are similarly tattered and held together by tape and/or bandages around the right knee and left thigh. Dull red worn converses cover his feet and leather gloves on his hands with one glove on his right missing the index and thumb finger of the glove. And when not wearing a gas mask, he is seen wearing a brown cloth mask with goggles.

Personality: Nolan is someone who is known to be extremely skittish and curious, poised to jump at any and all sudden sounds and to jump into a bush at the hint of trouble but will sometimes be overtaken by curiosity to look at something, which has gotten him in trouble. Granted there are times where said skittish-ness is quelled aside from being curious and that is when Nolan feels that someone is in dire need of help or hurt enough, but beyond sparing some supplies or providing distraction work by firing off a round or two before running back into the woodwork to avoid trouble. A common trait for scavengers and survivors of the wasteland, as being alert and quick to get out of dodge the second something is off can be the difference between life and an extremely painful death.

To make up for his cowardice, Nolan does scavenging missions or courier services for settlements on the occasion, or the rare job to explore dark places for resources or tech that could change the fate of a settlement, or to find himself a new weapon to replace his broken one. Getting himself in deeper and deeper trouble.

History/Bio: Born shortly before the event known as the Fall, Nolan's parents were scientists researching situations that modern science could not understand. Vampires, werewolves, creatures from the deep. And most important was a terraforming, reality bending storms that the more Occult called 'Magistorm.' The effects of which were random, ranging from horrifying changes to the land such as 'Oh breathing in the air shreds your insides like a fine slurry', to mundane 'Now it rains here forever.' The cause of which was a race of beings from another dimension seeking to try to come into the current realm.

Now said changes were in single locations and really rare and purely accidental. The beings even sending envoys in the form of telepathically contacted individuals that they'd fix said problems, until one day, the nations of the world sought to combat the forces responsible for this, using nuclear retaliation. This in turn damned the world to the hellhole it is now, beasts from folklore turned real due to reality being bent, the storms being increased in number, causing new land to form and land that was to sink away.

This is the world Nolan grew up in, his parents died unfortunately during one of said storms which left Nolan to grow up alone and fending for himself. Each stage of life being a trial of life and death, scarring the boy for days to come. But well worth it as Nolan grew to be a experienced survivor.

But as they say, curiosity killed the cat as Nolan he soon vanished investigating an anomaly.

Powers: N/A

Power limitations: N/A

Survival: B
Tracking: A
First Aid: C
Marksmanship: C
Scavenging: A
Repair: S

Weapon(s)/ Equipment: An old bolt action rifle based on the Mosin Nagant, .32 revolver and one .45 pistol both of which are old. A specially made Geiger counter that not only monitors radiation, but also magic levels and potential reality bending anomalies.

Strengths: Nolan does well in environments that house scrap, woodland or where he can hand out a helping hand in repairing machinery. And often at the back of the group, sniping away with his rifle and seldom being in close quarters.

Weakness/ Fears: Nolan isn't strong physically, so much so that an individual who is extremely weak could beat Nolan in a test of strength. As for fears, he is afraid of most things. Snakes, vampires, ghosts, demons, aliens, if it isn't human. He's afraid of it. Hell, he's afraid of the dark.

Other: n/a​


the Crazy
Name: Kaathe "Crestfallen" Oolacile

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Species: Dark Elf

World and Universe they are from: The Dawn Covenant

Appearance: Tall with lean muscles. Kaathe's clothing primarily involves travel clothes that are suited for most climates and weather conditions. He dons a black-leather coat and masked hood, but underneath is his armor. Metal armor, undecorated, and designed solely for the purpose of protecting his body as best as it can with minimal hindrance to his agility and dexterity. Kaathe himself is beautiful. If not for his voice, he would need to strip down and show others his male anatomy in order to keep them from confusing him for a woman. Fair, blue skin, silver hair, and grey eyes. He has a tattoo on his forehead that symbolizes that he had made a pact with a Demon.

Personality: In a word: Pessimistic. Due to a traumatizing experience earlier in his life, he had forced almost all sense of caring out of his mind. Though he thinks logically, and would still attempt to help someone when needed, he has resigned himself to allowing fate to go whichever direction it wishes. The deaths of others-and even the thought of his own demise-slightly amuses him, as it only proves to him that he may have been right to discard that caring.

Among most others in the Order, Kaathe takes Monster hunting and slaying more seriously. He has his weapons forged specifically to pierce thick hides and scales, and manipulates his magic with the thought of hindering the beast so that he can kill it and preserve parts that have other uses.

There once was a moment where he had started to care once again. Unfortunately it was brief, and traumatizing when it came to an end. Now he is as pessimistic as ever. Only this time, he's not so keen on allowing the light of hope fill him again. He doesn't know, nor does he care, if his allies are alive or dead now. Still, he honors the memory of his lost love, and her Familiar by naming his weapons after them.

History/Bio: Born in one of the cities of the larger islands of Nalrokar, Kaathe was expected to grow to become one of the strongest in their city. He was lucky enough to survive the Dark Elf tradition of surviving on his own by figuring out Blood Magic and making a deal with a Demon to send him home, after all. Unfortunately, "strong" was not what he was. Physically, he was weaker than most, and as such, he was constantly berated and beaten. More than once, he found himself in a dispute that left him limping and bleeding after it's resolve.

When he was younger, he tried to get stronger. Learning all that he could in order to prove that he was strong. Of course, his losing streak would not be deterred by this own determination. Still, he continued to move forward, going forward with his futile goal.

Eventually, he had gotten into such trouble that he was dying on the ground, a failure. It was at that particular moment, where he took a look at his life. What had he done? What was the point? Why was he so afraid to lose? Was it death? Was it because he would find himself in a situation just like this one if he hadn't gotten stronger? Well, there he was, and he didn't care.

It was all idiotic anyway. Why try to do something when fate clearly meant for you to do something else? It was a waste of time. His life had been a waste of time.

He survived that little experience, but now he had lost all manner of caring. He would do whatever he would normally do, only this time just on a whim. He accepted anything that happened, and simply moved on. It was in the Past anyway. It wasn't his problem anymore. The next time he found himself in a fight, he won. Apparently his new outlook on life had granted him a calmer mind, and a clearer sight. He easily overpowered his opponent with what he learned. Funny how fate works. When he wanted to win, he lost. Now that he could care less, he tastes victory...and it tasted like the air he had been breathing from the moment he was born.

As all other actions from his near-death experience onward, he joined the Order on a whim. It was because of this, he had never gone up in rank. Not that he would care, anyway...

During the War against Sar'than, Kaathe had played a minor role, fighting off monsters, cultists, and enemy soldiers alongside other Knights of the Dawn Covenant. For a while, he had found hope and love with a comrade named Cythlla. The two had helped each other on several occasions, until one day several specialized knights went missing. Among them was Cythlla. Although his happiness and hope faded away once more, he still fought for the Order, and even managed to best Cyrena Morgari, a powerful witch and close ally of Sar'than, several times along the way. One notable event involving the two was when Kaathe broke out of a nightmare illusion she cast on him and his comrades. While others suffered their worst fears, Kaathe had simply left, as he had nothing to care for, and had long accepted that Fate would use him as his plaything.

In the end, he put an end to Cyrena's life by using an illusion, and beheading her with his spear, Cythlla.

After the War, Kaathe simply went off on his own. He had played his role throughout the war, and wandered off on his own. Few would notice his absence in the years after. He left, because he had come to realize that he had allowed hope to return and be ripped away once more. Rather than allow himself to grieve and wail until his heart stopped, Kaathe had decided to go on a journey of his own.

He wandered the lands, doing whatever had come to his mind. He did not even consider returning to his people, and settling down once and for all.

- Cryomancy: The power to conjure and manipulate water and ice. Kaathe specializes in freezing enchantments when it comes to this area of magic. His own specialized spell needs the power of Blood Magic to work properly, but will basically rain down freeze-enchanted ice weapons from the sky.

- Illusions: Self-explanatory magic. Kaathe has a few special spells of his own. One involves sending out an illusion made from one of his own memories. Another involves forcing one under an illusion (as long as Kaathe keeps them in his sight and doesn't blink).

- Blood Magic: The forbidden branch of magic in his world, almost exclusively known and used by the Dark Elves. With a blood offering or a sacrifice, one can do anything from enhancing the potency of their spells, to Making illusions into reality, to summoning abominable demons from the Void.

Power limitations:
- Cryomancy: The way Kaathe uses this magic involves a lot of focus and energy. It also needs time when it comes to freezing something.

- Illusions: Without the use of Blood Magic, the illusions are just that: Illusions. The clever can find their way back to reality, or realize what is real and what is not. The more mental-manipulating kind of illusions would need the target to be in direct physical contact with the caster, or an object that the caster has enchanted with said magic. Aside from that, every illusion is temporary, and only lasts a few minutes at most, unless enhanced.

- Blood Magic: This particular Magic makes the user susceptible to demonic possession. Prolonged usage makes the odds of summoning a hoard of monstrosities grow larger with every passing moment. Plus, if there are no sacrifices, then Kaathe may end up using too much of his own blood.

Cryomancy - A
Illusion - S
Blood Magic - SS
Hunting - SS
Marksmanship - B
Lance and Spear Usage - B
Cooking - C
Salve-making - C
Crossbow Bolt-crafting - B

- Cythlla: A lance that was designed by Dark Elves, and has been sharpened enough to cut through stone. Five blades make up the spear, three curved blades near the top, leading up to double-edged spearhead. The last blade is another spearhead at the opposite end of the pole. Kaathe had named this weapon after his lost love, whose own Blood Magic was so terrifying and powerful that she may have been a powerful Dark Elf in a Past life, and just kept the memories.
- Henry: An strangely-decorated crossbow that can shoot a bolt with enough force to pierce thick scales, hides, and heavy-plated armors. Its grizzly design involved a large, metal point at the end, and several pointed rings along the sides.This weapon was named after Cythlla's Familiar.
- Kaathe’s Ritual Dagger: A slightly ornate danger with Dark Elven markings engraved into the side of the blade. The markings translate to this: "This is my Hope: May Fate do what it will."
- Whetstone
- Crossbow Bolts

Well-experienced Hunter.
Great shot.

If he finds himself in a situation where he cannot do anything, then he will allow fate to do whatever it wants to him.

- Kaathe once had a lover that gave him hope, but she went missing during the War against Sar'than. He assumed she was dead.

- Here is an example post I had to make before with this character:
The squires, the pages, the initiates...they walked onward in the light of day, going about their training and duties. As one would expect, a majority of these youths were excitable, and fantasized about slaying beasts and monsters becoming heroes and legends. How innocent of them. Even when enduring their training and lessons, they dream of how they would earn such titles.

One of these youths was simply making her way, when she had noticed a Dark Elven knight, sitting alone. Curious, she approached him. Her curiosity only grew when she noticed that the knight had a conflicting look on his face. His eyes were half-closed, with a look of melancholy shadowing over them. However, his mouth was slightly curved into a small grin. The girl was confused, as the two expressive looks seemed too incompatible to simultaneously exist on the same face.

Intending to satisfy her curiosity, she looked at him and asked,

"Excuse me, milord. But may I ask you something?"

"What is it?" replied the knight.

"It's just that, you seem to be hiding your sorrow. Why is that? What happened?"

The knight looked at the girl for a moment, and then chuckled quietly.

"You think yourself a good judge of character, child? You seem to have missed your mark this time."

The girl was even more confused.

"It's just these new knights I had passed earlier. They were talking to each other about how they were looking forward to combating strong monsters...How inexperienced. They'll likely meet their deaths once they find how powerful beasts can be. It's a shame really. They might have been dreaming about a chance like this all their lives. Oh well. Whatever happens to them happens, and they will return different than when they leave."

"Sir, why would you say such things?" said the girl, astonished.

"Because it is the truth", he replied. "There is no guarantee of safe return, and dreams of glory will only hinder them in their little battle. Dreams have no place where they will go. Still, the inexperienced and the foolish will go. Some will die, and others will be broken, but they will move ever onward, I suppose."

The girl looked down. She was regretting ever coming into contact with this knight. The dark elf saw this, and spoke again.

