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  1. For centuries, the nation of Callan has stood as the strongest nation in the known world. The might of her armies, the shrewdness of her politicians, and the skill of her mages has kept Callanian supremacy secure for many generations. But now, everything is beginning to crumble. Callanian magic is becoming slowly, but steadily weaker. There are rumblings of war preparations from her neighbor, the Winter Archipelago. Tribes of barbarian orcs have been spotted near the border of the ruined plains of Maltak. And rumors of a necromancer haunt the town of Barthis.

    You are a mage who, for whatever reason, decided to answer a call posted for investigators into these events. No links have been discovered yet, but this does not mean that they do not exist. It's your job to dig to the bottom of these issues, find the whys and wherefores, and most importantly, figure out how to stop them.

    Physical description:
    School of magic:
    Unique trait:

    NOTE: There is source material for this RP, but I don't plan to stick to it closely enough for this to quite be fanfic. However, if you're familiar with the universe, PM me and we might be able to work out some extra goodies for your character (including, but not necessarily guaranteeing the option to play a character from the story).

    NOTE: Concerning arcane magic, spells are classified by the various schools, not defined by them. There's nothing to keep a necromancer from using white magic, or a black mage from using elemental spells. However, most concentrate on only one school at a time simply because the principles involved in cross-discipline casting are too complex for all but the most experienced and powerful mages to master.

    NOTE: To keep things interesting, unique traits cannot be taken by more than one person. If someone else already claimed one you had your eye on, you're out of luck. However, if you have an idea for one that's not listed, PM me and we'll work something out.

    * * * * *
    From this point on is optional reading, nothing below here is required knowledge. However, it might help to create a more interesting character.


    Human - no explanation needed here, I think. If you're not sure what a human is and what it does, PM me and we'll sort something out.

    Orc - slightly larger than the average human, with green skin, small tusks protruding from their lower jaw, and higher than average strength. Contrary to popular belief, orcs are not stupid, and they tend to be no more ignorant than you'd expect from anyone who grew up in a different culture. However, the rumors about their tempers tend not to be overly exaggerated. Despite their tusks and sharp teeth, orcs are not carnivores. In fact, they're not even omnivores; they're strictly herbivorous. Their impressive dental assets are required to chew the incredibly tough plants and roots native to the plains of Maltak, their home.

    Mongrelfolk - those born in the Wild Edge always bear the mark of its chaotic, unrestrained primal magic. Mongrelfolk are usually humanoid in size and shape, but that's as far as the similarities go. They will often look like they've been assembled from four or more different animals, sometimes changing as they mature if they're altered by the Wild Edge's magic again. Mongrelfolk are very skilled with magic, but their nonverbal nature and very unorthodox methods make partnerships with more conventional races difficult at best.

    Nagasta - nagasta have a unique set of biology. With serpentine lower bodies, humanoid upper bodies with four arms, and a lizard-shaped head with large ears, they are well-suited to their amphibious lifestyle. A nagasta can survive indefinitely both in and out of water, but they tend to be most at home near the sea. Nagasta do not have vocal chords, and 'talk' by manipulating the tympanic membranes in their ears to approximate the speech of other species. Between their large ears and sharp eyes, nagasta tend to be more perceptive than most.

    Elf - elves live very long lives, and as a result can become somewhat condescending towards other, shorter-lived races. The ones that overcome their own proclivity to self-centered behavior possess uncommon insight and wisdom.

    Dwarf - dwarves are very hardy creatures. It's incredibly difficult to bring one down, thanks to their impressively durable bones and muscles. They've warred with the halflings on and off for centuries, but now it's mainly a rivalry over who makes the best beer.

    Halflings - halflings are the antithesis of dwarves in a similarly-sized package. They're not particularly strong or fast, but they possess uncanny patience and great willpower. A halfling can survive many of the things a dwarf can, not because they're as tough, but because they simply refuse to give up. It is incredibly difficult to get under a halfling's skin, but the one thing they will not tolerate is being manhandled.

    Werewolf - the werewolves of the Winter Archipelago mainly keep to themselves. A werewolf will instinctively try to form a pack with its closest friends and family, and is fiercely protective of them. Insulting one is dangerous, not because they are easily provoked on their own behalf, but because they will not tolerate disrespect towards a member of their pack. Werewolves normally look human, and retain humanoid proportions when shifted, but they will greatly grow in size, strength, speed, and regenerative ability.

    Schools of magic:

    White magic [arcane] - white magic is used mainly for healing and the improvement of life. No white magic spell will directly harm a recipient under normal circumstances, although casting spells such as "Weight" and "Speed" simultaneously on a flying enemy may cause some painful results. White mages themselves are not bound to nonviolence, although many choose to be for moral reasons.

    Black magic [arcane] - counter-intuitively, black magic is not the opposite of white magic; that distinction falls to necromancy. Black magic spells are generally tactical in nature, either harming an enemy or creating a more beneficial situation for the caster. Spells such as "Shield" and "Strength" can blur the line between White and Black, and in cases such as these, the application matters more than the theory.

    Elemental magic [arcane] - elemental mages draw their power from an elemental plane, and manipulate that power to their ends. Elemental magic is less versatile than either white or black, but it has the potential to be much more powerful.

