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  1. The stern breeze.

    It blew through the castle courtyard, the high of the morning yet to come, and the lines of young women dressed in ceremonial attire caused the atmosphere to be heavy. For the half seaside, half mountainside kingdom, Fract was a world of its own. Wedged between the two, it was highly defensible and supplied from both the mountain pass and the sea.

    For now, though, those young women had a fate and destiny to play out. They were the next generation in the Order of the Lady Knights, and while they all lacked their armour to begin with, they'd be given their first chance of the future they would bear, should they survive through the training.

    Soon, a rather tall woman fronted all of the young ones, clad in the armour of the Lady Knights. She seemed so composed, poised for any danger or situation which may present itself at any moment. When she arrived, all idle chatter and general noise ceased, before she cleared her vocals. Her presence was truly awe inspiring.

    "Ladies, knights to be, scholars without their degree, I welcome you to this very day. The first day of the Solar Calendar, this is the day which you find your path, and walk it indefinitely. By standing here, on these lands, you submit yourself to the Queen." The woman looked around, gazing toward everyone present. Another woman, surprisingly shorter than the other but no less intimidating, stood by her side.
    "You are all given a privilege, to be here, to have the chance to grow as you will. Often, in times now past, those who were noble were the sole people who could enter the knighthood. Due to this, there were fewer than a hundred knights, and they were often killed, as skilled as they were. With our new respect for techniques involving simple magic, we will outlast those before us!" The short woman raised her arm, fist curled, while the young women cheered.

    With that, everyone seemed to scatter, and to Protactus, everything was so chaotic. Her empathetic senses were her eyesight, but the mass of people in a single place caused her distress. Beside her, Dianne the doctor placed an arm around her shoulder, a calming gesture if the sixteen year old didn't utterly despise her. Her blindness had forced the doctor, originally a fairly high ranking noble, to look after her.
    Nearby, Edifelt was rather excited for the future. Her gleaming blue eyes truly told the entire story, and she seemed to have a skip in her step while she approached the building filled with everyone's individual sleeping quarters, more than a hundred girls to sleep there every night. The fifteen year old simply admired the architecture put into the buildings and towers around the place, the exclusive training centre of the lady knights.
    And far away, in one of the corners, da Capriá sighed with annoyance. She was usually in the thick of it, a popular person in her own right, but her foreign garb seemed to do much the opposite. Even so, the fourteen year old went about her way, a bored expression gracing her eastern features while she stepped along with a flat soled shoe.

    For now, at least, you find yourself walking along toward one of the three girls. Who will you follow? Who will you meet? This is down to you.
  2. Grey was rather unimpressed with the whole spectacle. But why shouldn't she be? This display of patriotism was beyond what she wanted. She was here to train to righteously end the lives of the people who killed her sister. Who caused her so much pain. But, for now, she was to prepare herself for that future. It was behind a girl with a similar expression to her own that Grey found herself, behind Ms. de Caprià. In fact, their expressions were so similar, one might think Grey was mocking de Caprià.
  3. The breeze blew the obsidian hair from her shoulders. The sun shined on her hair enhancing the tint of blue in her hair. Her crimson eyes stared at the speaker. An elderly woman who had eyes that shone wisdom from her eyes. The elder's woman's eyes never met with Lucius's eyes, which disappointed the girl. She wanted to be the one that caught the eyes of her superior. That's how it always worked whenever she met with her mothers peers. Lucius looked around her surroundings noticing other lady knights who paid their attention to the speaker. Lucius scoffed softly and turned her attention back to the speaker. The armor Lucius wore was not enough to protect her nor was it enough to catch the eyes of others. However the speaker wore magnificent armor. She was too busy noticing the small things and constantly worrying about being noticed she barely listened to the speaker. The only thing she heard was the loud cheering of other girls. She looked around noticing each and everyone of them cheering. Lucius balled her fists and threw it in the air dejectedly.

    Quickly after the loud cheer everybody was dismissed. The group of young girls dispersed leaving Lucius still standing in her spot. The girl looked around her surroundings. A few girls stayed by speaking to each other about how liberating the speech was, or some of them found themselves getting acquainted, and the very few who caught each others eye. Finding love in the order made Lucius laugh loudly. Yet she couldn't find herself to blame them completely. They were blocked off from men, which worried Lucius. The girl was given specific orders to give the world another progeny that bears the Lucius name. The girl shook her head slowly forgetting about her duties for a second.

