Opposites Attract, Right?

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    Ivory "Ivy" Folley

    Today had been just like any other day, boring. School was school and she was sitting in her final period just watching the time tick by. It seemed as if it was going as slow as possible because she was reduced to counting the caramel brown colored strands of hair. Ivory sighed and watched as the teacher began to close down the lesson and stood up as quickly as possible once she heard the bell ring. Grabbing her stuff Ivory made her way out of the classroom as soon as possible. She didn't have that many friends so she hadn't waited for anyone and didn't want to either.

    Making her way outside Ivy pushed her caramel locks out of her face and sighed as the sun made contact with her icy blue eyes. Girls just spoke about stupid things behind her like how Jeff wasn't treating her right so she was going to cheat on him to make her jealous. She loved how stupid and shallow the girls sounded and laughed silently to herself until she saw it, Ivy made her way slowly to the motorcycle and smiled as she brushed her fingers against the leather seats of the motorcycle. Her parents would never let her get one but she had always loved them and always wanted one. Thinking to herself she sighed as she hoisted her book bag and chewed on her lower lip.

    Why had her life sucked so badly.
  2. B r y o n y ✦ W i n t e r s



    "What exactly are you doing with my motorcycle, darlin'?" A sudden voice interrupted what would have been the inner thoughts of the fellow girl, Bryony approached with helmet under her arm and a quizzical look spread on what were pale, but rather pretty features. Having simply left her ride home a moment to finish up talking with her friends, the last thing she really expected was a girl to be standing near it in clear admiration.

    Though Bryony could hardly complain when Ivory was on the pretty side, and immediately, what was originally confused anger turned rather swiftly to flirtation, the other leaning against the wall her motorcycle was rested up against with a sultry smile. She had seen Ivy around the school a few times, but being in none of her classes, it was difficult to even remember her that often, especially with Bryony's ability to simply be flirting with someone - technically, she had a girlfriend at the moment, but like hell was that going to stop her when a new girl came into the frame, straight or otherwise.

    "You like her, huh?" She smiled, referring affectionately to the ride as she sat on, the image rather fitting given her somewhat alternative sense of style and appearance. "Why don't you come for a ride? I mean, technically we just met and all, but I can't resist a pretty face."​
  3. Ivory turned to see the voice behind her and forced her teeth to release their hold on her bottom lip. "Oh, yeah she's a beauty...I've always wanted a bike" she smiled softly at the girl as she pushed her light hair behind her ear. "No, I couldn't ask you to give me a ride I don't want to be a bother, plus mother always said never ride with a stranger." Though she knew exactly who that was. Infamous player Bryony...she was pretty popular around the school for being wanted by everyone. But Ivy wasn't big on following behind the gossip of the school so she had only known about her from the thin fa she heard other girls say.

    She couldn't get over it though, the bike had been beautiful and she really wanted to ride it. But if her mother had seen her on a bike all hell would have broken loose and she wouldn't have known how to ease her mother's worried mind. "But if your offering I couldn't say no to that offer, only because she's a beauty." She looked down honored and embarrassed that she got one of the popular people of the school to speak to her. Today had been Friday a day that her mother let her stay out because she had gym class, but every day she went to the park because that's where she felt the most happiest.

    "But I feel as if I would have to repay you for the ride..." Ivy looked up at her and just studied her face. A nose piercing, this girl had been living the life that she wanted, the life she craved. "And this isn't a pretty face, I'm pretty sure you've seen way better than me.."
  4. "Sorry, 'mother'?" She suddenly blinked, her eyebrow cocked as she took in what the other said. Anyone talking about their parents was a tad strange for Bryony - she herself had moved out of her parents' home, her home growing up, but whenever asked about it, which was frequent giving the amount of people (girls, really) she flirted about with and dated, she usually deflected the question with rare anger and annoyance.

