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  1. Alyssa let out a pained groan, her head throbbed in pain and she felt something warm trickling down the side of her head, without a doubt some form of liquid, her ears were still ringing after the explosion in the house where she used to live and where her parents were, yet she was too disoriented to try and sit up.
    Her body was aching and she could feel that she was lying on her back on something warm, possibly a bed, but it wasn’t her own. She couldn’t remember anything of what had happened and she couldn’t even open her eyes as her head ached so much.
    “By the gods, she’s beginning to wake up!” She heard a voice call out, it was someone who sat by her side and Alyssa weakly turned her head in the direction of where she had heard the voice. “Quickly, Jack! Make yourself useful and go fetch some water!” The voice said and the next thing Alyssa heard were footsteps of someone hurrying out of the room where she was lying. “Don’t you worry little lady, we’ll have you up and going by tomorrow. You were lucky to survive the explosion. The glass that shattered was a really nasty rain upon you but don’t be alarmed. You are a lucky one as you have no permanent damage from the incident.” The voice said to Alyssa and she could feel that the person stroked some of her ashen colored hair from her face. She wasn’t old, in fact, she was only fifteen summers and she had some freckles on her nose. She was rather short for her age so many mistook her for younger then she actually was.
    “Explosion…?” She thought to herself and her eyes then shot open as she remembered. She had been in an explosion, the house had suddenly burst into flames and the windows and glasses had shattered, raining over her and her parents. She quickly looked around and the man that had been speaking to her placed a hand on her chest as she sat up rather swiftly in the bed and for a split second, Alyssa felt as if the whole world around her was spinning far too fast. “Careful young one! You may not have permanent damage, but if you continue like that, then you might receive internal bleeding.” He said and Alyssa quickly turned her head in his direction. “My parents! Where are they?!” She asked and she looked at the man with a distraught expression, fearing that she already knew the answer. The man shuffled a bit in an uncomfortable manner in his seat at the question and he sighed heavily as he leaned forward while twining his fingers together, his mouth resting against the sides of his hands while his thumbs kept up his chin and his elbows were resting on his knees. “I’m afraid that your parents are no longer with us, young one. They passed away in the fire.” He said and he gave out another heavy sigh.
    Alyssa sat there in complete shock, she couldn’t believe it; no, that wasn't it, she didn’t want to believe it. Her parents weren’t dead, he must be mistaken, there’s no way that her parents could have been murdered, they had never done any harm to anyone. She sat in the bed, lost in thoughts and as she came more and more to the realization that her parents were truly gone forever, she felt the tears build up in her eyes and she began to sob before she full out started to cry her heart out. The man shut his eyes and he frowned, but not because he was annoyed, but rather because he felt sorry for Alyssa, to have lost her parents at such a young age.
    Her body trembled and she let out a sad and devastated scream to let out some of the pain that was building up inside of her chest and she shook her head while she cried and whimpered. The man eventually leaned forward and embraced her tightly as she cried into his chest and Alyssa clenched her hands on the man’s tabard. He was wearing silver armor with a white and red tabard and he had a long red cloak on his back. He was a knight of the Silver Dragon, a holy order which had been preserving peace and prosperity in the land of Eradia for over five hundred years. Yet, recently there had been an increasing number in criminal activity and the land had begun to fall into chaos.
    There were rumors that the order of the Onyx Serpents had begun to rise to power, a dark order which held sanctuary to the most vicious and dangerous killers that walked on the face of this earth. They were never seen and almost untouchable so it was not a wonder that many villagers had spoken of them as demons. The easiest way to know if someone was a part of their order was a tattoo of an Onyx Serpent on the right cheek. In a short while, the one that the man had referred to as Jack returned to the room with a bucket of water, a canteen with fresh spring water, an empty goblet and a washcloth. He put down the canteen and goblet on a table that was next to the bed that Alyssa sat in and he placed down the bucket on the floor.
    He didn’t appear much older than Alyssa, perhaps three or four summers older, but not more. The man that embraced Alyssa looked a bit older, he had jet black hair that was slowly becoming more gray at certain points and he looked as if he was in his early forties. While his armor was more regal and detailed, Jack’s was more simple, which meant that the man that embraced her was most likely a higher rank than Jack. After Alyssa had calmed down a bit, she pulled back from the man and she sat in the bed as she looked down at her lap and she frowned sadly as tears still ran down her cheeks. “You need to drink some water or the fever you are suffering from will never leave your body.” The man said and he looked at her with a concerned expression. “I… I’m not thirsty… “Alyssa said while she frowned. The man sighed and shook his head before he leaned back in the chair where he was sitting. “I’m Landro Vishidar. The squire next to me is Jack Morrison. We are both part of the Silver Dragon so you do not have to worry about any harm coming to you inside our walls.” Landro said and Alyssa looked at him before she looked towards Jack. “I…I’m-“ She stopped as she was interrupted. “Alyssa, I know, young one. Your father was a part of our ranks. A fine Knight he was and his memory will be honored.”
    As Landro said those words, a faint smile of gratitude appeared on Alyssa’s lips. “Thank you…” She said low and she inclined her head. The mystery of why her parents had been murdered was now all that was in Landro’s mind. He had heard of a prophecy that a pure diamond would rise from the ashes of a sea of fire created by the great Serpent, but could it really be that Alyssa was that diamond? If it was so, then Landro had to protect her at any cost as the only thing that could now come in the way of the Serpents rising to full power was this young girl, it meant that her life would be in danger. But with his loyal knights around him, he would be able to protect Alyssa and also train her to be able to defend herself, should the need arise.