    She walked away from her spot and walked around with her hand behind her back. Her right hand held onto her left wrist. She walked past other girls who spoke in hushed tones and girls who gave her strange looks. While walking around she spots a girl rather strange from the rest. The one girl had another by her side, but the other girl didn't seem like she was a knight. She wore clothes that represented a noblewomen. Not many noblewomen joined the order, or that's what her mother told her. Lucius raised her brow as she examined the girl from afar. From her observation the girl seemed impaired around her surroundings. Before she could approach her Lucius needed some sort of strategy to speak to a girl. Lucius was rather blunt and would always say the wrong things despite the fact that she didn't mean it. Lucius inhaled deeply then exhaled softly and slowly. She walked up to the girl stepping in front of the girls sights. "It is usually strange to find a lady knight to have an assistant, don't you think?" Lucius said.

    Before she could find herself insulting the girl Lucius held out her hand. "Lucius is what they call me, and you?" Her hand was covered with a black leather glove that went up to her elbow. The leather was thick and quite used as armor underneath the metal armor. You can never be too safe, her mother said.
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  4. Capriá dawdled quite a lot, holding up a few of the girls as they rushed into their new lives, not casting a second thought to what they were to become. The blonde seemed rather bored of this, and she soon turned to actually make an effort in the social department, only to find another who looked just as pissed off as she was internally.
    Eyes widening, she cleared her throat.
    "Good day, lass. They call me da Capriá, but Capriá is just as fine." She raised a hand in salutation, before lowering it and allowing everyone else to pass by. "All of that standing, for not much else but a speech rehearsed for fools." Capriá kept her tone low, as she glanced about to make sure no one else heard. Despite this place being liberating for women, it was still rather like a prison, in all honesty.
    Even so, none would speak out against the Queen. She was simply far too powerful, with her High Knights, bodyguards who are with her even when she beds another, man or woman. They are the pinnacle of knights, and what many aspire to become.
    "Say, might you accompany me to my quarters? We could have a chat in there."

    Over near the front of what was the crowd, Protractus shooed the doctor away, the older woman frowning as a younger girl came by. She could hear rather clearly, even more so than most, and she turned her head slightly as her eyes were of little use to gaze into directly. She had them closed for the moment.
    "They are lovers, I can feel it." Protractus confirmed, gazing toward the pair who were speaking nearby, something about the first training assignments. "Though I feel they may have issues with work, personally. It isn't my business though."
    By the time the noblewoman had left, and the Lady Knights were finally retreating to the main building, Protractus finally made a point to state her name. "Protractus is I, though I prefer Joan. Damn etiquette, they feel as though they can boss everyone around with invisible rules." There was a sharpness to her voice, something which seethed with a thin layer of hatred, masked rather well in spite of things. Their hands met, though the older girl meekly shook it and let go.
    The blind girl soon straightened herself, as she looked across suddenly to see a rather odd looking woman, wearing robes which revealed her entire torso, covered by an odd form of undergarment (it's a bikini top) and she wore no pants, only wrappings which covered her legs completely. She was thin, lithe, and surely not belonging to this place, but the aura she gave off was one of sheer power, like she had tempered it over a long time. This woman was Ophelia Ricosnos, someone from the Far East, across the ocean. She was the sole tutor for those who were struggling, but by the feel of her energy, it seemed like she was a High Knight. Leaving her deduction to whatever means in her mind, Protractus glanced back to Lucius.
    "Perhaps you could lead me someplace else, this area is far too open for my liking." The brunette seemed to purse her lips, frustrated with how she felt. "My quarters can wait until later, for now, I'd rather know where yours is. I can feel something, from you, and from few others. I can trust you."
  5. Lucius furrowed her brows with confusion revealing the lines between her brows. The girl spoke about a pair of two lady knights, who supposedly together. IT made Lucius scoff into chuckles. "Love is irrelevant in training." She commented curtly. Her crimson eyes looked at the noblewomen who left the lady knight, who is called Protractus, but seemingly she wasn't quite fond of the rules. Lucius found this quite humorous. "I see we have a rebel here." She teased. She didn't agree but she didn't disagree with her. The rules were simple and easy to follow, Lucius wasn't to complain. As a gentlewoman she can be Lucius bowed her head lightly at Joan. When Joan brought her hand to Lucius's, she gave a firm squeeze to show her dominance. Her handshake was meek and quick. Her smile turned into a small frown, but it quickly changed. Lucius scanned the girls armor and appearance. The girl looked quite average, something you cannot pick out easily from a crowd. The armor she wore wasn't impressive nor was it something of her liking. When she looked up at her face she noticed that Joan was looking elsewhere.

