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  1. This first post is going to be used as a reference post for the rp and will be updated regularly.

    Sign Up: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/oriens-academy.37511/

    Characters (Alphabetical by First Name): "Name (Rper) - Age, Race, Location in the Sign Up Thread" Names in red are for dead characters.

    • Cecilia "Cece" Garron (Student Archery/Stealth/Weapon Finesse Teacher) (Dragonite777) - ???, Elf, Page 1
    • Molan Altair (Headmaster) (The Red Tazelwurm) - ???, Impundulu, Page 5

    • Alexander "Alex" Bell (The_One) - 17, Fallen, Page 7
    • Ame Vincens (VKAllen) - 16, Incubus, Page 2
    • Bliss Jackson (The Red Tazelwurm) - 16, Shapeshifter, Page 1
    • Cordelia "Corrie" Conners (Racing The Sunrise) - 17, Human, Page 1
    • Johan Vilkenthor (Deviant Gentleman) - 19, Werewolf (Thin Blood), Page 1
    • Karou Thiago (The King's Queen) - 16, Neko, Page 1
    • Lilith "Bunny" Mills (AMDreams) - ??? (looks 14), Angel, Page 1
    • Melidianna "Mel" Lecarde (AMDreams) - 15, Human, Page 1
    • Nix Sonus (legendoflink17) - 16, Siren, Page 1
    • Riffael "Riff" Raffit (AMDreams) - 17, Demon, Page 1
    • Sana Haruka (Suniko) - 14, Human?, Page 13
    • Tahdg Finley (The Red Tazelwurm) - 17, Half-Impundulu, Page 1
    • Vash Lilicka (AMDreams) - 16, Demon, Page 1
    Current Student Rooming Situation:
    • Nix, Cordelia, Lilith
    • Johan, Riff, Vash, Alexander
    • Bliss, Karou
    • Tadhg (single room)
    • Ame (single room)
    • Mel (single room)

    Summary Posts:
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  2. Nalins hair was as red as his angry, Why? Why must he enroll into a school so he can look at the student list, nailns hald off his father up to this point, but with out his sisters power he will surely die. After paper work, a tour, and of course given a room, he was alone. He got lucky, he requested a single room and got approved. He sat softly on his bed, his muscles relaxed. "I dont have time..." He mumbles and quickly runs off to ask around for his long lost sister.
  3. "What is love? Baby don't hurt me..." He mumbled. Feet clapping against the hard ground following the beat of Haddaway's hit single. His yellow tee's covering the paleness of his skin as his amethyst hair sways each step his head would bop over the kick of the bass drum. The boy was in a deep trance with his music. Fingers clicking and eyes shut feeling the incredible heat deepening his moment as he walked the silent corridors that vibrated. It created echoes of Haddaway. There was little care for now, it was Sunday and Ame did not have any private classes. "Baby don't hurt me..."
  4. Violet was in her dorm room, it was sunday and her mind was at esse, so she stood proudly playing her violin. Her music was classic, she played with her very soul, her demon was weak, she was in control, life was good.
  5. Corrie was outside, sitting contentedly in the snow away from anyone else. Obviously, this was her favourite time of year. It was cold out, there was ice and frost everywhere- the world was beautiful. Knowing there was no one around, she allowed herself to smile rather broadly and moved her hands about in fluid motions. Instead of creating her own, she easily caused the snow already around her to fly through the air in a whirlwind. She made little snowmen for a couple minutes, then finally fell backwards and closed her eyes, white hair splayed out behind her head like a halo.
  6. Nailn found his way from the dorms, th and he didnt know where he was, lost really, the tour didn't stay in his head, as his angry rose his hand started to chanfe, black burnt skin was forming, untill he saw someone, in the distance he could see them playing with thw ice and snow, it was rather peaceful, the changed stop, and he stood motionless. Peace was so far from his mind, yet this person brings safety and calmness to the eye.
  7. Corrie, feeling someone's eyes on her, sat up abruptly in the snow. She had stopped making it snow around her, and could clearly make out a figure standing completely still. Her smile disappeared at once, and she did nothing but sit there, waiting for the figure to either approach or leave.
  8. Peacing his steps he walks to the girl, nalins holds out a picture and kindly asks, "Havr you seen that girl" The picture showed violet, it was taken from afar, clearly showing some one was following her. "Shes my sister." Angry boiled as he knew that he would come to another dead end, hos hand heat as the transformation will soon start, but he hoped that this would lead him to his sister.
  9. After a hour or so violet was done with her violin, she sat at her bed, violet looked over her favorite item, a picture of her and her brother with their mother, they were 7 and gone for a day at the beach, "life was so simple back then" she spoke aloud, hoping her brother was alright.
  10. Corrie, eyes narrowed slightly in distrust, nodded. "Yeah, maybe. Why?" She pulled her knees up to her chest, unwilling to stand to meet him. The picture creeped her out a bit- it looked like it was taken by a stalker or something.
  11. "What can I do...~" Not a single student in sight as Ame set foot in an unknown direction. Although he was lost in the trance of music, he could feel as if other students wanted to avoid him. Either that or he wasn't in his luck today. Empty corridors and silence weren't a great accompaniment to this ages-old structure. Somebody's got to be around. Ame continued on. "It's up to you..." The clicks of his fingers echoed. His footsteps were like glass crashing into rock.
  12. Nalins eyes soften as news of his sister is exposed, with half a smile he asks "Can you take me to her?" He was ready to face his father, with or with out his sister.
  13. Violet locks her dorm room as shes walking out the door, looking down the hall she could only see one person, truthfully violet had no idea who it was and just wanted to get to her lesson, but violet liked the wat the boy walked, it was just a crush, he may be cute, but what if his an asshole? Was her only thoughts.
  14. Johan sat quietly in his room, listening to the dampened sound of a violin. "What was her name again.." he muttered to himself. They had bumped into eachother on his second day, only two days ago, and he had asked if she knew who was playing the violin. "Violet! How could I have forgotten that?" He exclaimed, probably loud enough for the neighbor to hear, and quickly followed it up with an even louder "Sorry! My bad!"
  15. Corrie shrugged, leaning back with her hands in the snow. "No can do, sorry." She responded quietly. "I know of her. We've never met." She didn't particularly know why she was still talking to the boy- maybe she just felt bad for someone, for once.
  16. A coffee in one hand and a book in the other, Lilith, better known as Bunny by those who knew her, sat on a bench rereading Romeo and Juliet, one of her favorites. One of these days, she wanted to join in one of the school plays, but people kept telling her that she wasn't meant for the stage. It saddened her a bit, but she didn't really feel angry at them for thinking so. She supposed she was a bit too clumsy for dancing and she wasn't the best singer . . . Plus, she didn't come here for a normal student life. That'd be rather embarrassing given her age. She was here on a mission, to find someone. But in the month she was here, she had yet to see her.

