Ordoun Journal [Modern fantasy/interest check]

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  1. Hey mom...
    Do you remember that time?
    That time you told me about those creatures
    Creatures lurking in the morning mist
    When I sat by the window
    In the darkness
    As the rain stopped and heat came
    Forming a huge mist out in the field
    You told me then, not to go outside
    For these creatures, with their ability to sing
    Could harm me

    [​IMG] This is a modern fantasy where children one day start to disappear in a village born from the harvesting of food around the huge fields. In the warmer seasons around spring, summer and a little bit of autumn, mist start to appear in the mornings and evening, making it hard to see.
    And we are there to take of the mask and reveal what lies beneath it.
    But it is very hard when the people themselves, deny about what's going on around the village, only to protect themselves. However by going into their sacred homes, we find more than necessary.

    [​IMG] Genres; Modern fantasy, detective/criminal investigation, In real life, mystery

    [​IMG] If more than one person is interested, then I can probably make this into a group roleplay and not a 1x1... however, I see a 1x1 more fitting.

    The village (open)

    Name; Ordoun (Pronounced like Ordown)

    Country; (unknown)

    Province; (Unknown)

    Region; (unknown)

    Population; 48

    Type; Cultural

    Coat of arms; [​IMG]

    Area; 24 hectares (Most covered with agriculture)

    Description; The village is known for it's long last life of agriculture and the hard working farmers. Not many outside Ordoun have visited this little village and the big families, all who is for the most related (except for two families who took over one farm) have tried their best into keeping the village alive. It is said to have been the most popular back in the middle ages but faded quickly away when the bigger villages took over. The closest city lies 3 hours away with car and it is surrounded by forest and huge fields. The houses are old and made of stones, tree and hay, still functional and ready to stay in place for atleast 100 years more. There have been no earthquakes but the village had had a heavy rain season, including 1 childs death.
    Ordoun is also known for being the 'Mist village', since you have to survive 5 months with the mist. The mist however, only shows in the mornings and evenings, making it clear for the day depending of the weather condition and if it's a dry or wet season. When the village was of it's most shine, many children started to disappear, making it the downfall for the Ordoun village. Now with only less than 48 people and children still disappearing, the reason is still unknown as to why children still vanish from thin air.

    inspirations (open)

    Different sources from where I got inspiration from making this idea

    The main inspiration;
    Lyrics; http://www.animelyrics.com/doujin/vo...haiwahaini.htm

    The other main inspiration is a very short story I did when I was like... 11? Buuut I don't want to share it here, it's nothing special since the inspiration I got from making that short story was that I was listening to Hai wa Hai ni and started to write something that popped up into my mind. Now I took that old story and renewed it.


    I would like ideas and to see if people are interested to make a roleplay like this.

    [​IMG] The villagers are all NPC's IF you don't want to roleplay one of the 48. Otherwise you can use the villagers to your liking, making a conversation, a conflict or anything really. However, if you want to use one of the villagers, take it in mind that they are very cautious of strangers since the kidnapping of children have been very huge, they try to not get involved with that matter and can change the subject as you try to talk about it.
    They are friendly and mean well, even so they do not want to let strangers in their house if they don't have to. They are farmers and the fields are their everything to them, almost everyone is releated to each other in some way except for the 2 new families who moved into Ordoun. It's a small village so gossip gets around quickly, especially the bad ones.

    PM me if you have any questions, if you have any ideas, tell me!
    I don't know if I have to change the story but we will see

    QUESTIONS (open)

    Q. So what is this story about?

    A. This story is about how x people have the job to find informations about the lost children and reveal the secrets of where they might be.
    This is a detective job where you have to ask people and sniff out clues, even perhaps brake into their homes to find hidden documents, toys, a scrap of paper, anything that might lead to the lost children.

    Q. Who are we?

    A. You are a person, either it be a detective, or just a curious person who lives in the city 3 hours away or in the village who wants to find the children.

    Q. What is the goal?

    A. To find the lost children.

    Q. Can I be some sort of a fantasy creature?

    A. No, sadly not. You can't be a fantasy creature, not even a half x and half human. This is a modern fantasy with a 'in real life' theme in it, so all the characters are human. And with human abilities comes the good and bad ones.

    Q. Can I be one of the villagers?

    A. Yes you can, you can decide if you want to be one of the families who have lived there for a long period of time or one in the 2 new families. Just a reminder that you are very cautious of strangers and very protective of yourself and your family, you might have several deep secrets you haven't even told your own family about.
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  2. - - - Updated - - -

    Ordoun has a shop, but it's small. Otherwise the villagers have their animals and of course the huge fields to take advantage of. Make sure to take a lot of use of a NPC if I either write one or if you make one yourself.

    The two families who recently moved in have kids of their own and share one huge fields together which they bought from a man. Yet they have been somewhat accepted into the huge family of Ordoun... somewhat. There are those who still gossip and make bad comments about them and there will be more to come. The most popular person is the one owning the store since well... the person tends to get visiters a lot. I will for now say a person since it can as well be a she as a he.
  3. I'll RP with u. but I am curious if ur still into it. This looks like it might have been a summer's hobby.
    How long was it supposed to be? 1 novel? or never ending?

    to be honest I havent read t yet, but I will if u're active.
  4. @ArcaneUnit Hello! Yeah, it probalby is more of a summer hobby. I just wanted to do this to warm up for some roleplaying. But now the feeling is... gone? No... it's like you have played a game so many times that you don't feel like playing it for now. Kind of.

    Also, many stuff has happened, I'm unsure myself if I'll have the time to answer but I really want to get this itchy feeling back of roleplaying. So I could give this a go if you're interested?
  5. Whoops! It looks like I'm late but this is an interesting roleplay.
    It definitively has a mysterious feeling to it.​
  6. wait until ur really interested.
    don't push yourself out of the way of experimenting with educational endeavors and professional goals, your social life and recreational objectives.

    school is intended to inspire you to choose carries and extra-circularly pursue them in ur own time. as well as prepare a healthy social mind - which includes being healthy physically.

    prioritize. maybe we can RP later.