    She turned around to see a woman in revealing clothes. The woman's rib cage was noticeable from the thin skin she bear. The aura the woman gave off made Lucius raise her brow of approval. Lucius crossed her arms and watched the woman walking around. Her interest in high superior's was noticeable. Her body language proved it. Before she could find herself staring too much she turned her attention back to Joan who asked her a question she was not prepared for. "I see. Well, of course." The girl smiled holding her hand out once more. She was never sure how to handle a blind woman. She was unsure how to speak to the impaired, it was something she felt uncomfortable with. She didn't want to insult the woman nor did she want to hurt the woman's feeling. She kept these thoughts to herself.

    "My quarters?" Lucius shrugged nonchalantly. Being impatient she took Joan's hand gently placing it on top of her's. She lead the blind woman through the spacious halls decorated with banners of sigils of the Order of Lady Knights. There were pillars that were decorated with paintings that told a story. What echoed in her thoughts was that she trusted Lucius. "Trust me? That's quite surprising to hear." She said. This Joan girl was strange, indeed. Lucius decided to keep an eye on this girl. "You're quite different than most girls here. Not most girls would tell me that I have their trust. I'm a suspicious one, you know?" She warned the girl as she raised her brow.
  6. Grey looked up as she heard de Caprià speak. From what she could understand, she found one person who shared her views on this. Perhaps meeting with her would be a good thing. Someone who could finally understand Grey in a way her parents never could. "It would seem I'm not alone in my views then. Finally, someone else sees the truth. You may call me Grey, and sure. I will accompany you." As the two made their way to the quarters, Grey attempted to make conversation. "So... What brings you here? I can imagine it isn't out of love for the Queen." Grey laughed slightly...Wait...she laughed. That was the first time she has laughed since her sister had died.
  7. Joan found herself frowning at Lucius's words. Love, irrelevant? She would've put her in her place, had they not already been going off to her quarters. In her mind, she recognised these hallways, the vision in her mind's eye being simple but effective at location and knowing where walls and people are. Now that she had been here and looked around in her own way, she would always recognise it for the rest of her life.
    Once inside, she let go of Lucius's hand, as she found her way to an idle chair nearby, the kind which was meant to help posture. In each quarters, there was a place to hang armour, a place to hang weaponry, a desk which academic work was to be completed, and a simple bed. There were hardly any luxuries in this place, which saw many a knight produced for the Queen.
    "It is hard not to be different when I'm blind. Though, don't worry, I'm not entirely useless. I can see you right now, no matter where you may stand in relativity to my eyeline." Joan nodded, before she opened her eyes for the first time, the clouded iris evident immediately. "Suspicious or no, I'd best stay on the good side of you." With a shrug, she seemed to relax a little, seeming rather on edge for the short journey to this room.
    Then, there was a sudden knock at the door, and before anyone could answer, one Ophelia Ricosnos stood in the entrance.
    "Ah! Joan Joan Joan, how nice to find you here! Oh, well, it's not hard to find you, with that seemingly invisible aura you hold." The girl looked back to the tutor, before she sighed and stood herself up, shaky on her legs but otherwise fine. "And your friend here, who is... Lucius. I'd never forget the eyes of demons. Anyways! I've come to inform you both that there'll be a dinner held tonight, but of course, it's not even noon, so I wonder why the Knight Commander sent me of all people to do this job... I should get going." With that, Ophelia walked out, not leaving a chance for either girl to respond to her. She spoke so quickly and eloquently, each word was like it came from a charming woman of colour.
    "... Sorry about her," Joan stated quietly. "She's worked with me before. She knows everything about me. It's embarrassing." She sighed, before closing her eyes once more and gazing across to Lucius. "I don't suppose you'd like to spar? The first day is usually easy, it's the second day everyone, including you, should be worried about. The training is gruelling."

