Oracle of a Crime Family

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  1. Howdy one and all, yes I know I have a request thread floating around here somewhere already, but that is a more general sort of one. This one here is quite specific and involves a character that I have created that is in need of being used in a roleplay. (Seriously, it's like she's scratching at the inside of my skull and saying, "Let me out!") The good news is, I also have a slight plot to go with her, but it will definitely need some work which is where one of you lovely people comes in.

    Yes, it’s my brain child (sort of… It’s more like a brain infant), but I don’t want you to think you can’t also craft some of the plot too. In fact, I welcome that! That way it’s something we’re both happy with. So please, if you ready it over and have ideas to add to it and are interested, send me a message. I don’t bite, I promise. Now onwards to what it is I’m talking about.

    Follow this link, it will take you to the character’s media page with relevant information on the nature of her character. Her history or biography is blank because I intend to post it here. Below I will also post the plot idea that I have (so far).

    Bristol MacKay

    There was always something different about Bristol, but nothing one would notice physically. For the thing that made her different was on the inside. She is, in fact, an oracle much like her mother, her grandmother, and so on. It’s the sort of thing that has crossed every generation in her family for as far back as her family tree goes. Hundreds of years really, but the history of her family isn’t as important as the gift they have. It is a gift only the first born daughter possesses and is often the reason these women do not live for very long. Even in the time of kings, based on recollections in old, tattered journals, the first born female of her family was always sought by those in power. Her gifts gave them an unnatural advantage over their enemies or, sparked a fight over who got her. It almost invariably ended in the woman’s death, so that no one had her.

    In the present day it isn’t so bad. It’s easy to hide a gift that has no physical manifestation. Plus, people don’t exactly believe in such things anymore. Well, most people don’t. As a child, she grew up outside the city, living with her mother and brother. Her father had never been in the picture, which didn’t really bother her what with being twelve and more concerned about pretending not to have a crush on a boy in class. Life is as normal as normal can be. Her older brother is her best friend, and often asks her silly questions about the future, which she answers regardless.

    It isn’t until one fateful night that her world changes and the comfy life she had is destroyed. Masked men break into the home in the middle of the field of grass, the closest source of help being a farm five miles away. She had been in her bed, sleeping soundly but her mother had been ready for them. Like she had known they were coming. She had sent her son to fetch her daughter to get her up and moving. They had to run and she was going to distract the men that came for her and her daughter. Bristol was forced to climb out of the window in her bedroom, her brother following behind, a bat clutched in his hand as he told her to run. Unfortunately for them, masked men were waiting outside in case someone ran and were quick to snatch them both. Although, her brother did not make it easy for them, hitting a few of them over the head before his bat was taken from him and he was subdued.

    She screamed the moment she was grabbed, kicking and swinging and trying to reach for her brother but not getting anywhere. The next few moments happened quickly, as the man who had her shoved her into one of two waiting cars and sped off. She remembers seeing her mother stumble out of the house and saw her scream before a masked individual hit her with the bat they had taken from her brother. She never did get back up.

    She became the secret weapon of a powerful man who was the head of the most powerful crime family in the city. He spent a lot of time personally breaking her spirit while simultaneously forcing her to help him with his criminal exploits. Twelve years later, no one has found the child that went missing during a violent home invasion, and she obediently does as she is told.


    Now the plot takes place twelve years after this (of course). This crime boss is making a move to eliminate a very real threat to his hold on the city, a rival crime family. The fight that could be sparked between them could tear the city apart and try as they might, the authorities always seem two steps behind him. They frequently send in officers and agents undercover in order to gather information and to recruit confidential informants, things that almost seem pointless. At least until one undercover agent enters the very club that Bristol is forced to work in. Her special talents are a closely guarded secret, but there’s something about this person that the officer or FBI agent just can’t place. They feel as if she might just be the break they need. Little do they know, the reason she seems so familiar is because they have stumbled across her missing persons file back when they first began their career in law enforcement.

    The problem? Getting her to help them and to do that they must get her to trust them. Years of abuse and living the life she has lived has made her more fearful than she is confident. If they can get her to help them, they could also help her, something she hasn’t had in quite some time.

    So ideally I would like a male character. Can be a police officer from the local police department or FBI agent. We could even alter the plot slightly so that a member of the crime family turned informant needs her to help him and the police/FBI. Anywho, I won’t put too many restrictions on the kind of character you could play as, but I will say (since I’ve clicked the little age difference box) that I do not mind an age difference (duh). Although I think I’ll cap it at 12 years difference between the two. (This is not a must, so don’t fret).

    Like I said, if interested please send me a message. Thanks for reading all of this!
  2. Still looking for someone for this little lady. The plot is open for alterations to fit both my likes and the likes of whomever wants to take this one with me. :)
  3. I would love to play this with you I have an idea for a character that nay fit this story well.
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