Organized Crime?

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  1. Anybody here interested in crime as a genre? When I say crime I mean anywhere from a detective story, to a mafia related story, to noir. Anything within the genre.

    I'm asking because it doesn't seem to be a popular genre from what I've seen but happens to be one of my favorites. If anyone here actually shows interest in it, I'd love to know. I'd be happy to plan a roleplay if I can find people interested in the genre.

    Just let me know. Thanks!
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  2. *Raises hand*

    Now that you mention it, organized crime isn't something I've seen or been a part of yet. Seems like very fertile ground.
  3. I am very interested, Bishop.
  4. Got anything in mind?
  5. A few things actually, though this was just to see if anyone is in the mood for that genre. I'll probably post a different interest check for the premise or just post a starter. It's good to see some people are interested though, very good.
  6. I would be interested in a modern crime story. I would like to play as Russian mafia member, or maybe a Vice Detective.
  7. I've been in a crime RP before, and I loved it.

    I am definitely interested.
  8. This guy is in interest as well, I finally get to play Wei Shen.
    I'm joking, this isn't about Triads, it's about Dons. Hopefully.
  9. I'm all for a mafia-esque sort of thing, also preferably in modern times, with maybe modern technology.
    Although sci-fi/fantasy settings are good too, just need dat crime. :3
  10. This sounds really interesting! I was in a crime rp before but then the gm deleted his account and it got canceled. T.T I would totally be willing to do a crime syndicate creation rp or an already established mafia rp, or a gang to mafia rp or even an underdog to boss mafia/gang rp. :D
  11. Ooh, I love that underdog to boss idea. That's exactly how my last crime RP was, and it offers a lot of interesting stuff in terms of plot progression.
  12. Wow, I'm surprised and happy to see all these responses! I'll think of some ideas that tend to that sort of things you guys want and post the link to it when it's done if you're still interested then.
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  13. Sounds good, Bishop. c:
  14. Oooh I am liking the both underdog(s) to big shot ideas. A sci-fi/fantasy setting would be great too, as I have only the slightest idea how a crime syndicate works IRL, but totally willing to give anything ago.
  15. Never heard of a Fantasy genre organized crime story. Bandits or groups of highwaymen? I dunno. Sci-fi/modern/Noir would be easier unless you wanted to set a precedent. Futuristic Noir might be something new and hip to do. Especially detailing a rise from the bottom to the top of the ladder.
  16. I'd be interested in either a Modern/future day Mafia, Modern/future day Gang, or maybe both?
  17. I'm interested in whatever you manage to come up with.
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  18. Hey!
    You missed me!

    Meh, it's ok, bishops have stressful lives.
  19. @Ser K+ Sorry! I swore I tagged you. ;-;
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