"If you wish to be a knight that survives battles, you must accept the fact that you may die. You must take on the gravity of every battle you have fought, are fighting, and will fight. You will be hurt, placed in bleak situations, and even face your death, but this is a given. Accept them, and you may live through your battles. Cast a blind eye, and you will certainly meet some sort of end. Whatever the case, it matters not to me. Do what you will. Whatever happens will happen. It's no concern of mine."

The girl, now with something to think on, thanked the knight for his time. As she began to leave, she had found that she had not asked his name. So she returned to him and did just that.

"Does it really matter? I'm one of the less memorable knights...fine. My name is Kaathe."

The girl tilted her head at the strangeness of his name.

"Now go. I've a headache from this one-sided conversation."

The girl nodded, and walked off, back to her duties. Kaathe simply continued to look down, and think to himself once more.
b2de1a21ff273439a8087f99100e05bc.jpg Name: Gus

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual. He's only attracted to being the dominant party.

Species: Homo Sapiens (99.99%) / Homo Sapiens Divnus (0.01%)

World and Universe they are From: Assassin Creed, Roma (1499)

Appearance: Gus is an olive-skinned, muscularly-built man. His hair is an almost unnatural natural striking orange, however it's only noticeable in his bushy beard and eyebrows, as he keeps the hair on top of his head bald. He has amber eyes and a scrunched snout-like nose. When possible, he wears a wolf-pelt over his head and dresses in the dried furs of his hunts - a tradition of his particular sect of Romulus Followers.

Personality: "Brothers. We fight for the glory of Romulus - the founder and true god of this city. Through divine providence, Roma is OUR birthright. It does not belong to the mewling masses who pray to the weakling that died upon a pile of sticks. For now, the masses are ignorant of our god's power and right. However, in time. they will be made to see the truth as we do. WE WILL WORSHIP ROMULUS THROUGH EVERY ACT WE MAKE TO RETAKE HIS CITY!"

Unlike the other higher-ups within the cult, Gus genuinely believes in the divinity of Romulus and the righteousness of his followers. He has a savage - yet disciplined - bearing about him. Under his eye, he does not tolerate chaotic infighting among the worshippers or the bringing about of pointless suffering. However, despite that, he's rather capable of horrific acts - as long as it's justified under his faith. Altogether, he's a rather commanding yet zealous man and its rather difficult to change his outlook on things.

History/Bio: Gus was born into the Followers of Romulus during the year 1470. At birth, his strangely orange hair-colour and wolf-like yellow eyes were taken by the cult as a sign of Romulus' blessing. From a young age, he was taught how to hunt, kill, and skin - and with instincts unbecoming a of young man his age, he managed to stalk and slay a mother wolf before skinning her pelt. He named her Lupa - after the she-wolf of Roman lore - and her cloak soon became inseparable from his form.

As he grew older, he was taught the cult's way of moving from catacomb to catacomb through climbing, running, and jumping. When he was finally strong enough to a hold a proper weapon, Gus was trained in the ways of combat and found a liking towards the larger and heavier weapons. In his late teens, just before his first raid, one of the older followers gifted him Necavi - a large two-sided greataxe. With it in hand, Gus saw to the slaughter of many unfortunate caravanners and mercenaries.

Despite his power and victories, he did not grow arrogant or conceited. More than anything else, he was taught to dedicate his blessings and good fortune to Romulus, the half-wolf God. With every achievement Gus made, his faith in Romulus grew more and more unbreakable. The unfaithful leaders of the cult took advantage of this and molded Gus into a useful tool. He was trained to command and intimidate other followers to keep them in line. When somebody wanted to challenge the leadership, they had to go through Gus.

During his midtwenties, he hunted and retrieved a litter of wolf-pups and began training them as his own. Surprisingly, they took to his command, and he trained them to be vicious - yet disciplined - beasts. [FILL IN MORE]

Powers: Knowledge - An extrasensory perception that allows Gus to instinctively sense how people and objects relate to him. From a focused glance, he can detect hidden spots, trails, and predict the intentions of his allies or enemies. When active, he's capable of sharing this sense with his trained wolves.

Power Limitations:
-This ability isn't constantly active. Gus can maintain it for a minute before needing an hour to use it again. In addition, this sense isn't infallible. If Gus deeply trusts someone - as with his life- then he wouldn't be able to detect their hostile intentions using this sense.
--(Player Note: I'm taking these restrictions from Arno and Desmond. Arno was only able to maintain his sense for a limited period of time. Theories suggest that Desmond's inability to realize the affiliation of Lucy was due to the fact that he trusted her too much.)


D-Slightly Above Average

C-Above Average
--Hand to Hand Fighting
--Perception (Unboosted)

--Axe Fighting

--Wolf Taming

S-Above Master:
--Perception (Power Boosted)

Necavi: His two-sided large greataxe. It has seen the blood of many during his life - both innocent and guilty alike.
Lupa: His cloak. It's the skin of his first kill - a mother wolf. It covers his back and he's had it reinforced with iron plates to damper backstabs.

Determined/Devout: He isn't going to back down from his holy mission - even in the face of extradimensional opponents.

Prideful: He won't tolerate any sort of insult to the Follower's name.
Superstitious: He feels naked without Lupa, as if all protection has abandoned him. If lost, he will do close to anything to get it back.

-Villain-Player Character.
-In Assassin Creed's Roma 1599, he leads a sect of the of Romulus Worshippers. They know the catacombs beneath the city. His sect in particular acts as more like a gang or mercenary group, but still retain their heretical superstitions.
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Name: Agatha Brandt

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Species: Human

World and Universe they are from: ?

Appearance: Agatha is of a rather average height, 167 centimeters tall, to be precise. Given the added bulk of her cybernetic enhancements, she weighs 159 kilograms. She has blond hair that goes down to her back, but she styles it with braids running on the sides of her head which merge into a ponytail. While she keeps her bangs loose, she does not deem them as cumbersome enough to tie up. She is fair-skinned and has light blue eyes. Agatha has marks of her enhancements on her face and her back, while the frontal side of her torso is less marked. All four of her limbs have been replaced with prosthetics. Her arms at the shoulder and her legs below the hip joint.

Personality: Being taught in the ways of battle early in her life made her a somewhat cold and distant person. Her years as a police officer made her act less distant. She was finally able to let loose a little. She is still very respectful and obedient to her superiors, however. It takes a certain degree of incompetence for her to question authority. Reliable people having her back soothes her, otherwise, she’s better off working on her own. As a teacher, she is very strict, wanting to get the best out of her students. Agatha is a very pragmatic person. She is always going with what she knows works, rather than simply going off on hints and theories. However, she likes to have an ace up her sleeve or a backup plan, since she knows plans can go in unexpected ways. Being caught off guard is something she detests.

Agatha was born of an American military couple. With the looming threat of World War Three, both of her parents decided to keep their only daughter safe… Enrolling in a secret child soldier program from a young age. Agatha went on to be trained in secret by the military for years. This certainly bore fruit for the program. As she became a first class soldier in a short time. Her specialty were covert operations, more specifically, stealth and assassinations.

When Agatha was 16, the tension building up between multiple nations for almost two decades finally exploded. World War Three had begun. As a soldier, Agatha’s tasks increased. She was not in the program for nothing though. Working as both an assassin, as well as an infantry soldier, her battle efficiency was outstanding. That was until two years into the war, she was hit by an explosive, losing all limbs but her left leg while also taking heavy damage on her torso. Even so, she managed to survive.

Many would just give up their war efforts after such an event. But not Agatha. She instead asked to be put back in fighting shape with cybernetics and experimental biological prosthetics. She was so committed to returning in top shape, she asked for her remaining leg to be amputated and replaced as well.

With her newfound body in place, she took a couple of months to adapt to it, and as she desired, was returned to the battlefield. Where she fought the remainder of the war. Contributing to her side’s victory. After that, she continued to live as what was known in her world as a “shadow soldier”. Operating unseen to others for a few years. She finally retired when she turned 25 years old, becoming a police officer doubling as instructor. After all, the world had achieved some degree of peace, so armies weren’t as needed. That said, she still wanted to remain sharp, hence her new occupation.

Prosthetic limbs: With a premium quality, ultra tough metal exterior. Agatha’s limbs are extremely hard to dent. Furthermore, the materials acting as muscles pack a mighty punch. Making them as good for attack as they are for defense. All of them have kinetic pulse cannons, usable as reach increasers, damage enhancers, and “multiple jump” enablers.

Enhanced organs: Her bones are made of the same material as the outer shell of her limbs, while her muscles have been nurtured to support the extra weight and act without being hindered at all. Her lungs and heart have been replaced by bio-mechanical counterparts, with a much higher energy output. Finally, her brain has an implanted section which enhances all of her senses, especially her hearing and her eyes to a slightly lesser degree.

Power limitations: While the alloys used on her enhancements are designed to not be that susceptible to electric damage, after a certain threshold, electric attacks paralyze or even incapacitate her. Kinetic blasts used excessively in a small gap of time will damage the limbs.

Skills (Any skill your OC is particularly adept at, from swordsmanship, to piloting, to knitting should be mentioned here. Should also state their skill level D-Slightly Above Average, C-Above Average, B-Excellent, A-Master, S-Above Master, SS-Grandmaster):
Assassination - SS
Stealth - S
Marksmanship (Pistols) - S
Marksmanship (Other known firearms) - A
Survival techniques - A
Driving (Motorcycles)- A
Driving (Other vehicles) - B
Piloting - C
Teaching - C

Weapon(s)/ Equipment:
- A pistol with a 99 Silencer (Nullifies any sound from firing the weapon to an almost perfect degree, reducing its lethal range)
- A high caliber revolver
- Two large knives (As seen in image)
- A smaller knife
- A repair/maintenance kit for her limbs
- A set of bulletproof clothes that mute noises she makes as she moves.

Strengths: Dutiful, professional, patient

Weakness/ Fears: As a former soldier and current policewoman, she fears for the life of her workmates. This is a current fear, as she was formerly without any major fear.

Other: She hates pineapple on pizza.


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Yaoi, modern/fantasy, fantasy, horror, romance and so on.
Name: Voláre "Red Riding"

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Demisexual

Species: Human

World and Universe they are from: Fire Emblem: Fates

Appearance: Voláre stands at a reasonable 5'11", wearing a dark red robe with a hood. The hood is usually kept up, earning him his nickname. Under the robes he wears a white long sleeve and white cloth pants, which usually are only seen when he's ready to sleep since he takes the robe off. Voláre's pants are tucked underneath beige knee high boots that lace up. Voláre wears thin black gloves, which are stitched with white embroidery of his family's (from his mother's side) crest. Lastly, Voláre wears one golden bracelet, and one silver bracelet on each wrist.

Voláre has silver hair, matching that of both his parents, at medium length and styled straight (look up Xellos of Slayers for an idea of hair style). His bangs are straight, and long enough to cover his amber eyes for anyone that has to look down at him. He's thin, naturally, but he's not malnourished. He just cannot seem to put on any weight no matter how hard he tries. He is all muscle, despite his tiny frame, making him strong enough to pick someone up if he had to.


Personality: Voláre is shy, incredibly so that he tends to hide behind his hair and under his hood. He's easily embarrassed, and easily shamed. His thought process is easily influenced as well, which often leads to him having a hard time when people are in arguments. Both sides are constantly changing his mind. It's rare he feels safe and free enough to have his own thoughts, but this usually happens when he is around people he trusts.

He's quiet though, and more often than not doesn't speak to people directly, or at all, until he feels close enough to them. He will talk as if there is another nearby or an imaginary person to relay his words if he absolutely had no other choice. It is just more comfortable for him this way. His voice is heard quite clearly when he fights, but he is usually pretty embarrassed by this and no one really knows why, but it often leads to hesitation to fight out of fear of being shamed.

History/Bio: Voláre was born of a dancer and a seamstress. His mother Rina having been working so much sought out to enjoy her day off one night, and had found herself a dancer to entertain her. This resulted in Voláre, and although not having wanted a child, she fell in love with the baby. She doted on him as much as any mother would, and found he was quite sensitive to the cold so she took great care in keeping him warm. She assumed he would outgrow this though, and with his frailty feared he would not survive without some sort of training. Not having the means to do this herself, she reluctantly sent him off to what was known as the Deeprealms.