    Though she had only been there a month. And the lead that lead her there was an obscure vision by a blind woman in a bayou . . . Yeah . . . Probably not the most reliable lead, but it was all she had.

    Letting out a sigh, she put her book back in her bag before heading off for the dorms.


    In Minerva Hall, out of the admissions office came a black haired girl. The heels of her boot clacking loudly against the stone floors, Mel walked down the halls in quick strides. Idiots. That entire office was filled with nothing but @#$%ing idiots. What sort of incompetent moron could mess up such basic paper work?! Even the students she had seen so far looked like utter morons. She was starting to regret coming here.

    On her heels were two boys, each trying to catch up with their master. Riff stared at the back of Mel's head with a calm expression on his face. Vash however was looking around with excitement. "Woo. There's a lot of cuties here. Much better than back home. Back there, 'cute' usually meant you just didn't have a mustache."

    "Shut up, Vash," Mel said. "We didn't come here to sight see."

    Pouting, Vash stopped talking and hurried up to follow her. Mel may not necessarily look like it at first, but she was rather merciless. There was really no telling what she'd do to him if he disobeyed her, but it most certainly wasn't going to be nothing. He still shuddered at the thought of what happened last time.

    The three made their way to the dormitory and then split off there. Mel had gotten herself a single room while Riff and Vash was sharing one with another boy. "Get unpacked quickly and meet me in the lobby in 2 hours. That is an order." The boys nodded in understanding before going off to their room.

    Just before Riff unlocked the door, they hears someone inside yelling. First waiting for things to quiet down, he opened the door to see someone else inside already. He gave a slight bow before addressing the stranger. "Hello there. I believe we'll be sharing a room this year." Vash was a bit more casual, only giving a half-hearted wave. "Hi."
  17. "Baby don't hurt me. Don't hurt me..." At this point, you could see Ame practically dancing-- knowing that he was on his own and nobody was around. Feet clapping and hands all around, his eyes remained closed. Strange enough that he could navigate through the corridors without crashing into anything. His headphone made him deaf to the surrounding area-- He did not know of the opening sound of a door nearby him and near-missing his body as it opened towards his direction. Ame's eyes opened to vision of wood brushing past his skin and made him spun unbalanced on the floor "Whoah~!". His footing recovered and he stood back up while quickly removing his headphones. A girl stood there watching as he looked up. Their eyes made contact and all he could manage was the blush over his cheeks. She must've seen him dance around happily. "I'm sorry!" Ame apologised as he rubbed the back of his head.
  18. Nalins angry shot up in a rage of seconds, his transformation have started, his skin turned black, scars and burns cover the monsters body, black sheep horns lie on its bold head, and its eyes red, it demanded the location of the girl, "Where is she!" Its voice was full of evil, the beast towered over the girl, ready for a fight.
  19. Corrie, her blue eyes widening in uncharacteristic fear, scrambled backwards a few feet. "I-I don't know, okay?" She raised her hands defensively, knowing that if he did anything more to scare her, her powers would flare.
  20. Violet smiled, "Im sorry if i hit with the door" Her voice was soft, yet sweet. "My names violet, and you dance very silly." Violet laughed softly, showing a small smile.
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