orange and yellow.

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  1. its That age of art and new faces that will soon grow tired.

    its the orange and yellow 60s. The age of when air smelt of cigarettes that were thrown out by art critics, and girls had that sharp eyeliner.

    such a great time for Charles, even though he was only sixteen. He just ran away again, this time gone for good.

    He picked a bus and rode to Arizona. He packed better than last time, Charles brought his money. And he stole it from his dad.

    Charles slide into his bus seat, ignoring the person he sat next to until he got bored. "Hi..."
  2. A cig between his ear and hair he looked out the window since he was in this damn bus. He had to get his head cleared and go somewhere far or at least near his Mother. Ah, he missed her since she left him with his idiot of a father and he needed his comfort. His head was on the window of the bus, his hands in his leather black jacket...yea he was Greaser which usually he would be with his buddies right now at a time of the day, though he wouldn't be since he had a fight with one of them earlier.

    No, he was not running away from a fight that can get bigger than it already were he just knew that him and his friend needed to be separate just for a while. His dark blue eyes trailed a bit seeing a couple of people getting on the bus and some of them were girls.

    With a grin on his face he leaned over his sit and began talking with some of them that was sitting in front of him for a while until, there were always that one, decided to blow him off though the others wooed him with giggles, but it didn't last long with the party pooper ruined it. A groan came from him with a suck of his teeth giving a click sound to it and leaned back on his sit. Leon went back to the window for a while before he heard a voice that was beside him looking he didn't even notice that there was a person next to him. Hm, how long? He slightly wondered before answering back. “ ‘Sup."
  3. "what's your name?" he said with hesitation, he looked a lot older than him.
  4. Hands still in his pocket he looked back at the other male for a while before answering. "Leon, and your's kid?" He said then asked the same question for him. The other looked a bit younger then he was or maybe it was because the kid was a little shrimp compared to him with the thought he shrugged it off.
  5. "Charles," he said smiling. " I'm sixteen, you?" Charles said getting more relaxed.
  6. "Eighteen." He began to this continue to look at him for while then added when he heard say he was sixteen. " Sixteen, huh? So where you going at a time like this; shouldn't you be in school, or home around this time?" He asked with chuckle of the half joke even though he really didn't care much what the kid did at his spare time is just that he was use to see most of the kids his age inside...well the ones that barely knew at the time which was where he lived. Between certain hours were him and his boys and sometimes even the girls com and hang out with them.
  7. "I just ran away. Nothing important." he said
    .charles glanced at him once more. "I thought the 50s were over, " he said looking at the leather jacket.
  8. "That doesn't mean we are. " He pointed at his chest with his thumb keeping the Greaser word strong. Hands back in his pocket the spoke once more. "Is that a problem?" Leon eyes glanced at his corner seeing nothing, but land though now and then he would see small houses. Soon. his atrecreation back him. "Running away, huh..?" He gave sigh and shrug. "Cool."
  9. "Its not cool, its dangerous."he chuckled lightly. "Its strange to find a greaser,in the 60s...where are you going?"
  10. "Really? There's a bunch of us where I live." A grin on his face as he spoke about hearing the word dangerous. "Hehe for you maybe, but for me nope!" He rubbed the back of his neck as he really thought about it. "Some where really." He answered with a thought and spoke once more. "Arizona or Colorado, what about you?
  11. "Arizona...I know a guy there." he said, trying his best to be secretive about it. "he's really close with me," he started fiddle with the bottom of his shirt.