    Meanwhile, within Grey's chambers, Capriá raised her eyebrows in reaction to the other attempting to begin conversation. The young foreign smirked lightly, as she cleared her throat. "I came here for a few things, actually. One," she placed her index finger on her opposite thumb. "There's all the training, wealth of both knowledge and currency to be had at the end, two, because of how I... Express myself outside of this whole 'I'm a warrior I must kill the enemy!' facade, there's so much variety and options for love, and three, Knights are the lifeblood of the kingdom, it's all in the fame."
    After explaining her reasons, she rubbed her arm lightly. "Though, beyond the whole love game which gets fierce, apparently, I don't have anywhere else to go. I'm alone in the world, Grey, and that's how it is. Oh, I know. I still need to grow up and explore, but... I'm here in the now. I can make choices now. I'm able to think. Why should I be pushed around due to my age?" Capriá frowned lightly, as she gazed toward the other female. "I only wish to express myself through my fighting, my artwork, my philosophy and my very being, appearance, what have you. I know I'm from a neighbouring kingdom, but it doesn't mean I'm any lesser to anyone else here."
  8. Grey was slightly taken aback by the other woman. But quickly collecting herself, she replied. "I can't imagine that others would treat you badly because of who you are. So what you are from a neighboring kingdom? You're still just as much a woman as the rest of us. And where you are from or what age you are shouldn't change that." Grey then slowly re-collected herself as she appeared to be passionate of the mistreatment of others. "Forgive me, I can get...passionate, at times." She paused a moment. "We have much in common, you and I. We are both alone in the world. Even if it may not be in the same terms." Grey smiled lightly.
  9. The doors opened slowly as Lucius pushed them back. The door slammed against the wall, louder than she expected. The warmth from Joan's hand quickly faded as the woman released her hand from Lucius's. She balled that hand into a fist and dropped it to her side. She walked over to her bed and sat on the edge of it. The soft bedding was uncomfortable for her to sleep in. Her hand pressed against the bedding, noticing how deep her hand sunk in. She quickly pulled her hand away and placed it on her lap. She nodded agreeing with Joan. She was a blind woman with a murky iris, she was an easy pick for the other girls. A part of her worried about Joan. The other girls who have all their senses might use her blindness as an advantage. It was a pity. A hearty laugh broke the small moment of silence. "Joan, dearie, it's best to be weary of me. On the training grounds I'll go against you just to support myself." Lucius said trying to cut ties with this girl. It seems that she stepped in a mine field of friendship.

    In this world she was taught to only trust her family and disregard friendship or romance, and that is what she'll do in order to keep the good name Lucius. Before Lucius could get a chance to rest the doors swung open. The woman from before showed up inside her room, uninvited. Lucius raised her brow putting on a rather intimidating look on her face. She didn't enjoy people breaking into her rooms. The woman before quickly recognizes Joan, which made Lucius' intimidating expression to disappear. She watched as the woman tried to get her name. It took a second till she figured it out. Lucius smirked and bowed her head to her superior. Quickly the woman's words were rushed. The only word Lucius was able to catch was, dinner. "W-" The doors slammed shut before Lucius could ask a question. She sighed and stretched her limbs by twisting her upper body.

    Once Joan began to apologize Lucius waved her hand dismissively. "Do not apologize. She was eventually going to enter my room without my permission with you here or not." She said. The girl fell into the bed feeling the bedding pulling her into the soft abyss. She rested her arm over her eyes trying to find herself at peace. What quickly caught her attention was the word, spar; she loved fighting. The adrenaline, the feeling of cutting another persons flesh, the sound of victory, oh, how much she loved it. She sat up quickly brushing herself off. Lucius scoffed, putting on a silly grin. "Training is simple. I'm not quite too worried about training. However I'm rather curious as to see how you do. Being blind and all." Her words were thrown out willy-nilly, no longer being careful around her words.
  10. Nodding, Capriá seemed both amused and pleased at how fate had drawn them to the same place. "I'm glad you're passionate, that is what many here lack. Ah! But if only I could say more, to the right people, pull the right strings. It's all so... Stupid, sometimes." She laughed, before leaning back and letting her back meet the cold, stone wall.
    "Oh well, things happen regardless. We best take notice and deal with it accordingly. So!" The younger girl smiled brightly, as she seemed to single Grey out, as if they were surrounded by others. "What about you? What's your story? You seem like the type who has a story, so, spit it out!" Her giggle seemed to echo in the room, though she showed no embarrassment nor any shame, as some might show.
    "But, if you don't want to tell, I understand. Folk like us, we're a rare breed. Nations and kingdoms matter not, but the minds of people who live on and on. I think you may be the friend I've been looking for in this world." With a grin, Capriá pushed herself off the wall and seated herself next to Grey, hip to hip. "Unless that's a problem."

