Orders, sir?

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84. Boo-ya! Sign me up for the rank of Commissar in the Imperial Guard!

I always went with the choice that said the higher ups were stupid.
62. I questioned the suicidal attack, just like Charles White Whittlesey did in "Lost battalion". Badass movie.

1) my superior officers hate me
2) I occasionally make the wrong decision for my men

I was, however, properly prepared for the whole somme thing. Paranoid officers FTW!
Not that I'm implying anything with this, but it seems that the ladies don't do as well as the men.

'Cept for Paorou, that chick scored pretty high...
46... it was during the suicidal attack that it all fell apart.

Darned men shooting themselves to get out of an sucidal attack.

Questioned my superiors. Also didn't read the letters (and didn't know that tidbit about the sentry).
46... it was during the suicidal attack that it all fell apart.

That's why the Guard sucks.

BTW 84, My faith is my shield, I shall not falter.
65. Questioned the attack and sent my men into the shell crater.

I was just trying to get a good character arc! >:[
Sending them into the shell crater early is the way to go, unless you're talking about the gas crater.

Never spoke out against my superiors, but was never fond of drinking.

Also: that mine explosion is good cover!
Haha, only dudes taking this?


You are the type of officer that all soldiers wished to have as a leader. You have shown consistent bravery and quick-thinking in difficult situations. If it were not for your terrible injuries, you might have returned to the front promoted to the rank of Captain.