    Her father had been a close friend to Landro and before Alyssa was born, Landro had often been there to visit her parents as her father left the Silver Dragons once she had been born. He had been the second highest officer in the order and Landro was the Commander. However he was getting older and he had no one that could take over after him once he would not be able to lead. He would pass on the leadership to his son, but he was too reckless and loved to poke the bear so the only time where it would make sense to have him as a leading officer, would be at a time of war.
    Alyssa would perhaps be able to grow up and take Landro’s place, he had made his decision, he was going to raise her like his own, in memory of her father. “Alyssa, I have a question I must ask you.” He said and Alyssa raised her eyebrows as she looked at him. “I wonder if you would like to perhaps want to stay here and train with the Silver Dragons. We have enough room and food for you to stay here and even though you cannot take your father’s place just yet, you will be a student of mine and I will make sure to train you so that once you are old enough, you will be able to rise up and fight at my side as an officer, just like your father used to do.” Landro said with a brief smile.

    Alyssa sat there completely dumbfounded before she smiled brightly and nodded a few times. “I would be honored of having that privilege!” She said and she giggled slightly. “There is no need to be so formal with me, Alyssa. Your father asked me that if something was ever to happen to him and your mother, for me to be your guardian. So I shall do my best to make them both proud.” Landro said before he stood up. “I shall leave you to rest, but in the morning, we will go by the smith to have some armor created for you and we shall also find what weapon suits you best.” He said before he turned around. “Rest well.”
    “You… too.” Alyssa said but by the time she had finished her sentence, Landro and Jack had already exited the room to leave her to rest. She looked down at her lap and the sad frown once more formed on her face and she let out a sad sigh. She wasn’t sure if she would be able to live up to Landro’s expectations, even though her father had been a knight, she had never held a weapon in her hand and she knew nothing of combat. She wanted to learn, she wanted to become better, but not because she desired revenge on the Serpents for what they had done, but because she wanted to make sure that no one else would have to go through and suffer the same thing that she is suffering for now. She lay down on the bed and soon drifted off to sleep, she had to rest as she had a big day ahead of her.
    However, she knew that even if she were to start and train, she would never be able to face the dangers ahead on her own, she would have to gather friends and allies through the years that she would be spending with the Silver Dragons.
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  2. Rather early in the next morning he got into her room, he was curious it wasn't anything that happened too much that a girl would join in and as he thought they would possibly be training together he wanted to go ahead an introduce himself.

    Just as he came in he thought about that she might still be sleeping, he forgot, he got so excited he forgot it he still came in training was to start soon and he wanted to get to know her a little beforehand.