    Second sight [arcane] - second sight is by far the most demanding arcane discipline. It is also the least popular, because barely any applications of second sight can be used in a fight. Practitioners of second sight, known as seers, deal primarily with the many applications of scrying. Scrying an object, a person, a place, or even a point in time. Very powerful seers will sometimes have visions, which are generally applicable to the situation at hand. Visions are completely uncontrolled, and nobody knows where they come from or why they tend to be so useful (for example, who killed the king, rather than what the king had for breakfast 18 years ago on a Tuesday). The scrying of a seer is inadmissible as evidence in court, as it is generally unquantifiable. Because they so often deal with raw, unfiltered truth, seers are generally immune to illusions and see right through them.

    Akta Bikta [natural, racial restriction: orc] - orc magic is very different from human magic. Where humans simply use the power they can gather from any source they can, orcs ask the elements for their aid. And much to the disdain and chagrin of many a Callanian wizard, the elements respond. Practitioners of the Bikta tribe ask the Akta for help, the elemental force of light and life. Unlike human magic, which draws from other planes, the Akta modifies what already exists. It is similar to white magic, but there are subtle distinctions.

    Shintula Nakta [natural, racial restriction: orc] - the Shintula tribe asks the Nakta for its power, and it works for them as black magic in the same way that the Akta serves as white magic. Acts of the Nakta typically have an added element of darkness.

    Chandak [natural, racial restriction: orc] - chandaks ask for the help of the primal elements themselves: earth, water, wind, etc. Unlike the Bikta and Shintula's more conventional methods of 'casting,' chandaks usually employ dances or drums to gain their desired effect. It's slower and less efficient, but the results are much more powerful.

    Necromancer, Infernomancer, Archmage - not playable without special permission

    Unique Traits:

    Spellwolf [racial restriction: werewolf] - normally, werewolves cannot use magic at all. However, sometimes a spellwolf is born, and as one might guess, they can. They are so rare that the birth of a spellwolf will immediately elevate its family to nobility status, making all spellwolves royalty. Spellwolves can intuitively use nearly any arcane magic, though without an understanding of the underlying principles, they won't be as powerful as a mage with a dedicated school of magic. Spellwolves can only cast when shifted.

    Resistant - a resistant character will completely negate any magic that they touch, or that touches them. They can't be hurt by magical explosions, but by the same token, they also can't be healed with white magic. Resistance isn't something that can be turned off. A resistant character won't be a mage, obviously. PM me if you want this one so that we can work out a viable character.

    Powerful mind - your body may be frail, but your mind is a fortress that no enemy could ever hope to conquer. You gain a massive bonus to anything involving psychic contact (particularly useful for seers).

    Seasonal magic - elemental mages manipulate the elements, but for you... they flow through you without even trying. Using a snowstorm to your ends isn't a chaotic addition of a massive uncontrolled variable to your equation, it's an elegant element that behaves in a completely predictable and controllable fashion. However, this only works when there is a powerful natural force for you to draw on (tornado, sandstorm, etc.). In an average environment, you're an average mage.

    Again, I'm open to more unique traits; PM me if you have an idea you'd like to use.
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  2. I love that you've got a Dominic Deegan based RP here! I read it all the way to the end and it's one of my favorite webcomics!

    I don't typically do fanfics, but I just loved seeing this so much that I had to comment on it. Are you planning on starting off after where the ended? I think I remember according to the magical cycle that the Orcs of Maltak are supposed to be magically dominant after the fall of Callan.
  3. Actually, I was planning to start somewhere prior to Storm of Souls, and then branch off from there wherever the story take us. I'm not sure this'll actually go anywhere, though. I think I made the intro post a little too... 'wall of text'-y.
  4. I suppose that would depend on how many people know of the comic. I personally think it would be best to pick up where Mookie left off. Everything of interest during Storm of Souls happened with the established characters. This is your chance to make completely new characters living in the same world.
  5. True. Like I said, nothing's decided. My original idea for the first plot was to stop the Chosen in Barthis, and then let the story evolve from there (possibly not even doing the Storm of Souls at all). Basically, turn it into an AU without Dominic & Co.

    A post-Beast setting could certainly work, but Mookie wrapped everything up pretty nicely. At the moment, I can't really think of a worthwhile plot that wouldn't undo/retcon some of that. Tensions between Callan and Maltak, political turmoil from Eldariat trying to re-establish itself, none of that really fits this kind of story. All the big players are either dead or pacified (Beast, Karnak, Thuen Gor, Helixa, Infernomancer, etc.), and I don't know where I could fit a new one worth fighting.
  6. Deegan and company had a large, convoluted list of friends and rivals. While finding the Heart of Magic might not be the new baddy's goal, there is an opportunity for an equally diverse group of new characters to emerge. Characters inspired by the old ones, who studied their adventures much like they studied those before them. Some old wounds from the story might not have fully healed (such as a rivalry between Callan and the Orcs, or Callan and the Spell wolves) , or new wounds could have opened (maybe somebody tried to make another golem and it's out of control, or there's a violent street gang of elementals - who knows? It started small with Deegan, too).

    I won't tell you what to do, I'm just stressing again the opportunity.
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