Opposites Attract?

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  1. Looking to do a love fantasy, I know cliche but I've been inching to do one.

    I'm thinking the two character, mine being female and other male, are two different types of creatures. One rough, brutal, and harsh. The other gentle, kind, and forgiving. Somehow the two come to meet and over time find that they balance one another.

    That's it in a nutshell. The creatures and actual plot can be discussed. I'm pretty lenient and open minded to anything, so feel free to give suggestions and ideas.
  2. Gah I know you posted this Wednesday but are you still interested in this plot? Because it sounds interesting to me. I don't mind playing males (I happen to have more male characters anyways), and I could play either role.
  3. I definitely am! :D Thank you. Any questions or suggestions?
  4. Yay! :D I have a few ideas. Could be the one character needs an escort/guide for a journey they are taking. Obviously full of dangers which the aggressive creature/character wants to kill everything. Could be two races sending their heirs together to either talk peace or war. Two prisoners/slaves whom escape and journey together trying to get back to their respective homes. Two creatures whom work for someone else, get paired together to complete a task. Either deliver or collect something... Those are just a handfull of ideas off the top of my head.

    Is there a personality you'd rather play? Would you rather be the nice rational character or the brash mean character?
  5. I was hoping to play the more soft one but if you're more comfortable with that personality, I can do the rougher of the two. I like the sound of the heirs talking over peace. Maybe they have to meet a few times and start to care for each other but the families don't like it.
  6. Yay! I believe this might be a good partnership. :3 Because I wanted to play the rough aggressive one. Now for gender. I don't care either way but since I see you like playing females, I have no problem playing the male. Gah this has me all excited, I want to create a new race and character. I haven't made a new character in a while by the way. D:

    Anyways so I like the idea of the two races trying to form a peace of sorts. And I like where your going with the plot. They need to form a peace treaty so it's on the prince and princess's shoulders. I imagine my aggressive race would not like the prince falling for a creature deemed 'weak' so yes that makes perfect sense.

    How about the two races/kingdoms were previously at war for what ever reason. After years of neither side giving in or loosing, they opt for peace? So there could be that already established disdain for one another.

    And since we both like action I was thinking the prince and princess would need to go on a small quest together? Sort of like a test of faith between the races. After this small quest of course our characters would continue to meet. How's that sound?
  7. That's perfect! :D Maybe the quest could be to find some sort of object, something mystical, to place a protection spell (or something) over to two races to end the fighting?
  8. I was thinking an object yes! A mythical object that could grant peace or be the symbol for peace. This has so many possibilities. <3 Either side could be infuriated by the prince and princess falling for one another and try to destroy the object.
  9. Yay! That was a shot in the dark. XD How should we start? A meeting and then the quest or some other situation?
  10. That sounds good to me. Meet on neutral ground and then head off to the quest. :3
  11. Coolio! So what kind of species would you like to be?
  12. I had something in mind. I did a little scribble but I wont scan it till I teak the look. Basically what I have in mind is a race that lives in desert or something equally hot and arid. The race looks humanoid but their skin is dark colors and colors of earth, rock and sand. Um in my head they look like elves with the slightly longer ears but have scales on their arms, shoulders, thighs, back and jaw line. I imagine them with cat like or snake like eyes. I'll draw a better pic of my character so that you can see what I'm talking about. :3 Have you thought of a race?
  13. I'm thinking since its opposites she'd have to be more gentle. Something like this, minus the piercings in her ears. She looks a bit tough, just for protection, but she doesn't fight or show violence.

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