Opposites Attract Maybe.

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    "Crap. Crap. Crap. First day to the second semester and I may be late~" Not good. Not good at all. Usually she arrived earlier. Right around when the teachers did. To see where all her classes would be, get a better understanding, true it may have made her seem like a dork but Satori Aska didn't care, she loved school, wanted to do her best until she graduated and moved onto college. Her parents wanted the same. She liked to make them proud. She lived to make them proud, though every once in a while, she hoped something would happen, to make her life...eventful. Satori looked at the watch bound to her left wrist, more panic set in, she was running as quickly as she could along the city sidewalks. Her backpack being a briefcase with an arm extender to drape over her shoulder. She held onto it as it dangled against her body.

    The plaid skirt coating her lower body was partial covered by a cream-colored vest with a short sleeve white shirt underneath. Her sapphire hair matched her round eyes where glasses covered them. Turning her head to the side, she saw the huge white wall to the school coming into view. Coming directly north were other students, running, trying to get dressed at the same time. The opening parting the wall lead into the huge courtyard.

    Already had students been standing there, some not caring whether or not the first bell rang, others mounting the stairs into the collaboration of buildings all merged together like some canvas and white. Satori looked at her watch again. She wouldn't be entirely late....though she wanted time to sit down....be dorky as others may call it. She mounted the stairs having to swing her body back to avoid being pushed into by three males, obvious jocks, they paid no mind to her, not even to apologize. How rude. Once they were inside, she pulled back the door. What a start to the Monday morning. She bumped into someone.

    "Satori Aska, I'm....shocked." It was the Vice Principal Kade. The one always going by the books, he was more mean than the actual Principal whom students, including Satori, liked. They called Kade the oni. The ogre. In a way he could be judging by the look on his Face. A grimace. "I would've thought you'd be here earlier than this. The First bell has already rung." The man with dark brown hair seemed nervous about something. He wore long dress khaki pants with a buttoned up shirt and matching tie.

    "Uhm...Mr. Kade....I'm running late....." She tried to explain.

    "I can see that, I need your help. What's your homeroom?"

    "Advanced History with Mrs. Iziki." Satori barely had time to look down at her schedule. "You need my help?" She noticed the relieved expression coming to his face. Kade ushered her ahead.

    "Yes. Absolutely. Mrs. Iziki has suddenly quit over the holidays, we've been searching for her replacement." Kade spoke as he walked, his head sternly moving to look at all the students still in the hallways. "Get to class this instant. I won't tell you again! It will be a detention." He turned his attention back to her. "I heard that we managed to have someone nab the position but no one has shown up, now I've been tasked to manage homeroom. I'll need you to help me make sure everyone who is suppose to be in that class is there among other things...."

    Satori moved her glasses some. "I can do that. What other things do you mean?"

    "Bookworm duties." Kade responded. "Whatever it is you do to maintain such high grades. Study material. Read." The man moved on ahead. Great, even he thought she was boring. Ass. They stopped near a corner classroom, bodies still piled in, the room was rather rowdy. "Settle down you all, I said settle down!" Kade entered the room looking around. He twitched in anger at the non-compliance. "Don't make me write this entire room up in detention or I can keep you as long as I want making you late to your next class. Be quiet. Satori, the role book, it is on the desk." He pushed her toward the desk. She looked over her shoulder, eyes darkening beneath her glasses. She glanced at the students then toward the desk where Mrs. Iziki should've been sitting. Why did she leave suddenly? At this thought, the second bell rang, one student, trying to rush was clapped on the back by Kade.

    "Late! Detention! Take a seat!"

    "You suck." The girl whimpered.

    "Thank you." Kade straightened his tie. "Did I forget to mention, that is a week of detention?"

    "Oh, you bastard."

    "Make that two young lady. Watch your mouth." She looked at him angrily opting to sit in the back, near her friends. Satori managed to find the small role book. She placed it in her hands about to read the names.

