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  1. Okay! Hi! So basically I thought of this idea today, and I was wondering if I should add anything to it. I know that it needs a more refined plot, but what else does it need? Please give me suggestions! :3​

    Information (open)


    TIMEFRAME: Current day, with organization having advanced tech. Certain Magicks are available.
    SETTING: The globe.
    ORGANIZATION: Overture
    ORGANIZATION MISSION: To protect Earth and the “Heavenly,” Realm from Shades and Demons.

    Overture has been the leading company to research the soul and its capabilities. The reason for this, is because of the up-cropping of Humans known as Seekers who are able to see Shades’ natural states as well as through Demonic glamour.

    No one knows how Seekers came to be, they just know that they are rare. Most people think they were a gift from the “Heavens,”

    In the last 20 years Overture has developed technology that allowed them to perform surgeries on the soul, thus proving its existence. However, what they were trying to do was engineer a weapon that could be bound to the Human whose soul it was forged from. They tried this on Seekers first. It failed. And so, one of the higher ups proposed to test it on “Normal,” Humans. There was a massive scandal and a lot of Human activists were against it when the company went public with the reason for their need of Human test subjects.

    However, courageous people began to volunteer to be the pioneers for this research. And so, the testing commenced in preparation for one of the biggest Shade attacks in history.

    Most of the surgeries succeeded. There were very few issues regarding injuries or deaths. This lead to the creation of Shields. The personal guard of Seekers, and Overture’s attack dogs.

    The next two classifications of Overture members came from their chosen fields. Medics were people with an affinity for healing magic. A majority of the time, they would try to go to school for healing and would get cast out because of the fact they were few in number in their locations. And so, Overture took them in, using them to keep Shields at full capacity.

    Next were the Keepers. These people were meant to be strategists. Their hunger for knowledge lead them to manifest a grimoire as their Soulforged, instead of a “weapon,” However, what this allowed them to do was to craft their own magicks, spells, and other techniques. Unlike Seekers and Medics, they aren’t very rare. Humans are known to be a curious race, after all. Even though they aren’t “Rare,” in quantity, it is rare to actually see them. They are a secluded sort. Though they are meant to work as a team with Shields, Medics, and Seekers, they instead stay locked away in Overture’s old Library wing, or within the confines of their dorms. Writing formulas for spells, or researching something.​

    The Enemy

    SHADES: Creatures that dwell between the three realms, called shades because they take the form of shadows. A shadowy man, child, strange giggling. All these things are attributed to Shades. Shades operate on more of a “hivemind,” mentality. Even so, they more often than not, give into their instincts. They devour slowly over a period of years, often settling into old houses. They are the cause for most “hauntings”. Though, they could lurk in any shadows.

    DEMONS: Demons take the form of Humans (aka glamour) to get close to their prey. It takes time for them to get through the veil, but when they manage it, they do their utmost to stay. Like shades, they feed slowly over time, however, for them it is more like a game. They drive their desired victim insane. Filling them with paranoia of the people around them, often times driving them to murder. Once fully corrupted, they devour the person’s soul. However, there are some demons that feed on memories.​

    Class Focuses
    SEEKERS: Are able to see Shades’ true forms as well as through Demonic glamour. There are two types of Seekers, though one is rarer than the other. There are the Seekers that can perfectly see through glamour and clearly see Shades’ forms. Then, there are those that can see that /as well as/ seeing weak spots. In terms of rarity a normal Seeker would be 1:50 people and a Seeker that could see weak spots would be 1:100 Seekers.

    SHIELDS: There are many different types of Shields because there are many different types of weapons. A Shield could have almost any weapon, and they are definitely not limited to the weapons that are currently in existence. However, to make it simple they will be labeled as Close Combat, Mid-Range, and Ranged Shields. Shields are able to use something called Physical Magicks through their Soulforged.

    MEDICS: There are two types of Medics. Auratics, and Limiters. Auratics heal issues with the Soul, and Limiters heal issues with the body. Though, they both have their own limitations. Auratics cannot heal a completely corrupted soul, and they cannot heal a Shield or Keeper if their Soulforged is destroyed. Limiters cannot bring people back from the dead, heal shattered bones, or heal wounds that require a blood transfusion.

