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  1. Are you registered as an organ donor? Have you ever donated any part of your body?

    I'm registered for basically my whole body, including stem cells, for the purpose of someone else needing one of my parts, or for scientific research.

    I've tried to donate blood but haven't been able to get, and I've donated hair for chemo wigs
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  2. Organ donation should be an opt-out thing, you ask me. I mean, fuck: you're dead by the time they need them. Why the hell would you care at that point?
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  3. My son will eat my heart to gain my strength. The other vultures may fight over my eyes, brain, and liver.
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  4. I'm a registered blood and organ donor!

    I believe it should be an opt out thing - Most people only have religious/ethical reasons against, so they could opt out. Then that way more lives can be saved!!
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  5. I am a registered organ donor. I was also on the bone marrow donor registry, until my back injury disqualified me. I regularly donate blood and plasma as well.
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  6. I think I registered as an organ donor when I got my learner's permit, but I'm not sure. In any case, if I'm dead hell, it's not like I need them.
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  7. I'm a registered organ donor too, which my dad had a huge problem with at first.

    I told him this:

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  8. I registered when I got my license. I don't think either of my parents know and I don't think they'd mind anyways. I have an interview with the people who do the coordinating in my area and my parents have said that it's very important work.....therefore it must be a good thing.
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  10. What was his problem?
  11. He said "What about me and your mother?! Did you stop for a second to think about how we might feel about this?!" To which I said "You'll be dead long before me" Which made him smile, but he likes to try and rule my life anyway, so there was still a bit of bickering done. He doesn't understand the whole 'my body, my rules' thing.
  12. Yeah but like, why would your organs being posthumously donated bother him/them?
  13. I'm a blood donor since I am 0-
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  14. Exactly Mini. EXACTLY. He couldn't give me a straight answer at the time, I think the thought of me being dead was just too much for him and he acted irrationally. He's never said anything about it since.
  15. It actually is a hard idea for allot of loved ones to grasp, especially since they replace the organs with some sort of stuffing because of the funeral service or make it a closed coffin ceremony. It's understandable to not treasure the thought of your loved one's corpse to be looted.

    Most can look past that mental image and not make a scene, but I can understand how a person isn't completely happy even if I disagree. After all I'm a donor too, in heart and veins! Badumn-ts!

    My blood type is AB-, if I recall. Which means when they test my blood they ALWAYS ask for a little more. They don't even care that I'm a frequent drug user either.
  17. we were on topic. You dip.
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  18. Registered organ donor, have donated blood a couple times before.
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  19. What, no "I'll donate you my organ baby ;D" quips? C'mon guys, low hanging fruit. >:[

    I actually don't know if I'm an organ donor or not. If I signed up a form, it was eons ago. I should double check. I'm fine with donating everything but my head and associated parts.
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  20. I've tried to donate blood, but kept finding problems. my veins are really really small.
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