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Is it possible for me to create multiple threads in the roleplay section under fandom as long as it has the same name? Because i'm a GM of a bleach roleplay and it would help for me to be more organized when facing this sort of thing since in bleach there is multiple dimensions. The titles would be something like: BLEACH: Soul Society and the others would be BLEACH: Las Noches and the last one would be BLEACH: Earth. Because if you've watched bleach you will know how divided it is. My original plan was to make a group and have different threads within that group, however since groups are now disabled i cant do that. Just wanted to know if i was able to make multiple threads that is participating in the same roleplay or do i have to roleplay everything within the same thread?


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This should be fine. ^^
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I would suggest making sure in the OP of each thread that all the other threads are clearly marked as tied together, or you may encounter accidental disintegration of certain dimensions which have not been occupied for some time. :o

Another option is to link up all the threads to a single OOC thread using the SIGNUP field when creating/editing the thread, and listing them all in the OOC's OP instead of using the PLAY field. :D

In my experience, locale-segregated roleplays end up with lots of months-old dead threads, so you'll definitely want to make sure the moderators know the difference between a dead roleplay and one of your locales.
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