Order of the White Rose



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So I'm playing around with a possible idea. Honestly it's really a bare thread idea, hence the plotting prefix. I want to try to do a secret society/rebellion against tyranny type game. You know, the underground resistance. Personally it could either be a high fantasy or a near future depending on other ideas people have.

Sci-fantasy possibly? Also, I take it we can play on both sides or go in-between right? Details on both sides would be nice as well.
If it's a small game then I would think we'd only want people within the resistance, though someone could always be a turncoat or double agent. If this turns into a mega-game, then of course you'd want different sides and co-GMs and such.
Possible plot idea; area of contended land that both sides are fighting for. It's technically the territory of the oppressors, but it belonged to another faction that had opposed them and fallen many years ago. It contains their secrets and the inhabitants of it aren't entirely trustworthy of the tyranny that rules over it, but at the same time, don't really like the rebels and their tendency to bring warfare and violence with them wherever they go. Could be a sort of state that maybe doesn't really even belong to either.
Order of the White Rose makes me think of Alice in Wonderland when the roses are painted red... But yeah, anyway... XD

I like the idea of a resistance in a high fantasy environment. I haven't got any ideas that aren't super cliche' yet, but you at least know I'm interested. If anything comes to mind, I'll let you know.

I came up with the possibility of a race or individual that finds themselves more superior, so the ruler is overthrown. Said ruler is imprisoned, so the resistance is a group of courageous mix of creatures and humans that are forever loyal to their overthrown leader, seeking to defy the 'evil one' and restore the land to the way it should be.
But I dunno. Just something that popped into my head.
Order of the White Rose made me think of Revolutionary Girl Utena...and the whole secret 'order of the rose' thing and all the people fighting over who gets to control the rose bride...
I like where this is heading.
Hmmm, plot bunny. Some/all are circus performers or freaks?

Yes or No?
The moment I saw "White Rose", I instantly thought of the Black Company...

But, a revolutionary idea sounds pretty good! (Has just finished reading the Mistborn trilogy)