Orange is the new black?

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  1. Hello! Recently I've been really craving a Orange is the new Black roleplay! I have to say that I'm not caught up, I'm watching season three now but I know I'll be fully caught up in a few days. I'm looking for a long-term, canon x OC roleplay, so if that's not your thing then this probably won't be the best place for you to look.
    Characters I'm looking for:

    (In bold is who I'd play. I will play anyone you'd like for you.)

    OC x Alex.
    OC x John.

    Normally, I write 2-6 paragraphs, depending on the scene. At the very least, I will write two paragraphs. I don’t ask that you match that, but I do ask that you can at least write a paragraph in response.
    Formatting: I write in 3rd person, paragraph form. Don’t ask me to write in 1st person, because I won’t.
    Characters/love interest: I will be playing an OC, and ask that you play that OC’s love interest. I’ll be more than happy to double for you. (I prefer to double than to not.) As for characters, I’m not going to nit pick every little thing, but let’s just try and avoid mary sues/gary sues. (m/f, m/m, f/f/ pairings are allowed.)
    Spelling/Grammar: Honestly, as long as you have decent grammar/punctuation and I can understand what you’re saying, I’m good. We all make mistakes sometimes, even I make them.
    Patience and commitment: While I can reply multiple times a day, there will be times where life happens and I can't reply as much or even at all. If something happens where I won't be able to respond for a few days, I will let my partner know about that. Now, if we decide to roleplay and plan everything out, don't leave the roleplay (without a word) once everything is planned out. If you're just not interested anymore, let me know! I won't be mad, I'll be more bummed if you leave without a word.
    Location: I prefer to roleplay over email, but you can note me here as well!
    Doubling is a must!
    Do not contact me if you plan on leaving before we can even start the roleplay. (After planing, for example.)
    Don’t just message me saying “Want to roleplay?” Tell me about yourself, your roleplaying style, age, what you’d like to roleplay, favorite color or something.

    If you're interested, you can PM me here!​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.