    Joan seemed to sigh as she rubbed her forehead with a stray hand. "I don't really care if you go against me or not. I'd advise you to be careful around here, as it is very possible to be beaten by even the most meek looking. The ways of magic which are now accepted truly make physical battles unknown." With her words, the blind girl shrugged before she walked over to the door.
    "I can fight, and rather well. My blindness hardly factors into it." She spoke rather mockingly, as if against Lucius's way of thinking. Regardless, she opened the door, and looked back. "I'll go retrieve my weapon, and we can meet at the training grounds. See you there." With an offhand wave, she was gone, the sound of running echoing in the halls.
    Joan got to her room, where she saw her prized possession, a quarterstaff made of solid wood, with a metal wrapping except for either end. It was remarkably light for its size, being just taller than Joan, but no one else, beyond those who were left over from last year, had seen her fight with the weapon. She, however, knew how well she could use it.
    Walking along toward the training ground, no need for a guide nor opening her eyes for even a moment. Once she was there, she walked over to the area which held all of the armour, training equipment and other facilities which allowed the doctors and physicians to treat wounds and injuries quickly. Joan soon sighted Lucius nearby, before she walked up to her.
    "Are you ready?"
  11. Grey was flustered from the sudden questions. "Oh..I..Umm...No It's not a problem!" Grey had gotten a very, very slight tint of red in her cheeks. What was this? She had never acted like this before. Was this what normal interaction felt like? "My story...Well. It truly started when I was six I suppose. Born to a regular pair of parents, had a sister..." Grey trailed offa moment. "She...umm...she was a squire. But then..." Unconciously, a single, lone tear went down her face. She showed no emotional reaction outside that. "I...don't like to talk about that...But. anyway. My parents had tried to teach me to be more outgoing and kind. As if that was teachable. They had given up on me until I showed interest in coming here, so when I did, they instantly went all-in for the idea." She went silent a moment. "But I have my own reasons for being here. I'm going to avenge my sister. And...who knows, maybe I'll meet some people doing so." The slight redness returned.
  12. The slight smirk on her lips pulled the edges of her lips. One brow was raised higher than the other as she watched Joan walk towards the door. She kept her mouth shut tightly. Her crimson eyes watched as Joan spoke. It seemed the girl has gotten to her, or that's what she chose to believe. Wait caught her attention was magic. Lucius was taught the old ways, she was unsure how magic came to play in combat; it sounded like cheating to her. Face your opponent with your bear hands or a weapon, that's what she tells herself. She brought her attention back to Joan. "Then I hope for it to be a challenge." Lucius nodded off the woman as she left the room. Lucius stood up walking towards her closet but stopped as she looked back at Joan, who still had things to say. Lucius nodded once more. She kept her eyes on the door, watching it close gently. She waited a few seconds in case Joan came back with more words to stay. A small snickering came from Lucius. The girl seemed to find herself rather infatuated with the blind one.

    Lucius wrapped her hands around the closets handle pulling it open. Inside the closet revealed only five different outfits of clothes and a long sword. She grabbed the longsword by the grip. She pulled out the longsword pointing the point towards the ceiling. The magnificent steel shined in the shred of light given off from her window. The pommel of her sword had a demon's head on it. The demons head was built from silver and eyes made from small pieces of rubies. The sword was rather heavier than most others, it takes a normal person two hands to bear the sword, however for Lucius case she is able to use one hand to wield it. She grabbed her scabbard and slung it around her waist and slid the long sword inside of it. She grabbed a ribbon that rested on the wooden table and brought all her strands of hair together and tied it up. She wrapped the ribbon around her hair once more and tied once more to ensure that it won't loosen.Once she was prepared she left the room quickly. She felt her heart beating faster, her hand gripped tightly onto the grip of the sword, and her face had a grin that could never be wiped off so easily.