With time moving faster inside the Deeprealm Voláre grew up faster than his mother probably expected he would. He was taught as any student was, but he faced a few difficulties along the way. He had a hard time keeping his own thoughts and ideas, and often was inclined just to agree with someone else and be done with trying. This continued throughout his time in the Deeprealm. He was teased for it, and often felt ashamed of himself because of it. But he pressed on regardless. His shyness became apparent quickly as well, and with hiding under his red hood whenever he got nervous, which was often, he was given the nickname of "red riding". It didn't matter which name was used, but more often than not it was something mean. This led to Voláre's choice not to talk.

He was quickly a fantastic healer though, and easily that became his specialty. Even so, it didn't help his social life. It was the concern of his mother and teachers that urged him to find some way, any way to protect himself. So he started researching any kind of self defense. He had no talent for any weapon, no matter how hard he tried and it was becoming too embarrassing to keep trying. So he went to try using the magical arts, those of tomes, specifically. He was decent enough at that, but most magic was still difficult for him to control.

He found as he read and studied the magics he could create his own tome for use in fighting. With help, and encouragement he managed to do this, although it was by pure accident the tome became one of ice magic. Voláre couldn't complain though, since it actually seemed to work really well for him, despite the irony in it. He still had issues with control though, and it was recommended by a teacher that he use an enchanted item to help with this.

In his final year in the Deeprealm, Voláre had mastered his magic to the best he possibly could, and came out of it with a custom tome, a short staff for healing, and two enchanted items. It was incredibly helpful to him, and he was grateful for the help he received from his teacher. He was now ready to go home to see his mother again, or at least he had planned to.


  • He can heal fairly quickly, and efficiently with his Purification Rod.
    • His healing doesn't work for poison, only physical wounds and the occasional cough or sore throat.
    • He can't recover blood loss, and he can't heal a fatal wound and bring someone back to life.

  • Niflheim lets him attack with ice shards.
    • His ice can be either one decent sized shard, such as a medium sized dog, two smaller (small dog) shards, or a good dozen of miniature (French fry sized) shards.
    • His control only goes so far, he can't control all of them separately.
    • He is able to freeze the ground around himself, a person or object, so it's possible fo freeze someone in place too.

  • Through his tome he can summon an ice golem, giving him an ally much larger and stronger in power than he has alone to protect him.

Class Skills:

  • Rally Magic: Magic +4 to all allies within a 2 tile radius for one turn.

  • Tomefaire: Damage +5 when equipped with a Tome

  • Focus: Critical hit +10 when there are no allies nearby.

Personal skill:

  • Unassuming: Enemies that prefer to take out the strongest of the group first are less likely to target him. Enemies that prefer to take out the weakest of the group first are more likely to target him.

  • Healing - A
  • Ice control - C
  • Buff magic - B
  • Adorableness - S
  • Loyalty - S

Weapon(s)/ Equipment:
  • Niflheim - An icy blue colored tome
  • Staves: Psychic, Freeze, Ward (barrier lasts 5-7 minutes)
  • Enchanted silver and gold bracelets
    • His right bracelet, the silver one, boosts his control over the ice, letting him either merge it, split it and change its direction.
    • His left bracelet boosts his ability to heal, decreasing the time it takes to do so, and usually letting him heal a more severe wound than he normally would.

Strengths: Healing, loyalty to his loved ones, reading

Weakness/ Fears: Anyone that may betray or tease him, or try to control him. He's sensitive to the cold, so he often will shiver even when it's not really that cold to most people.

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[Art of my boi was done by: Userpage of StarfallHybrid -- Fur Affinity [dot] net https://twitter.com/HybridStarfall ]
Ryder Rowe



Sexual Orientation:

Human [Cyborg]

World and Universe they are from:
A Cyberpunk world wherein countries are each heavily special and unique in how awful or supernatural it is. One country managed to mix with alien life and deal in space travel/space tech while holding illegal genetically altered mutant/monster fight clubs that both Earthly Underworld and Outer Space Underworld enjoy. One country being run by robots that will run practical slave labor and fire people because they've found a better method of production. All sorts of crazy stuff happens here. All for a profit, often at someone else's expense.

Standing at just under 5'11 and weighing 150 Ibs, Ryder's hair is often completely white but is often dyed various colors because of his choice in career and mostly because he just feels one color this day, and another color on the next. Marking his skin, besides the various tattoos that include: An Anarchy Symbol on his shoulder, an Ace Card on his neck, and random tattoos covering his chest and back. There are visible lines where his cybernetics are installed. Mostly around the face as he did have his skull altered and along his body, his arms around the elbow being completely replaced by cybernetics, though not flesh colored as the rest on his body. The cybernetic arms are a non-shiny black color, bordering on gray for some parts of the arms.

For his eyes, they are a noticeably cybernetic. In that they are black in color save for the iris which is often glowing in color, often white or some other fancy color that Ryder has chosen for the day.

Described as a thrill-seeker at heart with heavy doses of eccentric mannerisms, such as blaring old songs over speakers while in a firefight, or making his own songs on his own, using a method similar to an Acapella just with instruments rather than making sounds with his mouth, for zero profit. Or becoming a mercenary/criminal heister that is often the Getaway Driver in robberies, big and small. To Ryder, it's just another thrill, one that also messes with the MegaCorps that rule over Earth, which to Ryder is a big bonus.

It's often noticed that Ryder despises MegaCorps, calling them every name under the sun, hating how each one doesn't hesitate to screw over the little guy , the main reason being he was born under the rule of a particular MegaCorp called something gothic and tacky, that required each child to be born under a license, if a child doesn't have one, they get a lethal case of lead poisoning, courtesy of hitman doped up to the point they can't express any emotion or remorse. The child in this case was Ryder's little brother sister when Ryder was barely fifteen. So yeah, Ryder dislikes most of 'em. Probably the reason why he got into his current career.

But underneath the eccentric mind and seething hatred of Corporations, Ryder's a caring individual, giving away literal millions in credits from his cut in heists to orphanages or the rare few cities outside of any MegaCorps rule. In fact, he's currently funding a ship to take a city to the stars, and hopefully integrate with the alien life that's taken up most of the universe. Free and away from the shithole that has become Earth.

As mentioned, Ryder was born in Sector Four under a MegaCorp known as "Invictus Ad Servitium Inc" thankfully with a license for his birth, so he wasn't shot in his crib, his childhood was spent in heavy poverty while his parents both worked endlessly to provide for their family, his mother having to sell her body which led to a pregnancy of twins. Neither they could afford to get licenses for both, so they attempted to have both in secret, but the twins were sold out by a nosy neighbor, which led to the deaths of both infants when Ryder was just about to hit fifteen. The two-thousand credit fine served to his parents was the nail in the coffin, figurative and literally. Both working themselves to death and leaving Ryder alone in the world.

What followed next was a descent into crime, Ryder joining up with a local gang, serving as their driver and racer for the very illegal street racing games they held. Which over the years led to Ryder becoming a freelance mercenary and eventual bank-robber/getaway driver hired by the Underworld's worst to damage the funds of various MegaCorps around the world, and within their own Solar System.

Ryder's final job, before his mysterious disappearance was robbing a casino owned by the very same MegaCorp he was born under, wherein the group he was with, stole 50 billion credits and just about to make it out when the group suffered heavy casualties. Ryder being the sole survivor, ran off with the two duffel bags filled with the chips holding the credits before suddenly disappearing. It's been assume he somehow got his hands on some teleporting tech, and made off like a king.

This couldn't be farther from the truth.

Powers (If your character has biotics, magic, a superpower, racial abilities, or anything that can be explained.):
Since Ryder's been modified with both genetic and cybernetic augmentations, he's been given a decent number of abilities.
+Cybernetic arms are far more stronger and precise than regular flesh and blood arms.
+Cybernetic eyes also grant him a H.U.D of sorts, as well as protection from flashbangs
+Cybernetic ears also act as protection from loud noises that'd damage hearing, such as gunshots and explosions
+Nanomachines grant him a slight ability to heal, nothing major. Said nanomachines can be used to repair the other cybernetics.

But one piece of genetic augmentation that is Ryder's main ability, and possibly the main reason why he's as skilled at driving as he is.

A specialized organ is located in his brain, said organ allows a more enhanced perception to be activated that increases reflexes while making Ryder see things as if they were in slow-mo.

Power limitations:
The main downside to his cybernetics is if someone throws a EMP at him, can disable his cybernetics for a couple seconds. Which not only leaves Ryder not able to see, hear or even raise his arms or move his legs. Leaving him rather vulnerable. The massive amount of metal in his body also leaves him vulnerable to magnets, electricity.

The drawback that organ in his head, is that continuous use leads to headaches that go from "Okay this is tolerable" to "Owww, kill me, I'm briefly shutting off so the pain stops" levels of pain. Each use requiring at least thirty seconds in between usage. And can only be used for ten seconds of 'slow-mo'

Driving: S
Fist-Fighting: C
Mechanic: A
Music: S
Parkour: A
Piloting: A
Shooting: D
Hacking: B
Bartering: D

Weapon(s)/ Equipment:
One Pistol chambered in 9mm, holding just about fifteen rounds. One SMG chambered in .45 and holding about thirty rounds, one knife hidden in left arm, two duffel bags filled with chips that basically hold 50 billion credits. Three clips for both pistol and SMG, totaling at six clips.

Ryder works best as a distraction, or as a driver/pilot in "GTFO-ing" in situations, remaining cool under pressure and easily out performing skilled drivers, and some not so skilled pilots.
Weakness/ Fears:
Easily out performed by more skilled in regards to guns and piloting, and despite his cybernetics and 'skill' in fighting, martial artists can kick his ass, Ryder on his own and in a corner can only do so much.
Currently owns and driving a van done up to look awfully similar to a certain van from an old TV show regarding a team with a letter as their primary nickname.​


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Yaoi, modern/fantasy, fantasy, horror, romance and so on.
Name: Xivestial (Ziv-estial, like celestial) "Ziv"

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: He doesn't really care, be it male, female, animal, robot or whatever. Omnisexual is the term, I think.

Species: Human

World and Universe they are from: Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

Appearance: Ziv has mid-back length black hair, usually kept up in a high ponytail unless he's just relaxing or sleeping. His eyes are a dark red-ish brown, bronze colored I suppose you could call them. He's of a large build, strong with defined muscles but not to a ridiculous point, and stands at 5'10. Ziv has a dusting of freckles on his outer upper arms that reach from his elbow to his shoulders, they don't usually show unless he takes his shirt off though.

He's almost always in black, as it is both his favorite color and reflects his personal feeling of a tainted soul. He is always seen with the same broach on though, a black bleeding heart (it's a type of flower) shaped broach. He usually keeps it pinned to his shirt, or the inside of a jacket if he wears one.


(Source, Picrew avatar maker)

(Source: non paid commission by @aariesa on Twitter)

Personality: Gentle and carefree. Ziv is confident, which isn't always a bad thing. He has a soft spot for young girls (not in a creepy way!) and lonely people in general. He will do everything in his power to protect a young girl or child from harm if he had the chance to. That said, he can get rather brazen in doing so- to a point where he will have no issues jumping in front of an attack and taking the hit to avoid a child getting hurt.

He's pretty friendly overall, mostly because he is so carefree. He doesn't like to see people for their bad qualities. If he can, he'll point out every good thing about you he finds. Though, it'll probably be done in a frivolous way. Unless you're a child murdering heartless bastard, in which case, he will take pleasure in trying to disembowel you. He's not against fighting, enjoys it even, but to an extent. He doesn't like fighting to the death unless he feels it's just.

Ziv's friendly demeanor often makes it easy for people to approach him. His carefree attitude gives him a high patience when dealing with some personality types, usually the rash or verbally abusive types, as well as remaining pretty calm when in a tense situation. He'd be good at defusing an argument before it got out of hand.

Ziv loves food, especially trying new foods. Usually, depending on the situation, it's the first thing on his mind. His favorite food is his fathers' sugar cookies.

