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  1. Hidden away from human view, deep in the Cascade mountains, is Oriens Aeternitatis, more commonly known as Oriens Academy. Here, the students possess rather unique backgrounds and gifts. Monsters and creatures of all kinds come here for all kinds of reasons. Some wish for protection within its walls. Some come for fresh starts. Some come to hide secrets. But most come to learn how to use their abilities and integrate into normal human society. So, why not enroll and start your own stories.

    So basically, this is your standard supernatural combat academy. There is no central plot, villain or storyline, so people are encouraged to make their own or join up with others' plots. With almost no limitations for characters and almost complete free reign for roleplayers, this roleplay is meant for people who have characters they've made but couldn't find rps for or those who want freedom with their roleplaying . . . Hopefully, it won't get too chaotic. Hm . . . Maybe I should implement a sort of schedule sign up . . . for the big fights at least.

    So make your stories and make your villains (I know I will).

    Things to Know:
    • The school motto is "Nova Enim Novis Initiis Posterus" which I'm hoping means "New Beginnings For A New Future."
    • Dorm floors are coed but rooms are not. You can choose between a single room or having a roommate. But you'll be deciding this sort of stuff amongst yourselves.
    • The school is pretty open to acceptances. They do not check backgrounds and anyone who wants to enroll can sort of just walk in and fill out some paper work.
    • Each race will be kingdoms. So royalty attending the school is okay, except for robots of any kind, angels (and nephilim), demons (and half-demons), and humans. That's because these races have no "kingdoms" on earth.
    • I will not be playing the headmaster, so whoever wants him/her can have 'em. If someone wants to be the child of the headmaster/founder, then they can, I suppose.

    My Personal Rules:
    • NO METAGAMING! This is my biggest pet peeve. Your character should not be able to know things he/she has not seen or heard for him/herself. And there should be no reason for you to be omniscient. Super hearing can only go so far.
    • No gods/immortals or mechs. Demi-gods and androids are fine. But you should not be immortal or be able to turn into a giant robot. Also, no freaky hybrids. This might be picky of me but I don't really want any neko-vampire-demon-wolf-fairy thingies.
    • All site rules apply.

    Character Skeleton:

    Role: (Student? Teacher? Assistant teacher? Etc?)
    Status: (How long have you been at Oriens?)
    Race: (What are you?)
    Appearance: (I don't care what you put here but put something here.)
    Other: (Anything you feel like sharing?)

    Feel free to ask questions.

    @joeymicl @RacingTheSunrise
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  2. You don't have to be as detailed with your powers/abilities. I just make mine specific so that people can't say I'm pulling stuff out of nowhere.
    Name: Lilith "Bunny" Mills
    Age: "I-it's not polite to ask a woman's age, you know." (Looks about 14)
    Role: Student
    Status: "I've only been here a month."
    Race: Angel
    Appearance: Bunny has honey blonde hair and sky blue eyes.
    Lilith 1.jpg
    • Holy/Light Manipulation - Bunny is able to emit and manipulate a white light that possesses strong holy properties. Though it cannot heal, it can cause great damage to creatures of "evil" lineage (demons, vampires, etc) if not treated immediately. If not, then they will start to burn.
    • Wings - Obviously, Bunny uses her wings to fly, but she can also use them as weapons, either by hitting people with them or shooting out feathers to cause a sort of smoke screen.
    • Physical Abilities - Bunny has no extraordinary physical abilities.
    • Weaponry - Bunny's main weapons are her wings and a whip with a sharp silver shard at the end. She also uses a dagger.
    • Fighting Style - Bunny is a mid to far ranged fighter, preferring to keep a distance between her and her enemy because she is no good in close combat with her weak body. As most of her opponents can't fly, she uses that to her advantage and tends to stay in the air. She also makes use of sneak attacks, choosing to blind her opponent or wait for them to be distracted before attacking.
    Other: Bunny loves theatre, especially musicals, though she hates gym class. She's on a mission to find a certain person.


