Opposites Attract

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  1. For One Must Wonder and I.

    Character Sheet:
    http://img3.visualizeus.com/thumbs/...graphy-fa542cea05d897ee0882b26bd0e74d2e_h.jpg]Before wish // After wish
    Joseph Clark
    Normally shy, but he quickly warms up to people. He likes to have fun and make people laugh. He's normally seen being silly or reading.
    He's always been picked on because he's the scrawny, nerdy guy. He's normally a night owl and wakes up really late, always being late to class. He talks to the moon at night, sitting on his roof outside of his bedroom window.

    I'll post mine once it's made :)


    Joseph cowered by the jocks as he passed them on his way to class. He cringed as the surrounded him and pushed him against the lockers. "C-Come on, guys. Can't we just get along," he asked, smiling sheepishly, and grunted as it earned him another shove. The teachers came over to break it up, a daily routine lately. Joey sighed as he finally reached his classroom and sat down.

    He looked to the board and wrote down the homework that would need to be done for tomorrow. As he waited for class to begin, he turned his thoughts to the moon, the only thing that ever seemed to calm him. It was always there, though always changing. The brightest light in the night sky, the light at the end of a hard day. He wished he could sit on his roof right now and just watch it.

    He was startled as the class was snapped to attention by the teacher, and he put the moon to the back of his mind as he began taking notes for the class. He had to stop and bend his wrist every once in a while; this particular teacher was known for talking quickly through a lecture.
  2. Appearance: http://gallery.photo.net/photo/3199825-lg.jpg
    Name: Anastasia "Ana" McClay
    Age: 17
    Personality: Actually normally very shy, for some reason she doesn't quite understand, Ana has a lot of friends and admires. She's terribly accident prone and doesn't consider a day complete unless she's walked into a wall or something.
    Biography: She's quite popular, which kind of confuses her because she thinks she's a very boring person. A morning person, she always seems to be happy and bubbly. She gets good grades in class but never seems to be paying attention because she's always sketching or doodling


    Ana sighed and shook her head as yet another guy walked aw
    ay from her, muttering about how she was a tease, after she turned him down for a date. Why where so many guys interested in her? She really didn't understand it, although all her friends looked at her like she was crazy while saying that she was gorgeous and insane not to see it whenever she said this. Walking briskly down the hall, she sighed in relief when she made it before the bell.

    Slipping into her seat near the window and near the sun, Ana carefully pulled out her notebook and then her sketchbook, placing it on top of the notebook before pulling out a pencil. She had to make it look like she was taking notes; she didn't want to get in trouble with the teacher for apparently not paying attention in class. She snorted, wasn't it her fault she learned and retained more of the lesson when she was drawing during it, but she still got in trouble.