    As she walked through the corridors she heard a few girls who noticed the long sword that slung from her waist. The demon's eyes, they whispered. A confident smile radiated from her lips as she stepped into the training room. It was an empty room that sought out no soul. Her hand glided on the walls of the training room. It was spacious and large enough to hold a battle. She admired such a place, she was quite eager to spar. The sudden footsteps caused her to turn around. She noticed Joan with a quarter staff, which she wasn't expecting. "A quarter staff? Hm, what a strange weapon to fight against." She said to herself. "Of course." A devilish grin appeared on her face. She pulled out her long sword pointing, the point at Joan. "Come to me."
  13. The young girl chuckled lightly, as she definitely noticed the fluster of Grey. Though, this changed before she heard what the other had been through, and how she spoke of revenge. It didn't sound too great to the ear, in honesty, but Capriá would have to go with it regardless. Her green eyes faltered for a moment, knowing just how her spirituality worked. Violence wasn't very high on the agenda, against anything. "I... I am sorry to hear, my sweet. I can't say I know how you feel, but, maybe you could think it through a little..."
    The girl gulped, not wishing to upset or provoke the other into anger. That was the last thing she needed in a place such as this. "I am sure there is a way to satisfy your inner desire." With that, she stood herself up and stepped in front of Grey, where she proceeded to place her soft hands upon her shoulders. "It will be okay, believe me. Now, would you like to study something? I have a few books lying around, but, the truth is, I can't read this language! So... It would be helpful to both of us if you'd... Translate the words into speech." Her hopeful expression and body language looked for a way for Grey to accept, but all was not known in the world of the seated girl. For all Capriá knew, this girl could very well be a polar opposite of herself.
    Suddenly, before Grey could respond to Capria's request, the door to the girl's chambers opened, to reveal a petite yet strikingly beautiful dark blonde woman, dressed in a traditional garb for the more... Sneaky of Fract society. She was Anna Quinn, the head arts teacher who is renowned for her creative thinking, and as one of the main teachers for all of the squires to be, she wished everyone a chance at things beyond combat and tactics.
    "Ah! Greetings there, ladies, I've come here to inform you that there is a dinner tonight, much later, but more to the point, I'm here to meet and greet those who will be in my classes. That means the two of you, Grey and da Capriá." She seemed to give off a remarkably positive aura, as if her creative mind was an energy in itself, benevolent, good. The teacher seemed to close the door behind her, before she seated herself in the idle chair, which was in each and every room in front of a study table.
    "Pleased to meet you, Miss..?" Capriá inquired.
    "I am Anna Quinn, simply refer to me by Ms. Quinn. Now, as I'm sure you know, being a squire is as much as being physically strong as it is being creative and intelligent, but there is a third way to walk. Always remember the way of the spirits, the kinds which can help augment and improve the body, the mind and the soul. Now, if you have any questions on what I do or who you should meet among the teachers and the like, feel free to ask me in my office, down the far end of this building in fact. For now, though, I must depart."
    With that, Anna stood up with a bright smile and walked out, proceeding to the next room, continuing on with her building's introduction, the same thing Ophelia and another teacher were doing.

    Joan held the staff with ease, and despite its weight, she managed to twirl it around and get into position to fight, lowering her stance and holding it in both hands, one at the centre, the other on the bottom end. She soon sighed, before she opened her eyes toward Lucius.
    "An odd weapon, but effective all the more. You'd be surprised at how much damage you can do to the human body with it." She seemed to speak from experience, a faint glint in her colourless eyes while she stiffened considerably. "But it won't matter much, especially if you use things like intuition and aura to detect movement!"
    With that, as if she had tensed instantaneously, the quarterstaff was thrust toward Lucius's chest, a blunt hit like that could wind a person. Though, instead of merely doing just that, Joan had began advancing as well as she thrust, aiming to mind and push the other back into a corner, wall, anything which would see them topple over. It was frighteningly quick, but for a blind girl who revelled in her training, this was joyous, the grin from ear to ear evidence of this.
    As she advanced, she kept one hand firmly on the bottom, as the other was used for the more tedious job of making sure the sharp sword in the other girl's hand didn't suddenly shank Joan. Luckily, she had a small buckler which would take the brunt of the force, should it ever hit its mark. It seemed very likely that the blind girl had been in this situation before, but this time, there was no trace of fear, or even holding back. Being a year older did have its perks.
    Unknown to the two, a few of the other girls had seen them both enter the training grounds, and they idly watched from the entrance. Ophelia seemed to walk past, before backing up a little and smiling as she stepped inside and leaned against the inside wall. The tutor watched intently, knowing the capabilities of Joan, and waiting to see what Lucius could do in response to that monstrous thrusting attack. The arrogance she sensed from the red eyed girl seemed to dwindle somewhat in that moment.
  14. A light, oof, caused her eyes widened, dilating her crimson iris. Her attack was sudden. Lucius went down, buts he never hit the ground yet. She coughed up the air in her and a smirk appeared on her lips. "Sudden attacks, I see." Lucius stepped back circling around the girl. After her quick attack the girl watched her as Joan settled in a defensive position. Lucius knew that larger strikes could only break the quarter staff, but she would need to have the perfect timing. Despite the blind woman's looks she was quite faster than expected. The thrust didn't leave a painful aftershock on her chest. Lucius charged at the woman. She had to subdue to woman. Lucius brought her sword crashing against the shield she held. Quick strikes, at least ten strikes per minute. While keeping the girl focused on the shield Lucius brought the bottom of her boot kicking the girls stomach much more harsher than she expected; yet Lucius wasn't going to hold back because she was blind. She watched as the kick pushed down the older girl down.

