Orange is the New Black (Spoilers)

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  1. So, the new season is out on Netflix. Who else digs this show? Just finished a really shocking episode (though not surprised what happened happened, she had it coming).
  2. I spent the last few episodes crying. It was a better season then last, maybe the best. But favorite characters:(
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  3. My heart hurts for Sophia
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  4. I'm so wrecked right now. I just finished the new season that came out. By far was it the best, so much shit happened and it was so emotional. However, killing her off, her being like one of my favorites just kills me inside. I bawled my eyes out, just sitting here lost and dazed right now T_T
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  5. Cried like a baby, curled up, cried some more.

    This season revived my love for the series after a weak season 3
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  6. Yup. Cried like a goddamn baby. The episode with Healy leaving Lolly in psych just had me in tears all over the place. Let's not even talk about Poussey. Ugh.

    Also, Humps making Maritza eat a baby mouse? Holy shit.
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  7. Wait. Who had what coming? Piper?

    If it is. then yeah..... She really isn't the smartest.
  8. I feel like a heartless monster D:

    The person I felt the saddest/worst about is Healy. Yeah what happened to Poussey and all is awful, but I don't cry at much...hardly ever.
  9. wait their is a new season out yay
  10. Yeah, she pulled so many stupids I'm just sitting here like 'Damn, you got on everyone's nerves, I wonder how many..oh shite.'

    Don't get me wrong, I feel sorry for her but at the same time I'm looking at everything she's doing and finding more things that would have pissed off so many people.
  11. I found that hard to watch becouse the exellent acting involved. I stupidly didn't get what they were doing with the brand until the episode after
  12. It was very hard to watch, I had to turn it off I will admit. I'm surprised however that is all they did, as harsh as that sounds.
  13. In prison. That was basicly a deathsentence. Chapman is marked as a white supremicsts and as someone who broke Prison Code. Snitches don't live very long.
  14. Along with that Snitch Brigade, all of them have been labeled and you can't get rid of that. No matter what you did to that burn, it looks only one way to the ones that did it.
  15. I didn't think it was possible for me to cry so much for a fictional show.

    Honestly don't know how the Litchfield OGs will survive this come season 5. Things are looking dire.
  16. Shit be getting real fast XD
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