    But that was hardly on display at the moment, with her on flirtatious mode as she usually was around girls that caught her eye, her smile widening on her evidently pretty features. Because she did want to get to know the girl, and aimed to get her around to her way of thinking, she knew teasing her wouldn't go down well, so kept that to a minimum, instead simply smiling off the other's formal language about her Mom.

    "Hey, don't be hard on yourself," she started once returning to the latter part of the conversation, leaning in a little closer to push a strand of hair from the other's face for her. For anyone who knew Bryony and her infamous reputation, the proximity was evident of her falling for another girl and attempting to bring them around, let them succumb to flirtation. What made it difficult was Ivy's homelife and strict parents - but being as she was, Bryony would probably just see it as an exciting challenge. "You're beautiful-- and I only let cute girls ride with me, hm? So hush, and get on before I make you."​
  5. Ivory was a bit confused to her reaction to the way she said mother but her mom hated being called mom. It was a formal thing with her so she kept formality even when speaking of her mother. Something told her that's why she was thrown off but she wasn't the only one. Ivory felt as if everyone was staring at her because she was speaking to her. "Actually I don't think you being seen with me will pass with a lot of your popular friends...maybe I should just walk" she was being an idiot yes but jeez she felt everyone glaring at her. "Mothe- mom wouldn't like me riding in on a motorcycle anyway...thank you though"

    She smiled and began to walk down the sidewalk. Why couldn't she just keep her fear of her parents away from her social life. Ivy wanted more than anything to ride that bike with her, just a little taste of freedom couldn't be so bad. she stopped in her tracks and breathed out rolling her eyes as she turned on her heels walking back to Bryony and shook her head smiling softly. "Remember you asked me, so don't act mad when your friends ask why you were hanging with the weirdo" that was the name she had made for herself with the three years of being in this rundown school, weirdo.

    "Anywhere...you can take me anywhere since my parents aren't expecting me home so soon..." She was going to take this opprituinity for herself. What her parents didn't know couldn't hurt them to much so she threw her leg over the bike and sat down in it a huge grin on her face. "Well come on, you've got me all excited now"
  6. "Hey, so what if I have popular friends? They're only hanging out with me 'cause they know I can get 'em in all the best nightclubs. It helps when you've slept with the owner," she shrugged, realising her infamy wasn't confined to just her friends, and that it had more than likely spread across not only the school, but perhaps even most of the town. The community was close-knit, and rumours tended to spread like wildfire.

    Silently sighing once spotting her walk, it was only when she noticed the girl take a seat behind her, grinning to herself at the fact the ride did permit them to take close proximity to one another - and the fact the other girl was seemingly willing to go anywhere even whilst knowing of Bryony's reputation was a major plus point.

    "We'll go to the beach, hm?" She cooed - the benefit of not living with anyone was that she had no restrictions and no limitations over what she did. "Get to know each other better in a romantic setting-- relax, okay? I'm just flirting. It's what I do with pretty girls."​
  7. "Romantic setting hm? Just get me home before ten okay..." Ivory smiled softly and bit her lower lip once more trying to think about where to hold her. Or she could hold the back of the motorcycle to make sure that she hadn't fallen off. Ivy grabbed her shoulders and decided to hold her there so that people saw an innocent bike ride. And so that her friends hadn't thought that she was dating the weirdo goody goody.

    The beach hadn't sounded like such a horrible idea, but it was way out of her comfort zone. The park was just little ways but the beach was a bit further, at least a good thirty minute drive from their school. Ivy looked around and felt even more excited before the drive had even started. "Thank you...it's good to see that someone would hang out with the weirdo." She chuckled softly and laid her chin in Bryony shoulder making sure that she was comfortable.

    Though it had been a bit awkward for her since her lady parts were placed against her back. "I thought you had a girlfriend...shouldn't you be flirting with her...I mean I don't think she'll be happy to see this"​
  8. "I don't think you're a weirdo," she said coolly, passing her helmet back to her - she only had one, and she would risk her life than see the other get hurt. It was nothing to do with trying to be flirtatious. It was her motorbike, and she wouldn't really forgive herself if anyone got hurt on it.

