Order 1886. What do you think of this?

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  1. Recently, it's been discovered that The Order 1886 was only 5 hours long. Including cutscenes. Cutscenes that tookup 3 hours of the game. Not only that, but this is the final boss. (spoilers, obviously)
    EDIT: It seems the player's account was terminated by Sony or Sony shiteaters.
    So here's a link comparing the boss fights.
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  2. Because lol exclusives. It's pretty much riding the hype train without having substance.

    It's too bad, the graphics are great and I love Gears of War style gameplay and the setting is fantastic. If I had a PS4, it definitely would have been one I would have been excited for and this news would be crushing.
  3. Really, I can't think of a single PS4 exclusive that hasn't been disappointing. At least xBone has Sunset Overdrive.
  4. I don't even know if Sunset is a good game or if people are looking at it with rosey glasses because it's he first competent XBone exclusive in a time when the system's been lagging behind Sony hard.

  5. my response to this.
  6. A little from column A, a little from column B. Shame it sold like shit even after Microsoft tried to promote the hell out of it.
  7. And here I was annoyed it was for PS4 only, but now I see I'm glad I don't have a PS4 cause I would have defiantly of bought it.
  8. Really, games like this are keeping me from buying a PS4 for Bloodborne, because I'm worried it will end up being shit like everything else.
  9. It had so much promise! I don't have a PS4, but I was kind of looking forward to it, because my friend was getting it, and has me play games first.
  10. I LOVE Dark Souls and I'm waiting for Dark Souls 2 collection to come out for the XboxOne. I'm hoping Bloodbourne is good so I can watch some of my favorite youtuber's play it and enjoy it.
  11. A shame, it's a neat premise, but as soon as I saw "cinematic experience" being used to describe it there was no contest.

    Will grab from the bargain bin.

    Still enjoying my PS4 though. Destiny upgrade when I got it on release on the PS3, couple of good games from PS+, Transistor, Rogue Legacy, and Apatheon.

    Having lots of fun with Dying Light too, more fun than I expected. Now I'm just waiting for Bloodborne to come out too. Hopefully it'll be better than DaS2.
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  12. A game being 5 hours long isn't the end of the world: Vanquish and Metal Gear Rising are pretty short and yet are still amazing enough to warrant many, many repeat playthroughs to make up for the short campaigns.

    The Order isn't, which is why so many people are shitting all over it.

    But yeah, I can't justify buying a PS4 for Bloodborne the same way I can't justify buying a Wii U for Bayonetta 2, leaving me stuck as a member of the PCMR for the time being. ._. Hopefully Overwatch doesn't find some way to make me hate it come PAX East, 'cause there have been way too many disappointments happening lately.
  13. Really, Platinum makes up for the short game length by packing their games full of additional content. The Order doesn't even have enough content to fill five hours.
  14. I have but a handful of hated words for this.

    Quicktime events.
  15. Not always a bad thing.

    But when they're every few moments and take the action and control from the player, yes, atrocious.
  16. Really, QTEs work best when used as a finishing move for a challenging boss fight. It gives a nice sense of closure.
  17. There was a point in time, that point in time being when the trailer came out during E3 last year, that I was really excited for this.

    That excitement died down over time, but I'll still get it.
  18. Oh it isn't always bad, sometimes it works quite well depending on how the scene is conveyed to the player and the illusion of control. But some games, and I hate to be cliche in saying so, such as the CoD franchise overused the mechanic. Others however as the Order:1886 appears to use it in situations which seem to be appropriate. Other games such as Farcry 3 or Bulletstorm used them well, but left something wanting in the idea of "doing it yourself."
  19. Too bad it's being used as the entire boss fight nowadays. Shadows of Mordor and Dying Light being the ones off top of my head.
  20. I am Grumpy's complete lack of surprise.

    This one was like Watch Dogs for me; first trailer looked really interesting... right until they started pulling guns out and blatting away in a manner that might as well have had "THIS IS YET A-FUCKING-NOTHER SHOOTY-BANG-BANG GUN GAME" written across it in big, bold characters. All interest was then immediately lost.
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