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  1. Haylin Kathleen Blake

    Half Blood - Metamorphmagus | Hufflepuff - 5th Year | Scottish

    She usually prefers this hairstyle and coloring, but her natural hair color is actually white:
    Haylin's Various Appearances (open)


    - Her father was an original member of the Order, but retired to marry his wife. Considering his wife is a Muggleborn Witch, he felt it would be wise to withdraw from the Magical Society entirely (except he allowed Haylin into Hogwarts). He was recently murdered, shortly before his daughter's fifteenth birthday. Upon his death, Mrs. Blake felt it would be in her daughter's best interest if she joined the Order and was under their protection.

    *- *-*
    "You couldn't write? The entire Summer without a scrap of news from either of you?" Those cruel words escaped Harry's mouth without the slightest intention of actually insulting his dear friends, however, the anger was valid and Harry held no remorse in asking.

    "We wanted to write, mate. Honestly, we did." Of course Ron was the first to answer, saving Hermione the trouble of doing so, herself. Ron stepped forward, but before he managed to reach Harry, his troublesome twin brothers arrived in the room. Even at the Order's hideout, the twins knew their way around the building effortlessly.

    The offered Harry a chance to gather information, to listen in on something a little more interesting. The temptation was accepted and Harry joined the twins at the staircase. "How are we going to listen?" He whispered to one of the brothers, not sure which was which.

    Suddenly Fred pulled out a rubber ear from his pocket, attached at the back was a string. "With this, lad. It's rather useful for this type of stuff."

    Ron sighed, leaning back against the wall and watched as his brother began lowering the magical ear. The device seemed to be working and suddenly the voices became clear as they echoed through to the end piece held in Fred's hand.

    "He's just a boy!"

    Ron smirked, crossing his arms, "That's mum."

    "He's not your son, Molly." No mistaking that voice. Harry knew it was Sirius, his Godfather.

    Molly interjected, "He's as good as."

    Everything was working perfectly, but even the best laid plans sometimes go horrible at the worst possible moment. Suddenly a shriek echoed through the device and looking down to the floor, Harry saw the source. It was Hermione's beloved feline, Crookshanks.

    * * *

    "Maw(Mum), (are) urr (you) ye sure (they) thay (will) wull let us in?" A heavily accented voice inquired, the speaker no older than fifteenth. The elder adult escorting the teenager just smiled, their own voice identical and sharing the same accent.

    "Haylin, (your) yer (father) faither (was) wis in (the) th' original Order."

    This news startled the young child, "H-he was?"

    "(Of course) O' coorse, (but) bit he left (to) tae (marry) mairie me."

    Haylin smiled, her lips parting ever so slightly. She had never known her father to be such a hero. To have joined the Order and then leave just for the sake of marrying his true love? Haylin found no error in his decision. When they arrived at the entrance, Haylin gulped the nervous knot which had grown in her throat.

    The Order served to protect justice and peace within the Wizarding world, but Haylin knew so little about it. Her own mother had only recently informed her about the organization during the prior Summer. As a fellow student of Hogwarts, Haylin wondered who else would be in the group? She figured Harry and his friends might be members, but didn't actually know for sure.

    When the door opened at her mother's magic, Haylin followed closely at her the elder witch's side. The hallway was long and narrow, forcing Haylin to position behind her mother and continue walking forward. Suddenly someone appeared, their arms crossed and a sneer at their lips. One look was enough for Haylin to gulp heavily, fearing the man standing in front of her mother.

    "Good evening, Severus." The former accent had gone, replaced with a more comprehensible British accent.

    "Mrs. Blake?" He hadn't been expecting a visit from her. "What are you doing here?"

    "I have come on my husband's behalf," she announced, reaching into her pocket and handed Severus the sealed scroll she'd been carrying. "I trust you know he's been murdered? He left this in my possession and asked I bring it to the Order."

    A fourth guest joined the conversation, his face heavily scarred and Haylin knew him to have been her former Dark Arts instructor, Remus Lupin. Unlike Severus, he welcomed Mrs. Blake with a firm handshake and curiously raised a brow when he spotted the young girl hiding.

    "I trust this is your daughter?" He gave a small wave, hoping not to scare the girl further.

    Mrs. Blake chuckled, "Oh yes. This is my daughter, Haylin." She introduced, reaching back and pushed the nervous girl forward. Immediately the shy girl's hair began to darken from its usual ginger-shade and instead took on a coloring of black.

    "(Hello) H-hullo, Mr. Lupin, Mr. Snape." She greeted, hesitantly offering her hand. Unlike her mother, Haylin's accent remained. Always the proud Scot, never ashamed of her native tongue.
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