Original and Grandiose Adventures Await (Intermediate to Prestigious Story Depths)

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    As I touch Iwaku soil for the first time, I hope for a time for you and me...
    Show me your world in genesis, and I shall show you mine; the introduction of an amateur wordsmith.

    I am Moonlit Rogue, and I am one of those that get their feathers badly ruffled by the notion that one's biological gender affect in anyway a writer's (that they make their living out of their trade or use words as a hobby) ability to write another gender... or race, sexuality, religion or even age, for that matter! That is why I will not bother make a big deal of my own femininity when writing or plotting, and that is also why I ask you to keep any personal beliefs you also have out of the story itself once it is attempted. Don't let that keep you from chatting with me about anything else, however! That point also DO NOT encompass productive criticism and suggestions for character behaviors in any way.

    My homeland is the large province of Quebec, in even larger (and colder) Canada. As a member of a region greatly inhabited by the descendants of the French colonists of old, I was first taught the French language. That first language was soon joined by English, my fluency near perfect since the start of my adolescence due to a mix of formal classes, various video games and an healthy dose of american TV shows. While I have nearly always dreamed of travelling the world, I have never so much as set foot outside of the country that bore me to life, so my knowledge of the outside world are strictly academical and pop cultural in nature.

    I love tales that borrow from reality only to fly away into the land of myths and dreams, giving the story itself a greater range of emotion along with a chance for both storytellers to explore the world and its history with greater freedom. I enjoy longer posts, and find that taking the time and effort to introduce vivid descriptions as seamlessly as possible into a piece of literature to be one of the greatest boons a writer can give their own creation. While each world must be vivid and breathing with history and background events, it is the shown characters that are the jewel of any fable, and as such each being able of thought, if not speech, must be unique to themselves and able to change along with which they encounter, that they may be the hero of the tale, a major villain, or merely a humble commoner speaking one or two lines of precious information to the right ear.

    Safely wound into the clear waterbed, I cast the line of temptation into moonlit waters.

    Join me under the pale light of the half moon and let us share idle fancies.

    I favor more grandiose tales than the simpler meanderings of a young one's first love as they explore their awakening heart. I yearn for long epics, with crucial choices, nation or even world altering conflicts, and grand love stories borne as much as necessity and desperation as attraction and friendships, for it is indeed many things other that the standard romantic yearnings that I seek to portray. Bond of blood, love or duty may keep some of my creations from wandering off while times of strife and ancient mysteries may keep them moving and, perhaps, may shape them into ones worthy of being written of in historical books and local - or perhaps worldwide...? - legends.

    Where we start does not matter, for actions, tragedy and great adventures are awaiting nearby to be encountered. The start of a great story awaits us, and only our own shortcomings prevents us from exploring what may either make us or break us irreparably. Knowing this, you have already a great deal of information to successfully attract my interest, yet I know some of you will desire something more concrete to snatch your own curiosities, and as such I will outline some ideas I would be interested in pursuing further... with the right person.

    Word for the Wise
    I would first like to point out a few things before we start, so that no unpleasant surprise may be founf by either of us and thus make our undertaking a pointless waste of time.

    1. I am glad to play with those who wish to improve as a pinner of tales and world builder, given that they give it their best shot and are able and willing to take the time to spellcheck, read over their posts at least once, look over any word they do not understand or know how to write and, most of all, are eager to write what I send them thoroughly, that it may be a roleplay post in itself, a side note in a private conversation about valuable information pertaining to either the story itself or my current status, or an informal advice that I think may better either a specific scene or their writing skills at a large.

    I will never be mean-spirited in my criticism, and truly wish you best for for your own sake as for that of our continued partnership's. You don't need to be perfect at all for I am not perfect either, but I expect that both of us will do our very best as long as it keep feeling like a treat and a hobby, and not a dull chore or, worse, unpaid work.

    The point is that you are free to attempt to better my skills and our story by showing me weaker points and how to fix them as well! :)

    2. Our story must seems to be as seemless as possible, as as such I ask of all my partner to write in third person, past tense at all time save for when a character's thought or speech are shown or in the rare instances where lore or written notes are introduced to the tale. On a similar note, let us try to make it so the change of character or roleplayer is as unnoticeable as possible - there are way to gracefully change from one character's point of view to another, and a long line followed by a character's name in flashy and bulky letters is not it!