    "You're beautiful, hn? Ignore what everyone says. Some people think I'm a total slut-- I guess they're halfway right," she laughed, revving the engine with a hum, the sound rather like music to her ears - it was always an exciting moment getting the expensive bike started. "Girlfriend? Oh, you know I'm dating, huh? Well, I don't think she'd mind if we're just going to be platonic and friends, hon. If you're taking my flirtation seriously, she'll have a huge problem. Depends on if you wanna take it in that way or not~"​
  9. Ivy looked up and took the helmet from her hands placing it on her head. The moment the bike started up her heart fluttered a bit and she got even more excited. If her parents had to see her right now she would be dead, but the risk made it even more exciting. Placing her hands back on Bryony's shoulder she chewed on her lower lip under the helmet which thankfully was hiding the rosy shade of pink her cheeks had just turned.

    It was just sweet nothings, this girl was being herself when she called her beautiful. Plus Bryony had a girlfriend, and Ivory was straight...not that she would know since she's never even had the pleasure of kissing a guy. "I'm pretty sure most people would take it in that way whether you had a girlfriend or not...I'm not like most people though..." Ivy had a small smile under the helmet even though she knew it couldn't be seen.
  10. "I intend for you to take it in the best way, hm?" She purred back, almost seeming to press back into her for a split second, before simply acting as though she hadn't and moved to start the motorbike and finally began.

    Of course she intended to flirt some more, regardless of whether the girl was straight or not, but that was somewhat hard given the fact they were on the road now, overtaken by the humming of the ride. As such, flirtation could wait for the romantic setting of the beach - she wasn't going to admit that that was where most her dates were taken, though.​
  11. Ivy had known her type, basically cause she acted like a really flirtarious guy and she had come across many of those. She ended up turning a lot of guys down for the main fact of her parents. But as the bike started to move Ivy felt her stomach drop and her excitement pick up. It felt amazing and she was so happy that she didn't turn this down cause who would. Honestly she didn't give a damn about who was driving or how popular she was, what she cared about was being on the motorcycle.
    It was a fun thirty minute drive of her occasionally letting go then holding back onto her. Now they were at the beach and it seemed deserted, no one was there because of how late it was in the day and it was Friday....people were probably getting ready to party anyways. Unlike other people she barely had a social life and was awkward around big crowds anyway so she didn't do much partying. The beach was beautiful at the time though, Ivory had taken off the helmet and let go of Bryony letting her leg swing off the bike so that she was off. "Wow...I don't know why people come earlier then now...it's so gorgeous...I love the beach at night" she turned and smiled at Bryony before walking away from the bike removing her combat boots and socks before she reached the sand
  12. "Because they're all too busy to appreciate nature, hon," she cooed, the pet name already fitting now with her - though, as expected, she used pet names affectionately with most of the girls she flirted with. Which, as was probable, was a lot of girls. She was practically a 'player', as most called her, and she had learnt to accept that.

    Being known for the wrong reasons was still being known, and to her, infamy was better than never being remembered and known at all.

    Quietly setting herself down on the sand, and subtly switching her phone off to stop her girlfriend calling, she hurriedly motioned the other to take a seat beside her, a calm smile gracing her features. "So, I take it you're straight then. You're whole demeanour and stuff doesn't scream you enjoying the flirtation and stuff, hon. Do you have a boyfriend?"​
  13. Ivory went and sat next to the girl crossing her legs at her ankles. "Oh yes I'm straight, I think...I don't have a boyfriend and I've never kissed a guy, at this point I might as well be asexual" she chuckled and looked over at her then looked back at the water. "It's not that I don't enjoy the flirting...I just don't want to be known as one of the girls you played with...I'm not a toy and I'm not a girl that will kiss at your feet just because you say nice things to her...I'm not as demanding for affection from another person as most of the girls you talk to are" Ivy looked at her and smiled softly pushing her caramel locks behind her ear.

