Oregon Man Arrested for Choking Girlfriend With His Own Dreadlocks

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  1. Oh Portland!
  2. Ok. While I don't support what he did, I support the originality. Wow. O.O

    Secondarily, those are some seriously strong dreadlocks!
  3. What? So he didn't have any rope?
  4. ... *glances at the Weapons of Choice poll*

    Bad joke? Yes? No? >.<
  5. Does that count as a concealed weapon?
  6. My state can be a very strange state...
  7. ... I took a wild guess that he was a Portland resident. There are some weird sketchy people around there. :|

    Though, my town's not much better. There are hoodlums that will rob people in the night, and...other scary shit. I'm seriously not allowed to leave the house without a weapon and/or my boyfriend for protection. Oh Oregon.
  8. How dreadful.
  9. ... -laughing- ...

    That is soooo wow. I agree on the creative part. Next we'll be hearing about a woman shoving armpit hair down some guy's throat to strangle him. Just you watch. O_O
  10. That is quite sick, but I have to give the guy some points for creativity. I am not quite sure of this, but the human hair is a material which is stronger than most people would think, and can actually be tough at times. However, I would not have imagined that it could be used as a murder weapon. I guess one learns something new every day.
  11. Well, I guess that makes sense. My hair was up in a ponytail today and one of my friends came up and wrapped my hair around my neck and started to make it tighter. He was doing it jokingly, of course, but it did cause me to choke a little bit. It did surprise me though. Hair is pretty crazy.
  12. Hair is deadly indeed. I had to get a haircut a few days ago because mine tried choking me in my sleep. It also has cut my face too many times... Ain't no way I'm letting my hair win this battle. >:[