    Name: Melidianna "Mel" Lecarde
    Age: 15
    Role: Student
    Status: "I just came today."
    Race: Technically, she's human.
    Appearance: Mel's eyes lack pupils and are the color of lapis lazuli.
    Mel 1.jpg
    • Summoning - Mel has the power to call forth and send back anything she can envision. Though she mostly uses this for changing her clothes. In combat, she mostly uses it to summon Scourge, a magic length of barbed wire that she can control at will. She also has a variety of "spells" based on tarot cards.
    • Blood of Gaia - This will be explained in the rp.
    • Physical Abilities - Mel has great strength in her legs, allowing her to run faster, jump higher and kick harder than the average human.
    • Weaponry - Mel is proficient in the use of most swords, as well as the bo-staff. She is terrible with all ranged weapons though, from guns to throwing knives to even things like spears.
    • Fighting Style - A speed oriented fighter, Mel uses a lot of kicks and acrobatics in her fighting style, modeling her moves after capoiera. She only uses weapons and her powers when cornered or extremely pissed off.
    • Poker Face - Mel has gained great control of her muscles after years of experience, so she is able to act as if attacks have had little to no effect on her. This of course, doesn't mean that they are uneffective. It is a psychological tactic to trick people into losing their will to fight.
    Other: She's a serial killer, known as the "Princess of Lucifer". Though despite her title, she is no demon princess. She is a musical prodigy but terrible in all things art.


    Name: Riffael "Riff" Raffit
    Age: 17
    Role: Student
    Status: "I arrived today with Miss Mel."
    Race: Riff is a demon but used to be human.
    Appearance: Riff has golden blond hair and gold eyes.
    Riff 1.jpg
    • Ice and Snow Manipulation
    • Dragon Scales - Riff has the ability to form transparent, ice-like scales all over his body. These scales deflect most physical and magic attacks. It's weak against holy, fire and thin needle-like attacks.
    • Sorrow Empowerment - Riff becomes stronger the sadder he is.
    • Physical Abilities - Though Riff is stronger than the average human, he is still weak in comparison to Mel and Vash, especially since his strength was not enhanced when he became a human. He has great endurance though and a super sense of smell.
    • Weaponry - Riff depends more on his powers but is also known to use handguns.
    • Fighting Style - Riff is a defense oriented fighter. Though not very strong or fast, he is smart and focuses on throws and tactics that use the opponent's strength and center of gravity against them.
    • Team Medic - Riff has general knowledge of first aid and acts as the team's medic.
    Other: He is one of Mel's servants. He's a cooking genius but is terrible at music and dancing.


    Name: Vash Lilicka
    Age: 16
    Role: Student
    Status: "Today."
    Race: Vash is a human who was turned demon by Mel.
    Appearance: Vash has white hair and amethyst-colored eyes.
    Vash 1.jpg
    • Metal and Magnetic Field Manipulation - This includes being able to turn into metal.
    • Anger Empowerment - Vash gets stronger the angrier he is.
    • Physical Abilities - Even as a human, Vash had incredible strength and stamina for someone his size. This only increased further when he became a demon. He also has excellent eyesight.
    • Weaponry - Though he has the makings of an excellent sniper, Vash doesn't have the patience for it. Vash rarely uses weapons other than his own fists. He'll sometimes use gauntlets or brass knuckles though. He is rather good with large weapons such as bazookas and missile launchers, able to fire them without suffering from the recoil.
    • Fighting Style - Vash is a strength oriented fighter and a very straight forward one as well. Adopting a boxing style, Vash tries to defeat his enemies quickly with heavy punches, elbow blows and grapples. Since he isn't very fast, he tries to end his fights rather quickly.
    Other: He is also Mel's servant. He is great at art and is the worst cook you will ever meet.
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  3. Name:
    Cordelia Connors
    "That's Corrie to you, mate."
    "Old enough to mess you up pretty bad, though."
    Two years
    "I've been around a few times."
    "Seriously screwed up one at that."
    Corrie is a small, thin girl- only about 5'3", and weighing in at around 95 lbs. She has choppy white hair that reaches just past her shoulder blades, and freckles that dot the surface of her nose and shoulders. She has a defined face, her features soft, but not so severe as to look older than she is. In fact, she's a very pretty girl- what people find most striking is her eyes. They're an incredibly sharp blue, to the point of looking like contacts, with no trace of any other colour.
    "You get the point."
    Corrie can control ice. It sounds quite boring, but over the years she's learned to perfect it to the point of scary. Not only can she move ice, snow or cold winds, but she can cause it to form, without any seeming difficulty. If she concentrates, she can cause someone to freeze as well, though it takes considerable energy.
    "I'm frosty, okay?"
    Not really :)
  4. Name: Bliss Jackson
    Age: 16
    Role: Student
    "But I wanna come back and teach here one day!"
    Status: "Two years!"
    Race: Shapeshifter
    "Wanna see me turn into a dog? Huh huh? I'll totally do it!"
    Appearance: Bliss is 5'5 with curly black hair that's dyed light pink at the moment, pale violet eyes and dark brown skin. She wears bright colored hoodies, sneakers and baggy pants.
    Powers/Abilities: She can shape shift into any animal that she has a sample of. (Meaning hair, scales, saliva etc). She gains the abilities of any animal that she turns into. However if she stays in animal form for more than 48 hours she'll get stuck as that animal forever.
    Other: She has a terrible sweet tooth. She's also very friendly and outgoing.