    KEEPERS: There are three different types of Keepers. Summoners, Destros, and Illusionistic. Summoning-type Keepers are able to summon at most three different low level “demons” at one time to fight for them. Destros are battle-magick oriented, mainly using Elemental type spells, and relying on nature to be their protector. Illusionistic Keepers specialize in Stealth and Illusion magicks. The types of Magicks that Keepers use is known as Manifested Magick.

    How Overture Came to Be

    Roughly ninety years ago (90) the first documented case of a Shade attack occurred. A man turned to ash when there had been no fire. At the time, no one knew what had caused it… Well, no one except one little boy by the name of Rhial Cornova. The boy was seven years old at the time of the attack, and no matter how much he pleaded with Police, no one believed him. But he had seen the beast that killed the man, he had been there.

    As Rhial grew up he did a massive amount of research into different myths as well as sciences. Even opened up a company for which research would be conducted on the Human soul. He founded this company when he was 24. A lot of people thought he was just some eccentric youngster with some strange ideas. However, he was the one to discover the fact that there were three realms. Though he only ever saw one of them, which he deemed to be Hell because of how barren it was, as well as because of all of the monsters that dwelled there.

    Once he had proven the existence of the three realms, the way things were done changed, and he got a government grant to continue his research as he’d been paying for everything out of his own pocket. Rhial was a tinkerer. He loved to make things, and it was his inventions that ultimately lead his company to be the ones to protect Earth from the Shades. However, before they had the ability to perform surgery on the soul, they simply learned the ways of magick and tried to combat the threats they found, that way.

    It was effective, but not effective enough.

    Twenty years (20) ago, when Rhial’s daughter Sophia took control of the organization, they had a break through. They were able to both prove the existence of the soul, as well as perform their first surgery on it. They found that to each person, the soul looked different. For some it was an orb of light just below the heart, for others it was simply a strange glow that surrounded it. However, one fact remained the same: The soul was always near the heart, one of the major organs that gives humans life.

    With this discovery, they hoped the war against the Shades and Demons could be turned in their favor. Alas, their first few surgeries brought about no results.

    After about 4 years of experimenting on Seekers, Overture deemed that they were incompatible with the surgery because of their already existing gifts. This led them to seek out new test subjects. In order to do that, however, Sophia deemed it necessary to go public with what they needed them for: Soul Experimentation.

    This news caused an uproar, and almost sent Overture belly-up. That was, until, a few brave souls decided to step forward and be the pioneers of this research. They would forever go down in the history books.

    In experimentation with “Normal,” Humans, more often than not, the surgeries were a success. This lead to the development of Keepers and Shields, as well as items deemed Soulforged.​

    What is a Soulforged and How Can It Be Used?
    A Soulforged is a weapon crafted from a piece of the soul of a Human being. To be created, the Human must be willing to go through the surgery, and have absolutely no doubts in their mind about their choice. Once the surgery is completed, and the fragment of soul removed, the person whose fragment it is meditates before it. They focus on what they want to be their strengths in battle, and usually after a few hours of meditation, the soul begins to form an object to suit them. It takes about a week for the weapon to be completely finished.

    Once the weapon is completed, it connects with its former host through physical contact. However, the connection is simply so that the person can use their weapon. Soulforged are not sentient. They do not think for themselves, they are simply a weapon, a tool to be used.

    One good thing about a Soulforged, though, is the fact that it cannot be used by someone else once it has been created and rebonded with its former host. While someone may be able to touch the weapon, or even pick it up, if they try to wield it in battle, it will become as heavy as possible until it is dropped.