    3. While I am myself a lover of longer, multi-chaptered posts, I am quite willing to work at a more brief yet rapid pace with those that still struggle with describing environments, introducing plot elements and fleshing out both characters and events. As I said, do your best, and I will do my own best to make it so our partnershio is as enjoyable and two sided as possible.

    4. Finally, please keep away from chat speak and one liners, please. Should you feel too lazy to write words fully, wait a bit until you feel more mortivated again. Should you only find one line to post, you should be aware that you are absolutely welcome to come to me for advice or ideas, and you shall gain at the very least a small list of options to develop upon and my blessing to take a few days to thing things over. You only have to ask away!

    5. I ask that only full adults seem me out for more mature or dark themes, yet woud also like to encourage all members of Iwaku to ask me about lighter plots, for while I do not want to feel responsible for any disconforts, traumas or nightmares inflicted upon teenagers, I am always open to partnering with those younger than I am for friendship, adventure and world-building projects.

    6. I do not do Libertine roleplays, sorry. I find that sexual scenes tend to drag on for an eternity, and also are prompt to sidetract a perfectly good plot into a mindless smut fest without any true change to the status-quo. That does not mean I don't do romance, however! I believe that two mature writers are perfectly able to make a scene sexy while still fading to black.

    7. Please tell me what you are not comfortable at hinting, or depicting for that matter. That it may be religions, acts of a non sexual kind, or even type of pairings, from genders to age. In exchange I would ask you to not even bother asking me about 'furries', the undead or slice of life. Those are really not my cup of tea.

    8. Finally, feel free to stretch both our boundaries and make me learn new things, I love that! :>
    The ABC of an Imaginary World
    These are some areas, kingdoms, empires, planets or even universes I would be interested in creating and developping as our various characters go about exploring their lands. Taken from times long past to the nebulous future, none of these playground will be strictly realistic, and may contain any manner of whimsy or outwordly elements in their midst.

    As I outline the basic idea behind each world, I will be giving them both a title and a dificulty level of sort, so that you may better know them minimum amount of care, effortand skill needed to make such an idea into an exciting tale.

    These will be more about a single quest or conflict rather than the world or culture insie which such tale is taking place. From the exploring of a specific ruin to the quest to find a legendary object, the plot itself will be pretty straightforwards and will never deviate into subplots of any sort. A fresh and creative mind that is eager to learn and wanting to actively bring a campaign of sort to completion as cleanly and as pleasantly as possible is best suited for this type of tale.

    While this level still do not require multiple characters and the skillful use of NPCs, the story itself will be more complex in nature, with the lines of Right and Wrong far more open to interpretation than its simpler sibling. Our characters and their reason to get out of their routine will be more fluid and full of nuances, and the path to success - or failuer, for from now on a 'Bad End" may be possible - may be taken by far more paths than as an Intermediate plot. Hints of what to do and what to say will be rarer and far harder to grasp for our heroes, and dead ends can and will be found at times. That our literary proteges find the entire truth to their plight is not certain, and must be striven for. A story like this can now fill up a whole story arc.

    At this level, we must both be willing and able to constantly 'spice things up' for our creation, from slight snare in their progress to times when it may be possible for one or even all of our adventurers to die, that they may be our focused 'Main' or our helpful but ultimatelly expendable 'Sides'. A story such as this can now fill up a whole story in and of itself, as NPCs will now appear frequently.

    Ah, so you think you're a big shot, are you? Excellent, let us both strive to stretch our abilities beyond their limits! Subplots, sudden change of pace, false starts and even complete change of goals are now possible as we are now in charge of everything in our chosen setting. Heroes and villains may even no longer be present in the traditional sense, for all have now their legitimate reasons and vices. Prepare for us to take our partnership for quite a ride, for now we are talking of a saga instead of a mere book or storylet!
    A Time to Strive
    I am open to many, many sources, yet there are genres that have a special place in my heart. Should you want to test me out, feel free to suggest something else, but know that the following are my speciality.