Ziv vaguely remembers the kidnapping, though there is a fuzzy memory of most of it, the most vivid of those being the smell. He's not opposed to talking about it to anyone that asks, and if he feels it will benefit someone else, he'll bring it up himself.

History/Bio: Tekura retired from the life of a border soldier, and in doing so found he was in love. However, his lover was another man. Tekura wanted kids, so after marriage and a talk with his new husband, they agreed on a surrogate mother. Of course this meant only one of them would be the blood father, that was fine to Raiga. Thus, Xivestial was born. A few years after, the two decided they wanted one more, and sought their son's mother one last time to bring Celeste into the family.

Ziv lived a decently ordinary life as a child with a younger sister and two dads. Ziv was innocent and carefree, and he adored his baby sister. They were close, despite a two year age gap, and almost always together. Ziv played the big brother role well and was often protective of his sister if she were ever picked on or bullied. His family was perfect to him and his fathers were the best parents he could ask for.

This life went on until Ziv was about eight years old. Everything changed for him one day. He had an argument with his parents. It wasn't of any major topic, in fact it was over his refusal to help in the farms one day. His sister asked for him to stay with her while she was sick since she wasn't allowed outside.

The argument became much more heated than it should have, leading to an angry young Ziv taking his sick little sister out of the house, naturally thinking he knew what would be better for her.

They snuck out as their parents discussed things in the kitchen. They wandered for only a few hours before eventually they got lost in the mountains. It didn't take long after for the two to be found by a few horny drunken bandits. Being as small as they were, it was easy for the three adults to overpower Ziv's tiny body in a fight and make off with Celeste. Believing Ziv to be as good as dead, the three took Celeste with them, leaving only one vivid memory of their assault behind on the child— the smell of alcohol on their breath and the look in their eyes.

It took almost all day before his parents had finally found him and got him to the healers back home. Once Ziv was in recovery and awake, he told them what happened. The village set about a small search party for the bandits and Celeste, which Tekura himself took part in. Each day that passed without any word or sighting left the family more and more upset. Raiga and Tekura eventually drinking every night to cope, while Ziv laid in bed feeling lonely.

After nearly two weeks, the two decided they were not going to find her. For Ziv's sake, fearing that if the thieves came back and found him alive they'd be after him, they sent him to live with his aunt Lita in the northern part of Grust. She would take care of him.

His time here wasn't unpleasant, even if he often found himself lonely without his sister around. He had become inspired by the soldiers and mercenaries he would meet with his aunt during errand runs. Shortly after moving, around age 10, he began training with weapons. This included axes, bows, and an attempt at horseback riding. He'd also quickly become one of the few younger kids that would try to stop bullies from picking on little girls. They reminded him of his sister too much to see them cry, he wanted to help.

By the time he was 16 Ziv had made his choice of weapon and learnt how to use it well enough, the sword. At this point, he had also decided on his next goal in life; to finish what his parents started and find Celeste. He left his home with his aunt Lita, now in hopes of one day finding his sister alive and well.

The years spent traveling proved to be educational on multiple levels and subjects for the now mercenary. Ziv spent time in villages and cities of all sorts, and even took on a handful of bandits himself for a few of them. Much to his dismay, none had any knowledge of what happened to his sister.

He spent time in one village where he would meet a blacksmith that went on to not only make him a silver sword, better than his previous steel sword, but also to teach him how to care for it. His last sword's condition left an impression, apparently. While he doesn't possess the talent to forge weapons, he was able to pick up how to repair his blade at the least.

Ziv discovered his personal skill during a bandit raid. When he stayed in one village that fell under attack, it proved to help him keep out of too much involvement. Naturally though, he couldn't walk away when he found himself in the position of being the only person able to rescue a woman and her child from a burning home.

With this new ability, while some would expect it to make things easier for him, it actually had proven to make him more jittery. Ziv found himself jumping or feeling uneasy in larger crowds, especially those that he found he could tell were drunk or watching him in certain ways. He couldn't place why though. He had ignored it for nearly a year, but around his 19th birthday, it started becoming an issue that made traveling difficult for him, and he couldn't have that.

Having settled in a quiet city, Ziv decided that despite his desire to find his sister first and foremost, he needed to find a way to get rid of this uneasiness he felt so often. It was making his goal that much harder. It was here he found a handful of healers that helped him work through issues he didn't even know he had. These healers were the ones that brought to light what happened that day for the swordsman, as well as why he felt the way he did when people looked at him a certain way- with lust in their eyes. It was not a difficult conclusion to make, really. The look and smell were the things he remembered the most from the assault, and even though it wasn't him they looked at that way, it did nothing to lessen the discomfort he felt from it.

This proved to be a far longer process than he was ready to undertake, staying here for nearly a year to work through not only his fear and lack of understanding things, but the short temper that had started it all. It was also at this point that Ziv had come to the decision to one day- when he felt more ready -talk to his parents again.

He was introduced to a few people that had gone through something similar in their lives, bandit assaults in general and even kidnapping victims themselves, which proved to be a great help to him as well. This stay also provided him with his first sexual experience, which was encouraged by a handful of his new friends— and with one of them, in some hopes he would feel a little less uncomfortable with the looks of lust he often would catch. Said friend happened to be a girl he was quite fond of though, and he would dare say he had somewhat of a crush on her at the time.

Alas, following this and his explanation for his need to leave, the two never got far in their relationship. Even so, it was a mutual understanding and the two would remain friends. Perhaps if he ever came back someday…

Ziv left the city with a newfound peace of mind 10 months after arriving. Though still somewhat unsure, the rest would come with time. He gave a farewell to his new friends and began his search once again for his sister, now with a more positive outlook than he had before.

He returned home to see his parents for the first time in nearly a decade after he turned 23, having finally felt ready to face them again. His parents were older now, but they loved him still. Ziv took this chance to talk things over and apologize for his short temper that fateful day. They came to the agreement that all were at fault, and the two thanked Ziv for continuing the search they could no longer. Though the outlook is bleak, they remain hopeful.

  • Speed:
    • He moves pretty quickly, but at top speed he comes damn near fast enough to get away from lightning (if he could predict it, he probably could).
  • Strength:
    • He could cut down trees with minimal effort, or if he tried hard enough, cut through some armor and metals.
  • Magic:
    • Ziv has no magic outside of his personal skill, and that's closer to intuition than magic.
  • Durability:
    • If you can destroy houses with it, chances are you can't take Ziv down yet. At least not in that same attack. He's as tough as he is strong, so it'll take more than one good hit to bring him down.

  • Blacksmithing: Not to any professional level, to be sure, but Ziv does have enough experience to be able to keep his sword from becoming unusable, so if needed he could repair it.

  • Mediation: Though not professionally trained, he can keep his calm and diffuse arguments— if not prevent them entirely before they happen.

Class skills: Mercenary
  • Swordfaire: Gives Ziv a small strength boost when he fights with a sword- further so if he fights with a magic sword.
  • Vantage: Let's Ziv anticipate an attack, mostly by reading the other's movements. His sixth sense helps with this sometimes when the attack is just out of view too.
  • Outdoor Fighter: Buffs Attack and Evasion when battling outdoors. Which means he prefers to take it outside, because he can hit harder and has more room to move, so he gets hit less often.
  • Despoil: Chance of finding goods on a defeated opponent, otherwise known as a grave robber. Usually Ziv can get a hold of money this way, in the unlikely event he kills his opponent. He's not entirely a fan of stealing from the dead but, eh, they don't need it anymore.

Personal skill:
  • Sixth sense: People usually call it magic, but it's more like a sixth sense. He can almost always tell when someone or something is nearby, and he can distinguish a person (or animal) by their aura or presence alone. He doesn't have to look at you, or hear you to know you're there. It usually helps most when finding hidden enemies or survivors after a fight.
    • His sensory ability only extends so far. After some training, he can go about as far as a mile. So he can literally feel you a mile away.
    • Most of the time he can tell if something is different with a person as well, such as if they're dying, they feel cold to him. This is most prominent in people with stronger magic too. Such as a person intuned with high level fire magic, they feel hot to Ziv, or someone with dark magic will feel dark to him.
    • Ziv does have a limit, as this ability can become overwhelming when in a situation where there is a large gathering of people/large animals. This can often cause a migraine for him.

    • He's trained to, in a way, turn it off in these situations. While the ability is always active, he can basically ignore it and therefore avoid the headache. The same way people forget they have glasses on their face, as an example. Similarly, if he's distracted with something else it's easy to get by without him noticing.
Skills Scale:
  • Sensory - A
  • Swordsmanship - S
  • Horseback riding - D
  • Axe & bow wielding - D
  • Mediation - B
  • Blacksmithing - C

Weapon(s)/ Equipment:
  • Silver sword: A silver sword. Though a standard blade, the hilt is shorter than most and the guard is smaller in size (imagine about half the size of the pictured one).
  • Basic brown leather satchel: Emergency food, a change of clothes, a hunting knife, a small whetstone for sharpening and a set of small black smithing tools.
  • The broach on his jacket:

Strengths: Usually it's his confidence in who he is that makes him come off as strong to most. Due to his patience and preference for a calm discussion, he's in a good position to act as a mediator when needed.

Weakness/ Fears: His biggest fear is finding his sister dead.

Other: Ziv had kept one item of his sister's with him at all times, her broach- a birthday gift from their mother when she was born. He keeps it on him almost always, as she had done when she was still with them, and will constantly check to make sure it's on him.

Ziv abstains from drinking much himself. He won't turn down a glass or two of celebratory Champagne, but that's about as far as he goes as he greatly dislikes the smell.

He visits his parents every so often if he can.

(Author’s note: Formatting should not be this hard, I hate the way it looks and don’t ask me to fix it because I can’t *cries in eternal suffering over this nightmare*)


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Name: Karena Kuren

Age: 26 (Biological) 75 (Actual)

Gender (Can be genderless too): Female

Sexual Orientation: Demisexual

Species: Dhampire

World and Universe they are from: Original, Halcyon the city of gears.


Appearance (Just a basic description of what your character looks like. Needs to be over four lines long. Please include basic shit like height and complexion, as well as physical build.): Karena stands at a nice five feet four inches. Which is rather good for her current profession. Her long ginger hair is most of the time in a loose ponytail, but she has been known to tie it up in tighter buns and the like. Her eyes can fluctuate between a sky blue, and a deep crimson depending on her emotional state. She primarily wears a strange mixture of clothing, from the traditional button up and duster, to her favorite coat and blue jeans. Though the main similarity between these outfits are a pair of heavy metal boots and a pair of sunglasses. Her right arm and left leg have been replaced with clockwork prosthetics that faintly tick when listened to up close.

Personality (Over six lines long.): Karena can either be your best friend whether you want it or not, or your worst enemy. She has a habit of running her mouth and getting into a lot worse situations then she originally was in. When she isn't getting her ass handed to her she is a rather nice gal. Caring for those around her a bit too much for her own good, and willing to get quite messed up in the instance she has to step in-between defend them. While she thinks of herself as a bit of a class clown she can buckle down and get work done when needed, though she will be cracking jokes for most of the whole time. Once she befriends you there is likely no way for you to actually get rid of her.

History/Bio (Over eight lines long; no canon blending- as in direct interaction with canon characters.): Karena is a rather unique individual. Someone in her families past banged a vampire, and she just so happened to roll the genetic lottery just right to come out of the oven with that certain vampiric touch. She has lived with this 'curse' as some would call it for her whole life and has become rather normal for her. She grew up in a small family of four. She was the youngest of three siblings having an older brother and sister, and her mother passing away within a few years of her birth. This caused the Kuren siblings to either learn to survive or starve. So instead of going to a primary school Karena took an apprenticeship with a local Clocksmith. It was here she developed a deep understanding of just how the city itself worked, and how the wonders of clockwork functioned. From her she grew into the woman she is today, and even took over the clocksmithy when her teacher retired. She one day dreams of maintaining the central boiler that powers all of Halcyon.