    She was glad she was sketching, the teacher liked to get through a lecture quickly and she knew that if she wasn't sketching, she'd be so lost,
  3. Joey sighed as the teacher finally reached a break in his lecture to hand out the day's homework. He rubbed his wrist and looked behind him to see her - Ana. "H-Here you go," he stammered, handing her the papers. He looked back ahead of him before he could notice how the sun shined in her hair or how it made her eyes seem to glow. He mentally cursed himself, wishing he hadn't talked so loud. The students around him were giving him strange looks, or annoyed ones. He felt his face burn in embarrassment as he stared at the paper in front of him.
  4. "Hmm?" Ana, looked up her eyes refocusing on the classroom instead of her sketch. A geeky looking boy - Jason or John, maybe Joey she thought his name was, she was terrible with names though she knew one of those was right - was passing back the sheets for today's homework. "Oh thanks." she said brightly smiling at him, but he had already turned back to the front. She frowned has she handed the rest of the sheets to the person behind her. The boy, whatever his name was, was certainly acting weird. 'Oh well,' she thought as the teacher went back to the lecture, 'it's not my problem'
  5. Joey managed to get through the rest of the class period without drawing too much attention to himself, and got shoved against a couple more lockers on his way to lunch. He ate closest to the hallway, where a majority of the teachers observed the students eating their mid-day meal. He sighed, sulking, as he watched all the kids talking to at least one other person. He didn't have anyone to talk to. He turned his thoughts inwards, back to his moon, and imagined telling it all that had happened so far today.
  6. Ana sighed in relief when the bell rang and quickly packed her things, ignoring the shake of the head the teacher gave when she passed him. She knew he had seen her sketching but since her marks in this class were quite high, he wouldn't say anything unless they started to drop. Hurrying to her usual spot in the cafeteria she almost let out a groan when a bunch of her "friends" automatically flocked around her and started talking. Just once she wished they would leave her alone, if only for a little bit. As she started eating, making appropriate responses when someone asked her something but otherwise zoning out, Ana wondered just how many of these people were actually her friend and not just a pretender because she was popular.
  7. Joey braved a few glances over at Ana's table; she looked unhappy. He idly wondered if he'd made her as annoyed as she appeared. As he saw her gaze drift to one of her friends, he panicked and looked back down at his food before she could catch him looking at her. He finished his lunch and threw the trash away, going to the library. He also made a wish to the moon. A wish that he would have enough courage to talk to Ana and ask her to be his friend. As the ending lunch bell rang, Joey snuck out of the library and went to his next class.
  8. When lunch ended, Anastasia jumped up and hurried to her next class. None of "friends" had this class with her, so she didn't need to come up with an excuse not to walk with them and keep up a string of mindless babble. She grinned and waved to the tiny teacher when she walked into the classroom "Hi Ms. Hondrich." Ana loved this class, Creative Writing, and Ms Hondrich was a big reason why. She was fun and funny and didn't mind if Ana spent the class doing whatever as long as she did the assignments.

    As it was Ana spent the rest of the class staring out the window and at the sunny sky. Ana loved the sun, loved how bright and warm it was, like it was wrapping her in a hug and never judging her.
  9. Joseph had gym that period. He got dressed in the bathroom stall to avoid the teasing of the other guys. He hurried out of the locker room and groaned along with the rest of the class as today was a running day. They made their way out of the building to run around it. About half way, out of the view of the teacher, one of the guys shoved Joey so he made a faceplant into the asphalt. He groaned and held his face where the tiny bits of gravel were stuck in his face. He chose not to make a scene and kept jogging, only to be tripped. They made a game of this with him all while they were out of the teacher's view. Once Joey finally made it around, the teacher told him to go see the nurse. Thankful to have some kind of excuse to get away from them, he took the nurse pass and went to the office. She cleaned his cuts and bandaged the worst of them, giving him a pitiful look.
  10. After Creative Writing, it was Math. Ana went back to doing what she had done earlier and doodled instead, only pausing to copy down the required homework before going back to her doodles.

    "Anastasia, can you tell me the answer to this question?"

    Her head snapped up when the teacher called on her and she blinked at the question on the board. "Uhhh, the answer is 42?"

    The teacher frowned, "Ana, if you're going to spend your time doodling instead of paying attention, please go the office and stop wasting my time."

    Ana glared but grabbed her stuff and stormed out of the class with a huff as the teacher called the office to let them know she was heading down. Getting to the office she flopped down in a chair and crossed her ankles. This was so unfair.
  11. Joey came out of the nurse's office after calling his mother to come pick him up. He sat down in one of the chairs and sighed, wincing as he reached to get his cell phone out of his pocket; his hands had been torn up when he tried to protect his face the second time. His mom was in a meeting at the moment, so he'd have to wait for a while. He didn't mind waiting, he was used to it. He leaned back in the chair and pulled up one of the games on his phone.

    "Mr. Clark, do you mind if I ask you how this happened," the principle asked as he came forward.

    "I tripped," Joey mumbled. He knew he'd only get bullied more if he ratted them out.

    "Are you sure someone didn't trip you," he asked, studying his face.

    "Just clumsy," he mumbled, never looking in the man's direction.

    "Very well. You know where my office is if you ever want to tell me who it is," he said, standing and going back to his office to answer his now-ringing phone.