    She had always hated her light hair and light eyes cause she definitely contrasted from her parents who had dark eyes and dark hair. "How's your girlfriend...I bet she's beautiful and sweet...what's her name does she go to our school?" It was just small talk that seemed a bit weird to have since she was being a little flirty. But she just took it as a joke or words that went in one ear and out the other cause of what she was known for.
  14. Think? So her sexuality wasn't definite then?

    To Bryony, the girl's words were music, because flirting with straight girls, while often working, was a struggle - but if Ivy didn't really know yet, Bryony could easily worm her way around flirting with her and getting what she wanted. In short, she just wanted a fling, see how long it would last.

    But then again, Ivy wasn't like all other girls, and Bryony knew that. She was smart, and didn't fall for cute words and lustful purrs. She took it with a pinch of salt, and seemingly just wanted to chat and experience a little rebellion out of her usually strict life. And for once, Bryony was pretty impressed by someone - she had her own mind, and it was nice to meet someone who didn't immediately fall for flirts and whatnot. It made Ivy someone worth knowing and being around.

    "My girlfriend? Oh, she goes to college," she shrugged casually, running her fingers through the sand with a calm smile. "So I don't see her that often 'cause she has projects and stuff, but we Skype, and chat on the phone a lot-- so there's no chance she'll find out that I've been flirting with you, relax. Plus, I always take the blame in those situations, you know? You're such a worrier, aren't you~?"​
  15. "I guess you could say that, I wouldn't like to be the cause of a broken heart" she smiled at her and pushed her hair behind her ear. A college girl, why would she want to date a college girl if they never really see each other. "I bet that's hard, dating a girl in college...it's sweet knowing that you're true to her..." Well at least she thought, flirting to extent wasn't cheating unless she slept with other girls why she was in school.

    Her parents were highly homophobic, prayed to their God every night and every day told a man who was holding man's hand that he was going to burn in hell. And of corse to make her parents happy she agreed with them telling them they did the right thing every time they said it. Ivory refused to join in though...and her parents would kill her knowing that she was hanging out with a lesbian girl.

    "I actually have a question if it's not to personal...if it is you don't have to answer, but when did you find out that you were attracted to women instead of men?" She looked over at her just purely curious. Ivory only had one other friend and he was gay, his name was Vincent and that had been the first question she asked him if course he laughed at her and told her she was cute since she thought it was so personal. "I-I mean you don't have to answer if y-you don't want to"
  16. "You think I'm being true to her? You're so naive, doll. it's cute," she laughed as she rested back on her hands, her eyes skimming across the sea, just as the sun began to set, the setting rather perfect, even if she was basically admitting to someone who took it seriously that she was cheating on her girlfriend. "Monogamy isn't a strong point of mine. I hardly stay faithful, but it just shows that I haven't met the right girl, you know? When I do, I'll be faithful, and I'd make a damn good girlfriend."

    She chuckled to herself - she didn't really last two weeks before cheating, but never really blamed herself for it. She just had an eye for women, she liked women, and so not being able to do anything with them because of a relationship didn't seem fair. Though she was always passionate that when she found someone worthy, she'd stay faithful.

    But leopards never changed their spots, did they?