Powers (If your character has biotics, magic, a superpower, racial abilities, or anything that can be explained.):

A Clockwinder to anyone outside of Halcyon would be a rather primitive spellcaster. While this is true, they have a strange art to their abilities. A Clockwinder stores stress and physical force in their body like a battery. Clockwinders call this stored energy Tension, and from this potential energy they can transform it into various forms of usable energy. The process of doing this seems very unrefined and unfocused, and requires the Clockwinder to be in particularly deadly situations. The more stressful or deadly a situation is, the more energy they can store and unleash. A Clockwinder is at their most powerful inches away from their or others death.

Every Clockwinder has the ability to transform Tension to Kinetic energy. The practice of doing this resembles a martial art. Ridged explosive movements to shunt and push objects or people with great force. With enough skill this force can be focused into swift strikes extending the range of martial actions, or throw smaller objects such as coins as if they were projectiles thrown from a sling. While most of these techniques are nonlethal in nature, when combined with weapons and objects they can become as lethal as the object they are combined with.

Clockwinders also display the ability to transform their Tension into a specific energy type outside of Kinetic. Karena can transform her tension into Electrical energy. With enough Tension Karena has pushed it into the lethal range before and passed out immediately after she unwound. She has never been in such a bad situation to achieve that again, nor does she want to be. She is able to launch bolts away from herself in quick bursts of movement to shock and jolt individuals to stun them, allowing her to deal with them in more favorable methods with proper weaving of shocks. She may also use this to speed up her own movements with sudden bursts of speed when she needs that little oomph to get there in time.

Karena herself is not a full vampire, only half. She has been aware of this condition mostly since birth, and has learned to deal with the unique problems and benefits that come with it. Much like her full blooded cousins Karena has the urge to consume blood. Her body seems to be hyper sensitive to the crimson fluids sight and smell. She is able to detect minute amounts of it from several feet away. This makes a blood drive one of the most dangerous places for her, as the more blood she is exposed to the harder it is to fight off the urge to consume it. Along with this genetic urge to consume life energy she is rather sensitive to sunlight. She gets sunburns within a half hour of even light exposure, and bright sunlight can physically hurt her eyes necessitating a pair of sunglasses to curb the light going into her eyes.

Though her heritage does give her some minor boons. Despite looking as if she hasn't lifted a single weight for most of her adult life, she has displayed an above average strength on a regular basis. Capable of keeping up with even the most skilled human martial artists in strength and durability alone, but it doesn't go farther beyond a human maximum. She may also recover from any wound by consuming blood. The more fatal the wound is, the more blood she has to drink. Small cuts and scratches being a small mouthful, while the brink of death requires multiple liters to fully recover.

Power limitations (The limitations of said powers, because nothing that will be accepted is limitless):

Karena's 'magic' is limited by her inner Tension. In theory she can store as much as her body can handle, but as she stores more the higher it wears down her body. Clockwinders with a lot of Tension can be irritable or overstressed to the point where it starts to take a toll on their physical health much like a high stress environment would. Her abilities are rather unfocused in the grand scope, but that is just how it is, as its not true magic, but a transfer of potential energy and desire.

Karena's heritage gives her an unbearable need to drink blood in some circumstances. While she is around it the longer or more there is the higher this urge is, and the more injured she is the higher this urge is too. Sunlight is just a pain in the ass.

Skills (Any skill your OC is particularly adept at, from swordsmanship, to piloting, to knitting should be mentioned here. Should also state their skill level D-Slightly Above Average, C-Above Average, B-Excellent, A-Master, S-Above Master, SS-Grandmaster):

Stress Management: S
Clockwork inventing: A
Hand to hand: B
Longsword: B
Firearms training: B
Smithing: B

Weapon(s)/ Equipment:
Hollow Blue: Karena carries with her the revolver her father made. An eloquent design of steel, bronze, and brass this revolver functions much like everything else in Halcyon. Through simple mechanisms. It is chambered in .45 cal, and is more then enough to deal with most problems presented to the normal individual.

Norhammer: A sword Karena forged in her early days as a smith. She has carried it with her for most of her life and never leaves home without it. Its made of a high strength steel, with bronze and brass inlays along the guard and hilt making a rather beautiful blade for the modern woman. She even added metallics around the wrapping so she could electrify the blade when needed.

Karena is a tough cookie to put down. She is a rather close range fighter but she is rather good with it through a mix of her Clockwinder abilities and training with her sword and revolver.

She can fix any problem, as long as she has enough time and brass, and the problem is of a physical nature. Fuck ghosts they are weird. Clockwork can solve most problems.

Weakness/ Fears:
Karena's biggest fear is loosing herself. While its only happened once or twice she doesn't ever want it to happen again. She fears that if she looses herself to her own hunger she might end up killing someone close to her.

She isn't very good at dealing with things far away from her, and will have to close the distance or throw shit that far to deal with them.

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Science Fiction.

Name: Katunich Parker and Cally

Age: Eight (since Revival; unknown biologically)

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Leans towards heterosexual, but personality matters more for a long term partner in his eyes. Truthfully, he just wants friends.

Species: Human

World and Universe they are from: Destiny, Era of the Awakened Traveler

Katunich looks can be best described as deceptively fit. Though his frame is relatively slender, his musculature is hidden underneath his chosen clothing - a red longcoat with a buttoned up, slightly armored undershirt, flat and simple pants and boots with a handful of buckleless belts to hold it all together.
His hair is a matte black, his skin a little pale but not unhealthy. He has similarly coal-like irises, and bears a sharp face with a thin scar above his nose where the blade of a Cabal Legionnaire had struck him while switching his helmet. He comes in at 6-foot-one in terms of height.

Personality: Katunich is an adventurous and curious soul - a Warlock by the terms of the Vanguard, Katunich desires knowledge and lore like few others. Though he takes care in his work, his powers as a Guardian give him the leeway to both be a complete bookworm, and a powerful combatant. Katunich takes great pride in his skill with the Light, often using it for mundane purposes as much as he uses it for combat and important arcane research.
Katunich is somewhat eccentric, a tad reclusive and occasionally manic. Despite knowing Katunich is a last name, he chose it for his first. In the Last City, he often drinks and eats alone, unless spending that time with other warlocks who seek the same task. He finds it hard to make friends, mostly because the majority of Guardians have devoted themselves to fighting and war, and while Katunich is not afraid by any means to fight, he does believe the Tower can spare a Guardian to hunt down lost grimore instead of man an outpost. Generally, he enjoys discovering the unknown, even if that means the known and well-documented rarely have any attachment to him. Loves Jazz and most rock.

History/Bio: Katunich was raised from the dead by his Ghost - the living machine he named Cally later on. After surviving the plains of frosted lands outside the Last City and passing through Twilight Gap, he was met by a small Guardian fireteam and inducted into the Warlock orders and enclaves. After undergoing the trials of initiation, Katunich went back to the place of his death, and began investigating. From there, he recovered many things - scattered, old weaponry, a few pieces of Fallen machinery, the helmet of a slain ketch-captain - and returned back to the City, equipped with a name and a purpose. Recognizing that what separates the Last City from the ruins sparsely populated was manpower and technology, Katunich made it his mission to recover all he could from the Golden Age.

Several years later, and Katunich has made decent progress, by one man's standards. Now a walking encyclopedia of grimore, science and arcana, Katunich is the wizened scholar all warlocks are fated to become eventually. He and Cally are not especially well known for any major discoveries, but the area around his large apartment knows him as a kind and a little odd, willing to help out any of the locals with their problems. Only a few have managed to stick with him as friends - Navarro, the titan who rules the nearby underground Guardian boxing ring circuit, Giorgio, the local butcher, and Taylor, a hunter who accompanies him on many missions, often being employed by Katunich to shuttle him around on her especially fast jumpship.

The Light is a metaphysical power source that is capable of a wide and vast variety of things, from bolts of willpower made manifest to unexplainable miracles cast by no present sorcerer. Yet, when boiled down to its primary concept, it can be summed up as 'space magic.' Katunich has a grasp over the Light that allows him to cast many wonders, but he is no deity. It also applies a flat increase to physical capabilities, though Katunich has not leaned into this side of the Light so heavily.

Power Limitations: Katunich is not an expert with the Light, and can be beaten in duels between mystics. His ability to manifest the Light is limited by his understanding of the Light and how to manifest specific powers.

Light Manifestation - A
Ranged Combat - C
Ranged Combat w/Hand Cannon - A+
Martial Arts - B+
Swordsmanship - B+
Engineering - B
Singing - C
Cooking - D

Weapon(s)/ Equipment:
Better Devils revolver. His favorite gun in the universe.
Boudica-44 sidearm. Got from a late friend on a mission he hardly wants to talk about, with a matte black shader. Pairs it with Better Devils commonly.
Half-Truths energy sword.

Katunich is intelligent, and a long-time salvager. On top of this, he is a well practiced spellcaster.

Weakness/ Fears:
Katunich is somewhat prone to fits of despair, feeling like his work hasn't helped anyone. Sometimes, he feels like he should've just did what every other Guardian does instead of seek out 'worthless' salvage and old knowledge. His time having been for naught is his biggest fear, and unlike most Guardians, he retains his fear of death - it's not a pleasant process.


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Undead Name: L’Arathras

Former Name: Agam Azuron

Age: Technically 194, physically 27

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Species: Void Dullahan

World and Universe they are from: ???/Mikirith

Appearance: Agam is 189 cm tall and weighs 93 kg. He is of a very athletic build and tan skin. He has long, wavy black hair. He wears glasses in front of his clear blue eyes to avoid straining them, but he doesn't particularly need them. His hands and forearms have tattooed white geometrical patterns. Being a Dullahan, his head is not attached to his body. He circumvents this inconvenience by wearing a black band with a seal which keeps the head attached to the body.

Personality: Agam is a very laid back guy, more often than not relaxed. He has lived long enough to not worry about most things, however, that does not mean he doesn't enjoy life. He's very extroverted and charismatic, always happy to make new friends, he also loves to mess with people using sarcasm and jokes from time to time. He is an absolute mass of curiosity, he is constantly eager to learn new things, and just as eager to teach things. As nice and relaxed as he is, when push comes to shove, he is a resilient fighter to no end. His time as a Dullahan has also made him quite a determined person, committed to whatever cause seems fair. Though not at the cost of his job. He is a diligent soul reaper through and through.

Originally born hundreds of years ago, Agam Abingdon was born under a family of famous wizards. Living under the strict watch of his parents, which, even though he was from a wealthy family, he lived mostly to hone his skills. However, his natural talent for it far exceeded not only his parents, but everyone's expectations. He earned his place as a scholar in the Kingdom's most prestigious magic academy at the age of 14. Perhaps due to his upbringing, or maybe just predisposition since his birth, but Agam really enjoyed magic in all of his aspects. So much so, that he spent the remaining 57 years of his life studying magic. It all ended when one of his experiments went wrong, causing a white blaze to consume him and his library entirely.

That should've been the end of it, but no. Agam accidentally discovered a way to immortality, at least partially. His soul split in two. One half was stuck in a seemingly timeless dimension along with his books, while the other half was reborn as Thomas Stark, a human with no memory of his previous life. During Thomas' life, Agam studied to figure out a way to reconnect with himself, and all he had were dreams of his life as Thomas. Years passed and Thomas passed away at an old age, while Agam despaired since he didn't manage a way to even communicate with his other self... Yet that wasn’t his only chance at being whole once more. People would continue to be born with half of his soul as their own. But Agam failed to reach them time and time again. Until the inheritor of his soul was Jan Azuron.

Jan was by far the most similar of his incarnations to his other half. With this, came the naturally outstanding grasp of magic. Which led Jan to successfully interact with Agam. Through some multiversal shenanigans, they both fused back into one being. It was then that Agam joined a band of adventurous souls who were fighting a war against a malevolent AI. More than willing to help, Agam traveled and fought with them. That was until he was kidnapped. His kidnapper had a particular interest in his blood, of which he drained plenty, only to then throw Agam off in a random world to die.

Agam felt as he was fading away. However, he still had business to attend to. He desperately wished for a way to stay in this world. An eerie, cold fog started to surround him as these thoughts grew within him. A mysterious figure stood in front of him, asking what lengths he would go to stay in this realm. Both knew the answer to this. The figure nodded, and without hesitation, sliced Agam’s head off. But Agam didn’t die per se. In fact, his wounds quickly healed.

