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  1. Hello everyone,

    I have a small question. Is there any way to set a default font? For example, I am very fond of the Georgia font and I would like to always use it. But having to always set the font to Georgia every time I make a post will be terribly tedious. I want to know if there's a way to have it automatically become Georgia every time I make a post.

    Thank you in advance,

    – Cadeyrn

    Hello Staff,

    I've asked around and I have found that there is no option for setting the default font for posts. Therefore, do you think it will be possible to implement the idea? If it comes out soon then I would be delighted, however there are many more things that need to be done and if this is too much of a hassle, then I am content to wait. There is no pressure at all. It would just be a nice thing to have. I can live without it.

    – Cadeyrn
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  2. You know, I've got this color all the time, and while I've never been upset having to type it all the time, it would be interesting to have such a shortcut. :o
  3. Indeed. And it's not as easy with the fonts as it is with the font colours.
  4. Pretty sure there's not such option built into the forum at this time, but it would be nice to have for folks who want to use something other than the default.
  5. Alright then. Turning this into an idea submission thread.

    You know if I asked alone I'm sure Iwako would look into it... but if more people than me wanted it do you think it would be created faster?
  6. *Secretly hopes for an option to override users' used fonts and set everything to default.*

    I can barely use the site for its color schemes as is, and people who drop in with neon yellows and cyans ain't exactly helping with contrast-hue sensitivity...
  7. Georgia is the font I use whenever it's an option. It's my favourite font. It's quite classy and readable. And since it's the font I'm using now, you can decide for yourself whether it's great, good, bad or just plain ugly.
  8. This has been brought up before and I'm sorry to say the option is currently not avaible as a possible update for the software the forum runs and it is not something the Admins have control over. And as Shienvien brought up, there are just too many background choices and users with color sensitivity to make this possible even with an unresponsive background choice. Not to mention the heap ton of updates currently being ran through. Sorry guys.
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