    "Are you awake?" he whispered and walked closer to her bed.
  3. Alyssa just came out from the bathroom as she saw Jack and she blinked a few times in surprise, luckily she had already gotten dressed. "Uhm, g-good morning." She stuttered as she looked at him.
    Her hair was wet as she had washed it and the water dripped from her hair and down to the floor. She inclined her head in a polite manner towards him, after all, she didn't want to be rude.
  4. Seeing her he blushed a little but bowed "Sorry, I should have knocked.."
    a bit impressed by his usualy good manners he felt bad for it but wanted to get to the point
    "I figured that we should possibly have a little talk, if you join in the training since we are the only ones beeing taught by Lan....Lord Landro"
    what was with his manners today he wondered, was he nervous? because of her?
  5. "Oh, of course." She said and nodded once, she looked around a bit in the room and then moved the chair that was over by a desk, closer to the bed before she sat down on the bed and motioned towards the chair. "Please, sit down. I have a lot to learn if I am going to fit in here." She said with a gentle smile and a brief chuckle escaped her lips.
  6. Bowing again he sits down "Thank you" knowing about at least a little of her story he decided to skip it
    "First of all, my name is Jack I'm one of Lord Landro's students for about a month now and I'm happy to make you acquaintance young lady"
    he smiled at her knowing her name he wanted to be as polite as possible anyways
    "If I may ask for your name, as I did not catch is previously"
    Jack felt pressured he was used to be around nobility but he never spoke alone with a noble before much less a girl
    he wondered what she was hearing from Landro about her beeing someone very important and to be polite when talking to her.
  7. "My name is Alyssa, it's a pleasure to meet you. I owe both you and Lord Landro my life, were it not for you, I would most likely be dead by now." She said as she looked at Jack and she smiled faintly as she lowered her gaze to her lap, she appeared thoughtful and she then let out a brief sigh before she shook her head to clear her thoughts. "Tell me, what is Landro like? He appears like a man who is honorable and loyal." Asked Alyssa in a curious manner.
  8. He smiles to her introduction and looks down a little when she talks about owing them her life knowing she was surely worried about other things at this point she asked him about Landro despite of everything else going on, he took a deep breath
    "He is a very caring person, he can be strict sometimes but even if sometimes I feel like he is completely in the end I always think it was fair..he is like a father to me and I'm sure he will care for you even more Milady he is the most loyal person I met in my life and he always stays true to the ones he protects"
    getting up after the talk he looks at her
    "I'm sure you want some time for yourself Milady, so I will wait outside and wait to bring you to the training area as soon as you are ready"
    with that he bows again and walks towards the door
  9. She inclined her head in a polite manner towards him and she appeared relieved over what she heard about Landro.
    Alyssa took a few moments to prepare before she stepped outside and she smiled at Jack, having tied up her hair in a ponytail. "I'm ready to go."
  10. He nodded to her and led hear to a big areal outside that included a stable with a few horses, a few targets for training with a bow and a circle for practice matches
    "I think first of all we should figure out what weapon you prefer to use Milady"
    leading her to a small blacksmith he looked at her with a slight smile
    "According to Lord Landro you can chose whichever weapon you want, if you wish I assist you in your choice"
  11. She looked at the horses and one of them caught her attention, a sturdy black steed that appeared rather royal in his manner. He was Varandros, a steed that no one in the order had been allowed to mount and he was extremely picky about who was even allowed close to him. "That steed is amazing." Alyssa said as they walked and she then looked at Jack before she looked down at the ground. "I-I don't know what weapon would be best for me as I've never used one in my entire life."
  12. "It is amazing indeed but a picky one, but I am certain it would allow you to come close" with a smile he thought about how he chose his weapon back a few weeks ago when Landro told him just a bow would not be enough and he chose a light one handed sword as his weapon, when his bow would not be able to server proberly
    "Have you ever tried any weapons before? We could just pick a few that interest you and try them out outside"
  13. She shook her head slightly at his question and she then looked around a bit. "I've never used a weapon, but my mother taught me the basics in conjuring magic, do you think Lord Landro would allow us to train together if I asked him about furthering on that?" She asked curiously as she looked at Jack.
    She smiled gently in an almost shy manner when he mentioned that Varandros will probably let her close. "Where is Lord Landro?" She then asked, no one had seen Landro since he head out with a small squad of soldiers to patrol the roads.
  14. "I heard he is visiting an old friend. As for the magic I'm unsure I have never seen anyone use magic to be honest but I believe Lord Landro spoke about someone that he knew would be a skilled magician"

    Looking at her he thought about what a magician would do in a fight, since all that came to mind were fireballs and healing whicht he thought would probably be useful for a couple of thing

    "But even with the control over magic, what is someone gets far to close? Wouldn't you need a way to defend yourself?"
  15. "Oh, I see." She said and then pondered a bit on his last words. "I think there are spells to keep me protected and that will knock enemies back if they get too close." She then said while nodding once.
  16. "And if that is not enough I shall protect you!" he proudly anounced that with a lot of confidence but smiled gently afterwards
    "What shall we do then? Wait for him to return so we can talk to him about your idea?"
  17. She blinked a few times in surprise at his words but then giggled as she put her hand over her mouth to try and disguise it. She let out a small cough afterwards and she brushed a strand of hair behind her ear as she looked around.

    "I think that is all we can do." She said with a small nod. "And I wouldn't mind seeing you train a bit, perhaps it'll even inspire me to use a weapon." She said while smiling.
  18. Blushing a little he takes one of the bows and a few arrows
    "I'm not that good in combat yet, I just have a few years of practice with the bow, but if you wish to see Milady I'd gladly fulfill the request"
    with the bow and the arrows he slowly walks around 20 meters in front of the targets taking a deep breath and aiming carefully
    he whispered to himself
    and he shot hitting the target about half way into the middle
    he wasn't happy with this, he wanted to show of at least with something, he looked at her but took another arrow fast without thinking to much or aiming to carefully and hitting right in the middle
    a sigh of relieve escaped him
    'Pure luck...' he thought to himself, but at least he did it
  19. She let out a surprised gasp as he hit in the middle and she clapped her hands in an impressed manner. "Amazing!" She said while she let out a small giggle. "You have a really good aim." She then added.

    Alyssa quickly looked over her shoulder as a soldiers stumbled out to the training grounds before he collapsed down on his side. He was badly injured and he was one of the soldiers that had been with Landro. The smile faded from Alyssa's face and she hurried over to the man. "What happened?!" She asked and the man explained how they had been ambushed and Landro had sent him back to get reinforcements. Alyssa did her best to mend the man's wounds but her healing abilities weren't enough to mend him as he had already lost too much blood.
  20. Smilling at her praise he bowed but saw a soldier coming back, as she hurried to him he picked up the arrows and the bow and ran to them, beeing to late he asked her
    "What happened? Is Landro okay?"
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