The figure quickly explained that he had just been turned into the equivalent of an extension of this world’s Grim Reaper. While not thrilled at the prospect of taking souls, or capturing them. He was thankful to still have his unlife. From which he hoped to return to the battlefield beyond the stars.

- Apex Undead: As an undead of the highest caliber, the user has access to some perks. Heightened senses (Sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing, space-time, balance, magical detection). Lack of need for sustenance of any kind. Immunity to status changes. An impressive regeneration rate. Finally, through training, the weak flesh of an undead has been thoroughly strengthened. Dominion of Life and Death magic (plus three levels) is also a result of this skill.
- Soul Eater: L’Arathras absorbs the strength of the souls he reaps inheriting their strengths, and should he desire to, their memories as well. That said, absorbing a soul’s memories is a more lengthy process than simply absorbing the soul.
- Herald of Death: The user’s presence can be manifested into their surroundings. A thick fog rolls in, the air grows cold, and a fear that can’t be explained invades the senses of those within the area of influence of this skill.
- Soul Bind: As a result of consuming so many souls, L’Arathras can directly interact with the souls of living and non living beings with three possible results. Connect or disconnect souls from bodies, extract the essence of that soul, or temporarily fusing souls. Furthermore, this makes his spiritual self more sturdy.
- Dullahan’s Eyes: Due to the nature of his head, the user can create eyes with 360 vision anywhere near them. And thus they can see even without their head. The eyes look like small blue flames.
- Roar of the Mighty: L’Arathras' voice has an intimidating and borderline commanding factor, even the most fearless warriors will hesitate to act on their own after hearing a roar of his.
- Fire of Walgar: Any fire magic performed by the user is three levels lower, and instead of being extremely hot, they are extremely cold. Freezing what they engulf.

Magic: A list of the most used spells, as well as the strongest one on each nature in which L’Arathras knows magic. (TMN: 13-10)
- Icy Fireball (2(1)) A ball of cold fire with little kinetic force on impact
- Grand Icy Fire Wave (7(4)) A large wave of cold flames spreading outwards

- Shadow Punch (5) An arm constructed of shadows will strike a target.
- Tyrak’s Chains (10) Chains of pure darkness that upon touching a being will bring them a great deal of pain, even if they can’t feel it normally. They also drain the target of their life force.

- Heal (3(6)) The receiver will recover from minor wounds upon cast.
- Superior Revitalize (7(10)) The receiver will get a major boost in their energy, be it physical, mental, or spiritual, it's all enhanced.

- Undead Restoration (4(7)) A spell to restore undead bodies and give energy to them
- Summon: Bone Dragon (10(13)) A summoning spell. It brings an undead dragon to fight alongside the summoner

Inner Channeling:
- Mental Link (4) Allows for the user to communicate with his mind
- Superior Prana Strike (7) Prana flow through the body is optimized to the maximum, resulting in devastating strikes.

Power limitations:
Skills: While physically imposing, L’Arathras is not invincible. He is far from the strongest of his kind. Furthermore, Light and some forms of Life magic are particularly effective against him.

Magic: Despite knowing more advanced magic than the average Dullahan due to his living days learning it, L’Arathras has transitioned from a powerful magic wielder with some sense of physical combat, to a mighty warrior who happens to know magic. As such, magic can be exhausting to use, with the exception of low to mid tier summons. So much so, that a spell such as summoning a bone dragon forces him to go into stasis should he need to cast it without preparations.

Magic knowledge - B
Throwing - A
Survivalist knowledge - C
Patience - SS
Spear Combat - S
Unarmed Combat - S
Strategism - A

Weapon(s)/ Equipment:
- Pike of the Forgotten Legion: L’Arathras’ soul reaping weapon, which earned that name when he fought an old Dullahan who went rogue. Upon killing her, a large group of soldiers the rogue Dullahan killed manifested as phantoms to thank him for avenging them, after being killed so horribly by her. As thanks, the soldiers offered to always fight by his side. Thanks to the overwhelming amount of spiritual energy L’Arathras possesses, he has a few tricks he can do with his spear:
- Soul Vortex: By twirling his spear, a current of energy rips to shreds anything in its path. It can also be twirled overhead for it to act as a shield.
- Soul Slicer: A crescent of soul energy shaped with the spear, highly destructive.
- Phantom Javelin: With a thrust of the spear, a spike of energy will travel forward. It has high penetrating power.
- Hunting Pack: The user is able to form wolves out of spiritual energy, which can be sent to chase down a target and attack them. Were this to prove ineffective, they can detonate in a contained, but powerful explosion.
Finally, as the name implies, this is the tool L’Arathras uses to reap souls. It is an extension of his soul, and as such, it can’t leave his side.
- Death Knight Armor: His very own version of the armor Dullahans wear. Extremely resilient, and even if damaged, it’s easily repairable and summonable at will. Though L’Arathras tends to just remove the helmet, if at all. The cape it has enables him to fly.

Strengths: As stated before, he is inhumanly patient. He is a decent tactician and diplomat. His concentration on a subject of his interest is commendable.

Weakness/ Fears: He hates The Dark with a burning passion. He is extremely grossed out by snails, of all things.

Other: L’Arathras has a pet yamigara named Raum, which is fused to him and rests melded into his shadow. Aside from being sentient and being able to talk, it’s just your average mega crow.
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Name: Kyra Cypress

Age: 28

Gender (Can be genderless too): Female

Sexual Orientation: You'll find out.

Species: Human?

World and Universe they are from: Lobotomy Corporation / Library of Ruina


Appearance: Kyra herself is rather short. Only around five feet tall. But that doesn't stop her from trying to look taller. The girl constantly wears heels of some sort, or boots just to get the extra inch or three the platforms can give her. Her clothing is a mixture of casual wear, and a big puffy coat. Her hair is a jet black and goes past her hips, she normally just brushes it and lets it flow with gravity. Kyra's eyes are a lightish green color, that deepens to a deep emerald. Overall she isn't that strong outwardly, and in fact can be quite the looker when she tries to be.

Personality: Kyra doesn't talk that much. She prefers to listen to others instead. The girl is rather shy and takes a while to warm up to most people in a way that allows her to converse on close terms. This leads her to feeling cold to others, which helps in her line of work quite a bit. Though when she does get to know someone she ends up being quite the dork.

History/Bio: Kyra grew up in the Wing of L Corp. before its collapse. She was able to live a rather lush life due to the success of her Wings business, not needing to worry about food being on the table. Though there was always something missing. It just felt too easy for her. So, when she had the chance to apply for her first job, she sent an application for the main office of L Corp. At the time they must have been hungry for recruits so they took the shy girl. The training sessions were weird to say the least. Dealing with psychological things, it was as if they were training her to be a psychiatrist instead of an electrician. And well, that wasn't far off at all. On her first actual day she experienced quite the awakening. 'Abnormalities' they called them. Abominations of the psyche stored in containment cells, their emotional responses harvested to make electricity. Surprisingly the shy girl was rather good at talking to a few of them. She didn't know why she stayed around, nor did she know why she enjoyed her work. After all her coworkers died around her a lot. Abnormalities would escape, and they would have to put them back in their cages, most of the time by force of violence. And during this time a coworker could be killed. Yet, she stayed. Survived, and thrived. Facing the fear, and building the future.

One day, around six years into her time working there, while she was working with an abnormality a large flash of light filled the room and everything went black. This leads to her current situation. Waking up in a strange library surrounded by her old coworkers. Unable to leave. Unable to even die. Forced to deal with the guests invited to the library in search of the one true answer to it all.


Manifested EGO "The Queen in Black": Kyra's EGO manifests as her jacket she wears everywhere now. Protecting her from harm like any other clothing found in The City, yet also providing her with four tendrils for grasping things and dealing with unsavory individuals through violence. Her EGO additionally allows her to minorly control the shadows around herself into several ranged attacks of the slashing and stabbing verity.

Librarian's Pages: As a Librarian of the well known urban legend Kyra has been equipped with several books and pages taken from guests that have attempted to enter the library. These Pages allow the librarian the ability to perfectly mimic an individuals combat style summoning the weapon they use for it as well. To others this would be considered magic, and behaves as though it were to them. Most librarians carry with them nine combat pages, some of them from their own books. Since Kyra has manifested her own EGO, she cannot carry that many.
Set Fire: A Combat Page from a particular fire starter. Wielding a flaming bat to ignite their foes with heavy hitting attacks. This Combat page is by no means slow, but focuses all on the offensive as it attempts to burn the target.

Fence: A Combat Page from an adept duelist. Using a one handed sword and defensive movements to protect oneself and their allies. This page focuses all on the defense while striking when it can.

Destructive Impact: A Combat Page from a street brawler. Focusing on heavy strikes to blow through a target with ones bare fists. Giving it all into one or three massive strikes and not caring if one gets hurt is the goal of this style.

Bizarre Attack: A Combat Page from an abomination. This focuses on using many limbs to fend off multiple attackers. Perfect for one that has more limbs naturally.

Return Fire: A Combat Page from a renowned marksman. This style uses firearms solely. A handgun to deal with opponents far away, but struggles in close quarters.

High-Speed Stabbing: A Combat Page from a daring maid. This Page utilizes a spear to keep opponents at bay while also poking them full of holes.

The Queen In Black: Kyra's own Page. She may manifest the full power of her EGO. This allows her to effectively use her shadow manipulation and tendrils in combat with a greater skill then she normally would be able to.

The Librarian: Kyra, being filled with the Light of the library, has a unique quirk. Whenever she would take lethal damage her body disintegrates in to a whirl of loose paper, leaving a leather bound book in its place. This Book is Kyra. After some time it will open itself and unfurl back into the girl it once was.

Power limitations (The limitations of said powers, because nothing that will be accepted is limitless):

Kyra's tendrils and coat provided by her EGO, while being wonderful armor, are not that good as weapons without further manifesting them. All in all she just has two extra sets of limbs and a coat that can stop a few bullets.

Only one Combat page may be active at one time, and none of them can be used while Kyra's EGO is manifested. Kyra may manifest her EGO while using a combat page, but she may not use a page for some time after she manifests. Kyra may not rapidly change between combat pages without tiering herself out drastically over time. This rate is around three times the rate of a normal person exercising on top of any stress she may currently be under as she is essentially hot swapping mental states borrowed from people.

While Kyra is a book, she is unable to perceive the world around her. If one were to destroy the book she would cease to exist. The pages of this book contain a written account of Kyra's whole life up until the point of her 'death'. Nothing is kept secret in the writing of this book. It takes around two or three hours for Kyra to gather the strength again to will herself back into her physical form.

Skills (Any skill your OC is particularly adept at, from swordsmanship, to piloting, to knitting should be mentioned here. Should also state their skill level D-Slightly Above Average, C-Above Average, B-Excellent, A-Master, S-Above Master, SS-Grandmaster):

Depending on which Page she is currently using her skills can swap around. In every case the weapon that comes with the combat page will be wielded at a skill level of A.

Psychiatry (Eldritch and Abnormal, sometimes Humanoid): SS

Mental Fortitude: S

Firearms: C

Melee: D

Weapon(s)/ Equipment:

EGO Suit 'The Queen In Black': Kyra's own coat. This can stop bullets as though it were a bullet proof vest, and has four tendrils that can slip out of the back. She can give this to others if they want to wear something made out of Kyra's psyche.

Librarian's Weapon: Kyra carries with her a simple black baton. She doesn't use it that much but it helps when she doesn't have time to do anything else.

Kyra is rather adaptable. She has been though a lot over her life and has seen some crazy shit. Her fortitude physically and mentally is nothing to scoff at. She used to deal with cognitive dangers every day, and has become hardened against mental effects. Her psyche is most likely damaged due to this, but she would take that over being driven crazy because she stared at a cursed toothbrush too long.

Weakness/ Fears:
Kyra isn't the best with crowds. Or people she doesn't know. Or big scary monsters she doesn't know. All in all she doesn't like talking to those she doesn't know.

Her second biggest weakness is the fact that she herself isn't that athletic at all. She relied on ranged weapons while at L corp, and now relies on her EGO to handle most issues. If she can't do that there is a likelihood that she could get overpowered by a stronger opponent. Thankfully her pages don't have the same weaknesses her body has, even if they are lacking in medium to long range capabilities.