    She took this time to grab a dagger. Besides using a sword she used the dagger and her long sword to protect herself from attacks. She noticed the shield she used was worn out, a few more strikes and the thing would break completely. Her grip on her long sword was tight, her knuckles turned white. The sounds of people muttering in the room caught her attention, but she didn't dare look away from her opponent. Lucius took this time to recharge herself. "You're stronger than I expected -- but a simple parry won't hurt me. Gonna have to do better than that." Lucius called out. She was curious. She wanted to see the girl put out all her effort. Lucius decided to put a bit of effort in this spar, unlike last time, when she found herself kneeling on the ground.

    Once the girl was up Lucius charged at her again, this time aiming for her quarter staff. Judging by the appearance of the wood, it was strong. If a branch can snap so easily, why not her quarter staff? Her sword clashed against her quarter staff creating a loud sound. Her brow raised as she started to push the quarter staff. The slash wasn't strong but it still surprised her that the staff was still in pieces, she chipped it, but very little did she chipped. "What wood is it made out of? It's quite magnificent." She cooed.
  15. Grey looked up when Caprià was talking to her. She thought about it a moment. "I..." That was when Ms. Quinn came in. She brushed her raven hair to the side. After the teacher had left. "I...I'll take you up on that sudying...And......I'll think about what you said." Grey put on as best a smil she could manage. "Which one do you want to start with?"
  16. Joan grinned as she felt the force of Lucius's sword reverberate against her shield arm, though she did not simply give up on her charge. The blind girl applied herself to the next few strikes, light as they were, but they weren't for hurting or maiming. These strikes were purely to offset balance, and when she sighted an opening, she threw another thrust into the red eyed girl's knee. It was aimed from the side, hitting the outside rather hard, before Joan stepped back, blocking the retaliatory strike which chipped one of the ends of her staff. Luckily, with the metal wrapping, it wouldn't matter much in the scheme of things.
    From there, she seemed to go on the aggressive, and Ophelia noticed this. She stepped away from the wall, ready to intervene if she needed to. The tutor wasn't to be underestimated though, her burning eyes showed just how immense she was in comparison to even the knights at the introduction.
    Joan did not respond to Lucius's words, rather, she aimed a two handed strike against the other's sword, and without the blind girl knowing, she seemed to hit a precise sweet spot which caused the sword to vibrate violently. Noticing this, she took the time to push the staff, held horizontally, to push back both edged weapons, before she slammed her foot into the same knee she had struck before, her leg strength felt as Joan felt some give in the other's leg - never a good sign.
    The blind girl then suddenly backed away, giving herself a few metres in room, which to those who didn't know her, was a signature move in the making. The small crowd had grown, and it seemed that Joan wasn't affected as much by their presence, but Ophelia knew she had to intervene, here and now.
    The tutor soon gave a few quick strides, as the blind girl began the terrible arc which marked the attack she called the Slam Down. Aimed at the head, it would kill, helmet or no. At the shoulder, it would depress any armour there enough to break said shoulder. On a body laying down... It would be like a giant hammer slamming into one, with the ground being far stronger than any armour on any body. It was when she used this attack when her aura, normally invisible, was known.
    Ophelia was right there, between the two, and with an unarmoured forearm, she blocked the downing arc of the Slam Down, before she grasped the end of the staff and lightly tapped it against Joan's chest, causing her to instantly pass out. Noticing the other's movements, aiming to block the Slam Down and otherwise complete another strike to Joan. The tutor, with an open palm, merely touched the sword exactly where she needed to do so, and it felt as though it was thrust out of Lucius's hand. Ophelia closed the distance between them instantly, before pushing into the red eyed girl's chest, causing her to fall right on down as though she had been hit by a solid truck of a tree. Once down, the tutor knelt beside Lucius.
    "I'm sorry." She muttered, before pinching a spot at her neck, causing her lights go out for the moment. The crowd seemed awfully quiet now, and Ophelia stood herself up,
    "Back to your quarters! You'll be given some tasks to do before tomorrow." Her voice boomed somewhat, and everyone gave not a second glance toward the scene which unfolded in a matter of seconds.
    Once everyone was gone, Ophelia made sure that both Joan and Lucius were in their individual quarters, and they were laid down until they woke. She made a point to push Lucius's evidently injured knee back into place, which would cause it to hardly feel like it had hurt when she woke, in roughly a few hours.
    Joan, on the other hand, was in the care of her doctor, Dianne. The older noblewoman seemed to massage her limbs, before laying a few bandages on small cuts made by Lucius.
    The rush of that spar caused Joan to have vivid dreams, for the time she was out of it. Little would be known of what happened that morning would retain itself in either of the girl's memories, but it was one hell of a time.