    Slightly caught off guard by her following question, hazel eyes flickered to her inquisitively, before cracking a grin at the darkened blush across her new crush's cheeks. She liked the fact the girl was so shy, and not up for flirting outrageously - it was nice to meet someone like this. "Me? Oh, I guess I've always known. You know when you're younger, and you have these little relationships that mean nothing when you're like seven or eight? I was always asking girls out back then, and my parents tried telling me the story or how 'boys and girls are together' and all that, but I didn't listen. I came out when I was thirteen, for crying out loud-- and I guess my first kiss confirmed the fact I was a lesbian. Why? Just curious?"​
  17. She was a bit confused as the girl laughed at her for saying that she was faithful, and it made sense on e she told her it was not. How could someone not be faithful to their girlfriend whether or not they were in love did t mean she had the right to cheat on her. As she opened her mouth to say something she shook her head going against it. "Well it's none of my business...who you want to be with had nothing to do with home since we aren't close"

    Ivy looked down at her and felt, compelled by her. No because she was flirting but because of her attitude. Someone wanting to be in a relationship when monogamy wasn't her thing. She brought her knees to her chest and looked at the sun setting with the small sig as she looked at the watch in her hand. It was late but it wasn't that late to where she couldn't stay, and she didn't really want to leave.

    "Oh...that's adorable, my mom was raising me to be homophobic when I was only seven...Ivory Rebecca Folley, gay people are disgusting and they will burn in hell for their sins to God...I didn't even know who he was back then and I still don't know who he is, or if he's even real." She sighed and figured that wasn't the thing to tell her, but she wasn't homophobic so would it have mattered. Though it may or may not have been awkward if she even saw her parents, which she probably wouldn't have.
  18. The girl may not have that many morals. Hell, she slept around with little care for who she was with, made little secret of flirting with people who were straight or taken, and didn't have many plans to stop her actions, but she was openly gay, and proud of it. Ever since she had come out, to which her parents had accepted after a while of getting used to the idea, she proudly made her opinion known of equal rights and whatnot, and the fact homophobia still existed sickened her to the core.

    So hearing that this girl she did fancy now was raised in a homophobic household was a slight atmosphere changer, with Bryony now holding her own knees to her chest with a small scowl, trying to hold back the urge to just rant and rave. She had to remind herself that, regardless, these were the other's parents, and she couldn't just insult them. "...I suppose they have their opinions, but obviously I don't agree, Ivy. I... hmph... is that what you think? I mean, you know I'm gay, so if you were like them I guess you wouldn't even be here... hm... do they know that you don't think like they do? That you're actually a decent person who isn't bigoted and judgemental?"​
  19. Yeah, Ivy figured that wasn't a good topic to bring up once she felt the aura change. She instantly regretted it with the question that Bryony had. "No I don't believe like my parents do for the main reason that I don't see what the point is, I could rant and rave about how much I hate your sexuality and is that going to make you want to change, I'm wasting my time and energy to hurt your feelings and that's kind of dumb" She looked over at her and smiled softly. Her parents were horrible people but they were believing in what they thought was morally right, and she would still love them no matter what.

    "But let's change the subject, I don't like talking about sad things, let's go for a swim...I mean we have the whole ocean to ourselves" Ivory stood up from the seat that she had taken and brushed the sand off of her pants. "If you don't come in with me then you're a chicken.." She chuckled and pulled her shirt off throwing it on the sand then slid off her pants next before she ran to the water laughing.
  20. "A swim?" She questioned, slightly caught off guard, once again, by the sudden comment from the other, and mostly from the stark contrast in conversations, especially finding confusion hit at watching the other undress and run to the water. Okay, so she wasn't naked, but it was still enough to have Bryony now blushing a little -a sight unusual given she seldom blushed: she was the one who made others blush, not vice versa.

    Sitting speechless, and with eyes locked on her latest crush, it didn't take long before she followed suit, removing her t-shirt and shorts to head after her. She wasn't conscious of her body, really - she had learnt to accept herself after some pretty ow points in her life, and it was after learning to like herself that she had begun the player-like lifestyle. With her chest bearing a large tattoo, from one collarbone to the other, it was obvious that she lived life how she wanted. She did what she wanted, and had nobody to really question it - though at least the tattoo did suit her to a T.

    "You're nuts," she scolded playfully once in the cold of the water, shivering a tad as she splashed at her with a laugh. "Though you're cute, so I'm not complaining."​
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