    Name: Tadhg Finley-Altair
    Age: 17
    Role: Student.
    Status: "Since I was a kid."
    Race: Half impundulu (African lightning bird) "My mother was human."
    Appearance: Tadhg is 5'9, with black hair, bright blue eyes, and light brown skin. He's not bulky but he's got some muscle on him. He wears headphones, gloves, sports goggles, sneakers, long sleeved shirts and sports pants. He usually carries a phone or an ipod with him.
    Powers/Abilities: He can manipulate electricity, and use it to protect himself, but he usually just uses it to charge his various electronic devices.
    Other: He hates getting wet as it messed with his ability to control electricity.

    (Can he be the headmaster/mistresses' son?)
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  5. @RacingTheSunrise Accepted. Just remember that it is up to the other rper whether their character freezes or not.

    @The Red Tazelwurm Accepted. Though Bliss would just be a shapeshifter. Also, the headmaster wouldn't be human, as this school is run by the supernatural, away from humans in general. So if you want Tadhg to be his son, he should be a creature or a half-breed.
  6. Okay I made the changes! :D
  7. Name: Johan Vilkenthor
    Age: 19
    Role: Student/refugee
    Status: Four days
    Race: Werewolf, thinblooded.
    Appearance: Short brown hair, dark green eyes, 6'3"(190cm) and has a slender but trained body. Often wears cargo pants and sneakers with a dress shirt and vest.
    • Werewolf blood: Even though his biter was only 1/8th werewolf he still regenerates faster, has heightened reflexes and can infect others with his bite. Blood is too thin for actual transformation, though.
    • Enhanced perception: His sense of smell, sight and hearing is noticeably better than normal humans, but not even as good as the average dog.
    • Bad night vision: Even though his eyesight is very good, he can only see a few yards in front of him in low-light situations.
    • Magical residue: Magic energies has seeped into him, and are still completely untrained.
    • Religious background: Growing up in a small religious community and being very firm in his faith has strengthened his resistance towards holy attacks.
    • Combat style: Uses dexterity and his quick reflexes to stay at mid range (around 2 meters/yards). Attacks with claws and handguns, also magic if he learns to use it.
    Other: his pack got killed off by religious zealots. They bombarded the pack's hideout with holy magic, and only Johan survived. He lay in a coma in the ruins for a few days. This is when the magical energies seeped into him.
    Came to the academy to escape the zealots.
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  8. Name: Cecelia "Cece" Garron
    Age: "Old enough." (Graduated 3 years ago)
    Role: Student teacher/ teacher's assistant
    Status: "I've been around the block enough to send your head spinning."
    Race: Elf
    "What's it to you?"
    Appearance: Cece has silver-blonde hair that falls halfway down her back. She stands at 5'7" with fair skin and blue eyes, usually wearing a green cloak with gold embroidering. She teaches/helps teach archery, stealth, and sword finesse.
    • Elven Accuracy: Is extremely accurate with any sort of weapon.
    • Cloak and Dagger: Harder to see when sneaking and can be extra deadly with a blade or arrow when nobody's looking.
  9. Name: Violet spirt
    Age: 17
    Role: student/Run away
    Status: 3 years
    Race: demon
    Appearance: Violets red hair goes all the down her back, leaving little space before it is to her butt, violet haves large green and blue eyes, and small pupils. Her skin is very pale as well, she is normally found wearing many types of jeans, and short shelve shrits. Violet is 5"8

    power and abilities:

    Demonic restitution-Violet have learned how to control the demon inside, allowing her to lift up to 500 pounds, and less outbursts of her demon.