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(Posted for Amber Franklin)

Name: Morgan

Age: Body is 6 years old chronologically, but appears and functions as an adult.

Gender : Female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Species: Hellion Daemon. An extra-dimensional entity occupying an earthbound body.

World and Universe they are from: Hellion

Morgan stands 6 feet tall and 130lbs, athletic build.


Helpful, sometimes to a fault as she wants to believe in the best of even people she has just met. Extroverted. Excited to learn new ideas and skills .Still prone to being physically idle like the rest of her kind, but even then likes to read or play games in a leisurely manner. She doesn't take joy in violence seeing all violence she has to commit as necessary acts for her goal. Does not like having to harm humans or fellow Daemons, and only absorbs a Daemon when she feels she does not have a choice.

A Hellion summoned by Doctor Aldous DuBois with a body created from locks of hair of his wife Marjorie; daughter Cassandra; and by accident their dog Suzie as it had been mixed in with Cassandra's.

Doctor DuBois summoned Morgan to study a Hellion, and if/ how they can learn to live peacefully in the human world. The DuBois family lived in the Gaul province of the Roman Empire, and Morgan came to see the DuBois family as her own.

One day three years after her summoning a band of rogue human sorcerers, The Order of The Chain, made an incursion into the province. They either banished any free Daemons they came across, or forced a master to pass on their Daemon's binding under threat of death. Doctor DuBois and his family were murdered when he refused to even pretend to pass on his 'ownership' of Morgan. When the group tried to banish Morgan, they found it did not work, and Morgan used that element of surprise to escape.

A peaceful life taken from her, Morgan embarked on a quest to systematically kill the band of sorcerers in revenge, all while also being hunted for being a Hellion by the Daemon Caesar and other nations.

In her quest she has traveled across the world, engaged multiple teachers of magic and martial arts to make herself more capable of succeeding in her quest.

Before being taken she has killed two of the sorcerers responsible and absorbed five of their Daemons who gave her no choice.


  • Regeneration: Her Daemon Core will repair any damage done to her body up to limbs being lost over time depending on severity. This also grants her enhanced durability and endurance.
  • Immunity to Earth-borne diseases
  • Immortality: Her body does not age as a result of the constant regeneration.
  • Absorption: Can absorb the Core of other Daemons and grow more powerful as a result, including able to integrate part of their body into her own, though she has not utilized this power yet.
  • High Agility: She can run faster and longer than most trained human athletes.
  • Keen Sense of Hearing
  • Keen Sense of Smell
  • Magic: She has learned several spells on her quest.
    • Spell of Beasts: Transforms her into a large(8ft tall at shoulder) dog. Anything she happens to be wearing is placed into a bag that hangs around her neck and returns to its previous spot on her body when she transforms back.
    • Spell of Tongues: Allows her to understand any language spoken by an individual. Requires a kiss.
    • Spell of Fire: Ignites one object/individual in fire with a snap of her fingers.
    • Spell of Thunder: Amplifies the sound of a clap of her hands to destructive levels.
Power limitations

  • While immortal, she still needs nourishment to function and will go into an immobile stasis if deprived of basic needs(food, water, oxygen) for too long.
  • Complete disintegration of her body is possible and will result in her Core being sent back to Tartarus.
Skills (Any skill your OC is particularly adept at, from swordsmanship, to piloting, to knitting should be mentioned here. Should also state their skill level D-Slightly Above Average, C-Above Average, B-Excellent, A-Master, S-Above Master, SS-Grandmaster):
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: B
  • Hunting: A
  • Wilderness Survival: S
  • Farming: C
  • Magic: D
Weapon(s)/ Equipment

A small knapsack she keeps with her at all times that holds a tattered photo of her family, a hardbound journal book, pens, and baseball.

A necklace of blue diamonds taken from Thili the Bejeweled. It holds her spells and allows them to be used with only a thought, even changes with her when in Dog form and adapts two for use.
  • Spell of Tongues: Allows her to speak, when normally she could not in Beast form.
  • Spell of Thunder: Amplifies the sonic force of her bark.

Adaptability and focus is her main strength behind all of her other powers and abilities. She is open to new ideas, fearless in experimenting even with things she does not fully understand.

Weakness/ Fears

Can be easy to manipulate by nefarious people. Fears the Daimon Caesar and harming innocent people in her quest, allowing herself to be hurt to avoid it.


Morgan can eat all food types but prefers meat and has to be forced to eat vegetables, fruit, dairy products etc. Also prefers said meat to be raw.

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(Posted for Amber Franklin)

Name: Abigail Delano, "Abby Dee" to her friends, Courier Six professionally

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Species: Human

World and Universe they are from: Fallout


Notes: She has a scar at the hairline on her right temple, where she got shot and survived.

Personality (Over six lines long.): If you met Abby at a bar, you would think she was an easy target. She laughs at all your jokes, no matter how cheesy or overplayed they are, and acts like she believes most anything you tell her about yourself. But the moment you tried to cop a feel, you would find that hand broken, and you would be left with the bar tab for the whole night. Tell her the beginning of a good story, and you will find someone willing to help you write the Epilogue. Her brain may have been scrambled by a 9mm bullet , but she still retains the vestiges of what allowed her to survive to the age of thirty in an era where most were lucky to see adulthood without being mutated by the rampant nuclear radiation which permeated her world.

History/Bio: Born in New Reno, ran away from a family of addicts at the age of twelve and spent her formative years wandering what was becoming known as the New California Republic, surviving by her wits and skills as a hand at Brahmin ranches, escorting caravans, and eventually finding work as a Courier. People would say she had a hand in building the influence of the NCR as far as The Divide, but she would say she was just making a hard living as a paid drifter. Necessity brought her in the employ of The Mojave Express, and on her first assignment with said company she became a pawn in a clandestine power struggle for control of the Mojave Wasteland. Which would have been easier for her to navigate, if she hadn't been shot in the head first thus scrambling her brain and deleting a lot of the intelligence she'd cultivated up to that point.

Surviving this first shot of many, Abby went forth on an R-rated version of the movie Forrest Gump that saw her become the deadly right and left hand of Mr. House, ousting the NCR and Caesar's Legion from the Mojave to leave only the pragmatic mind of Mr. House left to shape it.

  • Guns: A
  • Melee: B
  • Explosives: D
  • Gambling: SS
  • Lockpick: D
  • Unarmed: C
Weapon(s)/ Equipment

Current Attire:


Current Weapons:

Her armor has a small flamethrower, wrist blades, a light blaster, durasteel grappling hook.
ZF-1 Pod Weapons System.

The ZF-1 is an ambidextrous multifunctional weapon incapable of being detected by X-Rays featuring a titanium recharger, 3000 round clip (given the weapon is energy based and so the clip has no moving parts, this is not strictly incorrect, though calling the shots "rounds" is) with a burst of 3 or 300. It also features a variety of other fire modes as well, including a self-destruct button.​

  • Replay Button: The ZF-1 can be set to so that the first round fired acts as a beacon for guided bullets, causing all subsequent shots to home in on the original one's impact point.
  • Rocket Launcher: The ZF-1 features a small yellow rocket which devastates any target it hits.
  • Arrow Launcher: Zorg demonstrated that from the sides of the ZF-1 were two launchers with a total of 10 arrows, 5 in each launcher. The arrowheads were each either explosive or had poisonous gas heads.
  • Net Launcher: For non-lethal takedowns, the ZF-1 is also known to have a net launcher to capture, rather than kill the target.
  • Flamethrower: Zorg's personal favorite, the ZF-1 features a short ranged flamethrower.
  • Ice Cube System: A new device the ZF-1 possesses is a weapon able to freeze people.

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(Posted for Amber Franklin)
Name: Mistress Bex

Age: Chronologically her vessel is twenty six and appears in the prime of life.

Gender (Can be genderless too): Female

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Species:Hellion Daemon

World and Universe they are from: Hellion(OC World)

Appearance:Six feet and six inches tall.

Personality : Sadistic and manipulative. Possesses a deep well of patience that is also deadly tenacity to see through her goals.Trusts no one (with one exception) that she cannot control by force or playing to their desires.

History/Bio: Summoned from Tartarus by a Sorcerer to be the slave of a human nobleman like many Daemons. She endured two decades of sexual abuse by and for her master's pleasure as he established a roaming brothel of Daemons. Bex broke free of her master by manipulating a human servant to kill him out of jealousy. Bex forged her master's signature to sign over his property in the Daemon-controlled Roman Empire over to her. The mansion in Paris formed the foundation for what became the premier brothel in all of Gaul, and for Bex the eventual basis of her controlling the entirety of Gaul itself.

Until a Hellion named Morgan came into town, and met one of her girls and brought her carefully crafted world down. Only the intervention of a partner from another universe spared her from a life of destitution, and put her on the path to becoming a truly free being by transforming her into a Hellion. With all the potential to achieve all of her desires, Bex sets her sights first on revenge against Morgan.

Regeneration: Her Daemon Core will repair any damage done to her body up to limbs being lost over time depending on severity. This also grants her enhanced durability and endurance.
Immunity to Earth-borne diseases
Immortality: Her body does not age as a result of the constant regeneration.
Absorption: Can absorb the Core of other Daemons and grow more powerful as a result, including able to integrate part of their body into her own.
High Agility: She can run faster and longer than most trained human athletes.
Keen Sense of Hearing
Keen Sense of Smell
Magic: She has learned several spells in her time on Earth and elsewhere.
Rune of Flames: Allows her to store ambient heat to be released in various forms and intensities as she pleases. Her usual application is to heat her nails and horns to increase their damage.

Rune of The Beast: Transforms her into a large (10 feet at shoulder, 24 feet nose to tail) Chimera-like form that is a Ram with reptilian claws, bat wings, and a Scorpion tail. All covered with black fur.

Gliding: In her humanoid form the bat wings allow her a very limited means to glide.

Rune of Ruin: Breaks down inorganic matter such as metals, stone with her touch.

Glamour: An illusion cast over her appearance. Limited to beings she has seen.

Power Limitations

While immortal, she still needs nourishment to function and will go into an immobile stasis if deprived of basic needs(food, water, oxygen) for too long.

Complete disintegration of her body is possible and will result in her Core being sent back to Tartarus.

Using her magic outside her home universe expends her Core power. Overuse can render her mortal for a time until it replenishes.

Skills (Any skill your OC is particularly adept at, from swordsmanship, to piloting, to knitting should be mentioned here. Should also state their skill level D-Slightly Above Average, C-Above Average, B-Excellent, A-Master, S-Above Master, SS-Grandmaster):

Diplomacy - S
Leadership - B
Martial Arts - S

Weapon(s)/ Equipment


The Punisher
A macuahuitl enchanted to launch it's obsidian blades when swung at a distant targetand regrow them instantly.

Interdimensional Transporter
Allows her to travel the multiverse.

Strengths: Magic, intimidation

Weakness/ Fears: She fears being rendered mortal by overusing her magic, and being sent back to Tartarus should her vessel be destroyed.


Wade Von Doom

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(Posted for Amber Franklin)

Name:Dominique Moon AKA Vaudeville

Age: 20

Gender (Can be genderless too): Female(Dominique), Genderless(Vaudeville)

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Species: Human(Dominique), Klyntar(Vaudeville)

World and Universe they are from: Mundane Universe 86753178

Appearance: Stands five feet and five inches tall with a thin, muscular build. She is of Native American heritage with bronze skin, shoulder-length black hair, a thin face with high cheekbones. Eyes are hazel.

In Symbiote form she is seven feet tall.


Dominique by herself is an introverted person who will rather run away than have a confrontation or tense conversation with anyone. Helpful and benevolent nature. Eager to learn and when she opens up to people, enjoys deep philosophical conversation. Enjoys solving puzzles, riddles, anything requiring critical thinking.

When bonded with her symbiote her personality as Vaudeville is extroverted to an often obnoxious degree. Enacts her inner desires to be a flashy and witty heroine, even if the influence of the symbiote makes her antics dangerous for others at times.


