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  1. I'm on a 10 minute break in a 3-hour lecture, and a few of my classmates are 1000x more engaged learning how to make paper cranes than they were with the lecture xD

    Does anyone here like to do origami? I used to be really into it when I was a kid, but I fell out of practice.

    I still get a little irritated when a process involves taping, gluing or cutting though, I guess I'm kind of a purist because if I consider it "paper crafts" instead of origami if its anything other than folding.
  2. Boy, do I love myself some origami! I used to be pretty obsessed back in high school, but mellowed down after that I started university. Nowadays I do it whenever I watch movies, or am in a (long) call and not doing anything in particular.

    My favourite things to fold are origami kusudama (origami (flower) balls) and 3d origami objects. Though I do enjoy the simple single sheet origami as well. It is just that tinkering around with the units that gives me a great joy when bored. They are also great gifts to sent~ Ask @Princess Misaou and @Wicked. XD

    3d origami swans + single sheet roses

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  3. Only if poorly done paper air planes count. :(

    But it would be something fun to learn.
    If for nothing more than getting some cool new (and free) decorations.
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  4. I enjoy making things out of dollar bills. It makes for a cute tip at a restaurant.
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  5. With origami, I usually just give up and try to defy the conventional "folding limit" of paper, which is now accepted to be 12 times (as the record). EDIT:// With a standard sheet of paper, I think the limit is 4-5, but I'm not sure.

    EDIT #2:
    Screw it. Here's a fast and dirty reference to the current record holder. The common conception was that the limit was 7 times.

    Britney Gallivan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    EDIT #3:
    OH SHIT! I'm going deep now! COOL!
    Mathematics of paper folding - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  6. The last time I folded some origami was for a class project on Hinamatsuri, decided to make a paper set instead of spending hundreds on a proper doll set.
  7. I know two (major (sort of)) origami figures, a box and a vase. I really like origami, so calming, and yet at times so aggrevating!
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