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  1. This is just an interest check.

    Recently I've seen commercials about the show Opposite Worlds on the SyFy channels, and the concept sounded interesting. Two extreme opposite cultures (in the case of the show: Future Age vs. Stone Age) living side by side with only a glass mirror to seperate them. We could follow the show, where there would be challenges to see which is superior: brain vs. brawn (essentially), or even model it after Hunger Games, allowing a less restrictive module but similiar concept. Or make it more story-line rather than game-show-esque...

    I'm still trying to form a solid idea but just thought I'd throw a line out now and see if someone would bite.
  2. Sounds cool to me. Maybe they could be technologically similar but ideologically polar. Like Romans and Medieval Europeans. I like your idea too though. Maybe far advanced aliens and Egyptians. Maybe that isn't that far fetched for some conspiracy theorists hehe.
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  3. Actually, I like that idea but there'd have to be some sort of development on the alien race. Otherwise, we're gonna have too much variation to give them a common theme/goal.
  4. Sounds interesting ^-^
  5. Oh yeah I'd love to flesh out the alien race. I'll start throwing stuff out from a race I had sorta concocted before if you like.
  6. Sure; feel free to PM or to continue to post here. If you post here, we can also get more feedback from those still searching.
  7. Wow I totally didn't get a notification for this lol. Sweet sounds good :).
  8. The Mentrise

    Generally human in design, they have very pale skin to the point that you can see most of their blood vessels and deep purple eyes. They are fairly advanced in space travel, able to travel at about 3 lightyears per hour. One of their ships has fallen through a wormhole and crash landed in ancient Egypt. It was a small scouting vessel, roughly 100 meters long with a crew of 10. 3 security specialists, 2 science officers, 2 mechanics, 2 medical officers and 1 captain. Their weapons are railguns, very high velocity low mass rounds utilized both on the exterior of the ship and weaker versions for their personal small arms. They are very intelligent and have emotions similar to humans. They speak Rotin, a consonant heavy language that could be compared to Russian spoken on their worlds. An example of Rotin is.

    "Meduka, Shilipruz Al Griklov" Medic, That woman is ugly
    "Non, Shilipruz Al Feznoprov" No, that woman is beautiful
  9. Nice! Great job with the race. I'll wait to see if there is more interest in this before posting a thread, but if worse comes to worse, maybe we'll just make a oneXoneXone RP.
  10. Thanks :). Yeah totally, onexone is fun too!