    Someone threw a paper plane, directly at her, great...
  2. [​IMG]Matthew Ryes just wanted an out. He hated school more than anything else and felt like there was no need for it. His parents let him make his woen decisions even though they wanted him in school but it was hard to tell him what to do when they were seperated and barley home. He woke up to the sound of his buzzing alam clock and he almost fell out of bed trying to turn if off. Staying curled up under the blankets was what he wanted to do so he decided to stay under for a few more minutes. it didn't matter because he still found himself wide awake and looking up at the cealing.

    Eventualy he dragged himself out of bed and then into the shower letting his body stay warm. It was getting cold outside and it was time for hoodies and warm clothing not shorts and warm weather clothing. Matthew threw on a longsleve shirt and a gray hoodie over his head and cargo pants with sneakers. The only reason why he stayed in school was because of his friands and free lunch. As much as he hated to admit it he was hesitating on leaving. His grads were okay but he knew he wasn't trying.

    After breakfast Matt grabbed his backpack and slung it over one shoulder. As he turned the block heading tword the school he was stopped by some kids that he skated with. They wanted him to ditch and help grafitti out behind the wearhouse but he turned them down and kept walking down the street. If he didn't have a test to retake then he would have went along with them. Once he mamaged to drag himself to school he gave some jocks a handshake and then chatted with a few students. He was friends with most people in the school and people didnlt mess with him because they knew he would fight.

    Matthew headed into class right in the middle of the leacure with the vice principle and a student. He ignored the vice and then walked past with girl whom he barley made eye contact with. He saw something out the corner of his eye and reached and grabbed a pice of paper that was in the form of a airplane. Crumbling it up he tossed it in the garbage before sitting down.
  3. Roll call. Seemed easy enough. Perhaps, Satori thought as she held the small book in her hand, standing like a statue at the class head with Vice Principal Kade positioned at the door strictly to catch students, like the previous girl, attempting to come late in the class room. His head turned sharply at the door opening. Satori looked over too. A mere glance, someone was coming in, she really didn't care. Her eyes went back onto the book knowing Kade would take pleasure in giving detention to whomever came inside.

    The dark-haired instructor cast a most dangerous look on the handsome Matthew as he came inside, late no less, wordless in the matter, and appearing uncaring to this or maybe it was because he was being ignored which made the man turn completely glaring into the boy's back with a what-the-hell look.

    Satori was about to read the First name when she heard snickering somewhere in the classroom, looking up behind her glasses, she saw a paper airplane, made by who knew, heading her direction. Great. Second semester started out by thrown objects, wasn't like she had a choice in what Kade wanted her to do. Blame him. Throw things at him, she screamed on the inside while keeping composed on the outside, readying to be hit only....she wasn't. The other late student, walking nearby, caught the paper. Satori looked at him.

    A sidewards glance because he was moving quickly, she'd never seen him before. No one really other than the black-haired boy sitting near the window, gazing outside at the bright-blue sky rather than the antics in the class. His name started with an S. Sam or something. He was the quiet type. All throughout previous classes they were in. Satori focused back on the boy that crumbled up the paper tossing it in the trash can. Students sitting in the back scowled at him yet no one said a word.

    "That won't save you from detention young man." Kade announced. "Nor the person responsible in throwing that. I may hand out detention slips to just about everybody." He heard groans. "Be quiet....go ahead Satori." The man snapped his fingers eying Matt suspiciously.

    Satori's cheeks reddened. "Uhhh...Satori Aska, present." Sucked being the First on the roster. She looked down reading names, hearing the students answer otherwise risk Kade's wrath. All the while, she snuck glances at the boy, should she have thanked him? He looked rough around the edges, better stay away or at least give him a smile....maybe not even that. She reached the R's in no time. "Samuel Reichan."

    "Present." The boy looking out the window spoke without taking his eyes from the window.

    "Is there something particularly fascinating out there that you can't find in the classroom young man?" Kade noticed him. "I think maybe you'll like your seat in detention. This afternoon."

    Sam looked away from the window silently.

    "Matthew Ryes." Satori interrupted. "Matthew....Ryes." She looked around the room when no one answered wondering who it was. No one spoke. That is until a blonde boy raised his hand.

    "That's me. Matthew Ryes." He lied.

    "Wait a minute..." Kade narrowed his eyes. "You said your name was Henry, which is it boy? Stop playing around, you're working my nerves."