    Capriá nodded at the teacher's words, before she turned her attention back to Grey. "Oh, well, any old book will do, but please note that I've never read them before. If there's an odd word I've never heard, I'll have to ask for your assistance." She nodded once again, before grabbing a book nearby and placing it in the hands of the squire to be, seating herself down in the same fashion as before. Capriá looked eager to learn and it showed, her head directed at the book, a hand on the older girl's shoulder.
    Giving a glance to Grey, she smiled, looking to encourage the other into doing this. Once she knew how to read, Capriá would be able to do a lot more in an artistic sense, something which she loved.
  17. Before Lucius could do anything more the quarter staff hit the center ridge of the sword. It was known as, foible, weak. Every sword was defenseless in the specific spot. She gritted her teeth. She paid attention to her movements, but carelessly she was she felt the staff hitting her knee. Lucky for the girl, she wore armor. The hit wasn't too bad but it did threw her off a bit. Lucius pulled up her edged sword throwing away dagger, concluding how useless it was for her. The collision of the quarter staff on her sword caused, her to be pushed back but the quarter staff's metal was cut through badly. The sword's blade hit the raw wood chipping the weapon badly. Lucius smiled but it quickly faded as she felt a foot hitting her knee. The girl moved back quickly, ignoring the pain. While Joan prepared herself for another attack Lucius took this time to slash the girl wrist, hitting a vein. This attack was quick and last minute, but she could tell her sword went in deep. Lucius wasn't as old nor experienced but every deadly attack needed time, Lucius quickly ran to her. Her body was quite low, her face met the girls stomach. Before she could slash the girl once more a body stood before her causing her to withdraw. Lucius stepped back. The familiar woman intervened between the two girls spar. Lucius pouted slightly. Her arrogance still showed despite the pain coming from her knee.

    Her crimson eyes watched as Joan came running towards her but quickly stopped by the tutor. A sudden movement from the tutor caused Lucius's eyes widened. The girl looked up at the tutor and sighed. Lucius watched the cut from her wrist bleed out. She smirked a bit then turned. But before she could leave she was pushed down. The fall caused her knee to radiate a stronger pain. She grit her teeth and gripped onto the ground of dirt. She tried to get up but a small pinch caused her to blacken out.


    Lucius felt another presence near her. Her body felt paralyzed, yet she can sense her presences. When she came to her senses she gasped trying to move her body but she was unable to. She struggled to have the feeling of moving. She gasped loudly once more and sat up. Lucius breathing was heavy. "Damn it happened." She muttered to herself messaging her temples. Lucius fell back of the backing of her bed and looked around. It seemed like the fun was ending. The girl sighed. "Maybe I should've gone a bit harder on the gal." She chuckled softly, that slowly grew into a roaring laughter. The laugh echoed from the walls hitting back to where the sound originated from. The fight left quite the impression on her. Lucius thought back of the fight. She made the conclusion of being on the attack side. It wasn't difficult to figure out what type of fighter the girl was. She pushed the covers off her body and slipped out of the bed. Once her foot touched the cold ground she pulled her body up. The knee seemed much more better, still weak but much more better.

    She walked towards her closet finding her sword. She pulled it out and slashed the wind, creating a sharp loud sound. She looked at it with an approving facial expression. "Next time I'll be more tougher." She said to the sword. The pommel's eyes looked at Lucius when she placed it back into the closet and walked outside the hallways. People whispered pointing out Lucius from afar. The girl frowned when one spoke about her losing to Joan. She sighed softly. The regret of looking down at the blind girl hit her. She stopped in front of a large window that viewed over the lovely scenery. The window reflected her crimson eyes. She stared at the reflection of her face. There was no sign of a cut on her face. The girl made no cuts, but bruises. There was one on her neck, red and purple, it resembled a few on her arms. She no longer wore her armor. Her calloused hands pressed against the window. The sudden urge to punch the window took control of her hand. The fist went through the glass window like paper. The glasses created cuts that spilled blood. The sound of gasping from behind her made she grit her teeth. Her lips were pulled as they formed into a smile. A grudge boiled her blood.
  18. Grey found herself with a book in her lap. It was on "Magic, Spells, Spirits, and Their Workings" Sghe took a moment, then spoke. "Well, okay. So, this book is on magic, spirits, and spells. I guess I can read this. Let's get started." With that, Grey began reading the book. The girl was unaware that her reading voice sounded perpetually as if a poem writer were beautifully writing every word with intricate technique. Each influction of her voice like a wave of soothesaying grace. It wasn't long before much time had passed.