Origin: Spirits of the Past; RolePlay

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  1. "Long, long ago, there was a seed, which shook the heart of the forest. A forest dragon fell from the moon. Man Trembled at the Forest Dragon's red breath. Man cowered at the Forest Dragon's green tears. Long, long ago, when the Forest Dragon's tears dried up, man strained to hear the voice of the forest." Origin: Spirits of the Past

    (You can watch the full version of the movie for free here. Here is the trailer. It does not have a great story line but the animation is good and it will help you along in this RP should you want to join. If you don't want to watch the entire thing try to watch the first clip of the movie. Its split every 30 or so minutes.)

    This story is about a group of humans who have run away to create their own town. They first start off in Neutral City as a group of friends, two enhanced (Look it up or watch movie), two from the past, and the rest are normal citizens.

    This is the city.
    Origin.jpg neutral-city.jpg Origin2.jpg screen_image_230708.jpg
    The forest
    Overgrown city2.jpg mod_article1118783_1.jpg originforest.png