    "I'm Matthew Ryes," Henry continued to lie. Most likely he was the one who threw the paper airplane and knew the real Ryes by reputation. "Complete and utter douche bag." He laughed as did some others. "I eat eat moist things so ladies stand in line, I charge by the hour."

    Satori looked over at Kade, the man looked like he was going to have a heart attack and all the while, she was wondering who the real Matthew Ryes was.
  4. Matthew looked around the room not really giving a fuck that Kade was talking to him or that he was given a detention. He wasn't going to serve it anyway since he never listed to anything Kade had to say and the day he knew he wasn't comming back for good he puch him square in the jaw like he's always wanted. Before he got to his seat he took his bag off his shoulder and placed it on the floor by his seat before sitting down. It was only a matter of time before the bell rang even though class just started. Out the corner of his eye he saw that the girl that was taking role call was looking at him.

    He just simply looked in the other direction. His fingers drummed on the desk rapidly until he heard his name being called. Just as he was about to speak Henry the " jackass" had to butt in. When he continued to talk Matthew stood up from his desk. " Shut the fuck up Henry you always run your damn mouth". Henry looked tooken back and had nothing to say and the class was in oooos and aaahhs. They knew not to push his bottons.

    Kade was pissed and was balbbing and Matthew looked dead at Kade before shaking his head. He turned to the girl and then grabbed his backpack and then grabbed the girl pulling her out the classroom. " Can you just say i was here for the rest of the day? Im leaving".
  5. Henry laughed and laughed igniting Kade's anger all while Satori stood where she had been the past minutes, reading the roll call, giving up on the Fact who ever this Matthew Ryes was, until the real Matt stood up. Oh, that guy, she thought. He was pretty cute but then again she didn't date, school was more important....right?

    "Hey!" Kade barked. "Take a seat, I said sit down, now." He'd lost all the control in the room.

    Henry stopped laughing. His eyes were on Matt now. The challenge. Satori's cheeks reddened more when Matthew used some less than savory language to get the troublemaker to be silent. Henry looked taken aback at First then as he heard the oooh's and aaaah's made him glare, plot revenge.

    "Did I not tell you to sit down?" The Vice principal demanded attention From Matthew, the look given by the boy only served to anger the administrator even more until he saw him grab his backpack. Satori didn't know whether she should continue reading the roll call or what.

    "See students, this is an example of what failure is like, this young man clearly does not care about his education, leave then. Don't come back...eh...what the hell are you doing?" Kade panicked when he saw Satori grabbed, she should've been the one to say that but her stunned silence only gave Matt a look beneath those glasses. All she could do was look into his eyes as he pulled her out the classroom. Why? As much as she did not want to admit, it was a turn on, but as soon as they were alone in the hall or where ever he took her, she slapped him, not that head turning slap, but one he wouldn't Forget or maybe he would.

    "Why are you dragging me out like that...if you needed me to come with you all you had to do was ask, now you're going to get me in trouble with Kade..." She continued to look at him. "Leave? Why do you want to leave school? Don't you want to graduate? Hey...where are you going?" Satori went against her better judgement to ask these questions let alone want to go after him.
  6. Matthew honeslty didn't care what Kade said. He knew that Kade hated him more than anybody in the school. Surprisingly his gradswere average and he wondered when Kade was going to flunk him out but then he knew that he wasn't really in charge. He was just a lap dog that tried to please the principle. Matt wasn't trying to be like a badass but he was just the trpe of person who could care less what someone said about him because they didn't know him at all and thats what he found funny.

    When he dragged the girl out the classroom he really didnlt know why but he wanted to talk to her. To ask her how to change his first class. He made a primise with his mom that he'd atleast try to finish the first semester so thats what he was going to do. The slap was unexpected totally. She didnlt even seem like the girl who would have force and courage enough to touch him. Blinking once then twice he just stared at the girl. The slap didn't hurt but still it was the fact that she slapped him.