    Joey muttered something too low for anyone to hear and shoved his phone back in his pocket before crossing his arms over his chest. He looked bitter and annoyed.
  12. Ana stiffened when the principle came out of his office, but relaxed when he passed her to go talk to another student who was sitting a couple chairs away from her before going back into his office. She didn't know why she had worried that he was going to scold her for not paying attention in Math. She was down here so often for that reason that he didn't even bother anymore. They had come to deal early on in the semester once Ana explained that she tended to learn better when she doodled and had proved that she was telling the truth. If she could keep her temper with the Math teacher and stayed in the office for the rest of the period, he wouldn't tell her off.

    It was a good deal and worked well.

    Glancing at the other student in the office with her, Ana saw it was that nerdy boy who sat in front of her in one of her morning classes. He looked quite pissed off and his hands looked torn up. She frowned, what had happened, he didn't look like the type to get into fights. She wanted to ask, but he looked so mad that she decided not to. Pulling a well worn book out of her bag, she opened it and decided to read for the rest of the period.
  13. Joey sighed and noticed, out of the corner of his eye, who was sitting next to him, and that she'd looked over at him. He stole a glance over at her, and tuned his gaze back to the wall across the way from them. "Not going to ask," he asked her. There was no trace of the nervous stammer that was there earlier today when he'd last talked to her. He just wished he didn't go to this school anymore; he was tired of the bullying. And now it was turning violent, if only a little. Being pushed into lockers is one thing, but making him bleed was something completely different. There were no shadows here to comfort him, no moon to soothe him. Just the hot sun that almost seemed angry, burning his pale skin if he stayed outside for more than half an hour. He wished he didn't have to come to school, he'd probably enjoy it if it wasn't for the bullies. Even more if he had some friends.
  14. Ana's head snapped up when she heard someone talking. Looking around she saw it was the boy sitting a few chairs away. "Huh? Oh. No." she shook her head, wincing at the sight of his hands, they looked pretty beat up; they had to hurt. "It's none of my business, is it? It would be rude to pry."
  15. He huffed and muttered something under his breath. After a few minutes, he calmed down a bit and glanced over at her. "Sorry," he mumbled, his sour mood turning into more of a sulk than an angry pout. He just wanted to go home, and his mother would take forever to get out of work to come pick him up. By the time she'd get out, he guessed, the buses would be lining up to pick the students up from school to take them home. "Not the best day," he mumbled by way of a vague explanation as to why he was being rude, rather than silent and shy as he usually was.
  16. Ana frowned as the boy huffed and muttered. Rude much? With a sigh she pushed her hair out if her face and turned back to her book. If he didn't want to talk, she wouldn't make him.

    It was quite for a few minutes and then the boy spoke again. "Oh." Well that explained the attitude. "Did you want to talk about it?" she asked, marking her place and putting her book away. "I'm Anastasia by the way." She smiled at him. He probably already knew who she was, for some reason all the boys did, but it was always polite to introduce yourself.
  17. He glanced over at the principle, who was busy on the phone. Then glanced at her, then back at the floor in front of him. "I'm Joey. We've got science together. You sit behind me." He mulled over if he would tell her or not. Instead, he decided to ask her a question. "Is having no friends better than having friends, who are only your friends because you're cool or popular?" He honestly wanted to know the answer. He had friends in grade school, who kind of stuck around in middle school. But high school, he was completely and utterly alone. And he hated every minute of it.
  18. Ah, so that was his name, Ana tried to commit it to memory. "Hi Joey." She frowned and bit her lip as she thought about his question. It was a difficult one to answer. "I don't know," she answered honestly. She was surrounded by fake friends all the time and could honestly say she'd rather be alone, but having no friends at all was lonely. "I'd say they're both terrible because it's lonely either way. Best to have a happy medium and have a few close friends. Does that answer your question Joey?"
  19. Joey thought about what she said. After a while, he finally asked, "Do you have any close friends?" He surely didn't. But if she didn't, then there wouldn't be a difference between him and her. Well, there would be one: she was pretty, and he was a scrawny shrimp. He wondered if any students at this school were honest and true, at least enough to make a friend or two, truly.
  20. Ana smiled sadly, thinking of Sarah, and sighed. "I did. One. We were Best Friends since kindergarten but..." she trailed off and closed her eyes and shook her head, thinking of Sarah still hurt. She might be able to in a little while, but not right now. No, not right now. Opening her eyes she gave Joey a small smile, "Do you have any?"