Dominique is from a Yonkers, New York on a mundane Earth in one of the most mundane realities of the multiverse. Life was an atypical drama with occasional comedy for a girl like her; not particularly attractive but also not ugly, minimal exercise and minimal social contact owing to an innate social anxiety. Talent with a saxophone did not help her school years be not noteworthy either.

In all, Dominique was resigned to a life of anonymity even as she entered college to broaden her horizons.

Until one night when on her first (failed) date in Central Park, a rift between her mundane reality and another opened up. She was caught up briefly in an epic battle between The Avengers and a group of escaped symbiotes, and one of them bonded with her before she fell back into the rift into her home reality.

After a tumultuous time coming to an agreement with the symbiote, Dominique adopted the persona of Vaudeville to be her worlds' one and only superhero. When regular street crime proved paltry for her abilities, she escalated to corporate sabotage and theft, her most public 'crime' being breaking into a major banks' HQ and compelling an executive to wipe out all record of college debt owed to it.

While her heroics are appreciated, she also can be another kind of public menace by streaming pranks and Banksy-style antics such as interrupting plays on Broadway and other shenanigans.


Symbiote Biology
  • Even without a host, the symbiote is capable of freely extending its biomass into tendrils, and usually manifests a fanged mouth and large red eyespots. It can also manifest a humanoid head, torso, and arms.
  • When bonded to a host, it can shapeshift to mimic any type of clothing whatsoever, as well as blending into it's surroundings, rendering it invisible.
  • The symbiote has augmented all of its host's physical abilities to superhuman levels.
  • It is also capable of forming a pocket to hold many items of various sizes while maintaining its chosen form.

Superhuman Durability : Highly resistant to physical injury, capable of withstanding assault from high-caliber bullets as well as attacks from super powered individuals. When distributed at a typical thickness over Dominique's body, the symbiote is capable of absorbing bullets from small-arms weapons firing conventional ammunition. Capable of surviving in harmful areas for long periods of time such as underwater or in toxic gases, the symbiote filtering breathable air to the host.

Regenerative Healing Factor : The symbiote is capable of healing injuries in the host at a faster rate than normal human healing allows. The symbiote is also capable of healing injuries and illnesses that current human medical care cannot such as cancer. The symbiote has enabled its host to recover from injuries that should have been lethal.

Genetic Memory : The symbiote possesses some psychic ability, making it capable of obtaining information from its hosts and even other people and symbiotes simply by touch. This allows knowledge to be passed between hosts, the degree of knowledge depending on how long they are bonded and nature of their relationship.

Telepathy : The Klyntar species communicate both psionically and biochemically with the host and each other.

Constituent-Matter Manipulation : Can form it's biomass into simple shapes to form weapons or other objects as needed by the host.

Power limitations

The Bio-mass of the symbiote is vast but finite and requires it to be well fed to function properly and the same can be said of it's healing factor. Exhaustion will result in the symbiote draining Dominique to the point of death to preserve itself.

Equipment: An iPhone 12 loaded with music, movies, etc. Mainly used for her social media accounts as Vaudeville.


Saxophonist: B
Acrobat/Gymanstics: A
Hand-to-Hand Combat: B
Driving: B
Piloting: B
Dancing: B
Cooking: A

Strengths : In addition to her abilities, her creativity is her greatest strength in how she applies the powers of the symbiote to any situation.

Weakness/ Fears

Sonic and Heat: The Symbiote is extremely sensitive to sonic and thermal attacks, making it vulnerable.

Psychological Corruption: The symbiote, like others of its kind, is susceptible to the negative emotions of its host - particularly rage and hatred.

Dominique herself has a psychological dependence on the symbiote, effectively addicted to what it allows her to do and be when bonded to her.

The symbiote needs Phenethylamine to maintain itself. Should it run low or run out, it can devolve into a ravenous monster with a single-minded drive to acquire the chemical, which is present in brain matter and chocolate. Further deprivation results in it dying.

Their worst weakness is also that her world has no other superpowered threats, and so she has little combat experience with them and unconventional situations.


In the bio pocket, Dominique stores her saxophone, other personal effects when not in use.

Wade Von Doom

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(Posted for Amber Franklin)

Name: Cyberdine Systems Series 851 Model 101 -- THEA

Age: 2 operational years

Gender: Gynoid. Machine made to approximate a human female.

Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Species: Cybernetic Organism. Living synthetic flesh over a mechanical skeleton.

World and Universe they are from: Terminator

Appearance: The synthetic flesh covering of the T-851 101 is modeled from a young woman of Algerian descent with a thin muscled physique that is more agile and flexible than previous models.


Personality: In the course of its missions it has developed Personality Modes to achieve its primary missions from Skynet.

Distress Mode: Meek and gullible. Used to induce sympathy in humans to rescue it from a situation.
Maternal Mode: Kind and sensitive. Used to gain trust of younger humans and use them as means of infiltration.
Courtship Mode: Amorous and sexually available. Used to seduce humans to gain their trust.

The closest it has to a personality besides these modes is a cold one that at best can express confusion when data does not match. It also asks questions frequently which can be seen by others as it possessing a human curiosity.

History/Bio: Created by Cyberdine Research Systems in the year 2028 and used for infiltration missions against Resistance cells, with an emphasis on utilizing human relationship dynamics as previous attempts with direct infiltration had failed. To this end, it's CPU was taken off the Read-Only setting to allow it to better approximate human behavior, and released into the world with the mission to eliminate a human cell then report to Skynet when successful.

It lived in the squalid camps of human survivors outside The Resistance learning human behavior and developing what it termed 'Personality Modes' for its mission. After learning that the Resistance used dogs to screen for infiltration units, it would use its Modes to trick humans into bypassing standard operating procedures to enter a base, or terminate them when they proved too resistant.

T-851 terminated four cells using these tactics it developed thanks to this change in standard operation. After its last report to Skynet, T-851 was selected for a mission to be sent back in time to eliminate John Connor and other human resistance leaders immediately after Judgement Day.

T-851 would be pulled out of its journey through time and space to be dropped into a conflict with beings Skynet could never have anticipated.

Powers: Coltan endoskeleton allows it to possess the following:

Superhuman Strength. It is capable of lifting and carrying up to a metric tonne.

Unlimited endurance. Two hydrogen fuel cells allows it to operate without need of food or rest for at least two hundred and forty years.

High durability. Its endoskeleton is able to withstand significant physical forces before breaking or warping/melting.

CPU is an advanced learning computer allowing it to learn new skills at a rapid pace by observation or other data sources. This has allowed it to act more human by learning to express facsimiles of emotions.It also holds a database of information from before Judgement Day on combat; weapons; vehicles; human psychology and anatomy.

Sophisticated HUD and suite of scanners provides detailed analysis of all audio and visual input.

Power limitations: Objects heavier than a ton can slow it down. It has been shown the operating effectiveness of the 800 series does degrade slowly over time meaning it can operate for two hundred and forty years, but cannot remain at peak condition for those years without regular maintenance to replace degraded parts.

Skills (Any skill your OC is particularly adept at, from swordsmanship, to piloting, to knitting should be mentioned here. Should also state their skill level D-Slightly Above Average, C-Above Average, B-Excellent, A-Master, S-Above Master, SS-Grandmaster):

Marksmanship: SS-Grandmaster
Wound Suturing : SS-Grandmaster
Driving: SS-Grandmaster
Piloting: SS-Grandmaster

Weapon(s)/ Equipment: None

Current Attire

2x Desert Eagle Pistols


Strengths: The T-851 like other models is single-minded in its programmed missions and will not be distracted to deviate from that mission.

While it cannot terminate itself, It has no self-preservation should its own destruction be required to fulfill its mission.

Weakness/ Fears:
Vulnerable to magnetic force to be immobilised.

Industrial-strength acid can dissolve its endoskeleton or components.

Industrial hydraulic presses have proven able to crush the 800 series.

Dogs and other animals can smell it is a non-human and alert others.

CPU can be hacked by someone with mildly sufficient skill.

High-power or precision attacks(particularly to its back) can cripple or destroy it.


the Crazy

Name: Aodh

Age: Unknown (true self), 24 (Bard)

Gender: Genderless (true form), Male (Bard)

Sexual Orientation: No preference

Species: Manifestation of Evil (Current Vessel is a Human)

Origin Universe and World: Dungeons and Dragons

Appearance: Aodh's appearance is a tricky subject, as it varies depending on what body it chooses to use. Its current body originally belonged to a young, male bard. This body has short, fluffy black hair. His eyes are green. His body is not chiseled, but muscled yet slender and sporting only a few small scars. His skin is pale, but not ashen or nutrient-deprived. His clothes are fairly standard in terms of clothing. He only wears pants, boots, and a coat, lacking a shirt as well as any actual armor. To look at Aodh's true form would be to look at a dark mist reflecting the sights of cruel actions, echoing the sounds of crazed yells and terrified screams, and exuding ill intention.

Personality: Aodh is very simple in its personality. It is unapologetically evil, and delights in the corruption of others and the destruction of the heroic and the innocent alike. Whether the corruption is direct or indirect does not matter to it, as it enjoys evil of all kinds to blossom, even should the vessel it possesses be sacrificed in the process. That being said, Aodh is also a bit too ambitious, leaving some notable heroes alive in order to possess them later, corrupt them along the way, or simply to have opposition for the thrill of it.

History/Bio: Aodh is a relatively young entity. It was not created through some ritual, nor was it brought into existence as part of some plot by entities known or unknown. By all means, Aodh was created by complete accident. A concentration of evil and corrupt actions within a small area, coming together and gaining sentience. At first, it was small, negligent, and unnoticeable. All it needed, all it wanted, was to soak in the sin and pain and cruelty that gave it life...then a group of Adventurers came and put an end to all of that. Without that evil Aodh would have been erased the moment that last one fell...but then it had an idea. It possessed an imprisoned child, kidnapped for consumption, and was "rescued" by the Adventurers. Because of this, two major things happened: Aodh learned the value of possessing others, and it was released upon realities to wreak havoc at its own leisure.

As time passed, Aodh generated and fed off of evil of all kinds. From the simplest of greed to the grandest of wrath, it fed, grew, and lived. Somewhere along the way, it had taken up adventuring in one of its hosts, and from one adventure it tasted the possibilities. It continued to adventure, testing new bodies and limits, until eventually it would grow enough to shroud and shred worlds with enough time. It was no major entity, and its scale and plans were negligible in comparison to them anyway...but that is what made things perfect. It could do what it wished with barely anyone considering it a true threat. To this day, it wanders about then planes, possessing creatures to spread evil. Perhaps when the time comes, it will attempt to become something more, but for now it's current machinations are what it enjoys.


  • Possession: The first thing Aodh was ever able to do was possess others. As its true form can only interact with the bodies of living beings, this gives it a way to act out its will. This sbility plays out like a stereotypical possession, where Aodh spiritually invaded the body and mind of the victim to influence snd overwhelm them. An internal battle takes place where the host and Aodh struggle for control. To use this on someone, Aodh must be able to see the victim.
  • Bard Magic: Spells and magical abilities that supposedly untangle and reshape the very fabric of reality in tune with the user's music and wishes. Such abilities involve examples like the Song of Rest, which heals wounds in times of inactivity when played, Crown of Madness, which can cause limited control over an indidual, and finally the plundering of magical secrets outside that of the normal bard spells, which is a fancy way of saying they figured how a few new spells worked.
Power Limitations:

  • Possession: When Aodh possesses an individual, if that person is strong or powerful enough, their soul may resist for a time, limiting Aodh's access to their true capabilities until the soul finally gives in or leaves. (roleplaying-wise I will likely only use this on NPCs unless another player gives permission for their character to be possessed. In such a case, I feel as though the player should continue playing the character, but evil.)
  • Bard Magic: Can only be prepared and used with the respective Vessel. Should Aodh possess another person, the abilities will not be available until it returns to the Bard body. Further, they only have a limited amount of uses before the body requires rest to use them again.

  • Possession - SSS
  • Physical interaction (when not in a vessel) - F
  • Swordplay - A
  • Music - A
  • Cooking - B
  • Flute
  • Shortbow
  • Quiver (holds 15 arrows at most)
  • Rapier
  • Dagger

Other: The Bard is from the School of Swords