Organization Nemesis (Villians Only Rp Site)

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  1. With sparkling and lively characters to stir the site wide plot, an unruly organization has to come rise through the many years since it's creation. Organization Nemesis, desiring ONLY the best of the very worst has suddenly turned violent, reaching out and conquering planets at seemingly random and the members cause destruction upon a whim. On the outside, it appears to those invited that the organization was created for villains to destroy their hero counter parts, and claim what it theirs, to right wrongs and to finally win their own story.

    But beneath the surface, something dark is spreading behind the mirrors, bringing the woman who leads the organization to appear, spinning even more mysteries and intrigue. Her past is forgotten to those around her, her story lost to time, she intends to take back what is hers.

    And nothing would stop her.

    Any villian is accepted in this forum, those from books can be summoned, those from television shows can be weaved into the plot, comics, movies, any villain from ANYWHERE are free to join! And if they're not the kind to play well with others, they can be freelancers, getting the same benefits of Organization Nemesis so long as they remain chaotic. Characters created from your own mind are widely accepted, and very much welcomed, and with no word count, we assure you that an intriguing mystery lies ahead!

    Our writers are experianced in literate forum roleplay, as well as our site is very new, meaning that the majority of the popular villians are still open! Other roleplay forum sites are thick with drama, and read between the line private messages, not Organization Nemesis, if you have the smallest drama problem, our admins will look into it immediatly and correct the behaviour. Our site wide plot remains fascinating, and thoroughly thought out, with main characters in the plot that move it along monthly, nothing will stay the same for to long, we assure you!

    As a new site, we already have active members, with a leniant inactive policy, as well as a merciful punishment system. With an in character chatbox, you don't always have to be in the mood to write to have a good time as your favorite villian!

    Today we stand,

    We fight,

    We RISE!

    Join the undying battle, Organization Nemesis
  2. how do i join?
  3. Click the link, there should be some information there to join.