    Domonic outbursts- This is when fight is at her weakest point, or when the demon is at his strongest, the demon takes control of his host, using its full powers it turns into a large 6"11 beast with black eyes, large black sheep horns and red skin that is burnt and scared. After powers levels decrease violet returns to normal.

    Death call- Violet calls spirts to her aid, summoning 3 skeletons to fight for her.

    Summon hell dog- Allows violet to summon one hell dog, they are normally large aggressive black skined creatures.

    Other: Violet ran away from home at 14, Her mother died and left her two children alone in the world. The spell that was placed on her and her twin brother was lifted with their mothers death, allowing their father to come after them. So she fled, leaving her twin behide. She found safety with in the schools walls, but her remaning questions where still there. Where was her father? And where is nalin?
  10. Name: Nalin spirt
    Age: 17
    Role: student
    Status: 1st day
    Appearance: 6"3 wears classes.

    Powers and abilities:

    Aggressive demonic outbursts- Nalin was left alone to fight off his father, barly escaping with his life, he made a deal with his demon. When nalin is at his weakest the demon will take over, but because of the deal made with the demon he is stronger, because of nalins human soul. That was the price he had to pay to warn off his father and go looking for his sister.

    Demonic sins- With nalins lack of a human soul, the demons sins have started to slowly kill nalin, and turning him into a demon. Leaving nalin physical and mentally weak.

    Demonic power- Even in nalins weak state he can still lift 300 pounds, but struggles to do so.

    Demonic spark- Can start fires

    Other: None.

    Attached Files:

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  11. Could I make a Neko character?
  12. @The King's Queen

    I'm quite sure that's alright. From what I can understand it's only immortals/gods, things that can turn into giant robots and over the top race mixes thread owner doesn't want.
    Besides, posting the CS won't hurt. ^^

  13. [​IMG]

    Karou Thiago


    "I-I am a-a student..."

    "I-I've only j-just arrived."


    • Psychometry- The power to perceive the residual information of an object and/or person by using senses.
    • Illusion Manipulation- The power to create and manipulate illusions.

    Karou is terrified of thunderstorms, the dark and small spaces. She hates heights and can not swim at all. She is also really clumsy and tends to trip over her own feet..a lot.
  14. @Deviant Gentleman Accepted though I fail to see how one's upbringing can make them resistant to holy attacks. I assume he'd already be fairly safe due to him only being 1/8 werewolf though. You don't have to change it.

    @Dragonite777 Accepted. You can choose whenever you wish to have class since you're the only teacher so far. And students will choose when they want to attend the class.

    @Rainbowwave Accepted though I have no idea why you used two different posts . . .

    @The King's Queen Accepted but remember that you need the rper's permission before using psychometry on their characters. And yeah, nekos are okay.

    Anyway, we've got a good amount of people now, so I guess we can start whenever I get the first post up. Either tonight or Sunday at the latest.
  15. I'll mostly use Psychometry on objects, not characters.
  16. What I meant was if she's going to see things that involve other people. The other rper should have the right to decide whether or not she will will find out certain things that have to do with their character, since with psychometry, it's very easy to metagame.
  17. -blinks-


    (Totally stealing this idea from a friend, though it is a legitimate 'myth' creature.)


    Name: Nix Sonus
    Age: 16
    Role: Student
    Status: "..." (Today)
    Race: Siren
    Appearance: Short silver hair with long bangs running down each side that become shorter as it comes towards her face. She has one long strip of blue running through her right bang. Her eyes are bright blue (cyan almost). She is thin and small (5'0" 97lbs). She prefers wearing sweaters, scarves and skirts.

    • Sing - She is able to pacify even the most tense of situations by fascinating the crowd with her songs.
    • Command - She can command people to do her bidding. At the beginning, she'll have no control over it.
    • Fascinate - This is basically like Sing but it covers instruments as well. Though her voice is her strong suit, instruments work as well though weaker and have a higher fail rate.
    • She has selective mutism. She chooses not to speak for fear of what it would do to her friends. She doesn't like having that power and she'd much rather be stronger in other areas.
    • She is from France.
    • She is resistant to Sirens and Succubuses/Incubuses.
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