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For those of you Naruto fans who read the title and immediately clicked on this, thank you for being so eager, but I have some bad news. I never reached Naruto Shappudin and I watched Naruto a long time ago.

Wait don't click off just yet!

I may be a little rusty with my jutsus and the story line is a little blurry for me. But I did come up with an idea that I actually find to be kinda interesting. Alright, so this takes place many years after Naruto himself passed away. Probably a century has gone by in the world of Naruto and everything has advanced, there's now technology. Maybe they could now have television (not colored), radio stations, and phones.

But while I want there to be Technology I hope that we can have a mix of both natural things and Technology. I don't want the advancements to be so great that there are now guns (unless you could convince me otherwise I don't want weapons like that). But there can be a new version of bow and arrows, maybe a crossbow that can shoot many arrows at a time. But the world is very peaceful, every village decided to live in peace in order to prosper in the world. Ninjas now play the rule of getting rid of bandits, unlawful criminals, and other things. All that happened in the anime is now part of the history books and kids just see it as a boring history lesson. Everything is calm for the moment, but nobody expected what would occur next. I'm not going to give away too much just yet.

Anyways, we're going to start the story line with three characters. You could have two and I have one or the other way around. I wouldn't mind having two because I already have an idea for two characters but we'll discuss that later. It will be the journey of our three characters as they learn how to work with one another. It'll be as if we're doing the show itself with our own characters but better for what happens four years later. The sword that killed Orochimaru and seals him away ( I read about that, had to search up how he died) is found in an old tomb. The group of Ninjas that find it decide to do a ritual in an attempt to bring back Orochimaru, who they believe is the rightful ruler of the world.

When he returns he ends up slowly taking back all the land he used to own. Starting with a small base in the Land of Water. The police in the area gets reports of mysterious men heading into an unknown island nearby so when they go to check they never seem to return. Due to the land of Water not having enough Ninjas because they're infected by a huge amount of bandits they ask the Village hidden in the leaf to check it out. The village is told that this is a simple mission and that it's just a group of bandits. So you guessed it, they send out our three Characters who end up going toe to toe with Orochimaru and his goons. They are forced to retreat to tell the village and by the time they make it back the Land of Water was taken over by Orochimaru.

Everybody there out of fear follows his orders and a huge war outbreaks, where it's the forces of all the villages going up against Orochimaru and his army of brain washed soldiers. It's going to be like a great war, but there will still be a danger of bandits and simple missions along the way. I expect this to be a long role play because before everything with Orochimaru we will have to do character development with the three characters learning to work together and going through all the tests to become a Ninja.

There are only a few rules so here they are:

  • Write at least two paragraphs, the minimum is two paragraphs there is no maximum so go crazy​
  • You must have at least good grammar and spelling, I'm not perfect and I don't expect anybody to be, but you have to at least be able to do that​
  • Do not do any type of god mode. Your character will lose at least a handful of times, whether it's on his way to becoming a Ninja or while he is a ninja. Accept that now so your not disappointing later.​
  • Don't be afraid to message me about any changes, I can adapt to change! ^.^​
  • And have fun! This is probably one of the most important rules. What good is a role play if you're not having fun.​
Anyways! That's all, message me if you're interested.

(Sorry for any errors I might have made on here, I was kinda rushing to finish this because I'm slightly busy at the moment. Thank you for understanding! ^.^)


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Hey, I'm interested in doing this, do you still want to?
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