    That we explore a world of extraordinary and sentient beast and world-shaping magical feats or that we let our imagination run with the vague knowledge of past events, I would most likely be interested in speaking of the many ideas spawning all over my mind in permanance with you, should you wish. Lighthearted or grim and dark, I take and make it all!

    What could be is a wonder plaguing most of humankind's waking days, yet while it can sometimes be a bother, it can also be an extraordinary boon capable of great change and amazing inventions. Do you wish to explore the universe with a crew of daring space travellers or would you rather expand a complicated and advanced civilization? Would you delve into the what-if of past conflicts and would-be catastrophes or would you want to play the savvy politician in a great space opera? Everything is within our grasp to write about, should we wish it to be so.

    While the undead no longer appeal to me, I am andpropably always be a lover of psychological terror, environmental paranoia and maniac-chasing thrill. We may play around with a dangerous criminal or five, a deranged and insanely powerful scientific experiment gone wrong, a long slumbering curse or maybe a swarm of unnatural monsters, any of these possibly grand given the proper plot and execution. Subtle or gory in your face violence, I am open to it all.

    Yes, I am a sucker for well developped romance. As long as it is not the unrealistic and cliche love at first sight and that there will be hurdle to overcome, let me feel that love!
    The Masks We Bear
    We will probably be taking on a good and diverse cast of increasingly more intricatelly fleshed out characters during our advanture, and while I am always willing to try something new, I have a few staunch dislike stowards certain characters:





    I would like to point out that I do not wish to attack your own tastes in any was should they be different from mine, but merely to warn you that I am not the good person to indulge them.

    Thank you!
    Types of Adventures
    Here is a small (and non exhaustive) list of what we could use as the goal of our quest. Do feel free to suggest something else, or to add to one or even a few of these. We will be partners and as such equally responsible of our rp, after all is said and done.

    Seeking a magical artifact.

    Seeking an important or legendary object, that they may be a powerful simbol for a specific civilization or maybe a way to sway enemy to one's cause.

    Rescuing (or kidnapping) an inportant or powerful individual.

    Escaping from emprisonment or slavery or some kind.

    Slaying or subduing an enemy or a powerful and mythical beast.

    Finding some treasure or ressource node or another.

    Discovering an important piece of history or a knowledge long lost.

    Attempting to overthrow a leader.

    Attempting to win a war.

    Attempting to bring peace to witheir two warring factions or the world at large.

    As a final note, I am not a steady sleeper, and am usually awake at varying hours, please try to be understanding of my plight, and I shall do the same with anything that may prevent you from posting either quickly or regularly. While I myself usually post around once a day, things can and will change my availability at times, please be warned!

    Should you be interested in playing with me, feel free to either ask questions below or to send me your interest and ideas via a PM. Thank you!

  2. Taking all I previously wrote down into account, I would be very interested in trying out a Medieval Fantasy a bit closer than reality from the average fare. Grime, misery, duty over freedom and potentially fatal wounds ahoy!
  3. Hey, there! I must say, you are a very detailed and sophisticated writer, even in an introduction. Color me truly impressed. :D

    I would very much love to pursue a story with you, however there are a couple of things you should know first. Right now I am in the last two weeks of my school year, and the final projects are a nightmare. My time is quite limited, unfortunately. After that we enter the summer months, which grant unpredictable internet access at best. O.o However, I never abandon a partner, and as long as you are willing to tolerate my inconsistency I promise I will do my best to respond whenever I am available, both to the roleplay and any OOC chatting.

    Secondly, I have a couple roleplaying quirks, which I have explained to the best of my ability in my resume. Please take a look first, to make sure that you think we will be compatible too.

    If all of that is okay with you, please send me a PM. I'll respond as soon as I see it. :D You are also more than welcome to look through the roleplays I have scattered about the one on one forums, as they will probably tell you a lot more about me and my writing style than any attempts of my own ever could.

    If not, thanks for your time, and I wish you the best of luck hunting for other partners.

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