    Soulforged cannot be used against other Humans. While there is no way to actually stop a Shield or a Keeper from attacking a Human with their Soulforged, it is a very big taboo within Overture, whose goal is to protect Humans. If a Shield or a Keeper were to attack another Human with their weapon, they would be hunted down and killed.​

    Drawbacks to Having a Soulforged
    There is only one drawback to having a Soulforged: If your weapon is destroyed, you will die. Not only will you die, you will turn into a Shade. Though the only people that know about that last part are the anti-social Keepers, and the few First Shields that still remain alive. Not even Sophia, the head of Overture, is aware of this fact as the Scientists are keeping it hidden from her.

    The other way that a Human can become a Shade is if the surgery on their soul goes wrong.​

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  2. I love these ideas but I'm not sure if I know the fandom if it is a random. I'm guessing this is guilty gear overture? Not many people I know played that game. The only other organization I know is 13 from KH. >< I'm sorry, I feel kind of stupid because I don't know if this is all original or Guilty Gear related or some other fandom. Can you brief me?

    You might wanna define, since humans are supposedly rare, what the other races are aside from demons and shades there are if any.
  3. Oh, this is all original. :3

    Mmm... Humans aren't what's rare, Seekers and Medics are. My bad I can see how that sentence could be confusing. ^^;

    EDIT: Added information to the first post :3 "How Overture Came to Be"
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  5. Oh! Yay :D
  6. Sounds pretty similar to something I did before and I also want to be a baddie can we converse about this?
  7. Sure if you like, whatchu got in mind?

    EDIT: Possible name ideas...


    Soulforged: The Descent

    Soulforged: A Fractured World
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  8. Soulforged: A Fractured World sounds hot.
  9. Lol, thanks!

    So, what kinda baddie did you want to play? I wasn't sure I wanted to have Demons be playable, and Shades really wouldn't be because they don't have singular consciousnesses. There's also the possibility that while your character is Human they could be malevolent. :3

    Um... Oh! One other thing! This RP would be Mission based. Meaning that Overture would send teams of 6 or 8 out on missions and the teams would be set up like this:

    1 Seeker
    2 Shields
    2 Medics
    2 or 3 Keepers, though only one would likely show up.

    Though this will have an overarching plot, development will likely happen on missions.
  10. Want. Anyway I could help or serve a special role?

    *crosses fingers*
  11. Help would be much appreciated! :D I was told by a friend that the How Overture Came to Be section seems unfinished somehow, could you tell me what you think?

    As for a special role, got anything in mind? :3
  12. I love it so excite! It's very very interesting.
  13. I'm glad you like it, @Zelkova! :3

    Do you think there's anything I could/should add?
  14. From what I can tell, it would be incomplete because it doesn't give any result of the discovery of where the soul is located, just that it happened.
  15. Hmm... 'kay Archangel. I'll get to work on adding that.

    EDIT: Edited "How Overture Became to Be,"

    Added: "What is a Soulforged and How Can It Be Used?"
    Added: "Drawbacks to Having a Soulforged"

    Moved here for better assistance, hopefully. ^^

    NEXT THING TO BE ADDED: Magick System
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  16. Well, you also have no real reason for people to defect from humanities side. I mean people could defect for their own personal reasons, buuuut yea, that falls on them and not the story.

    I dunno, but I have this tingle in my brain of how, if these's plains were discovered it might alter the very fabric of religion and thus the church would be very very unhappy and defect creating forces out of bitterness to attempt to regain their once great nations and political power.
  17. I'm still writing the plot, but I figure the conspiracies would later on drive some members of Overture to defect. Or maybe old members already have and are building up a force.
  18. Is this thread based solely on the organization itself or the RP as a whole?
  19. You say its organization base. In that case, I would sit down and work out all the important NPC's and how the internal structure for it works. Aswell as a a timeline nad a history of the organization. Its all well and good to say "This is a organization" but if said organization is the focus, players being members need the structure and time line to be able to better fit they charachters into the RP.
  20. You explain everything clearly, the formatting is aesthetically pleasing, the premise is enticing.

    This role play will do fine. Some advice though? Write some notes down on the side, just for yourself. Nothing detailed, but stuff like "who are the important people?" Just so if anyone asks, you can answer, without having to overload your OOC with information that will be largely only needed in certain situations.

    Beyond that? Yeah you're doing fine.