    " Why are you so worried about Kade anyway? He's nobody and he's all talk". Still.. His words rung in his head. How he was a failure and how not to come back. Shit if it was only that simple. " Im going to board, anything but being in the damn school". He paused when he walk halfway to the door. " Satori right? Why dont you come with me i mean do you honestly want to walk back in class and have Kade on your case?". Now Matthew wanted to really mentally slap himself. What was he doing? He had no clue but for some reason he didn't want to be alone.

    Opening up his locker he took his board out and then leaned on the doors waiting for her to answer.
  7. Why was she so worried about Kade...? Hardly the response Satori expected having just slapped a boy. A First, the start to the second semester turned out real well, there was some sarcasm hidden in her thoughts as she looked over the boy standing beside her, close, this gave Satori a chance to look into his eyes, they were beautiful, but she wouldn't tell him that. Her mind pondered the question, she should go back to the classroom, apologize to Kade, no. What did she have to apologize about? Satori turned around some, her hands resting at their sides, one eyebrow raised.
    "That's Vice Principal Kade to you," She corrected him then lowered her voice to a whisper. "I'm not worried about him...well maybe a little...he has some pull in the school, still that does not give him the right to say what he said to you. That was uncalled for." Satori brought her own hues on Matthew's once more. She was still waiting to have Kade interrupt their conversation, drag them both back to the class where detention slips would be handed out the whole year. Kade did not come...
    "Board?" She followed with her eyes, his walk toward the door. Red sated her cheeks, he knew her name. Remembered it...only because she read her name outloud during roll call...oh, she was so lame.
    "Come with you....?" Now she was really taken back when he asked her to come with him. She couldn't skip class, her parents would kill her, Kade would blacklist her name and she would be so behind in homework. No, going with this boy meant trouble. He was trouble. About to shake her head in a decline, she didn't, Satori watched him, go to his locker. Take out his board. Everything in her told her not to go with him but deep down what did she really do which was exciting? Nothing.
    Her life consisted of going to school and volunteer work. She never had a boyfriend, not that her parents would let her, or even really had friends to hang out with. Fun, what was it? The student brushed her skirt down absently, not looking at him as he leaned on the double doors leading out to the courtyard. Their Freedom wasn't a long way away. She took a step Forward, eyes meeting his.
    "No....I don't want Kade on my case but...as a classmate, it is my duty to make sure you do not harm yourself." Now, she could've mentally slapped herself too, who was she kidding, she wanted to go. Satori moved at Matthew's side now, her fingers running over his skateboard. "This looks really cool....Matthew." She would follow his lead, where ever he wanted to go, without much thought. Real great start to the day.
  8. Matthew would rather work two jobs than be at school. He already had one job that paid a great amout of money and he'd been saving up from last year. He wanted to leave the screwed up place that he lived in and especially anything he could do to get away from Kade. As many times as Kade called his house his parents never got any of hid voicemails because he would simply head home and delete the messages that he sent to his house. In a way he was basically raising himself.

    His parents were never home. The only reason they came home was to chek up on him when he honestly didn't need him or to watch his games when he was on the football team. That was all he ever asked for anyway. He knew that he couldn't complain because they needed to make the money and gave him allowance but sometines deep down he did miss being a family. Matthew learned to raise himelf since he was 14 when his dad got a raise and had to leave alot. And his mothers job recuried her to be gone most of the day and come home late so he barley saw much of her.

    Matthew blinked a few times when Satori followed him out of the school. In his mind he was planning on her heading back into the room to tell Kade that he was gone. But it wasn't like Kade cared but insted there she wasa walking by his side. " So goog girl gone bad". He chuckled watching as her finger gently brushed against his board and then called it cool. He couldn't help but let a small smile form on his lips before looking away.

    Was she diffrent?. To be honest he hated the "wannabe" bad girls who pretended that they didn't have cerfew or good grades, Somethimes a part of him did study when he was at home but it was on rare occasions. He still managed to pass test which was a shocker for him. As they walked to the skate par it was empty except for two people grinding rails. He tossed his backpack in the grass and then got on his board doing a few tricks. He turned back to Satori. " Do you want to learn how to board?".

    Without waiting for an answer he grabbed her hand and pulled her tword him and little to much that their face was close for a breif moment and he backed up a little red faced.